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    Project Requirement: 1) Job Policy for private companies for hiring Singaporeans vs. expats. 2) Localization process for jobs in private sectors: - How private company sectors are hiring? - What is the Operational Model they are using? - Payroll Process - Governance - Monitoring and Evaluation 3) How private companies

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    ...factors in order to create each projection (suggestions are also welcomed). Some of the factors I would love to include area last 3 game average, ballpark factor, righty batter vs lefty pitcher and or reverse splits, weather/wind factor, personal life upswings/downswings which can impact play on the field. Once projections are created I would like to

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    5 bids Examples (1) use list boxes that do not have scrollbars unless in focus. (2) Use drop-downs for multiword combinations (3) use alternating colors for adjacent list boxes vs. lines for spacing. (4) Use a dynamic font size for long words. For the winning coder, we will provide PHP code for the test page. To show you read this full description put

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    ...factors in order to create each projection (suggestions are also welcomed). Some of the factors I would love to include are a last 3 game average, ball park factor, righty batter vs lefty pitcher and or reverse splits, weather/wind factor, personal life upswings/downswings which can impact play on the field. Once projections are created I would like to

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    This book is for young entrepreneurs, how they ruin their startup after getting distracted by their own feelings.

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    ...across different countries to scrap the ancillary add-on products (mainly insurance) for a different combination of departing country, destination country, trip duration, round vs one-way, flight fares. 0. Flight Cost Some of the insurance is dependent on flight cost, you need to pick two-four random flight out of the list shown on the flight aggregator

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    PFSense Firewall Expert to configure and manage multiple locations via VPN Network & Server Admin for Linux and Windows Servers VMware ESXi VCenter Virtual Server Installs and Management Website Server setup and management Ongoing Work Billed Hourly or per Task

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    PROJECT TARGETED TO FREELANCERS IN THE US AND CANADA...TARGETED TO FREELANCERS IN THE US AND CANADA ONLY Engineering presentation on how to design and simulate upgrades and new plating lines with proper number of each chemical stations vs. desired production rate and then the robotic number of 2 axis cranes to also provide the desired production rate

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    Develop in VS WPF Xaml Software UI Design template will be provided, concept mock-up will be provided. Code UI + animations Sign NDA & IPRA ( estaminated workflow: 20 - 40 days)

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    VPS BIND ///create 3vps machine VM //////////////////////////////////////////// CHEK ALL JOB 3VM creation 3 vm 1centos cpanelwhm 1centos cpanelwhm 1 CENTOS OR DEBIEANT Virtualmin ADD DNS 1 DNS2 , AND CONFIG exemple:ALL machine ADD hostename: vps;domain;com [login to view URL] ip:00 OO 00 00 [login to view URL] ip: 00 00 00 00

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    This is an ongoing work. I will create monthly milestone payment. Please quote your monthly SEO service. Need an SEO expert who can help ...provide me with at least 2 blog articles relevant to my products (fashion/beauty) - Each week you must send me a report of activities you've done in the past week and my Before VS After website ranking information

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    ...a guaranteed profit. This is similar to stock trading, except done with sports teams. For example, on two different websites, you have an NBA game (Portland Trailblazers vs Denver Nuggets). There are numerous odds on the game, but specifically, on an alternate total of the game (222.5 pts), the "+" on FanDuel is +280 for OVER the total of 222.5

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    Episodes 5, 6, & 7 for The Dieter Vs. The Food Accountant mini series video editing work!

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    Okay so the goal of my code basically ...5:0.1:15;%KN g=9.81 ;%m/s^2 for i=1:length(W) m=gW; pt=Vm;%Density of box @ every solved m for the given W %Pt=pt*g*V; Fb=W; Vs= (p*g)Fb; %Volume submerged Vs=L*W*hs hs=AVs; if hs>=0.25 Pt=ht*p*g; Pb=hb*p*g; Fb=(Pb-Pt)*A; end end end

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    Planning to build rummy app. There could be games as below 1. Real players vs computers 2. Real players vs Real players As a start up, need to code for the computer player who is playing against real player. Below are the requirements 1. Player will be received with 13 cards from 2 decks of card in a deal. Joker information, open card. 2. Sorting

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    ...that is written in Java that I would like to bring over to VS. UWP (Windows 10) to make it available to windows store customers. I have it also available in Swift if that is easy to convert than JAVA. I have started the conversion already in VS 2019 but I think it will also work in VS 2017. The application reads XML file and parser the file based

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    there must be two graphs each consisting of construction safety risk vs cost and other with construction safety risk vs time. The risk is referred from risk matrix.

