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    While using Internet Explorer on my IBM Thinkpad running Windows 2000, I am experiencing poor response time when clicking on links. For example, if I were to click on My Account link here on Rentacoder, there is a noticable delay of about 2 seconds between the time I click on the link and audible feedback followed by the immediate execution of the link. It feels like my click is stuck in some sort...

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    I need a membership web site. The web site is based upon a business opportunity product associated with making money buying and selling real estate. The purpose of the web site will be to help people who are trying to make money in this market by offering them: 1. List of resources (links to helpful sites) 2. Audio recordings 3. Real Estate forms 4. Various books and products The site allows the u...

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    Pop Up On Exit Of Site. We have a two websites 1)[login to view URL] and 2)[login to view URL] Our website users surf between these two sites that are hoasted by two different ISP's. Looking For... I will place a code on the home page of www.xyz.com. This code will create a popunder window. Within this popunder window there will be a function that will keep checking the url of the parent wind...

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    Need to have an email routine that sends an Access97 report as an attachment in PDF format. It must work exactly as the [login to view URL] works with the output format as a .snp (Snapshot) file, only the attachment is a PDF document. It must not require the end users to have Acrobat or a printer designated as a PDFWriter, or any other dependencies. The routine must be able to run on a computer th...

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    Attention Flash Ecommerce Site--Project Redo Version 3.0 PLEASE LOOK OVER THIS CONTRACT IT SUPERSEEDS PREVIOUS VERSIONS General Overview. The types of products sold are gift merchandise with many categories for Consumer(s) to buy and receive discounts off merchandise as a member/ reseller. There needs to be an easy admin interface for the Shopping Cart (see below)*. The site needs to be desi...

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    Attached is the overview of the project that I posted an inquiry for earlier in the month. This is for a complete medical practice management program with integrated electronic medical records (EMR) and messaging. I have a file that details flow of information in the program as well as several screen shots and a list of features that I would like. The entire file was too large to post, but I can e...

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    These are the changes to my database editor program I am requesting. The original program I found at Plantsourcecode.com. However, I do not understand most of their code. 1. Renaming Columns should be changed to use ADOX to rename columns 2. Adding Columns to existing tables should also be changed to use ADOX 3. New procedure for opening databases with no tables certain information should be disab...

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    I need the sql statement to place in the following code to pull all records where DoS (Date of Service)is between DatePicker1 and DatePicker2. In other words, I want to pull all dates between datepicker1 THROUGH DatePicker2 using the DoS field in my Table, "TableService". The database is Access2000 (I don't need any of the connecting code, I've got all that. Just the SQL statem...

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    Abstract: We are in the process of developing a “Customer Portal??. The main purpose of the Portal is to process information residing on various Servers being run by our Users. As such, the Portal has to provide two key functions. 1) Provide Users with the ability to configure various hardware/services, and 2) Configure Users and the privileges for each User of the site. The Customer Portal ...

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    Hi Guys I have listed this before but had no sensible answers or offers, so here we go again. I am writing a program in VB6 which effectively looks like 4 CD decks on the screen. I will play a wav file using each of the 'decks' and want to be able to send the sound to four soundcards. So, I want the sound from deck 1 to go to soundcard 1 and the sound from deck 2 to go to soundcard 2 and...

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    Multi-room Home Music System. Someone, please help me realize my dream. Here it is: The system is made up of a centralized server and several touchscreen tablet pc's in each room that I want music in. The server will store raw audio (in .wav format) ripped from CD's (I have several SDK's that use technology that is quite good available if it makes it easier) When ripping the cds, th...

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    I have a client/server app that was written for me in C#. I wanted to understand how the code works. But I will not come up to speed in C# fast enough, so I am looking for a coder to reproduce the app in VB6 (which I understand). Basically the app has a login screen that you select the client of server mode. Once logged in it works somewhat like a chat. The difference is the messages sent and reci...

