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    I need an advanced LABVIEW user to create a detailed video presentation showcasing various features and functions of LABVIEW software. The video will serve as an educational tool for intermediate users, aiming to expand their knowledge and capabilities in using the software. Key Requirements: - The video should be a step-by-step demonstration of the setup process using LABVIEW. - The video should showcase and explain key features and functions of the software in an instructive manner. - A detailed walkthrough of the VI file logic should be provided, focusing on data acquisition and visualization, control system implementation, and signal processing techniques. The successful freelancer should also provide the VI file used in the video to enable me to create a similar...

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    ...expectations of a complete system. A. Antenna Technologies only suggested by us (you decide as experts)... 1. Active Digital phased array (Linear/planer/frequency), 2. SDR 3. Phase-of-Arrival Evaluation (Time. frequency, Spatial Domain), etc....) selection, 4. 4 patches in a quad (or 16 patches, also in a quad, 2x2 + 2x2 +2x2 + 2x2) and angle of arrival estimation from the quads or Dipole using DSP. 5. Bi-directional Electronically Steerable Phased Array B. Submit the following with your response in order.. 1. Please submit specifications of your proposed solutions with features you can add to your proposed solution, giving you an exclusive plus. 2. Please state the technology(s) you are going with as the 1st word of your response here. 3. Submit only relevant examples ...

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    ...station's operations. We're looking for a developer with experience on building a DDEX distribution system where the user can upload the tracks and albums, images to distribute on different dsp sites like Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, etc and receive music from our industry partners. With functionalities where the user can upload any format of track file like mp3, wav, flac so that it can be encoded into different formats and can be distributed to different dsp sites depending upon required formats. The administrator can upload the royalty files in different formats like xls, csv, txt. provided by dsp sites and calculate the revenues for the artists and label user’s earned by their distributed albums. The encoded tracks need to be stored on cloud ...

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    I need an experienced professional to connect my Unicorn 5.31 to an Akta machine and ensure it's functioning properly. Additionally, Fermworks needs to be activated and integrated to work with Labview to run a bioreactor. Key responsibilities: - Connect Unicorn 5.31 to Akta machine - Verify that the connection is functioning correctly - Ensure the automation process is smooth and operational - Provide any necessary troubleshooting or support post-implementation -Ensure Fermworks and Labview are activated properly and the connection is functioning correctly with the bioreactor. -No additional purchases of software. - Familiarity with VMware as a couple programs are located on these virtual machines. Ideal proposals should include: - Experience in connecting different...

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    ...signal coupling ) c. Very steep(narrow band) notch filter at 50 hz / 60 hz to remove power line interference a & b can be combined as band pass filter if possible also a , b & c can also be combines a single filter algorithm to obtain desired frequency response frequency response of all three signal enclosed 4. A 32 bit ARM processor of - 100 mhz / 186( mhz both option aval) with FPU & DSP instruction set will be used . b. processor program memory is 512 k/ 1000k & RAM is 128 K / 196 K. a. Its floating point multiplication & addition time is around 10 nsec 5. Processing to be applied to 5-10 raw data signals in real time between 1 msec (1000 usec) between 2 acquisition a. Processing time for one signal ideally should be less then 30-4...

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    I am in need of a skilled contractor can decompile Fermworks software, bypass, and integrate with working with the LabView 2019. Labview is activated already, Fermworks not, although not sure how well Labview is activated. The Unicorn 5.31 software is activated, but its not recognizing the machine, so need networking or driver fix fir this. Key Requirements: *Experience in using a decompiler like x64dbg or similar tools. • Familiarity with desktop-based software. • Must be able to complete the process without the need for additional purchases. *Teamviewer, Anydesk connection Skills Required C Programming C++ Programming Reverse Engineering

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    I am seeking a professional electrical engineer who is well-versed in MMC programming, especially for the DSP 28377D. Using Matlab and CCS Key Responsibilities: - Debugging and improving the existing code - Ensuring all tasks are executed correctly post code optimization Ideal Candidate: The proficient candidate for the role is someone with proven expertise in MMC programming and a deep understanding of the DSP 28377D. An engineer who can effectively debug and refine the current code to ensure all tasks are successfully carried out is highly sought after. The primary objective here is ensuring error-free code execution. In addition, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and dedication to task completion are crucial.

