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    need simple project to be done with some grid layout and data entry. 1. DataGrid Creation 5-6 tables 2. 5-6 add data forms. 3. Get files from a folder and match with excel sheet and add data in database. 4. admin password for windows app. 5. export data to excel database is done and app in php is done for understanding more clarity on chat

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    We have a ready database and ready PC software which works together. I would like to see tables via browser as datagrid format and add, edit, delete etc. Datagrids has to have sort, filter properties. And we have to make a gantt chart via browser.

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    ...containing few numbers and strings. Number of columns in each DataGrid will change between those two options. Few necessary functionalities: * Reading a list of mocked objects to a both DataGrids, * Refreshing DataGrid once in a while (re-reading data from list), * When a row in left-hand DataGrid is right-clicked, it should open a small input box (or

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    The datagrid is only 2 files and basic. When adding a record to the datagrid we need it to add the quantity to the model number in a "In Production" list on the fixed footer. we also need to be able to edit the available stock which is currently in the footer.

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    The datagrid is only 2 files, it's super simple and all that is needed is to add a completed button which adds to the stock number in the footer. Also need a simple sort by "if/else statement"

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    I need some help WPF databinding a Sqlite data context to a DataGrid in XAML. The project is already started, just databinding is not working. I will pay developer hour by hour to work with me so I learn as we go along. If you do not have WPF and Entity Framework experience, please do not bid. Thanks

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    i have a excel file for arrange data group,columns,sum .... i need thi...file for arrange data group,columns,sum .... i need this view only with sample data for show my view in excel. don;t forget no coding for migration from excel . only i need datagrid template for my data. and only telerik winforms radgrid control acceptable. budget is fix 20$

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    12 bids In a multi part project, the first part that I require is for data and markets to be extracted from betfair, fed into a sql table and displayed on a datagrid or similiar on a webpage. At this stage I will also need some basic website design with various user permissions If you need any further information, then let me know

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    I have a SQL compact 3.5 database and I need code to copy 3 tables over Visual Basic(Visual Studio 2015). I will need comments in the code to explain how to configure my computer and software to run SQLite. I also want the code to contain a datagrid loaded with data from the SQLite database. I will need a blank database supplied with the code.

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    From a Datagrid where rows contains quantity and Description of product. Need to create a report of barcode labels . For each row depending of quantitiy, need to create the barcode labels with code 39 or code 128. Please check the file.... Need in Visual basic open source code to be run under Visual Studio 2015

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    I have an ASP.Net application under development and need some help in creating a Spreadsheet-like DataGrid Entry/Edit/Delete form for a particular table.

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    I have a data grid linked to a data table (see the attached project), each cell is binded to a custom class (CellValue) with some property. I need to solve these issues: 1) Strike through with a red strike when the [login to view URL] = true 2) Format the textBlock with the [login to view URL] value 3) When the user double clicks the cell, the text box has to be stretched to the size of the ...

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    I need a very simple C# code where in I provide an in-memory xml file and I get the DataTable returned for that XML. Please note that in this xml I am only pulling 3...columns but in actual there could be many - so your code should be able to handle that. I am attaching a very simple xml to try this out. Please show me the results in the DataGrid.

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    I want to create a custom datagrid control like shown in the attached figure

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    PIXI Greensock Javascript Canvas Animate CC HTML5 expert needed i want you to setup one simple project using adobe animate cc and create scroll-bar with smooth touch and scrolling experience for text and MC if you dont have animate cc please don't bid Thanks

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    We have a small flex mxml file where a datagrid is populated from an underlying web service. We are looking for someone to add a checkbox control to each line in the datagrid with a button to select all. We then need to be able to export the datagrid to a CSV file and save it on the webserver. The CSV will also need two columns added that are populated

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    ...following bugs that I cant seem to fix in my application. 1) I have a datagrid that is populated by a stored procedure. I have created a drag and drop feature on the datagrid which works perfectly. However - I now need to put a context menu on the datagrid. When user right clicks on a cell some options need to appear. The context

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    ...en [xml files] layout. Details page: 3 column flat 'mac-explorer'-type layout, where 3rd(entries) panel is a dynamic <entry>-datagrid based on <group>(s) selection(from 2nd column) and [optional text filter]. Each datagrid <entry> line shows <execute> attribute as [on/off](or checkbox), expandable <description>, and entry <plugin> typ...