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    This project contains several mini projects. Each project portion has its own deadline and payment schedule. I would prefer that one programming team complete the entire project but I understand that things come up. Which is why I have structured it in several “phases”. Please be sure your bid includes a bid for the entire project. If you are interested in the PHP project, please...

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    I need a simple perl routine that converts a file (a user shopping cart file) using a database (a new list price) All files are plaintext separated with | Example of original cart file before conversion: 1|DP001|51.13|English Corso di lingua 1|-|0||61.13|169 1|DP002|51.13|English Corso di lingua 2|-|0||51.13|170 Important columns are n. 1, 2 and 7: 1|DP001|51.13|English Corso di lingua 1|-|0||6...

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    We have the source code for a delphi 4 image component that we would like modified as follows: At present to show how an image would look if saved at a particular compression level we save it to the temp folder at that compression and reload it - which is very, very slow! What we would like is for there to be a new property which allows the user to set compression level (1-100) and a facility to s...

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    DCMS is a full range system that allows its users to carefully manage each step of the collection process. The functions include Litigation Management, Bankruptcy, Charge-Offs, Recovery and Foreclosure. The system provides better management and tracking of the workflow of each account once it reaches the collection department. Each collection area has complete and separate control over the selecti...

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    Need a Directory with the look and feel of [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] where users can rate a entry in the directory, post a comment about the entry, view 'most viewed' entries, search, multi-lingual switching between english and spanish and needs to be able to support other languages later. This will be a business directory and will not be a linking directory. The view d...

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    On the windows platform, the standard copy & paste works on a single PC. I use several PCs connected by a LAN and want to be able to perform the usual copy operation, and have the paste work on another PC. I see this as a clipboard transfer mechanism, rather than monkeying around with the controls. Since multiple users are on the LAN, and copy & paste should be shareable, it needs a '...

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    After 14 months of extensive revisions and steady progress our client has developed a perl based mail distribution network which shuttles mail through a rotation of 25 China-based IPs (which they own) as well as 1080 proxies as a backup. Only verified mail is sent through this system (not spam!) ??" The system can easily handle sending at least 20 million emails per day. The current network, ...

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    Requires the services of an excellent Graphics Design & Web Development professional who is an artist and graphics designer first and then a web graphics professional next. Excellent Graphic Design & Artistic skills are the primary skills. We expect most development to take place using Flash and Photoshop and so we expect you to know these two programs inside out. Be an expert with these t...

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    This site needs to have the features and script of Elance ... The buyer/user questionaire will extensive, some information will have to be made available for internal public search such as profiles and so on, Payment and final project cost calculation will have to be easy to adjust and fine tune, please keep that function as simple as possible, DB stucture must be simple and able to be integ...

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    I have a raw .mdb file that has variables to track printer usage from month to month. I need a way to parse the data, compare this months results from last months, and report the difference. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. (Note, this does not require an exe. I only need to have a database comp...

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    Convert Winograd's 1970 SHRDLU program from MACLISP (which has nothing to do with Apple's Macintosh) to any convenient system running under Windows (see [login to view URL] for more details and resources). This can be accomplished using any of the following methods: 1. Convert the original MACLISP code to Common Lisp, as already attempted by UMR students. or 2. Write an interpreter capab...

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    I need a patch made that will write/hex AOL5.0, 6.0 or in worst case scenario - 7.0's software (I really do not like 7.0!)(5.0 much preferred). The patch will make it possible to open multiple instances of the AOL client on one computer. Right now AOL's coding tells it to look for a previously loaded AOL. When it see's an AOL already open it just maximizes that AOL's screen, so...

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    This project utilizes JINI(TM)network technology to provide a printer processing system. Since JINI is being developed by Sun Microsystem, thus Java language is being implemented in all JINI [login to view URL] related features required for this project are: 1) It should includes all printing [login to view URL] can access printers in the Jini network regardless of their hardware and software [log...

