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    Im stuck and can not seem to get started 2. On your DC, login as administrator, create two functions as follows and save them in a Module called [login to view URL] – 2.1. Create-OU 2.1.1. Create the OU such that they “can” be deleted (as a default). 2.2. Add-UserToOU 2.2.1. Every user account created using this function should be made to

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    ...would allow me to have a listing of all the accounts on the VPS, and select a monthly, weekly, or daily next to each one. Ideally it would be a web interface, where I put in the IP address of the VPS Server, the Root username and password, and the authentication would be saved. I would also like the option to save the backup files to Dropbox, so allow

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    ...location can be member of several groups I need an web based admin system that can search,create,edit and delete location and groups, and manage the relations. Please note that in the location db there are two picture links fields where you should be able to select a picture and upload it in a sub directory. There should be a small login box to protect the

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    I am seeking two full stack web developers to work on various web and marketing projects. I especially need somebody who can develop php - mysql databases to drive simple custom dynamic websites. For example, I'd like to setup a very simple content management system where clients can add and update pages on their website. VERY SIMPLE for the cms

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    create a non root user from a web-page. the user created folder should have file structure public_html and in that a folder called admin to which a group of files will be copied from a supplied zip. the user filing system should also create .htaccess and .htpasswd these files copied to appropriate directories. the user name and password for

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    create a non root user from a web-page. the user created folder should have file structure public_html and in that a folder called admin to which a group of files will be copied from a supplied zip. the user filing system should also create .htaccess and .htpasswd these files copied to appropriate directories. the user name and password for

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    ...for Linux server administrators. Here are the task details. 1. We have have two identical Centos 7 servers. We will say these two servers A and B. Server A is the master server, publicly available. While server B is the back up server. Currently syncing between A to B is implemented. The following syncing are done...... i). Web server synci...

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    ...job script and admin panel. Requirements: Apache, Mysql, PHP, javascript, using local xampp server. This script creates a cron job to be run by the web server. It schedules and automates the downloading and saving of webcam images from the web periodically. A frontend admin for the cron job allows users to quickly edit the script to add

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    This job is to create a proof of concept. Some imporatn requirements: 1) The requirement is to development a simple static website generator for rental properties. 2) Web layout only (mobile and tablet / responsive may follow if this first project goes well. 3) Front end in Vue or React. Backend API in node. 4) Designs will be provided only

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    ...databases like MS SQL Server (2005 and higher) and/or Oracle (10g or higher) using and Structured Query language (SQL), TM1 TurboIntegrator and create CDM queries. • Past experience in the following is preferred: systems security administration (native and Windows Active Directory), performance tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting web application servers

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    How to Create a Secure Session Management System in PHP and MySQL ================================================================= I want a PHP Session management class that encrypts sessions and stores them in a MySQL database. Preferrably I would like to use one that is well-supported. It appears from Google search that the most commonly referenced

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    Current site has 3 static pages - Home Page, About, Contact. This project will involve taking the web site and turn it into an MVC ASP.NET Web site as well as add some basic functions. Prerequisites - Project should be in C# - Develop this locally for now - All code must be well documented - MVC should be used - Site must be responsive -

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    ...guidelines from my server people on how this can be done: 1) Note : Do this for each site one at a time 2) Rename the public_html2 directory to public_html from within the file manager. 3) Still within the File Manager click the "Protect" option under the "Actions" column to create a username and password to protect the public_html directory...

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    ...on how to perform the following tasks... Install and configure the following: Linux server without a GUI configured with Samba and Apache Create a group for developers populated with a few users Change the default web path for Apache to a directory shared Samba Allow the developers group to write to the share, give read access to others

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    ...experienced wp dev to do html and css tweaks-front end dev work No design work required Only coding and minor tweaks Would be helpful if you have experience in large directory sites and server back end management as We have two large projects underway also We have ongoing work for the right person so long as your English is great and you take you work

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    For this project, you must create an HTML form to upload a CSV file. (You must set permissions for the web server to write to the directory by doing fsr sa -r ./uploads http write) After you save the file, you must forward the user to a page using the "header" function ([login to view URL]). Once the user is forwarded

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    Cause The Apache configuration contains a reference to a non-existent file or directory. Resolution Create the required file (directory) and start the httpd service: # mkdir /var/www/vhosts/system/[login to view URL] # touch /var/www/vhosts/system/[login to view URL] # touch /var/www/vhosts/system/[login to view URL] #