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    ...a sophisticated self-serve advertising platform (website) with a focus on domain redirect traffic monetization. I'm basically looking for a site similar to zerpark, bidvertiser, selfadvertiser. Plug and play for users and it would be preferrable to have some existing traffic. The most important fact is that i would like this platform to be integrated with an existing 'domain redirect' traffic DSP if possible. So that from Day 1 i'll have traffic to sell users who sign up and use the platform. Key Features: - Strong Ad Campaign Management: The platform should allow users to create, manage, and optimize their ad campaigns effectively. - Targeting Options: Implement a range of advanced targeting options to help users reach their desired audience efficiently....

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    I require proficient help for an image processing project. The main objective is to detect conditions like diabetic retinopathy and cataracts in images. Development needs: * Recognise the mentioned conditions using Python, MATLAB, or LabView. * Implement and optimize neural networks, machine learning principles and image segmentation techniques. * Enhance images to increase detection accuracy. Skills & Experience Required: * Proficiency in Python, MATLAB, and LabView. * Sound understanding of neural networks and machine learning principles. * Solid skills in image segmentation. * Previous work in medical image processing, especially in ophthalmology, is a plus.

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    Hi Ndichu S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I'm seeking an expert in LabView, Arduino programming, and their integration. The aim of the project is to create a system for industrial automation and prototyping that includes: - Real-time data monitoring - Designing a user-friendly interface - Automation and integration of microcontrollers You should ideally hold substantial experience in LabView development and Arduino programming. Your experience should encompass integrating these platforms and implementing the features mentioned above. Knowledge in integrating various sensors into this type of system and achieving real-time data monitoring will be crucial to this project. Any previous work with industrial automation and prototyping will certainly be beneficial.

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to design and implement a robust object detection and tracking software for surveillance purposes using C on DSP board as embedded system. The core objectives of the project are: - **Detection and Tracking:** The software should be able to detect and track both people and vehicles in real-time with frame rate >=60 FPS, providing accurate and timely information for surveillance purposes. - **Efficiency:** Optimize the software to ensure minimal latency and high accuracy in detecting and tracking objects. The software is expected to perform well in a variety of lighting conditions and within crowded scenes. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in C programming - Prior experience in developing object detection and tra...

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    ...to identify the root cause of the issues - Draw and design an appropriate digital filter or circuit that can suppress vibrations - Test the designed solution on the existing hardware to ensure it solves the interference problem and improves signal clarity - Document the design process and results Ideal Skills and Experience: * Electronics circuit design * Experience working with Filter Design DSP * Proficient in electronic hardware testing and troubleshooting * Knowledge on reducing mechanical vibration interference and signal conditioning * Able to work on the design process swiftly without compromising on quality and effectiveness In conclusion, the successful candidate should make our electronic devices more efficient by reducing the mechanical vibration interference, impro...

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    I need a Python program developed that can establish and manage a connection with a National Instruments (NI) DAQ USB-6008 for the following tasks: - Analog Input: I need to feed real-time analog data into the program. This part of the program will be responsible for reading the analog input from the DAQ. - Analog Output: The program should also have the capability to send analog signals to external devices. This will be used to control physical devices. - Digital Input/Output: I will also need the program to manage digital signals. This will include reading digital inputs and sending digital outputs. - Want to connect 8 piezoelectric sensors to the DAQ and monitor all the signals in real-time on a PC. The program will need to manage all these tasks in real-time. Therefore, the ability...

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    I’m seeking a skilled Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engineer with expertise in Wi-Fi technology. Your tasks will include, but are not limited to: - Transforming high dimensional beamforming data into one-dimensional for improved data analysis - Adept at implementing MRC algorithms - Understanding Sampling rates for further processing of data - Designing and implementing Wi-Fi algorithms - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity issues Profound knowledge of Wi-Fi technology is crucial for this project. An ideal candidate to this position should have hands-on experience in designing Wi-Fi algorithms and manipulating data, with an eye for optimizing performance and troubleshooting any arising connectivity issues. Your expertise will be paramount in assisting our project to attai...

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    I'm seeking expertise in FPGA or DSP-based systems for an autonomous vehicle project. The primary objective is to design an object detection and tracking system with a specific focus on vehicles. Key responsibilities: - Develop a system that can effectively identify different types of vehicles Based on trained model. - Ensure its superiority in optimizing performance and decreasing latency. - Incorporate techniques that allow for the real-time operation of the autonomous vehicle. -RS-232/422 Serial Communication Ports. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge in DSP or FPGA. - Proven experience in vehicle detection and tracking. - Versatility to craft a reliable solution for autonomous vehicles. - Expertise in real-time systems highly preferred. Your propos...

