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    ...nipped at its tip. I fluttered my tongue against his. He applied pressure to the back of my neck and combed his fingers through my hair. We breathed together. The lights were dim but the table was glass. Looking down, I saw his hand working me by candlelight. The back of it made a visible bulge under the cloth. He gripped my lips. Fingers softly stroked

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    App for iPhone and android 3 days left
    VERIFIED chat while the song is playing. Also with a record option.. as for as backgrounds and app images you could use a like a cartoon rapper with a mic or just a staged with a dim light on the mic. I definitely want the app's niche to be that users can video "chat/rap) with there friends using any link on YouTube chosen by user who initiated the session

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    ...[url removed, login to view](28605) Private Async Function SendDTLSMsg(ByVal msg As String . . . . ) As Task [url removed, login to view](100) Dim SetExtEncoding As Object = [url removed, login to view] Dim response As String = Await [url removed, login to view](msg, CInt([url removed, login to view])) End Function 4. Response string passed back to Window...

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    Hello there, I would like to have my logo designed, with the following instructions: - having a C...following instructions: - having a Chow Chow's face as the main element, beige-colored - black background - a little on the cartoonish, cute side - in a circle - name: Dim Sum Tea I have attached the dog's face and the desired form for the logo.

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    ...PDF with file name from A1. it should overwrite if existing file. file should save to C:UsersUserOneDriveInvoice NAT Sub CreatePDF() Dim wSheet As Worksheet Dim vFile As Variant Dim sFile As String Set wSheet = ActiveSheet sFile = Replace(Replace([url removed, login to view], " ", ""), ".", "_") _...

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    Running the below VBA in excel and receiving the error "Incorrect syntax near the keyword INNER" - please advise correction in syntax to run code successfully: Dim strSQL As String strSQL = "DELETE " & _ "FROM data_MonthlyBudget " & _ "INNER JOIN source_Versions on [url removed, login to view] =

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    ...both to test their understanding and to gain an understanding of code which is non-obvious. As a company, we do not look down on those who ask questions, but we take a very dim view of those who attempt to write code without fully understanding the implications of the changes they are making. In our perspective, asking questions, learning independently

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    I have the following VBA code to delete data from an SQL database: Dim strSQL As String strSQL = "DELETE " & _ "FROM data_MonthlyBudget " & _ "WHERE TemplateSourceID = '" & Worksheets("CONFIG").Range("C16").Value & "' " & _ "AND BudgetVer...

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    ...CefSharp Imports [url removed, login to view] Public Class Form1 Private WithEvents browser As ChromiumWebBrowser Public Sub New() InitializeComponent() Dim settings As New CefSettings() [url removed, login to view](settings) browser = New ChromiumWebBrowser("[url removed, login to view]") With {.Dock = [url removed, log...

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    Looking for someone to custom build a Shopify shopping cart that integrates with USPS and FedEx. It must allow the use of dim and weight for each package. Must also be able to select items that have to be calculated and shipped by itself. and it must also be able to combined shipping on items. Plus would need to be installed on the Shopify site. I would

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    ...---------------------------------------- Public Function GetDefaultPrinter() As Printer Dim strBuffer As String * 254 Dim iRetValue As Long Dim strDefaultPrinterInfo As String Dim tblDefaultPrinterInfo() As String Dim objPrinter As Printer ' Retreive current default printer information iRetValue = GetProfileStri...

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    ..._ [url removed, login to view] = Range("keyphrase").Column Then Dim IE As New InternetExplorer [url removed, login to view] = True [url removed, login to view] "[url removed, login to view]"; & Range("keyphrase").Value Do DoEvents Loop Until [url removed, login to view] = READYSTATE_COMPLETE Dim Doc As HTMLDocument Set Doc = [url removed,...

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    ...employed from economic variables    Type: Regression    Dimensions: 16 instances, 7 attributes    Inputs: Numeric    Output: Numeric# Longley's Economic Regression Datadata(longley)dim(longley)[1] 16  7head(longley)  [url removed, login to view]<dbl>GNP<dbl>Unemployed<dbl>[url removed, login to view]<dbl>...

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    ... Here is the relevant code. Sub SaveToCSV() Dim srcSheet As Worksheet Dim dstSheet As Worksheet Dim sCSVPath As String Dim sCSVNoImgPath As String Dim sEntry As String Dim sCell As String Dim sInc As String Dim i As Integer Dim J As Integer Dim bSkipRow As Boolean O...

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    Trophy icon Design a 5x7 Invitation Ended

    Create 5x7 invitation. Would like to pick a winner today. Perfect plain will be background (you can fade, dim, or shade it, whatever you want), Image of person should be along the bottom somewhere and please crop just the person. "You're Invited!" should be at the top. Then vote chris logo (any color). Then "Campaign Kickoff Party". Remainder of text

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    ...make one Sub, so that the worksheet name and range inputted into Input box is fed into the Sub ColorSort code. The two Subs are below: Option Explicit Sub Test() Dim oRangeSelected As Range If SelectARange("Please select a range of cells!", "SelectARAnge Demo", oRangeSelected) = True Then MsgBox "You selected:" & oRangeSelect...

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    50% Payment of the project will be made after the work completion and to control as well as control the speed up/down of the fan TV (On/off) Fridge (On/off) Gyser (On/off) Water Motor (on/off/alarm) AC (On/off/temprature control) Lights (Dim/Full/on/off) Designing will be at ur end, Server we will provide. It should be connected to cloud.

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    50% Payment of the project will be made after the work completion and to control as well as control the speed up/down of the fan TV (On/off) Fridge (On/off) Gyser (On/off) Water Motor (on/off/alarm) AC (On/off/temprature control) Lights (Dim/Full/on/off) Designing will be at ur end, Server we will provide. It should be connected to cloud.

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    that provides functions to manipulate two dimensions (2-dim) arrays of integers. program needs to functions that i ill provide later.

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    Hi I need help with a small piece of code. I got a Stored procedure that is creating a staging table with a DIM and then inserts to a DIM table. The code drops tables and creates/inserts records. I need this to be incremental instead of drop/insert. I need an expert, this can be done in 2 hours. Thanks

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