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    Instead of the regular DataGrid provided by WPF, we prefer to use one that is available on the Internet: WpfToolKit. I uploaded 2 MSVS Solutions for you: One of them has the functionality that I need (2 DataGrids, each contained in its own TabItem) but it does not have a professional look. The other one looks very nice, but I can only use one TabItem

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    myObj = { "name":"John", "age":30, "cars": { "car1":"Ford", "car2":"BMW", "car3":"Fiat" } } You need to write a .NET 2015 with function GetData. when I call it, it returns json code in the above format. "Name" and "Age&quo...

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    ...datatables using angularJS, but for some reason it does not work. Issue: MySQL data does not appear on the HTML page. Link to the script : [login to view URL] Note: Some of the users in the comments section of the above page are experiencing the same issue. Download the script, create

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    13 bids 13'0" Hieght: - Number - Same as above O.C: - Number - Same as above Save - Save to database (ID autonumber) and clear for next inputs Show Results in Datagrid x autonumber|lenght|hieght|oc (oc = on center) If Metric Selected then it needs to show in mm, with the same formats as above except in mm --------------------------

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    ...fixes and extension. Here is old project description Needed fixes: datagrid is not sortable and can't be filtered. this need to be changed we can't select multiple entries at a time and delete the seleced ones delete of entries not working save

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    I would like to have an web app that can import an excel or csv file, display it in a datagrid, i should be able to select the colums i would like to see and then be able to edit inline, save it, export as excel again.

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    I need a new webportal. I already have a design, I just need you to build a webportal which should look like a datagrid of excel page.

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    I need a new webportal. I already have a design, I just need you to build a webportal which should look like a datagrid of excel page.

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    need to create nested datagrid

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    ...Interactive Container Area's - Routing (deep links able to invoke a sequence of actions i.e. [login to view URL]:22, should load a react Datagrid control within a container, populate the Datagrid with Data, select/highlight a row matching the id passed in link. Load a Record React control in a separate container, populate the Record control

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    PLEASE READ TO END. Javascript only. JS must render the html, etc. I'd like a datagrid, like jqgrid. I have jquery already and use less for styles. I'd like a custom grid with the following columns: --start column list -- From Date To Date POS TOS Billed Codes Mod #1 Mod #2 Reviewed Codes Mod #1 Mod #2 Day/Units Charges (data

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    Angular 2 Theme Project, converting template and using prime faces ui datagrid components and menus.

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    I am looking for a WPF professional developer who can create a simple one window application. I will then use the code from your demo application in my project. Please check out the attached screenshot. You would actually only have to implement one column in the grid. But what is special is that it must be possible to select the value with a combobox. The values in the column must be unique. Wh...

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    I have an existing WPF project, which uses a DataGrid. Inside this datagrid there are combo-boxes. It is actually working when I fill in the data manually on the grid. But the problem is, when I want to load the datagrid with the data already inserted the combo boxes remain empty. I guess it is somehow a problem with the binding. To solve the issue

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    ...gist is that in a Java program we use specified headers to read data from a website then filter that data into a list. I need this done in C# to be used with a Windows Form DataGrid. If you have any questions message me here I will be more than happy to help. All Java source files are available, you will need to hand over everything (Documentation,source

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    The project is to design a nice GUI interface using C# and DevExpress WinForms. I will need some menus, DataGrid from DB and Scheduling capacities.