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    I need someone to develop a simple mathematical diffusion model as in the attached file for me on the LabVIEW 2022 Windows version. The model should be able to randomly perform unknown functions on array values. The ideal freelancer for this role should have the following skills and experience: - Proficiency in LabVIEW - Strong knowledge of mathematical modeling - Excellent problem-solving skills - Experience working with arrays in a programming language would be a plus.

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    I am searching for an experienced programmer with skills in vb.net or LabVIEW, or Labwindows. Your task will comprise the development of a CanOpen protocol program making use of an IXXAT USB-CAN Converter. It run on windows 2000 operating system Key Responsibilities: - Develop a program using VB.Net/LabVIEW/Labwindows, capable of implementing the CanOpen protocol - Program must be able to read and write data to the IXXAT USB to CAN converter - The software should control devices using the CanOpen protocol Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in VB.Net, LabVIEW, and Labwindows - Advanced understanding of CanOpen protocol - Experience with IXXAT Converters It's essential that the chosen candidate guide me through the installation and testing process until we have a succ...

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    I need a seasoned LabVIEW developer who is skilled in handling data acquisition and processing as well as GUI design and user-interface development. Key tasks include: - Working on the interface that controls our vision camera. - Implementing features for image processing and analysis. - Developing functionality for object detection and tracking. Extensive experience with instrument control automation, particularly with vision cameras, is highly advised for this role. I'm expecting a meticulous eye for detail, excellent problem-solving abilities, and a deep understanding of LabVIEW. If you have handled similar projects in the past, that would put you at a strategic advantage.

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    ...in need of an experienced LabVIEW developer who specializes in data acquisition systems and control systems. This project involves the collection and monitoring of signal frequency data for analysis purposes. TASKS INCLUDE: - Developing and implementing a robust data acquisition system in LabVIEW to monitor signal frequency. - Designing and deploying control systems. - Regular monitoring and analysis of collected data. RECOMMENDED SKILLS: - Prior experience with LabVIEW programming is essential. - Expertise in the creation and usage of data acquisition and control systems. - Knowledgeable in signal frequency monitoring and analysis. - Solid background in automation and process control. My ideal candidate is detail-oriented with a strong understanding of LabV...

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    As a professional with experience in LabVIEW, I need your help to develop a FlexLogger Plugin for real-time monitoring. This assignment requires someone comfortable with: - Designing within LabVIEW environment, - Incorporating Data Acquisition, - Implementing Signal Processing, - Working with digital scale inputs through a USB connection. Operating on Windows, the final plugin must offer robust data analysis capabilities and support specific toolkit features. Prior experience in designing real-time monitoring applications will distinguish competitive proposals. Would like to work with someone in the Albany, NY and Troy, NY USA area

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    I'm looking for a freelancer with experience in DSP programming using MATLAB. Key requirements include: - Extensive experience with MATLAB programming - Knowledge of control system design - Understanding of instrumentation Please include details of your experience in these areas.

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    I'm in dire need of a Matlab expert who has exceptional skills in data analysis, image processing, and mathematical modeling. The primary task is audio noise reduction from my field recordings. Experience with field recordings, knowledge of various noise reduction techniques in Matlab and audio analysis is a must. Key Requirements: - Proficient in using Matlab - Experience in data analysis, particularly in the field of audio noise reduction - Understands different noise reduction techniques in Matlab - Prior experience with field recording noise reduction Anticipate challenging yet exciting work ahead!

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    I am seeking a proficient Labview programmer who can assist with a project centred around test and measurement automation for mechanical equipment. The specifics of the project will involve: - Designing a robust program in Labview, allowing for efficient and automated testing and measurement of various mechanical equipment attributes. - Embedding the GUI into a custom, industrial standard automation framework. The successful candidate must showcase expertise in Labview programming languages. Previous experience with creating programs for industrial automation and mechanical equipment testing is a significant plus. Being comfortable with devising an industrial automation framework is also crucial. I look forward to hearing from eligible applicants. Let's make tec...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who is proficient in converting MATLAB Signal Processing programs into CUDA using GPU coder. Not just any freelancer, but one who has hands on experience using a Jetson ...in need of a freelancer who is proficient in converting MATLAB Signal Processing programs into CUDA using GPU coder. Not just any freelancer, but one who has hands on experience using a Jetson Nano, with the CUDA toolkit already installed. The complexity level of the MATLAB program to be converted is intermediate, so it's essential you are experienced yet up for a bit of a challenge with your DSP skills. Key Skills: - Proficiency in MATLAB and CUDA programming language - Familiarity with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano - Experience with intermediate Signal Processing - Hands-on ex...

