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    I would like to add a delivery price list under the add to cart button (file attached) could be in the form of a screen or some link to the popup from the delivery table.

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    I have a contact list and I need to begin working my list through an auto responder. I chose Get Response and cannot figure out how to develop an email to send to my list. GR is not very helpful. All I want is a simple email. I have written the message, I just need to have something that works with GR software. Can I get some help?

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    Create Lead List of Passion Facebook Groups and Influencers in the spaces We’re looking for a top notch hire to work on a project to research, summarize and compile a list of the biggest Passion Topics and Groups on Facebook plus Admin Contacts. Combined with the above we want to compile Influencers in these niches from various platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Blogs, Courses). This will be an...

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    I need to customize currency exchange app that converts EGP to other currencies. The should convert all currencies and should have the buy/sell rate for each bank in Egypt.

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    I need the Contact List ( email, phone) of all franchises in the SBA registry. here is the list of all franchises: [login to view URL] You need to go on their corporate website and find their email and phone number.

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    Hi all. Given the attached excel 2016 spreadhseet, I need to be able to select a Year (for example: "2020") and a Month (for example: February) and the macro creates a list with all the days in the month in the selected format I am attaching, and hopefully, have a drop down list for Month". Extra USD5.00 will be given, if the solution is delivered in no more than 12 hours.

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    I have an email list that I need someone to help me clean up. It has 835, 372 contacts. I only need the email, first and last name column. All other columns like title, address, phone number, etc need to be deleted. I also need this list to be separated into 9 different excel files. (8 of 100,000 contacts and 1 of 35,372 contacts.) Please let me know if you can complete this today. Thank you!

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    hello, i need to Build A , B , C Sql Table each one have: + Load multi email lists option +Default sql cell will have Statues 0 Email : email@[login to view URL] Statues : (0,1) +[login to view URL] will return me random email with statues 0 and it trun it to statues 1 +[login to view URL]@[login to view URL] will add the email to db with statues 0 +[login to view URL] will have all count of A , ...

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    My project is an iOS HTML5 app, I own my main app, I need you to make an app to add my interface switch (here the interface switch means: my self-built interface I can pass my interface The configuration application shows my content) You also need to add push and handle no network problems (no network problems mean: when the app is open, by default, the Chinese version of the iPhone will have no n...

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    I need you to find the contact of the founders of all franchises in the SBA franchise registry : [login to view URL] name, email, phone

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    Price list for my products With proper detail mention Explain given

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    I need a list that contains all of the domains that exist on the internet. The list must be up to date and deliver the biggest number of domains that are possible to find. PREFERABLY the list must only contain domains that are written in Portuguese (content="pt_BR"). I know some domains will not show on the list but any one that has a minimum amount of visitors MUST be on it. It has to...

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    Create and Alphabetize Excel Document/address list from Word Labels . There are less than 60 addresses. Create list that can easily be transferred to Labels using Mail Merge

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    I need a scraper to scrap data in website.I need done very soon. More details over chat.

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    I need an Android app. an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built.

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    !!!!! READ TO END !!!!!!! I have an existing PowerApp that does ordering for each store based on their login. Right now every time they logout, the session/cart information from the order is lost. Need to have a way to keep state. Currently if the user adds a number of items to their cart, it adds. When they change the number of items it edits the list, but when they logout, it doesn'...

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    i am trying to create list of contentversion for set of Id and blob data, which i am able to create, but now when i am trying to create contentdocumentlink for the list of contentversion, i am not getting any field which i should be relating to my LinkedEntityId. List<ContentVersion> cvc=new List<ContentVersion>(); List<ContentDocumentLink> cdll = new List<ContentDocumentLink...

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    I have a list of 350 companies in excel workbook. Need to have the number of employees, revenue and location by U.S. State for each company. Using the website [login to view URL] - enter the name of the company to find out the 3 pieces of information. Fill in the columns. Revenue numbers can us M for millions, for example, 3 M, 10M, 47M .

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    DO NOT AUTO APPLY OR I WILL BLOCK YOU--READ ENTIRE POST SEND ME A FLAT FIXED FEE QUOTE--REVIEW THE ATTACHED FILE I have a list of names of employees and I need you to find thier company twitter, linkedin and facebook profiles I also have a list of companies and i need you to find their California mailing addresses. Look at the attached spreadsheet- Sheet 1 there are duplicates so discard those...

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    I am looking for a coder that has experience with php, I want to add to my back end web site todo list module with time and date stamp so I can arrange my to do list daily, its only for admin use This module is ready in the open market and simple, I will need the installation on my server and make sure 100% working function.

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    Fill in the code below by adding the functions indicated, also add two test cases for each function. Using the the coordinate list format for storing these sparse tables Complete the ( TODO:) comments I need it to be done in 8 hours maximum

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    I have a software program (Software as a Service) and I need a sales professional/team to help me find clients to use the software. Client profile: 1. Must be an international company and have a minimum of 4 offices in different overseas locations. 2. Must have annual revenue greater than $20M and less than $300M 3. Be located in Europe, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Mexico, or Canada. 4. Must do...

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    We are [login to view URL] and we need help making a few improvements to our platform. We are currently using Ruby 2.3.1 and Rails 4.2.7. The front-end is built in React. Most of these changes require only back-end development. 1) Add a SEO friendly URL slugs to jobs, reviews, and movers objects. For example, this page: [login to view URL] needs to have a URL equal to [login to view URL] ( month ...

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    The full list of comic books is almost 4,000 items. I've attached a list of 50 as short list for you to provide results as a small test. I've even completed the first item for you as an example. 1. Find the attached short list of comic books. 2. Review the EXAMPLE provided at line 1. This provides an EXAMPLE of what you are required to do. 3. Research the attached short list of comic bo...