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    I need to have someone write the source code to read the ASCII Codes of a binary file into an array. For example if the file starts out with the chars 255,133,13,45, then those should be the first 4 elements of the array. I need to be able to do this for any file of any size. It needs to be done as simple as possible in VB...SIMPLE (I need to be able to follow it and work with it well). ## Deliv...

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    "Need site developed that is similar to MemberGate's business model that offers more benefits and features. Business model colors shall be fourth generation i.e. MemberGate and Elance. Unique short and identifiable Project Logo has not been decided to date. Project involves pulling together and aggregating data from many different databases from all over US. ColdFusion with a SQL Server ...

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    This project involves creating a classic game of dominoes for windows in VB6.0, my programming language. It is a "user vs. computer" kind of [login to view URL] aim of the game is to get rid of all your bones before the computer [login to view URL] involves 2 forms; the first start-up form should display the board on which the dominoes will be set, the computer's pieces, the user�...

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    I need 3 small script to run 3 different office pools. Script 1 is for NFL Weekly Picks. Script 2 is for a differnt format of the NFL Weekly Picks Script 3 is a Super Bowl Squares I ran out of room while explaining the 4th script. It shoul say, These programs must be written in with Flash MX with the use of PHP or Perl with a MySql backend database. ## Deliverables Script 1 must be able to do a...

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    VB OCX Ended

    I need to modify the current project. It's a VB OCX. It popups menus occording to the database when you rightclick on the button of a test program that has that OCX added in. The OCX is working fine. The problem is the field in the database named "Path" sometimes has a sub item (identified as a "" and an item name). So you need to truncate the field and make it as another...

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    The specifications for this project are attached in a 9 page word document in table format. I would ask that you do your best to estimate the project, and then add 10% to the amount you bid to cover things that I have forgotten that are not in the spec. I don't anticipate any more than 10% change, however. I would also ask that you add another 10% to 20% to cover bug fixes. This is a fairly l...

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    This program must be written in eVC. I need a program that runs on the iPaq (ARM Processor) Pocket PC 2002. Here are the specs: The program must be very small, and very fast. It must use almost no CPU. It needs to check the system clock every few seconds (and sleep using no processor time between checks.) If the clock has been changed since the last check, I need a file written to the windows dir...

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    Need the following ASAP: 1. I need all 3 problems solved in the next 8 hours. 2. I need the program to be written in C and NOT C++. 3. It has to be well commented. 4. I need it by 9:00am United States CT. 5. It needs to be compiled in Microsoft Visaul C++ 6.0. 6. The code file should be .c ## Deliverables Assignment 2 Problem 1 Due May 21, 2002 Implement a cube root algorithm that comes from Is...

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    Requirements: · Must be coded in ASP · Database driven using MS SQL server · Full web-based backend for administration of site. This would include: o Full search engine for coder skill sets o Full ability to edit entire web site content - i.e. ANY PAGE from a web browser - so within the admin section, from a drop down list, we can call up a particular page and this will open i...

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    I need a function in SIMPLE C that will take a long value and convert it to the equivalent ASCII values (4 of them - Longs are 4 bytes for a 32 bit processor). I don't actually want the bytes to be written to memory or anything, I just want to be able to know what they are. Once I know the Byte values, I need to be able to obtain the long value again. So this needs to work both directions. My...

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    Important: This relates to the process TREE, not the standard process list. The difference is that a process TREE is able to show you which processes were executed by which processes - eg. you can see which processes were started by [login to view URL] Please see the ASP demo at [login to view URL] It shows how to enumerate the Windows process tree using ActiveX and scripting. If you can create a ...

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    I have thousands of color image files exported from digital video that I need to batch manipulate resize (and sometimes other things such as recolor, etc.) and the bring into one large Adobe Photoshop file. The mulitples of images will sit in a series of grids of 7 across and 20 down. I then will have these large files printed out to paper or possibly plastic. the scale of the paper will be anywhe...