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    Description: We are seeking an experienced automation engineer to oversee the automation of our machine workflow using Raspberry Pi and servo motors. The project involves configuring hardware, developing software for control, and integrating the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. The successful candidate will demonstrate expertise in Python programming, servo control, and Modbus communication. Scope of Work: Phase 1: Raspberry Pi Setup & Servo Motors Control Description: Set up the Raspberry Pi 4b to control servo motors, including connecting it to the Delta Touch Screen (DOP-110WS) and configuring communication with the Panasonic Minas Driver (MADLN05NE) and Panasonic Servo Motor (MHMF092L1U2M). Install Modbus server software and develop custom Python scripts for Modbus communication and serv...

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    I am urgently in need of a LabVIEW expert who can assist me in troubleshooting and perfecting my program that integrates with the UNIFLASH software from Texas Instruments (). The current challenge: - I am experiencing an issue with incorrect firmware data transfer from the program I've created. About the project: - The data to be transferred is firmware. - The specific device in question is Texas Instruments XDS100v3 USB Debug Probe keyboard_arrow_right TMS320F2808. Key Skills Needed: - Profound knowledge of LabVIEW and ability to debug and improve existing code. - Familiarity with UNIFLASH software and firmware data transfer processes. - Familiarity with Texas Instruments XDS100v3 USB Debug Probe is a plus. - Ability to participate in troubleshooting

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    I'm looking for someone to assist with setting up a LabVIEW RS 485 communication framework.

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    I am seeking a skilled professional to develop a speech recognition system using deep learning with an emphasis on DSP projects. Requirements: - Strong understanding of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) - Proficiency in Python programming language - Expertise in digital signal processing, specifically Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC). Both 1D and 2D extraction are acceptable. - Develop a system capable of recognizing 10 isolated words (one to ten) Ideal freelancer will have extensive experience in machine learning, deep learning and signal processing. Prior work with speech recognition systems will be a great advantage. Efficiency and attention to detail are valued in this project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) specifically targeting everyday consumers. All the da...a skilled designer to create an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) specifically targeting everyday consumers. All the data will be from a PLC, but the communication is already set up, i just need a skilled designer to create a good GUI. Key Responsibilities: - Design a GUI to display data succinctly through graphs and charts in LabVIEW. - Prioritize user-friendly design principles to engage everyday consumers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - LabVIEW - Proven experience in GUI design. - Proficiency in tools for interactive design. - Familiarity with consumer behaviour and preferences. - Expertise in data visualization us...

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    Task: Write an selling email to our customers who have ordered a system before (BLP-990A) about new updating/host available. Our customer have ordered this unit since bef...o/c30/ Now we have an updating host available for them with new/updating functions as below: Replacement box for OLDER BLP-990A or BLP-950A (Only host, display is not included) Version 1: 8 – CORE A55 1.6Ghz 2GB ROM 32GB RAM Android 12 Bluetooth 5.0 DSP Front and Rear Camera IOS CarPlay (Wireless and USB) Android Auto (Wireless and USB WiFi 2.4G 4G SIM CARD 360* Bird View Version 2: 8 – CORE A55 1.6Ghz 4GB ROM 64GB RAM Android 12 Bluetooth 5.0 DSP Front and Rear Camera IOS CarPlay (Wireless and USB) Android Auto (Wireless and USB WiFi 2.4G 4G SIM CARD 360* Bird View

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    ...specific music track with their online streams. I'm in need of a DSP expert who is proficient in both Python and web development with HTML/CSS, Web APIs and Protocols. The scope of the project includes but isn't limited to: - Development of DSP algorithms and filter design - Focus is on audio processing. The goal is to create a web plugin that allows users to add another layer of music to online music. - Audio engineering - Music production - Audio processing - Online audio plugin development Qualifications: Proven track record in audio engineering, music production, and audio processing. Demonstrated experience in developing online audio plugins or similar software solutions. Strong knowledge of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and real-time...

