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    Python script to read to files: action1) take element in file1 - find the element on file2. Then replace a word on file2 with a word on file1.

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    ...from mysql - Transfer shall make sure the content is only text ascii - Files bigger than 20M shall be dropped (max size defined in config) - Post comments in the scripts (file2) Also, I need a another script I would call via jquery/Ajax with the same logical process (pull type) to test the connection params and say if the connection is valid. The

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    I'm an engineer. I need to make two scripts. I have files the need revision level added and moved to a destination folder. For example, I have named: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] I need to move them and add revision level: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] where REV are sequential revisions [NEW, A, B, C, D.... etc] I need two batch scripts:

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    ...specified time interval (in second text file). Screens shall rotate according to the round robin pattern, with out pausing(between urls) according to the specified interval in file2. Images are saved in local directory and video are retrieving using IP camera. (More than 100 IP Camera's) Images and Videos display time are configurable. ( config file with

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    ...example: 1 - I have a folder named "main_folder". 2 - This folder contains 900 files .csv named: file1, file2, file3.....file900 3 - The first column of each .csv file has a variable number of items; for example file1 has 700 items (700 rows); file2 900 items, etc. I need an executable that allow me to: 1 - select a folder (containing the .csv files);

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    I have some audio files of people speaking English. I need someone to transcribe the files. You must have good reviews and be able to understand English. This needs to be completed within 24 hours. There is about 1 hour of audio to transcribe, but there might be more in the future, so whoever is chosen might get more work in the future. Please submit bids amounts for how much you want for e...

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    I have 2 csv files that contains: first 2 columns , the first column has countries prefixes and the second The second file has 2 column the first has phone numbers and the second correspondent country. I need to make a compare of this 2 files , I need all the results from [login to view URL] that don't have any match with prefixes on the file1.

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    ...the file. If a file named [login to view URL] already exists in peer 1 and peer 2 , after choosing update option file 1 .txt changes to [login to view URL] and it is published again to peer 1 and peer 2 it should overwrite [login to view URL] to [login to view URL] in peer 1 and 2 .The change can be confirmed by searching file in peer 1 and peer 2 if it was modified or not. [login to view URL...

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    Hello We have a master barcode file that contains each of the barcodes we need, [login to view URL], you will need to cut each of the 288 Barcodes and resize them in 1240x826 pixels in 300dpi and rename it as the file name in the excel file attached (on the barcode itself, the file name is labelled Réf. Four.. The barcode files should be in jpg format. Here is the master barcode file the ...

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    ...submission or reject the submission and leave feedback.' 5. The email should contain attachments for the submitted files. ie. if the student submitted two files: '[login to view URL]' and '[login to view URL]' both files should be attached to the email. 6. Add a link to the email: 'Click here to approve this submission', Clicking this link will do the follow...

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    ...existing folder else continue creating it as normal. The second change is i'd like for the browser to go to the URL in [login to view URL] first, and then continue going to the URL's in file2.json. I have put the python script in to [login to view URL] because I have so many it's a bit confusing which was the newest. Sorry about delay on last project. I'll pay extra o...

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    If the script is called with a –r switch (i.e. srm –r file1 file2 file3), then it shall not delete anything, but rather it shall recover these files by searching for them in the trash, and if it finds any one of them it shall move it back to the same directory it was deleted from. Any body tell me what is the command that work on #!/bin/bash question

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    ...and one that will be the original file MINUS the extracted line. The command line should then take 3 files as in: extract -orig [login to view URL] -new [login to view URL] --extracted [login to view URL] where [login to view URL] will be the same as the original minus the extracted lines and [login to view URL] will contain the extracted lines (in between START and END). Test file

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    I have been ...that will be the original file MINUS the extracted line. The command line should then take 3 files as in: extract -orig [login to view URL] -new [login to view URL] --extracted [login to view URL] where [login to view URL] will be the same as the original minus the extracted lines and [login to view URL] will contain the extracted lines (in between START and END).

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    ...2 input files and I'll need to add a delimiter or something between them. So, for example, we will have 2 files containing the following: -file1- user userdata -file2- name namedata The output should be : user userdata name namedata username usernamedata userdataname userdatanamedata I will also need to specify if I want

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    ...requests from the client: [login to view URL] In the [login to view URL], the file1 corresponds to the email 1 and file2 correspond to the email 2. Whoever bids within the budget will be hired immediately. For those who think its not possible in the budget, please bid the amount that they are

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    ...[login to view URL] $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file1 $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file2 $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file3 The java program: [login to view URL] will return a line for each of the files passed as an argument indicating the result of the processing: $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file1 Successful $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file2 Successful $TMPDIR/PlugInMail/file3 Error The PlugIn will

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    I need some modific...are split into multiple files and this data is in a new column 'multiple_filepath', and will show 4 filepaths, like such: './folder/[login to view URL]', './folder/[login to view URL]', './folder/[login to view URL]', './folder/[login to view URL]' I need to modify the php so that if multiple files exist, multiple download ...

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    ...British culture and traditions. The cartoon mascot needs to look like a crochet monkey that I made myself (See "file1"). It *must* be wearing a bowler hat and a red bow tie (see "file2"). It doesn't have detailed hands and feet, so a simple torso of the monkey should be fine, or maybe even just the face (but it must include the red bow tie). I've attached

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    ...county - usually on zillow midway on page VISIT COUNTY WEBSITE. Need to Web scrap from realtor, zillow and County web site and Export to Excel file. I provided 2 files. file1, file2 . File 1 is how most come to me. I just need to copy paste the Address into Website and scrap data and import into Excel file. Here is a link of a scraper that does it

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