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    560 design logo spartan jobs found, pricing in USD or individual to develop a new related to OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) which is still a young sport with a lot of potential. The most famous of which is the REEBOK SPARTAN RACE. I want a "Trip Advisor" type webs platform developed but limited to OCR. I will provide full hosting as well as the URL for this project. This project will most likely

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    We would like a Company logo and a draft design for the front of a protein bar package. The logo needs to be simple and crisp. Just text, but with a font that conveys our values of boldness, passion, and dedication. Our Company is called 'Sin', the Spanish word for 'without'. We make healthy bars for the Spanish market. We view our company and our

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    I'm looking for a new t-shirt design for the fitness industry. Our brand is called "Run.Lift.Move." which focuses on the active lifestyle demographic. ([login to view URL]). Our customers are weight lifters, athletes, spartan race competitors, bicyclists, rock climbers, and basically anything that has to do with active lifestyles. It's a

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    Hey, I need an animated logo for my film company. I don't have anything in mind in particular I have uploaded some images that I like....some ideas which I would be happy with (I know they're tattoos) I hope you don't mind, I just thought they looked nice. I will give the winner a large bonus if they do an awesome job. I hope I get some talent

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    The image should be of a Spartan soldier walking forward with spear and shield. An image is attached for reference. It should have a historic look like the image attached. It should also have the text "Molon Labe" as shown in the text attached. Under that phrase, in small text should be the text: 480 B.C. The final images should be in EPS format

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    I need Verilog code for fused multiply add unit for single precision floating point unit. The code needs to run on a Spartan 6 FPGA. I will run it here on Xilinx ISE.

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    logo Ended

    I need a logo designed. We are a new company call "X Factor Survival". We are a company who will supply our readers with the best and most efficient way to survive in the wilderness. We are looking for a logo with a Spartan Helmet, or US Special Forces Helmet, and/or AR Guns and or military style knives. Not sure what will look best but we will

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    Using UART communication interface code, need to program Xilinx FPGA spartan 6E where it should be able to transmit and recieve data via putty. Then build calculator on FPGA so that for example if send 4 +5 to FPGA via putty, the FPGA should transmit 9 to putty. So far, I have a test bench to analyse the simulation produces on sim, xilinx software

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    My project is single precision flaoting point arithmetic using vedic mathmetic...i already implemented vhdl code for my project i want to implement it in fpga spartan 6 kit....i want to hire...some expert for my hardware implementation project

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    I need to implement an AES (advanced encryption standard) on a spartan 3e starter kit with a mac layer implementation.

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    ...signal processing. You should also have worked on MEMS microphone with PDM digital interface. What I need you to do is the following: 1. select a Xilinx FPGA such as Spartan 6 for 2. hooking up 16 MEMS digital microphones with PDM interface 3. simultaneously sampling audio at 16-bit 48KHz 4. send out through USB as USB Audio Your deliverables

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    In this project we need to write a code to scan a RGB LED matrix using a spartan FPGA. These LED panels are used to display images and to make LED screens we see in stadiums or outdoor advertisements. Here are some details about its theory of operation: - FPGA has a display frame buffer in it which is regularly updated by the next and next frame

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    Need to write a code to control/scan RGB LED panel, using Spartan 6 FPGA board. I have very specific references of same kind to take help from. Just google "RGB LED using FPGA" you will get number of references from internet. However I will also describe brief detailed requirement once we finalise the deal. Price is also negotiable.