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    Hi social media star**   We are two professional entertainers looking for a reliable person to take on a new project on social media. We require someone hard-working and dedicated with skills in social media marketing. My friend and I are working on a concept for 2 years where we want to focus on E-Commerce, where we are planning to help guys or girls make the step easier to step into someon...

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    I need someone to go on several specific webpage to gather the emails of future potential clients. You have to know Excel and speak English. Expected hours : 10 hours

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    Write a python function to tell mandarin name among a list of names. Following is a sample list: --------------------------- KEVIN HOU HAO CHEN NARAYANAN J IYER W RAYMOND LUCAS CHIH LEI JENNIFER DURAND JOHNATHAN HUANG CALIN V MICLAUS CHONG S KIM LINDSEY M HINES ERIC COLACO RICHARD A FEINBERG JOHN S HONG -------------------------- 1) I will provide sample test files contains hundreds of nam...

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    I'd like help in building a list of individuals working at a list of specified companies in the legal industry. - All these individuals will be in a specific role or have a specific title - The list of the companies are already prepared in an excel sheet (200 companies on the list) - I'd like the details of 2 employees from each company Titles to search for & the Excel sheet with ...

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    I am looking for building ownership information of a specific list of addresses, which i have attached. I need owner's name, address, best contact name for owner if entity, phone number, and email address. This needs to be in an excel document. I attached two documents that i have started. However, i need all contact info including email addresses added to the documents. Ideally, the d...

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    We are [login to view URL] and we need help making a few improvements to our platform. We are currently using Ruby 2.3.1 and Rails 4.2.7. The front-end is built in React. Most of these changes require only back-end development. 1) Add a SEO friendly URL slugs to jobs, reviews, and movers objects. For example, this page: [login to view URL] needs to have a URL equal to [login to view URL] ( month ...

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    Hello, we have a number of applicants to different jobs around the country. The applicants will each rank which jobs they like best - first choice job, second choice job, third choice job, etc. Then the employers will do the same thing by ranking the applicants they would like the most - first choice person, second choice person, etc. I need software that then MATCHES each applicant to a job based...

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    My website is [login to view URL] I am looking to create a multimedia website for micro currencies if a mini game would be created it would be great

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    We would like to have the following 6 amendments (attached illustrated guides) 1. Top hover banner should ONLY be on the first scroll image - it should not appear anywhere else on the website (ie on the collections, pages etc) ONLY on the homepage first hover image 2. Top navigation panel - when user hovers over the panel, the background should not be 'clear' it should be 'white�...

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    Research and data input based on the attached list. I was able to aggregate all contact info EXCEPT emails. Please locate emails for all associated parties on the list. This includes contact (this is the primary contact), pro (club golf pro), super (club superintendent), mgr (club manager), and CEO (club president or facility owner). The most important email is the contact (primary contact) column...

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    REMOTE APPOINTMENT SETTER RESPONSIBILITIES Cold calling people using a given contact list to set appointments for new customers Answering incoming calls from prospective customers Using scripts to provide appointment details and build customer rapport JOB DETAILS Everyday you'll be given a contact list anywhere from 60-130 leads which need to be contacted and have an appointment scheduled. Y...

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    1.I need to give permission to 2 SharePoint 2013 list, so that particular user can create, edit, and delete list item. [login to view URL] to set order for the above mentioned lists (clicking the column title to ascending and descending order ) Currently i have given full control to the 'user' but still he is not able to edit list item,(but he can add new item) this is a micro project...

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    I'm looking for a list-builder with some experience - who can build lists based on the criteria we provide, we will also train you and give you all the resources you need, all we require is you have to be reliable and have a bit of understanding about data entry.

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    the project is about writing a c program in unix for tiny tar archiving a file and extracting a file .here i am attaching the further details regarding the project

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    Looking to get a responsive single page webpage which auto refreshes every n seconds, Which displays prices in 2 tables buy and sell table Each displaying different currencies available to purchase or sell Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Monero USD CAD Please see attached for an idea of what we need Thanks

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    We require gathering of a complex set of content from a large list of websites. This is a Private Project for Michael G

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    I need someone who knows how to collect data online, what i need is name, address and phone number of neurology physicians in the USA. If this project is of interest, send me a sample, see how hard it is to actually collect this information :)

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    i need one line of code for this as i just cannot seem to get te following to work............. [login to view URL] = 3 or [login to view URL] = 3 in a WebBroswer I have embedded in my MS Access form....that points to folders as below so in my control source ="C:UsersandyClientFolders" & CStr([ClientID]) So frustrating as shoudl be so simply

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    1- The admin panel's language should be changed into Turkish. 2- Google Recaptcha security step doesn't work well. (New customers can't see it while registering, so they can't register.) 3- Our default currency is USD and selling price is (TL) Turkish Lira. So, I need to show 2 currencies on backend and frontend. (*Kindly check the screenshot in attachments.) 4- I need to add &...

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    Simple project to find the domain rank and Pagerank info for a list of 200 websites we provide and add it to a spreadsheet. You must know how to find domain rank and Pagerank. IF You SPAM me a response I will ignore.

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    I need some speclist to help me to create label, such that the label will enable email system to see black liist the email when see this label.

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    Hello there, I work for a tech company that serves the engineering and construction industry. The immediate need is build a contact list that serves multiple initiatives. Just to be clear, the list with names of people and their company already exists. I need an expert in this domain who can help populate the correct email ids against those names. Once the initial contact is made, we can have ...

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    I have 80,000 location like this. I need the latitude, longitude for each. This can/should be done by a script. Example: Dann Carlton Medellin Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires Hotel Pullman Bordeaux Lac I can provider a city name for each as well to improve results.

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