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    Task Description Program to scan entire web pages/links for images of a specified type and save the matching ones to disk. User inputs would be in the shape of : Startpage address, traversal limit (prevents traversing too deeply into links) Image output directory Image dimensions (ignore images that are of a different size to those specified) Ignore background colour on mono images. E.g if the onl...

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    Please view my new request. Thank you all who placed a bid. I'm afraid that I was a bit too vague and would like to make another attempt so that my request can be more specific. Please forgive me as this is my first time here. ## Deliverables Graphics and logos must be completed and available to me prior to payment. All rights to the graphics and logos must be mine. Complete and fully-func...

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    A Simple Calculator Description and Requirements: You are to write an assembly language program (based on the instruction set of the Chapter 5 Basic Computer, MorisMano) to implement a 16-bit calculator that can perform Addition or Subtraction. Your program will be stored in a plain text file and should execute on the simulator that can be downloaded from the course web page. Submission will inclu...

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    A Simple Calculator Description and Requirements: You are to write an assembly language program (based on the instruction set of the Chapter 5 Basic Computer) to implement a 16-bit calculator that can perform addition or subtraction. Your program will be stored in a plain text file and should execute on the simulator that can be downloaded from the course web page. Submission will include a design...

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    Diagram of financial relations between companies We need a routine to represent graphically financial relations between companies Attached is a typical sample of such relations and a database with the tables and fields to use to represent the relations between the companies The interface can be inspired of MSAccess relationships form Desired features: - include either all or certain financial link...

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    I want an active x control where a person feeds a value between 1 and the number of Uno Cards. Then it shows a picture of the card because I want to use this to develop an Uno game. The highest value should show a picture of the back of an Uno card. With the picture I would set the picture property of an image to whatever the picture is. The logic should be by color and from lowest to highest. Aft...

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    I need an Elance/Freelancers Clone found here:- [login to view URL] / [login to view URL] This project should use PHP / MYSQL backend and should use a fully templated system which can be edited easly via header/footer html pages. The Freelancers package mentioned above also uses the 2Checkout/PayPal payment methods - i would also like these in mine. Please check [login to view URL] for a full list...

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    I think about selling my elance account as I got proporsal for job in gaming company and I will have no time for elance. I were working with elance for about an year, I have 14 completed projects with feedbacks (11 of em is 5 stars and 3 others is 4 stars). Projects were related to online games in Java and Flash and also to scripting and web administration. Total earnings is US$3.670, so I think I...

    $100 - $1000
    $100 - $1000
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    Attached is a zip file with a html form file and associated images. This project will be to develop a flash page that will take the information from the form and generate a Flash movie that displays the customized information (like the attached [login to view URL] ... the only difference will be to take the 'TOP' line and arc it lettering over top of the image). Basically it takes the tw...

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    For Full assignment see attached files!!! Part I: Stop and Wait Protocol (60%) For this part, you have to write two programs: 1) sender.c, [login to view URL], or [login to view URL] (depending on you chosen language) 2) receiver.c, [login to view URL], or receiver.java. The sender program must take its parameters from the command line. The parameters are 1) the hostname destination (Host B) 2) th...

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    reversi Ended

    This project is about designing the game Reversi, otherwise known as Othello. The main part of the program is already provided and it has to be used without changing any part of it. In the 'other files' field i have the complete description of what the assignment askes. The assignment is devided in 3 parts which have to be completed. In each part an already existing file has to be modifi...

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    I need a web based or application based link popularity checker. This should not be just like any other link popularity checker. I need to be able to paste or insert a file with unlimited domains and script or application should check link popularity on all the major search engines for every domain providing report for each one. Your ratings make a difference. The sooner the better! I need it ...

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    I need help seting up an VPN between two networks I own. Both of them are lan gaming centers, both of them connected to internet with a 4mbit connection. Both networks have 30+ clients (W98) for gaming and 3 or more servers (Win2k/XP) for other purposes (management, storage, printing, q3/counter dedicated servers...). Both networks have basically the same setup now, all computers in the [login to ...

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