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    I'm looking for a proficient data analyst who can skillfully read, interpret, and display data in real-time from a temperature and pressure reader for the purpose of data analysis. Your role will be to: - Collect temperature and pressure data from an Arduino and send it to LabVIEW - Perform real-time analysis of this data - Display this data as charts and graphs Ideal requirements: - Experience in data interpretation and real-time analysis - Capability to utilize data visualization tools to present data in a comprehensible chart and graph format - Deftness in identifying temperature and pressure fluctuations - Proficiency in working with data generated from temperature and pressure readers This job calls for accuracy, attention to detail, and live feed data competencies...

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    I need a talented Labview developer who can construct a GUI that reflects real-time data from a test motor. Key Features: - Display pressure information from three separate tanks. - Incorporate a visual alarm feature on the GUI that is triggered if the_pressure exceeds a specific limit. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience with Labview is crucial. - Previous work with GUI development, especially for real-time data monitoring, is highly desirable. - Familiarity with mechanical or automotive systems, specifically motors, will be a strong plus.

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    ...project involves the development of a custom Restful API for our Radio Screen platform, which will act as an intermediary between DSPs and advertisers. The API will allow us to retrieve advertisements from DSP platforms securely and efficiently, manage payments received for advertisements placed via our platform, and seamlessly integrate retrieved advertisements into our interface. Additionally, it will provide essential functionalities for advertisement campaign management, tracking, and reporting. Key Objectives: 1. Develop a secure and scalable Restful API for retrieving advertisements from DSP platforms. 2. Implement Ad Exchange functionalities to manage payments received from DSPs for advertisements placed via our platform. 3. Ensure seamless integration of retrieved...

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    ...MPLAB for data receiving, I am open to manipulating other software if it provides an efficient solution. However, the solution must facilitate sensor readings. Your talent stack should ideally involve the following skills: - Proficiency working with CAN bus communication protocols. - Understanding of PIC16/18 microcontrollers. - Fluent in programming with MPLAB, and possibly Python, MATLAB, or LabVIEW based on your proposed solution. - Familiarity with handling and interpreting sensor readings is crucial as this is type of data we're dealing with. The selections mentioned can change based on your professional evaluation and proposals. Nonetheless, the ultimate goal remains in achieving reliable, stable sensor readings from the PIC device. I believe the right expertise can...

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    Hello, I am looking for a programmer to work in MAX MSP Cycling 74, to create a headphone crossfeed application. DSP and programming skills needed, C++, Gen/RNBO. Good knowledge of Audio DSP. Please only get in touch if you have the above skills, otherwise its a waste of both of our time.

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    Im looking for a developer with experience on building a DDEX distribution system where the user can upload the tracks and albums, images to distribute on different dsp sites like Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, etc and receive music from our industry partners. With functionalities where the user can upload any format of track file like mp3, wav, flac so that it can be encoded into different formats and can be distributed to different dsp sites depending upon required formats. The administrator can upload the royalty files in different formats like xls, csv, txt. Provided by dsp sites and calculate the revenues for the artists and label user’s earned by their distributed albums. The encoded tracks need to be stored on cloud storages like amazon S3. The assets can...

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    Hi, I need someone really experienced in FPGA, DSP, and specifically IFF signlas. I need to create an algorithim to detecet different modes of IFF signals and classify them. then display the data of the signals. I will aslo need someone to finalize the verilog code, help me with testing, debugging of my project, it will be a long time agreement not just a task to be done. I am hoping to collaborate with a diligent engineer who accurately interprets given instructions and is capable of delivering quality work. I am looking forward to your proposals.

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    I'm seeking an expert with proficiency in LabVIEW software to assist in testing various models of power supplies and loads. - Task Overview: You'll primarily conduct performance testing on sources and loads. It doesn't pertain to specific models as our focus is on finding the most efficient systems broadly. - Performance Metrics: The crucial metrics to be observed during testing are voltage regulation and current stability. Your expertise should allow you to interpret these effectively and optimize accordingly. - Ideal Skillset: Applicants should be experienced in power electronics testing and measurement, with a keen attention to detail. Proficiency in conducting varied tests using LabVIEW is a must. Familiarity with different power supply models and load ...

