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    Hi, Our site is using the integration of MEmberPRess with LearnDash. We would like to have a shortcode that shows the follwng data ttps://[login to view URL] but on a more beatiful format like the user profile overview of this plugin : [login to view URL] We don't mind buying the

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    Hi, Memberpress has the following Shortcode : [mepr-account-form]. Please check their documentation : [login to view URL] The output of this shortcode is an element that has 4 tabs with all information for managing the user profile of the user. There is one tab for editing the profile information, another one

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    Hi, Memberpress has the following Shortcode : [mepr-membership-registration-form id="123"]. Please check their documentation : [login to view URL] The output of this shortcode is a registration form that doesnt look nice. We want to transform it and make it something that looks like this : [login to view URL]

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    ...default payment options of MemberPress to have Paypal and Stripe in 2 rows as in the example before. And so on. The page is currently build in Elementor and uses the default shortcode of MemberPRess. Account Page - We want to have an account page that mixes content from LEarndash and MemberPRess. We want a page with different tabs build in Elementor or

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    Hi Mohamed Ahmed H., in wordpress I'm using shortcode in custom fields. I'm using visual composer to show custom fields but it shows [shorcode] as text not rendered

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    Hi, in wordpress I'm using shortcode in custom fields. I'm using visual composer to show custom fields but it shows [shorcode] as text not rendered how to render

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to apply an email template to my wordpress site. I would like all ...like all outgoing email notifications to match. The systems that send out email notifications are listed below. -Woocemmerce -Better Notifications -AffiliateWP -Learndash -EventOn Reminders -Contact Form 7 Responses I am here to answer questions.

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    We require the help of leads who needs shortcode sms route to US. We have the need urgently and if you have the traffic we can then give you routes.

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    Hello, I am in need of someone to design an email template. This template will be used across all o...same place as right now they don't look anything alike. The template will be used with the following plugins: -Woocemmerce -Better Notifications -AffiliateWP -Learndash -EventOn Reminders -Contact Form 7 Responses I am here to answer questions.

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    ... *Mobile Compatible *Multiple Video Resolutions *GDPR Ready *100% Responsive Design *Shortcode Support *etc Which Necessary *Supported Platforms:- • YouTube

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    ...Milestone 2 - $50 Display the remaining points of the logged in user. (We use the Gamipress system to award and deduct points from users, you will need to add the point display shortcode to the dashboard ). Milestone 3 - $150 Groups set up and customization. Users on the site will be able to join groups that suit their interests. Ultimate member already has

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    ...need only a shortocode for wordpress that shows the name of the company and every time they dial the phone number someone, we really go every time they give a link. The shortcode will be placed on a private page and a table will appear with the names of the companies and the number of times the link is given per month (important for each month) for

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    ...Hi I want a plugin for affiliate products reviews, but from the backend the admin will be able to add multiple reviews for different products and each product will have a shortcode because we will be displaying multiple products on one page, and there wont be any form on the front end. the backend will have product title and subtitle -- (Form Field)

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    Please see attached document for further details. The project is basical...on our new website and look for any posts containing the "phoca downloads.." shortcode link. 2. Find the correct media file to attach from the old website. 3. Add the correct media (they are all already uploaded onto the server) and remove the "phoca downloads" shortcode.

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    Hi there! I have an environment with a wordpress and the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin installed, and I just need that the functionality of one shortcode to behave differently. This shortcode shows the list of the registered users ordered by name or date of creation. The desired change would be to change the order to be based in the payments (grouped

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    ...accepted it would show somewhere in website for person who was vouching. Lets say: job title, was he accepted, date, and so on. Additional info: - This can be done with a shortcode, a checkbox under the post. - In the database, we can save the email and post ID in a separate table for tracking which email was recommended and to which one job (post id)

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    ...in English 3. SEO specialist (SEOS): 3 years experience Working hours: could be 4/5/6/7/8 a day, long term If you are interested in the job, please respond with 1>job shortcode and 2>your working hours. Note, the sample of 3>work schedules, 4>the daily reports can help us to know your experience and professional, feel free to mark "sample available"