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    We need to create a search engine that will search for files within a directory tree in our web server. the search must be recursive. our user would enter for eaxample "COT-006766" into the search field and the script would search recursivley on all files starting from a base directory for all files that CONTAIN the search parameter. Multiple files

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    Hello, I want tot create a website of cultural informations (news), totally secure and responsive. I have already payed a hosting service at " 1&1 internet ", with " Managed WordPress " included for security and updates. I've chosen the theme " MH Magazine ", which seems to be adapted... But I can be ok for other one, if totally compatible wP 4.8.1

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    ...environment to run Office 365 ProPlus. The client has Access databases that need to be run in the cloud. Microsoft Access Application front end will sit on RDS server and connect to an SQL server hosted in the same data centre. The deployment does NOT need to be the full high availability set-up and a single VM is all that is required. No data other

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    We essentially would like a web based interface to input configuration data and it outputs pre-formatted XML files for VOIP Phones (Yealink, SNOM, etc). They can then connect to this web server and collect their provisioning files that have been generated and it configures them based on the output XML configuration files this will generate. Initially

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    check the attached file -Create Multi-tenancy Admin Panel to manage API services -Manage easy Sign In, Sign UP and Subscription Plan with Social Authentications options : Google, Twitter, FaceBook -Manage Account Settings -Manage Team -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key used OAuth2.0 (accessKey,

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    check the attached file -Create Multi-tenancy Admin Panel to manage API services -Manage easy Sign In, Sign UP and Subscription Plan with Social Authentications options : Google, Twitter, FaceBook -Manage Account Settings -Manage Team -Manage Team roles -Manage Applications -Manage Application API Access Key

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    ...strictly adhere to time estimates, with 15% penalty for work delivered one week late, and a 30% penalty for work delivered 2 weeks late. All work must be constructed on our server. Additionally, these tasks must each be troubleshot and checked for any bugs and backups of code must be provided before individual task-milestones are released. • Code must

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    63 bids above that amount i can't afford it so will not be considered. I'm more looking for a youngster , rising talent who would like a technical challenge from a programming and web development point of view. There will be follow-up work on this project so, looking for someone willing to build a long -term working [login to view URL] previous experience with

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    Programming with RUBY Basic Rails Web App Your Rails web app with a responsive layout and dynamic Ruby tags will be successfully deployed on Heroku and/or similar production environments. 1. Meet Ruby Understand characteristics of Ruby programming language and the difference between Ruby and Rails Use basic terminal commands to navigate your computer

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    ...sync all the data and images to server. Login Module: For first time login, it will download the user details and save into the local DB. After that user ID and password will be checked from local only. Unless user click on logout, user will remain login into app. Photo grid view: This will have Upload /Sync to server and logout button at the top.

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    Looking to have simple a web form created that you can put in people names in a text box, one name per line. When you press submit the form connects to the Amazon Polly API and creates 1 mp3 file per name in the text box and stores the files locally on the server in a directory. The MP3 file name would be each person's [login to view URL] it will generate a zip

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    24 bids a website for my small business. - Create a Responsive design web-site. The web site will be a searchable directory of educational videos. The videos are hosted on Amazon S3 and the website will be hosted on Go Daddy LINEX server. - Develop a simple membership component – user registration, auto create UN and PS and PS recovery. - Develop a...

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    ...that can create a comprehensive API Client that consumes multiple SOAP endpoints. Part of this job will require a gateway running on our server (behind a firewall) that takes data from our local SQL server and transmits it to an AWS SQL Server. It will also need to be able to pull information from the AWS SQL Server into the local server. Addit...

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    ...using the following information. Introduction Web-service API allows to publish quotes in the real-time mode. Information about quotes of the symbol (bid, ask) and trends in their changing is available for posting. Quotes can be presented on the site either as a table or as a creeping line. Web-service API represents a set of commands forming

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    Create a vertical hosted environment, consist of Linux as a master server, Puppet monitoring system, windows and Linux child server, and client operating sysrem, I defeated with active directory to control users and groups and to enforce the group policy. Puppet web interface to monitor the systems and the resources performance. All configuration

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    ...basic HTTP server. You can use the [login to view URL] code below (available on Stream) as a starting point, or use any other language, which supports raw TCP/IP sockets such as Java. Create a simple website with one [login to view URL] base page and at least 2 linked images. Place the web objects in the same directory as your web server...

