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    Space platform Ended
    VERIFIED of developers and designers to create a unique platform that involves Space exploration... Below I have listed part of the concept of this project. Connecting with others and experiencing a sensation of navigating through space discovering new hidden planets, stars, galaxies, comets, meteoroids, asteroids, icy worlds among other rocky objects

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    I wanted blitzbasic atari games editing with new features, fans of -Dragonfire -Asteroids -Pitfall Please apply and list any projects you have completed?

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    ...application version of any previous assignment. Requirements The application must run on Android version 2.2 or higher. Create a custom app icon using eclipse ------------example of previous HW Gaming Assignment in Java Create a game using Processing in Eclipse. You may work with up to one other student on this project. If you do so, include

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    Create a comic strip or Universe model detailing the formation of the Universe. Details should include everything from Big Bang (quarks, plasma, energy and matter, dark energy and dark matter, the 4 fundamental forces), Atom Formation (from the formation of protons and neutrons in nucleus and the joining of an electron to make the 1st Hydrogen atom)

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    I am creating an interactive 3D map, and I need the models for the stars, planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies.

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    ...never criticize ideas during brainstorming, but “piling on” is welcome. Your project can be a simulation like Newton’s Lab or a game that highlights Physics principles like Asteroids. Try to make it original or interesting. 3. There are two scenarios that can help you aside from the ones we have already worked on. These are in the scenarios folder along

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    Extend an Asteroids game. The source code for you to begin working with is available . You should be familiar with much of this code from the labs.

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    ...need to repair your damaged spaceship. It will be specially difficult, you must defend your spaceship from incoming waves of asteroids. One impact and you are dead. Show your aiming skills by destroying the right asteroids. Set your strategy on when to upgrade your cannon, repair your spaceship or use your energy shield. Are your ready for the

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    ...atmosphere. The challenge (which is what is the game name), is to repair the spaceship and leave the asteroid zone, and so you finish the game, but you have to survive to waves of asteroids. We would like to have as a final deliver, the logo in high resolution as well as the source photoshop file. Some ideas of what we are looking for are (like a futurist

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    A VERY SIMPLE 3D game, with c++ and OpenGL, where there are 3d rocks in space, the player will fire at them to destroy them, with some graphic effects like B...tangent space calculation, Contours (edge detection), GPU-Particle System (+Transform Feedback, Instancing). Features: First person action, Procedurally generated assets(asteroids), Leaderboard

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    1. Replace SKY background with Ice cream bg 2. Add Bar bg as a new scene for game play. 3. Add "asteroids" to space bg game play We will not make updates to Google Play until above completed and we review all possible game bugs

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    I have the source code for unity 2d game and I want to do the following modifcations on it: -rename the game to "Airplanes War" -change the asteroids to airplanes and prevents the rotation -increase the score directly after shooting the target (no need to collect coins so I want to remove the coins as well) -change the background -change airplane image

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    ...the catapult for the player to operate. 3. Satelite: As the catapult for the player to operate. 4. (2) Robot Arm Gun: As enemies that hinder your progress. 5. (3) Asteroids: Ice, stone and metal objects that hinder the player, but can be destroyed. 6. (3) Thin Rectangular Platform: Long, medium, short. 7. (2) Diamond Bumpers: Big and small

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Game is called space monkey and he has to avoid asteroids while aliens chase him he also has to collect bananas to finish the levels I want the game done similar to the flappy birds game

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    ...times as wide and 20 to 200 times as massive. Like the asteroid belt, it consists mainly of small bodies that are remnants from the Solar System's formation. Although many asteroids are composed primarily of rock and metal, most Kuiper belt objects are composed largely of frozen volatiles such as methane, ammonia and water. The disc was named after Dutch-American

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    • 3 mins of Scribe (one animation of 1 min and the other of 2 mins) • Client has requested a retro video game theme (Space Invaders, Asteroids etc.) • Audio has been recorded and ready to go • A visual storyboard will be supplied with the audio, also ready to go • Timeframe ASAP but obviously negotiable etc.

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    3D game, with c++ and opengl, where there are 3d rocks in space, the player will fire at them to destroy them, with some graphic effects like Shadow mapping...graphic effects like Shadow mapping-omnidirectional, Bloom, CPU-particle system, Normal mapping, lightshafts. Features: First person action, Procedurally generated assets(asteroids), Leaderboard

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    I need a basic game made that has a spacecraft at the bottom of the screen and shoots missiles at the asteroids on the screen.

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    When future space missions take humans to destinations such as asteroids or Mars, communication delays will require astronauts to work more independently from Earth-based Mission Control. The Autonomous Systems and Operations (ASO) ISS TEA project will test advanced software onboard the International Space Station (ISS) to prepare for these ambitious

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    I need sea, falling asteroids, tsunamis and ship crashing animations. It should look like in Heroes 3.

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