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    ...application, and create a hosting client that will accept incoming connections, plus a connecting client. The hosting client will store the IP address and names of users connecting. Here is how the project is to work: Once a user launches the application, the user will enter a name using a MSGBOX or a Textbox. There IP, along with their chosen name will be sent

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    Create an Auto Archive Program using VB 6.0 or higher. Develop an Install routine using Install Shield. During Installation Load this program in the SysTray Create a directory to store jobs in. The user would create an archival job. The user would browse to & select the File or Directory to Backup. Then browse to the location to store this archive.

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    ...or non-existent, an option then allows the user to create a new backup file. At present the sales figures and array, comprising "id", "name" and "sales_total" is reinitialised from that specified within the programme each time the programme is run ie. it uses memory only and no facility exists to store the updates apart from the file output whi...

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    ...system that allows unlimited users to sign up for personal domain-based email accounts and access this account as well as their POP/IMAP account at our site. Log-In Id is user name for email(a)[url removed, login to view] address. The interface must be highly professional and preferably, template-based so I can easily change the email look to match my sites. I'd like

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    Create a new data type that should store as separate items the first name, last name, and street address, city, state, and zip code of one individual. You must use a class declaration to manage the character based information related to one individual. The abstract data type that you create must allow for initializing all of the member data and be able

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    ...blank. ie. The boy [went] to the stor.......and then press a button to create the quiz The boy _______ went to the store. Students then fill in all the missing words. Before sending the quiz to the teacher, they fill in some fields. (optional) Student's Name: Professor's Name: Professor's Email: Then they press submit. If they want to do the quiz

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    ...and store 1 textbox for comments in addition to the company name - the comment is specific for the diagram and hence cannot be saved in the C table) - links should automatically be redrawn when a rectangle has been moved. Oblique lines are not needed (horizontal and vertical lines are prefered) - save a diagram within the database (please create a new

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    ...need. 1. Create a TAdvString grid with 5 columns on the mdichild. 2. Ability to add rows to the end of the grid. 3. (My big headache) Ability to insert rows at random in the grid, and then persist the inserted row. Note: The row should be in the same location when it is "re-read" from the cindex file. 4. The persistance mechanism should store the rows

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    Write an object-oriented console program in C++ to keep track of a collection of name and phone number combinations. This telephone directory program must provide the user with the options stated below. ## Deliverables USER OPTIONS: 1) The user can add a new name and phone number entry to the directory (upon selecting this option the program should

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    1. Create a List Template that maintains objects in sort order. (One member of the object is a key field for sorting and searching. Objects to be inserted into the List (let's call these ListObjects) must support the relational and equality operators · The list class will contain only a single item type (an object) · Store the object in a dynamically

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    Write an object-oriented console program in C++ to keep track of a collection of name and phone number combinations. This telephone directory program must provide the user with the options stated below. ## Deliverables USER OPTIONS: 1) The user can add a new name and phone number entry to the directory (upon selecting this option the program should

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    2 bids a basic user creation/user authentication PHP & MySQL solution. The solution will comprise a new user (creation) HTML form with username, password, verify password, email, name, surname fields. The associated PHP code that will check for the uniqness of the username in the database and it will either prompt the user for an alternate username or in

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    16 bids create two lists to store data - one to store student names and the other the course they are enroled upon at college. The student's name is the key. Use a hash index - which is the sum of the ASCII values of each character in the name mod the total number of names. The hash index is used to select the particular array element that will store th...

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    ...WHERE... to retrieve, CREATE TABLE for inserting. It should also support sub queries, joins, and sub statment (SELECT * WHERE a = (SELECT ...), etc.) as well. Alter statments will be needed too so that data in database can be amended. The compiler will at least allow user to build a relational database. Data should then store in some kind of data structure

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    Create a first page in Flash or Shockwave or … you name it ??" see the site theme Fix 4 pages (almost identical) to work within Netscape ??" design and JavaScript Work with cookies to make the site smarter :), but suggestions are welcomed JavaScript improvements or … options Banners, buttons ??" all sizes, static and dynamic WEB SITE ADDRESS http://games

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    ...will be required to register with their first & last name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address used for paypal (or) credit card type, credit card exp. date, and credit card #, and finnaly a username and password. Now for the main chat server, i need it to be able to create employee accounts with their first and lastname username

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    ...description: A user should be able to open an account on my site and create one or several mailing lists. These lists will allow him to post a form on his site and let his visitors sign up to his ezine newsletter. These lists should allow him to add personalization tags (first name, last name, email address) so that he can include those on his mailings to

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    ...multiple autoresponder accounts from one control panel (instead of having to enter their username/password for each autoresponder account). This would consist of a signup page (name, address, etc.) that would setup their master account, and a page where the user could add or delete additional autoresponder accounts. Attach File Option: For the paid accounts

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    Create a new project. Create a class module named Company. In the Company class, create a Private collection to store the Buildings collection. Create an AddBuilding method that has the same effect as the Add method in exercise 1. (I can send this exercise Demo if you need it but I don't have the code.) Create a RemoveBuilding method to remove a build...

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    Would someone give me an example of how to create a link list that store more than one data on it. For example I have a struct CUSTOMER which has a char name[15], int age and char gender, and I want to create a link list that store the CUSTOMER data type. Is this even possible? ## Deliverables I just need the source codes with documentation and the

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