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    ...-Streamer’s should be able to give viewers the ability to vote on the following options •Weapons •Game Modes •Maps •Team Size (Squad, Duo, Solo) •Perspective (tpp vs fpp) •Streamer’s should have the ability to toggle the options on/off for their viewers to vote on. •Streamer’s should be able to turn off the ...

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    Hello [login to view URL] Fujitsu Celsius R670, 2x Intel Xeon X5590, RAM 96 Go, Nvidia Quadro FX4800 i need iso esxi with driver for this machine 30dollars

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    ...Modulator. [login to view URL] the output into the AWGN Channel. 6. Use BPSK demodulation to correct the errors. 7. Compare Corrected Codewords to the Transmitted Codewords. 8. Plot BER vs SNR (in dB) and compare with the theoretical curve Assume Eb (Energy per Bit) = 1 Pb (Probability of bit-error) = Q(SQR(Eb/No)) = Q(SQR(1/No)) ; SQR = Square Root And for noise:

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    ...have used Unbounce before but it's too limiting for our needs. I assume we just host them ourselves and test and release accordingly depending on the source IP, e.g. Canada vs. Australia, etc.?? But we would have lots to talk about based on your comfort with this type of project. We are eager to move as fast as possible and have booked time with

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    Need to transfer data from the excel FACIAL ...from the excel FACIAL UNITS SHEET reformatted into the excel Reformat and combined data.xlsx. I did a few examples. You just have to put the corresponding MRN, neutral vs smile, and pre vs post in the right row Starting from column AC are the columns I need to be copied from the FACIAL UNITS SHEET excel.

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    I need you to write a essay about people with technology degrees working in places and people without degrees working the same job and being better

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    ...back and forth trying to set up my freenas server for a while now and would like to just have some one that I can explain whats the needs and create a plan to make it happen vs spending time searching the web to config. what i would like to accomplish. create 1 users that can access all the data connecting via smb create 1 users that can access there

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    Concept Online 3D-Game ---Designed And Build--- The game should have: - 5 vs 5 System - Football-Arena (1x Arena, 2x Goals, 2x Teams, 1x Ball) -> 3 Maps (Tokyo-Style, Cage-Style, Doom-Style) - Charaktersystem (each charakter has 3 different individual special skills) - Smashing-/Fight-System - Rankingsystem (1-10 Leagues) - Coinsystem (-> to buy

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    ...changes after our work in the past. If this is the case, we will get source from client. Part of your bid MUST discuss the cost difference between editing the in-place ASP app, vs. converting to PHP/MySQL. If it is more cost-effective we will negotiate with client to changing to PHP. IMPORTANT: Carefully read the following!!! 1. The client is VERY

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    51 bids from the time when data is available - The records in the spreadsheet are not all sequential and may appear out of time sequence - When plotting data, simply plotting it vs timestamp doesn't work as the data may not be continuous. For example I can have data for 3 PM, 5 PM, 6 PM and 7PM and nothing for 4 PM. But chart needs to be continuous and

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    ...Connection in Relationship 11. Effects of Promiscuity in Relationship 12. Every Great Relationship Starts with Conflict 13. Relationship with Frugal Man 14. High Maintenance Woman vs. Low Maintenance Woman 15. How to be the Perfect Partner 16. How to Behave on a Second Date 17. Confront Your Boyfriend About Being Distant 18. How to End a Hookup Relationship

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. Faculty management system on vs code

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    ...of your experiment, including the targeted quantities and variables. • Measure the targeted quantities. • Calculated the targeted quantities. • Plot y (one physical quantity) vs an x (another physical quantity). Then calculate the slope and its physical representation. • Calculate and describe any source of your Errors. • Explain if lab objectives were

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    I've got over 6000 real estate contractor in an excel spreadsheet. I've got company names, point of contact, phone numbers... the only thing I d...was told that these can be scrapped a few different ways #1 through linkedin and number two by their company websites. Not sure if the later would just have to be done manually vs writing a scraping script.

