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    Write a program to display a calendar for any month of any year of the twentieth century and on. Your prompts do not have to be identical to these: Enter month number: 13 Month must be between 1 and 12, please re-enter: 0 Month must be between 1 and 12, please re-enter: 2 Enter year: 98 Year must be 1900 or later, please re-enter: 2002 February 2002

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    [url removed, login to view] We have done quite a bit of web programming over the days here at media titan. Now we need a way to organize these programs. We need a system that admins can upload new projects to. The admin logs in and creates a project with: Title Date Created Latest Version - Download Archives of Previous Versions Reports and Notes To Do List

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    This exercise is to design prove operation and produce the necessary data for manufacture of a high-speed radio identification system. When the lifejacket to which it is attached is wet it should begin transmitting. The system operates by transmitting a two and a three-bit sequence of ‘1’s in ‘opposite’ directions. The conceptual outline of the...

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    ...that allows a user to select from a number of products and compare attributes such as features, price, availability and other. The user will see a form (presented in a standard PostNuke page) in which he or she can select to compare a number of products. When clicking on a button, a new page is presented (again, in a PostNuke page) that ho...

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    Design, code and execute several user-defined classes that are related by inheritance. This hierarchy will be a simple representation of two dimensional and three dimensional geometric shapes. The base class will represent a generic Shape object, derived from the base class will be a circle object and a square object, derived from the circle object

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    ...Write a Java program that will compare two sequences of DNA or Protein and illustrate matchingsections in a graphical manner. To do this you must show a two-dimension dot-matrix plot. Every residue in one sequence is compared to every residue in the other sequence. The first sequence runs along the x-axis and the second sequence along the y-axis. In

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    The project consists of developing a small application using Access 2000. The Application The application is to support the operations of a Teaching Hospital, specifically administration of patient services, such as admissions, diagnosis, discharges and so on. The supporting essay (specification follows) will be designed for you to demonstrate how well

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    9 bids"(user pays X amount for a text ad, is added to a list, and is paid Y when they get to the end of list). -Things that the script will need to include: -Membership creation. -Login area. -A way to fund their account(e-gold, paypal, ect..) -A way to track the text ads -A way to track when a member clicks ads (like in a paid2clic...

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    A testbench is a top-level module that applies a series of inputs to a design that you’re testing. The testbench reads the inputs for a given test from a file, allowing you to change the input values easily without modifying any Verilog code. The results of the test are written to an output file. For the rectangle processor, we will convert yo...

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    hi who knows well strings in assembely this project will test your knowledge of strings and text display programming by asking you to design a menu-driven applecation that allows a user to enter a word or phrase and to determine whether that word or phrase is palindrome. plalindromes are words that read the same way both forwards and back words

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    ...coordinates and a write signal that can be used to draw filled rectangles in an external memory. This assignment will focus only on the design of the [url removed, login to view] rectangle processor generates coordinates and a write signal that can be used to draw filled rectangles in an external memory. This assignment will focus only on the design of the processor

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    ...all, I need a simple cheat codes database with a search box and letter index added to my site at [url removed, login to view] . The cheat codes added will be playstation2 cheat codes and xbox cheatcodes. The cheat code section of my site will be [url removed, login to view] and will use the same design and template as my main site. No graphic design is neccesary

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    Integrate a shopping cart into an existing website. Application must support online and offline transaction based requests. Items must be stored in a database that can be administered by a password protected user using intuitive html forms supported by IE or Netscape Items table will include the following fields * Graphic image (name

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    All the design work is finished for this and I've completed some programming to date, but I'm busy and need someone to finish programming it for me as soon as possible. It's a simple project. Please check it out here before you bid... XXXXXXXX Here are some things I would like to see. A simple preloader for the entire .swf Scene 1: All of the

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    ...numbers and price. We need a spreadsheet that will accept the following input and use the data in the spreadsheet to make a calculation. The spreadsheet should be locked with our code so that only certain input can be made by the user so that they can't mess it all up. I would like to know if this job can be turned into a stand alone Palm pilot program

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    ...generation 3work on the Permutation 4)And to works on the “ framework?? for the algorithm operation; eg inputting key, plaintext etc. OUTPUTS Student report must include detailed design and software for the DES implementation. It must also include the ciphertext resulting from the following encryption operations: PLAINTEXT KEY [url removed, login to view] 0123456789ABCDEF

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    I want an application to be developed in VB6. The application should be able to display information from a dataset with 5 or 6 attributes. The main purpose of the application is to show the information in a way by which the user should be able to understand the trends of the data. The developer can use visualization techniques and this should encompass

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    ...programmers. I have attached the interface design with all required form elements etc. The basic idea is for a user to go in and pull dropdown menu's, buttons, textfields etc into a custom configuration/layout on the screen which is then saved to an access database (ie, X and Y location of input field1, X and Y location of radio button2 etc etc.. ). I

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    This is a shooting range. You are to design a shooting range where you are going to display a target on the background on the pc screen (i.e. a target in the shape of a person). You are also to design the aim which is the difficult part. This aim can be in the form of an X inside a circle like ® but an x instead, and is going to shoot at ...

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    I need a databased quiz system, PHP & MySql/or textdb. Specific this test is for aircraft recognition. INTROPAGE - Click here to take the test PAGE 1 - Select difficulty, easy , medium, hard, very hard. After selecting the difficulty, the system should random generate x (number of questions in the test selcted by the admin)questions from the database:

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