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    I have a small task that will require your expertise in data entry, specifically copying and pasting. I have a small snippet of code written in LabView that I need to have copied and pasted. Skills in using AnyDesk are required as the task will be performed through this platform. Ideal skills for the job: - Experience with LabView and understanding of its syntax - Data entry skills to ensure accurate copying and pasting - Experience using AnyDesk for shared workspace tasks

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    I am in immediate need of a proficient LabVIEW Developer capable of providing online support for two days each week, specifically for 8 hours per day. My project involves the development of software for both test equipment and special purpose machinery, thus requiring a candidate with experience and skills in these specific areas. **Ideal Candidate Skills and Experience:** - Demonstrated expertise in LabVIEW, specifically with projects related to test equipment and special purpose machinery. - A valid certification as a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), evidencing their deep knowledge and practical skills in the platform. - Ability to effectively communicate in Hindi, to facilitate smooth communication. - Proven track record of working in a support role, providing te...

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    I need a person to help me read labview code and create a wiki / design specification that explains the functionality

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    Set up communication between labview and PLC (in Sysmac studio) in 1 day. The PLC is of type Omron and primarily the PLC will be set up with ethernet cable. We will try to set up wifi or usb but thats unsure. As of now the PLC is connected to PC with ethernet cable. And i am on the other side to make GUI in labview. Everything is set up there but i need the labview to communicate with the PLC so that labview gets all data from PLC that is set up in Sysmac studio. I am thinking of using OPC UA server, but i dont know where to start on this part

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    ...proficient professional to work on a project centered around the identification of friend or foe (IFF) signals. The main tasks will involve: - Conducting intricate analysis of signal patterns - Accumulating and processing radar data -Communication done between PC -> Ethernet TCP 100MHz -> FPGA -> receiver I need an expert who can teach me the tasks too. And can guide mye what to read about. - Some DSP and Sampling might be needed. Using Vivado While it's not necessary, previous experience with identification systems is beneficial. Being well versed in radio and signal processing is crucial for this role. The project timeline is approximately one month, so a professional able to deliver in a time-efficient manner is ideal. Availability from the start and a ded...

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    ...Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and video processing capabilities. My aim is to harness the power of Xilinx FPGAs to develop a complex hardware solution that can handle advanced processing tasks efficiently. **Core Requirements:** - Proficiency in Xilinx Vivado HLS for designing, synthesizing, and implementing highly optimized hardware solutions. - Experience with FPGA programming, particularly with Xilinx devices, as the platform of choice for this project. - Familiarity with high-speed interface protocols and their integration into FPGA designs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in electrical engineering or computer science, with a focus on hardware design. - Prior projects or experience in FPGA-based design, especially those involving DSP or video p...

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    ...distribution system. Key features the digital supply chain management system should include are: - Track and album download functionality: Users should be able to smoothly download the tracks and albums they need. - Royalties management: An efficient system should be implemented that highlights revenue information for each downloaded track or album. The system will distribute music to popular DSP sites (Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music). The ideal candidate for this project will have previous experience in developing and implementing DDEX systems, and a clear understanding of royalties management in the music industry....

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    ...related to active noise cancelling systems - Experience in designing audio systems for integration into other products - Experience in maximizing the signal to noise ration for microphone and selecting best speakers - Ability to work within size constraints The job will mainly revolve around evaluating our selection of microphone, speakers, optimizing their number and position. We already got a full DSP system developed as proof of concept together with code, and we have causality and coherence, but not enough attenuation, we think that we now need to improve the acoustics of the system, in particular the sensitivity of the microphone and the response of the speaker. As the system is immersed in an airflow (1 m/s) , all possible countermeasures to avoid turbulance affecting th...

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    ...spearhead a groundbreaking project focused on the broad field of digital signal processing (DSP). Without specific answers to the usual questions, I envision a comprehensive DSP system capable of tackling a range of applications—noise reduction, signal enhancement, speech recognition, and more. The source of signals and their output methods are varied and open-ended, aiming to cover audio, visual, and sensor data. Key Requirements: - Develop DSP algorithms adaptable to multiple sources - Implement noise reduction & signal enhancement techniques - Integrate components for speech recognition capabilities - Design mechanisms for audio playback, data visualization, and analysis Ideal Skills: - Proficient in DSP techniques and tools - Experienced in si...

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