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    I need synthesisable VHDL code for 16 point Fast Fourier Transform that can be implemented on Spartan 3e FPGA

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    ...for mobile compatibility. 15) The fonts should be: c) Title/headers: League Spartan d) Body: Helvetica/Arial 16) Top blue band links: d) S AT FF couk to mailto:ss at FF e) Facebook icon to FF FB page f) Twitter icon to Twitter FF Page 17) Top navigation links: f) Logo link to FF g) Products link to FF h) MyFleet link to FF Myfleet i) FORS &

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    LCD display Spartan 3E

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    ...purchasing locally and selling online under the name 'Spartan Blue Trading". Need to set up a mature eBay account able ot post ~1,000 products without the 21 day waiting time. This will also require a mature paypal account. (I will connect to my banking details). Additionally, I require a high quality logo (please submit for review - $10 bonus: ) and program

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    Hello, I need a VHDL design which converts the complete DDR3 SDRAM Memory to a 5-Bit FIFO. The target Memory is Micron MT47H32M16HR -25 or -3 speed grade. Target FPGA is Xilinx Spartan 6 XC6SLX9-2CSG324C. Design should work in Xilinx ISE 14.7 Simulator. Attached is the TOP VHDL file to give an idea how it looks like.

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    Looking to get a Spartan mask wearing a military tactical helmet

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    ...VIA is part of a legacy Sound Card. So I have a working design in which to test the emulation. See the attached schematic file for how the 6522 (U3) is connected, and which pins are used. I am currently using a GODIL FPGA module to connect to the Sound Card. This consists of a Xilinx Spartan 3E 500 Gate FPGA. Attached is also the project files I

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    8 bit microcontroller design and implementation in FPGA with spartan 3

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    Need a logo created from an image. This particular spartan helmet, with "CMW" or and "Center Mass Works" along the side were the current text is. Clean lines and solid colors. Will be printed on business cards and signs.

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    I need a program to continuously capture the data from the ADC on the Spartan 3A or Spartan 3E board and stream it out over the ethernet on the board. The 2 ADCs on the boards are 12/14 bits with a maximum sampling frequency of 1.5Msps so the ethernet communication must be configured for 100Mbs rather than 10Mbps. For reference you can use:

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    ..."Spartiatis", which, in Greek, means Spartan, was available. I have already bought the .in domain name and am currently negotiating with the owner of the .com domain. I thought while I work on finishing my final IB assignments and prepare for my boards, I can get everything ready to register my company, trademark and logo so that it's ready in time for my

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    ...along the way, I can honestly say I have tried EVERYTHING from - low carb high fat to vegetarian diets - CrossFit to Bikram Yoga, , and finally, - Acupuncture to Hard Core Spartan Training As a direct result, Laura knows know first- hand how it feels to be constantly tired, having poor self- esteem in regards to body image and an extremely negative outlook

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    36 bids domain and am negotiating with the .com domain owner. The name I've thought of is "Spartiatis", which, in Greek, mean Spartan. So I was hoping I could get a well designed Spartan logo. I was picturing a standing Spartan with the tunic, shield, spear and a cloak. However, I'm open to other ideas. You will have time till June '17 to ...

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    ...looking for a new logo for our tool accessories product line (Example: tool belts, magnetic tool wristbands, etc..). Name of the Band: Spartan Wrist Target Audience: People (Mostly Males) who do handy work at home like changing the fan, fixing the car, and fixing things around the house. What we are looking: A logo similar to the files

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    I attempted to do a project on xilinx ISE but I'm ...sure that there are no warnings and errors. I'm not using actual coding. all I'm doing is connecting symbols together to make a schematic and implement it to run it on my spartan 6 fpga board. Please do you think you can help? This is for tomorrow morning please -5GMT(Eastern Time Zone, USA)

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    Hey guys, I am looking for Sales representatives to generate sales and leads that will be able to handle the sales processes in the company. . The work consists ...huge bonuses for each project that is closed 2. Great atmosphere 3. Great boss :) [Lior Romanowsky - Check in LinkedIn) 4. Be part of the team Apply and become a Spartan!

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    ...have a spartan helmet in the design. You will also need to incorporate the Sun Lightning bolt and star as seen in the photo attached. I will leave it up to you how to get that done. The choice of spartan helmet will also be yours, but I have attached a couple of ideas. UPDATED. See last photo attached. This is what I am basing the logo design off of

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    I need a verilog code using ISE for a simple calculator do be able to do using a spartan 6 board with a 7 segments display on the board. If you are interested i will give you more details.