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    Here are the topics : 1. Depression Pro...Kissing 12. Quick Attachment in Relationships 13. Relationship Superstitions 14. Relationship Priorities 15. Sour Relationship 16. What is Feminine Charm 17. Emotional Attraction vs. Physical Attraction 18. How to be Playful in a Relationship 19. How to Spot a Con Man 20. How to Win Him Back after Being Needy

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    ...up to 30 days. So what I want to visualize is a unique dashboard with 2 screens: First screen on the top will show the graph of the Pressure and Temperature (both in y-axis) vs time (X-axis) of the full test and the Second screen should show only the events (notes) of the experiment like a table of 2 columns Time and Event. The challenge is that when

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    I'm interested in having 5 hours of C++ help/support, for tasks such as: adding error checking in some code, or some desired modification, or perhaps a very simple command console tool. Whatever I need, for 5 hrs.

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    images are appearing distorted when viewed on phone,

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    ...Filter: average daily short volume min/max Filter: short % average daily min/max Unusual Short Volume Changes: Average daily (calculate for custom time set) short volume % Vs new daily (calculate for custom time) short volume % Highest Short Volume % Change from Average Daily (calculate for custom time) Filter: average daily volume min/max Filter:

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    Concept Online 3D-Game The game should have: - 5 vs 5 System - Football-Arena (1x Arena, 2x Goals, 2x Teams, 1x Ball) -> 3 Maps (Tokyo-Style, Cage-Style, Doom-Style) - Charaktersystem (each charakter has 3 different individual special skills) - Smashing-/Fight-System - Rankingsystem (1-10 Leagues) - Coinsystem (-> to buy charakters) - Paysystem (to

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    The current R script gives the best fit equation for one individual data set (production vs Time) in spotfire, actually the best fit is given when the user select a data set. It is required to update the script to do the following: 1. Run automatically for all data sets (+300). Storage the best fit parameters in a results table in spotfire 2. Use the

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    I need a full project for VS 2017 CE, containing the latest Mosquitto server + HTTP Mosquitto authorization Plug-In. Project must be portable to a Windows 10 machine, capable of building all EXE & DLL necessary for a production Mosquitto Server with LOGINS, PUB & SUB authorization over HTTP (with local configurable cache). Project references: https://github

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    Hello, I have a simple sqaurespace site running the Ishimoto template and I would like to add a swipe function to my main gallery vs the clicking to scrolling through which is horrible. I found an older code that worked for a while, but recently I noticed at the end of the gallery while scrolling it just becomes a black/blank space which is obviously

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    ...freelancer needs to: 1. Be able to research 100 different betting markets. An example of a type of market includes Sport: Football Date: 06/05/19 Time: 3pm uk time Game: Team A vs Team B football. Bet: Over 0.5 goals has the lowest odds. Odds: 1.04 So which ever market has the lowest and safest odds we want on an excel document. This will be a monthly

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    I want to use Google ads on site but when I add ads it decrease my page speed ... I want use Google n want my page speed 95+ on google page speed

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    Pure gray marble table tops and slabs Marble vs granite countertops: Which should you choose? Stone columns-how to make, intall and clean them? How to clean, install, CUT MARBLE AND GRANITE TILES Difference between marble and granite tile and their cutting process What is mosaic tiles, Stone Tile and how to use Mosaic Tiles' What are quartz

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    Visual Studio 2003 conversion to Visual Studio 2017. Keep all controls (labels, dropdownlists, checkboxes, textboxes, datagrid, and buttons). The fields should also be easily selectable. Just need theme, formatting, and light navigation (keeping existing link controls) change for these pages besides the conversion to VS 2017.

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    ...those email templates that are being sent to my users. 6. User List/Emails - I need the ability to filter and extract emails from users depending on their service level, Free vs Paid. I need to extract the emails and place them into a marketing/newsletter service to send them regularly emails. 7. Folder Upload - I need my users to have the ability to

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    ...most prominent features of the app which will be better understood after you check all the design. Regarding the Database, share your recommendation what would be better, SQLite Vs PostgreSQL Here is what has to be done, -Android/iOS front end -Working prototype as on the link below. All the screens should be linked as in the given prototype. To understand

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    ...Platform, Just like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Client should be able to find individual freelancer translator. Not Client vs Company or Person vs Company. It should be Client vs Freelancer, Client vs Translator. Person vs Translator. Thank you for reading! Have a good day and bid me if you think you can complete one. Anytime ! And I am willing

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    I have a gospel workout website. I am currently able to change the backgrounds and add a couple of things. But unfor...default images/settings are showing and dont have an option to remove/edit. For example you see attached a portion of my store. The very first page shows default shopping items vs. My business shopping items(my stuff starts on page 2)

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