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    Hello, I am looking to have a "Wordpress All In One Video Downloader Plugin". I am open to any suggestion and r... *Mobile Compatible *Multiple Video Resolutions *GDPR Ready *100% Responsive Design *Shortcode Support *etc Which Necessary

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    Hello! I am looking for someone to help with some responsive coding. I am having issues with the resizing of some elements on different screen sized and devices. 1. EventOn Calendar items. They are all resizing badly. On the smallest devices, it does one character to a line. 2. The "my courses" section within the logged in area of the site is odd

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    ...plugin for chatbot, which has tiny issue: The plugin is outdated regarding updates, and producer does not provide support any more. Chatbot is embedded to content with shortcode, and the problem is that when the conversation gets longer, the content is getting over the content below... Demo of the plugin is here, and you can see the same issue there

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    ...communication and writing skills in English 3. SEO specialist (SEOS) Working hours: could be 4/5/6/7/8 a day If you are interested in the job, please respond with job shortcode and your working hours. Note, the sample of work schedules, marketing writing, the daily reports can help us to know your experience and professional, feel free to mark "sample

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    Hi everyone, I am looking for a freelancer who is able to help me to create a shortcode for magento so I can display a child category tree on a magento front end page. Each category item should be clickable in the front end and the visitor will be redirected to the specific child category page url. I must be able to change the settings in each short

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    I have existing Amazon account with listings. I want customer to be able do make purchase from website and let order be fulfilled from Amazon FBA

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    Hey, I am a WP web designer and looking for chatbot solution that could be embedded to any page's content area with shortcode or similar. I have been checking available plugins, but could not find suitable system. Let me know if you have good idea how to set up chatbot to WP page that will be integrated with content (NO separate chat window in a

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    ...blog better. Plugin info: [login to view URL] I am unable to get the plugin to overwrite the theme files. I can use shortcode and the new blog view works fine. But not when using the blog page setup in settings-reading, it does not work. You can see a theme blog page here: https://digitalhavn.

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    Require a calculator similar to this: [login to view URL] Require...not want copywritten content within this project - if I wanted this I could rip the source code myself. It also must be able to put into any wordpress page or post with a shortcode I look forward to speaking to some of you. Thanks

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    Hello, I require some help with my Wordpress website, i have visual composer shortcode coming through the content on a carousel that I want to remove (but at the same time keep the text within visual composer). See attached screenshot of unwanted code. And as a secondary job I have an isotope filter from the theme [login to view URL]

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    ...local currency. It always shows prices in default currency USD. However, the plugin uses geolocation of WooCommerce, so I guess it’s not a plugin issue. I have placed a shortcode (at the end of the intro text on home page) that shows the current location of the visitor. And I’ve visited the website via proxy from different locations and it always shows

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    ...option for product. My requirement: - An element intergrate into Fusion builder for product color chooser OR - A plugin for product color chooser -> Export shortcode -> Insert that shortcode at everywhere that I like. Thanks...

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    Car color chooser option for non-woocomerce website like screenshot. I’m using Avada theme. Please add this option into Fusion builder or shortcode to insert into page.

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    ...the city name I want than to add fields and link them to short codes, for example I create a field Region → and I link it to a short code [region] , now whenever I use the shortcode [region] anywhere in the page, it will show the region i filled up in the field I have more screenshots to show what I mean, I will share them with whoever is interested

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    ...with these plugins and connectors and get a java script error in the console that maybe what it not allowign the form to display, this is probably something simple like the shortcode has not been enqued into the functions ??? this one is beyond me so i need someone to fix the theme author is unresponsive to support request and their support site and domain

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    ...Our requirements: - provide clients (about 10 clients) with a secure login - theme-styled very basic client profile with: client logo, profile details, create event (form shortcode exists, php needs small adaptions), manage bookings - let them manage their events and bookings from front-end (front-end pages already exist in Events Manager but would need

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    ...in when creating a new page. These custom values would then use a tag of some sort like {customvalue1} and show in the page wherever I need it to show without using any shortcode at all. This tag will need to work with my existing template system and page setup. I DON"T NEED A CUSTOM PAGE TEMPLATE. I only need the function described above using