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    I need a verilog code using ISE for a simple calculator do be able to do using a spartan 3 xc3s400 board with a 4 7 segments on the board. If you are interested i will give you more details.

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    Controlar un motor DC mediante PID en una placa FPGA Basys 2 Spartan 3e, usando encoder incremental para realizar retroalimentación.

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    Need to design a FPGA Temperature monitoring system using VHDL. The target board used is a Spartan 3A starters development kit. Temperature sensor is a K-type thermocouple connected via the RS232 port. Refer Sensor circuit attached. Readings should be displayed in the onboard LCD of the target board.

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    Hey. I'd like to have a wallpaper / background as this website has: [login to view URL] , but with different color, maybe ...provided. The image size should be 1920 x 1080. Also, I'd need the letters as individual files. I'd like you to use the font League Spartan, found here: [login to view URL] Thanks.

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    Realtime clock using picoblaze microcontroller on Spartan 6 FPGA board. it should show real time and have function to change time using push button.

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    I need a logo designed. Hi im looking to start my own gym based company but i need to get started with a logo for my upcoming brand. I look to compete professionally in physique bodybuilding and i have built myself the name 'Spartan' i would like a logo design where it has a basic Spartan helmet with writing saying Team Spartan

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    ...THIS LOGO MUST LOOK LIKE AN ACTUAL 3D IMAGE...AS IF IT WERE A NECKLACE OR SOMETHING, NOT CLIPART. ALSO, IT MUST HAVE AN ORANGE TINTED THEME, LIKE THE WEBSITE BELOW. Go to [login to view URL] for current logo. I like the stainless steel arrowhead with a crack in it, and the bold shadow lettering, but the lettering is too dark, and the logo itself

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Ended

    Name of the company is "Spartan's Forge". I need a logo created that integrates common weapons of the spartan (shield with chevron, sword, spear and helmet). The design should be simple, clean and not copied. Colors used should green (preferably light), brown, black, and maybe some grey. For reference colors you can look at the shades used in the U

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    Design a logo for an education company called "Platinum Education". The company signs people up to Diplomas and other education courses. You can be flexible with your design however it must be clean, modern, and professional. The logo's colours must fit with the website, which will uses the following colours: blue (hex: 0CB4Ce) charcoal

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    I am opening a new Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation clinic and need a logo for the clinic. The clinic name is 'InDepth Vision'. The slogan is 'Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation'. The slogan does not need to be in the logo... only if it fits with your design. Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation (VT&R) is a progressive series of exercises to train

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    I need a logo for a Ice hockey team jersey Team name NSSHL Logo must include the following parts of the items. Bee Mantis Stallion Playing Casino cards Spartan Shield or sword Big DJ head phones Army tank Gym bandana and or Wrist bandanas Eagle wings Breda logo heart only (See attached) I want a big round shield (See picture

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    We have and will upload our current logo we just need someone to come up with a creative background for the logo that will make it stand out. Our logo is the spartan 4x4, we are also attaching some logos to give you ideas for a background.

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    ...the side. I have a vision in mind, color scheme, and fonts that I like. I'd love some help creating a new logo for my company, as I am trying to be more consistent with my brand's voice. I love the cool, simple, sans serif fonts like League Spartan and Roboto Condensed Bold and colors like peachy pinks, white, and dark warm grays. Can you help me

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    So My company is Spartan 4x4, we Sell parts for Trucks, Jeeps, and 4Runners to make them big and bad ass looking. So that is the image our brand gives off, "Bad Ass" "Tough" "Strong" "Unique" I have uploaded our Logo. I need some designs of my logo with other things added on that will help it stand out and get attention. these de...

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    This is the project that i done in my final year of Btech. Project is based on the implementation of bpsk modulator and demodulator on spartan 3 fpga board.

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    ...The site has a form, where you can enter text/a password. The word/password the user enters defines what url he is sent to. So if he enters the word ‘spartan’, he is sent to [login to view URL] - and if he enters ‘balboa’, he is sent to [login to view URL] What I need: The current system is working. But since users will keep

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