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    ...implementing Active Directory for an organization. Here is a link that provides info on Active Directory implementation: [login to view URL] I have attached the network overview of Riordan Manufacturing([login to view URL]) - Use it as a model and design a plan to implement Active Directory for the organization

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    5 bids an installable web framework. This framework is built on top of ASP.NET 4.0 with the focus of building state of the art web applications including websites. It is easy to setup and configure. The setup requires an ASP.NET platform with SQL Server 2008 or later database with ASP Schema. Once you run the setup, it will create two accounts for

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    I have very big web directory I need seo specialist who can help me to: 1. Create XML site map For all pages 2. HTML site map 3. [login to view URL] After it done, upload to my CLOUD ssh server

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    - This software must act as a SAML 2.0 IdP – Identity Provider Server (used for SSO - Single Sign On). - Software has two different interfaces: - Login / logout / forgot password / change password interfaces - This screen should hosted on https port 443. - Admin interface - This interface should be hosted on another virtual host or

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    ...with our Windows Server 2012 RT hosted through We are looking for someone to correct the following issues. 1. Set up FTP for our users to work on websites. 2. Set up isolation for FTP account to be set to root directory to each of the corresponding web files to access via Dreamweaver. 3. Enable VPN access to server via domain connected

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    Web need a basic web filemanager that reflects (read) a directory (Folders and PDF Files) from the server. The directory is archivos/transparencia_informativa Requeriments: * Breadcrumbs Required (With links to navigate through the directories) * H3 title from actual directory *Example folder name: Detalle_de_Viajes_Internacionales *The front

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    ...activation 1-You need to have a web hosting online or to install the web service in a PC inside your local area network. 2- In the database manager (phpmyadmin) create a database called prompter_db and import the file [login to view URL] located inside the folder. 3-Copy the folder “prompter” in the web directory (usually called “www&r...

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    ...domain up through the WHM, so that it will have it's own FTP and cpanel to manage web files. This new doamin is on a managed server that can have multiple sites domains added to it using WHM. Currnent Status: A new domain has been purchased and I have tried to create a new cpanel and FTP for the new domain by using account functions, but was unsuccessful

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    ...local machine. The Dockerfile needs ONLY use (FROM baseimage-amzn) ([login to view URL]) in order to create a container for the meteor app. The meteor app needs to run in the background so a web browser visiting a certain domain will connect to the app. Currently there is domain name registered with AWS Route 53 and the

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    ...BACKEND It's the Administration Interface. - Complete Users Administration (allow, accept ...) - Complete Printers Administration -> developp all the necessary options for server printers administration. (add, modify,delete, make, models, option, gps localisation, rules for printing, state of printers ...) -> all printers otptions (format, color,

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    Developer to create a web app that will integrate with Office 365 Developer needed to create a responsive web app that can be used within Office 365 and integrate with an organisational Office 365 Active Directory infrastructure. The project is for a school and involves students uploading files as evidence that they have completed a particular criteria

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    ...someone who can help me with the following setup: Server setup: Configure Apache and MySQL Disable directory listing Install and use the mod_security module Limit Request Size Enable Logging Disable all unnecessary modules DNS setup: Create unique nameservers for each domain Create unique PTR records for each domain I will manage the

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    I need someone to configure existing website to work. Lamp alread installed.. Now need configure files and laravel. Linux version Ubuntu 13.0 Server Requirements The Laravel framework has a few system requirements: •PHP >= 5.4 •Mcrypt PHP Extension •OpenSSL PHP Extension •Mbstring PHP Extension •Tokenizer PHP Extension •Enable PHP SNMP

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    ...Ubuntu 16.04 for a Laravel implementation. Infra-structure requirements for the test environment ----------------------------------------------------- We need a server setup for a web application closely matching the laravel vagrant environment, Homestead. Any not mentioned versions we will assume the latest packaged versions available for choosen

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    ...Project Description: Ebay scripts and associated PHP classes for eBay Trading API. Should be compatible with current API version. Scripts to include: Multi User System for my Web Hosting Website - Login and Session set by my existing website. Listing Service.. 1. Add items for eBay Online Auction, Fixed Price , Buy It Now & Store Inventory Listings.

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    I have a AWS account. I need EC2 instance with active controller domain directory. For example, user can log in to user[at]dc[dot]domainname[dot]com with password which we have configured while creating AD account over internet while login in windows or ubuntu system. Using same credentials then can login with email client. I would like to

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