    $6 - $12 / hr
    Sealed NDA
    $6 - $12 / hr
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    Hi there, we are looking for someone to design a Magento category display template. To show products in the frontend in a datagrid format, (like Excel) attributes being the column headings, prices at the end of the row with multiple select check boxes in the first column and Buy Button top and bottom. Single product per row. We need to be able to adjust

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    I'm busy learning Laravel and Vue. I need help with a DataGrid I'm trying to develop with Vue. I am looking for someone who can sit with me on Skype and Teamviewer and help me solve some problems I have with this task. I don't want you to develop it by yourself, I want to learn, so you need to know English and be able to follow my code and

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    Hello Freelancers, I need to design WPF components with XAML. for example [login to view URL] like datagrid, textbox, combobox, buttons. listview, listbox, etc I need the source code too for WPF components. Our budget is 20 dollars for one component. we need exactly like telerik WPF components but with the source

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    I need someone to turn a php/mysql table into a datagrid with 50 rows per page and be able to show some data manually based on select dropdown.

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    GWT 2.7 DataGrid, Master - Details. Add, modify and delete records. Validations on add or modify rows and when you modify a fields. Clicks and keys Listeners

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    ...finished, but I need some help with image and memory management. The program is a simple image viewer program with a datagrid shown as a strip of images on the left of the screen. When the user clicks on the small image in the datagrid, it opens the image in a large image viewer in the app. The user needs toi be able to zoom in and out of the main image

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    ...user login is correct. 2. Allow for two small search forms with simple parameters passing their UserID and a month search variable and it will return the results in a small datagrid. These two search forms are tied to existing RESTFUL API's that we can provide access to. We are looking to have this completed within one week and already have the login

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    I have done most of the application I need 1) Working Master Detail (Edit, Select, Delete) in both Master Detail working with EF. Most of this is done there are some issues. 2) Create New Batch (Id and description) Or import a bacth from import excel. When user creates are selects existing batch the batch id and description should be omni at all times at the top of the screen. Shoul...

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    ...individual to write a simple easy to understand document on connecting Visual Basic Studio (2015) with Access (2007), and how to perform simple queries via VB code (not via a DataGrid object in VB). Documentation should be related to the dummy project I have attached to this job request. The requirements are for a documentation covering; (1) How

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    ...clients and update the table with SignalR when the database(records) is changed. I would like to have 3 examples: 1. Working with the default datagrid webcontrol. 2. Working with a Telerik datagrid/radgrid control 3. Working with a hardcoded table in HTML5 (no ASP.NET code behind). Examples can be in multiple solutions, or pages, up to you

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    I need to install a screener on my website. I have data and it needs to be a screener format that can be sorted and filtered through. Think jquery datagrid etc.. A budget of $90 - $120. Experience in this preferred and a week's timeline to execute as all data and formatting ready.

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    We need an application that scans the network looking for devices with a ...scans the network looking for devices with a specific MAC Address and display basic information about them (Model Name, MAC Address and IP Address) in a Datagrid. Double click over a row in the Datagrid will open the matching IP Address in a default system web browser window.

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    I need to install a screener on my website. I have data and it needs to be a screener format that can be sorted and filtered through. Think jquery datagrid etc.. A budget of $90 - $120. Experience in this preferred and a week's timeline to execute as all data and formatting ready.

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    ...button to export some data to a pdf file. This method is implemented but is not working. It's creating a corrupt file and this needs to be fixed. 2- The software has a datagrid in which one column is a button. What I need is: a) For each row, this button has to be enabled accordingly to a column value. b) The onClick has to start a process passing

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    I have a wpf project , I am trying to print a crystal report from the datagrid and textboxes

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    Hi All, I need a method in C#, to color(Background color) the DataGrid(not datagrid view) cells in windows forms. Its like suppose I have 10 rows and 10 cells in DataGrid , I will pass indexes 2,3,5 to method then the cells in Datagrid color(Background color) should change for 2,3,5

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