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    I’m using wordpress and I split each post into 3 pages (post pagination using this shortcode <!--nextpage-->) Domain. com/post-example/ Domain. com/post-example/2 Domain. com/post-example/3 Etc I get many re-pins on my website but most of them from the last page of the post Domain. com/post-example/3 So I always get visitors to the last pages

    $69 (Avg Bid)
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    Paid memberships are run by paid membership pro (pmpro) plugin. I am also using buddypress plugin...attached image. The badges plugin contains a hook that should make this easy to do. See: [login to view URL] and [login to view URL]

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    ...Facebook Comments (Facebook Comments should be loaded only when the webpage has the Facebook Comments box in view). This should work for Facebook Comments box rendered via shortcode and widget too. Need an option at plugin options page in admin to turn this feature ON/OFF 2. Show Facebook Comments count at "Posts" and "Pages" page in admin for individual

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    I have a wordpress site and I would like the shortcode that I placed in the sidebar as text to inherit to style of the other widgets so that it will look uniformed.

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    ...Central America - Europe - Middle East - North America - South America On the frontend each region's data/records (in bulk) should be displayed by using some sort of a shortcode with filterable attributes, like: [distributors region="africa"] [distributors country="india"] Also, on the frontend each distributor's page should be accessible as an inner

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    Hello! I would like some customization. I would like to have a blog post automatically created when I post an event with the EventOn plugin. I would like to blog post to also go under the "Announcements" post category.

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    ...works. I have a website which is built totally on a custom theme. Now we need to make changes but none of shortcode or plugin is working. I guess this is because of the way the website is built on a custom theme. If an expert can use shortcode it would be great but I doubt he needs to add changes to the core PHP files from which theme is being built

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    ...wordpress with different user roles. I would like to be able to display via shortcode the user count per role. Can you write the php code that will allow me to use shortcode to display the number of users per definded role? [user_count role="role_slug"] I need to use the shortcode in the label of menue items, just in case this is important. When doing

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    I have Error in my Wordpress [login to view URL] on My Custom Created Shortcode of Wordpress for Use's and My Site Work Fine but If i am Go to My Cpanel error_log then he say's Error on Wordpress theme [login to view URL] on differents line, Please to Solve this Error and Due to this Error In My Cpanel the error_log Size is more then 30mb and it's error repeat

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    I have the LatePoint plugin in a Wordpress site, working properly. What I want to achieve is to add the booking button shortcode in an external PHP file (non Wordpress).

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    I have a shortcode made in wordpress inside the file [login to view URL] I need to convert or call this function within a plugin (addon Creator) which uses only html and JS, and does not allow PHP. The shortcode builds a select from a custom post. When selecting shows a div with info of the post. I need people who are prepared to do. that is in ilina right

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    ...one can see active lotteries and won lotteries – page with shortcode [my_lotteries] Lottery filtering in product list (wp-admin) Lottery product has icon which describes different lottery status: active, finished, finished and paid, failed (wp-admin) Plenty of shortcodes including shortcode to show my lotteries for logged in user Make lottery from any

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    ...can decide if the data could be shared with other WP-users, stay private or public. This means 1plugin with 3 sub-menu (upload data, private data, shared data), 1 frontend shortcode that shows the data selected as public....

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    ...the classic wordpress editor. So you will create 3 shortcode, which basically echo or return this html code (short like span class) You will then create 3 visual buttons in the wordpress classic editor that can insert those shortcodes. !!!!IMPORTANT: START your application with the word "shortcode" all other application will not be considered. Thanks

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    I need wordpress shortcode which will do woocommerce shopping cart experience for appointment reservation. Availability data will not be fetched from woocommerce products but from external api. So price, availability and other things will be fetched from external api. External api will be provided by me. I will send you api specifications with example

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    ...page and to looks like there are facebook style comments. The user of this plugin should be able to add his own "fake" comments and integrate them into his landing page via shortcode. The user should be able to choose individual text, date and time and avatar photo for every one of the "fake" comments. The comments should have like and comments buttons

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