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    We've s...a couple of videos in random order and need someone stitch the clips together, fix the sound up and include some motion graphics and make the video interesting. While recording the video we shot the audio on our iphone which you might have to use in the video. (the audio in the video was terrible). shoot me a message to discuss the project.

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    I need in-app purchase done for IOS and Android Edit API to show just category & Item name Fix notification issue/reminder issues Fix syncing issues Check formulas to make sure things are correct When an item is added to database, make sure it is added & can be retrieved. Change background color Move record every seven days to achieves Make

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    Audio player normally autostarts when the site is launched. Now it isn't working that way.

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    As you know Google has recently launched a new policy disallowing Auto Pla...of videos on a website. [login to view URL] I need my video AND audio to run on my embedded Youtube video in the header of my website. Please advise if you have done a fix which allows this and URLs of these websites.

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    ive recorded audio on audacity and its came out cutting in and out i need someone to fix it

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    Hi! We're looking to have a quick fix for a voiceover; remove a slight hum and make the voice richer/give it more depth. The audio is clean, recorded on a boom and with room tone sample following. File can be found here; looking for someone to do this in the next hour or so for the budget of $40 USD.

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    A developer made a plugin to play the audios and now it does not work, also fix audio search page and adjust css and leave it as I need it.

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    Requirements : FOR IMAGES, AUDIO AND VIDEO 1.Fix multiselect bug 2. Add multiple deletion, select all, rename , sort Note: App should run on all devices with API 17 and above

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    ...Also, has WebRTC for video chatting. The project is built on Angular 4 with Node.js and MySQL for backend. WebRTC for video and audio. We need someone to finish some additional features and fix bugs with the current project. We need someone who is very experienced with the technology we are using and not just learning on the fly.

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    We have audio that has lot of crackles that we need to remove this crackle using audacity and you need to provide video instruction about how to fix it. For reference check this attachment, on start of audio you will get crackles. Our file is voice recording not any short of video. Once you confirm i will send our sample.

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    ...for someone who can make some fast edits to my wordpress site. 1. Change my footer copyright from 2017 to 2018 2. Fix my youtube slider/banner video to show full height (right now height is kind of cut off). Also Video (and audio) needs to play on Mobile Devices. 3. On my woocommerce store page, change yellow buttons to black. Need completed

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    ...everything. Reply with 'I Have Read & Understood Everything' in your title. My company are developing an intuitive, easy to use online audio editor for a project 'yooVO'. It will allows customers to record their own voice audio and mix it online. I have it part developed but have reached a stage where the developer is incapable of following good design p...

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    ...the Audio fingerprints and store them. Then the project should listen through the microphone and identify the tracks being played against the fingerprints extracted. The project I have does not read all MP3 files even when converted into the right sample rate, I think there is a problem in sample rate calculation. The job required is: 1- Fix the

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    The task is to cleanup and fix an existing database of vehicles available for sale in the United Arab Emirates market. I have an existing excel database that has all the defined fields that I need to be cross checked and additional data needs to be entered if required. The person responsible for this task needs to visit EVERY car manufacturer’s

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    Hi, I have recently installed freewswitch/fusionpbx in AWS. This is a trial development machine. Exte...freewswitch/fusionpbx in AWS. This is a trial development machine. Extensions are connecting successfully and calls landing in switch but no audio and "b" leg call not reaching. Very quick and I need fix urgently by tomorrow. Thanks nathan

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    I am building an audio app. And everything works fine, however, I need help creating an an good audio player activity and page. I have built an audio player activity, but there are several bugs I want to fix. If you are experienced app developer, please contact me as soon as possible. I have attached the page I need to fix. Thank you!

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    ...Video professional, having industry experience of over nine years. I have my own company and I work with bunch of amazing and creative freelancers from Audio-Visual field. I provide all type of audio and visual and still photography services. Who I need: I need people from anywhere in India who can do marketing for us. You will need to advertise

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    We need an experienced developer that has worked before with OZEKI SDK specially the VOIP part of it to fix some problem a sample of OZEKI sdk has. 1) When the button refresh on all devices (Mic, Camera, Speakers) is pressed as long as you have not selected other item that the item 0 (default item) everything works well. but if you select other than

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    1 bids ensure that it matches what the video is saying (Audio). It is already transcribed but it has some errors. You will need to watch the 56 minute video and proofread the transcript at the same time and edit the text if it is different than what the video is saying. You will also have to fix any spelling, grammar, or other formatting errors in

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    ...part(adding a mask and logo). Also, I would like to learn in AF how to fix 3d stereo misalignment between the left and right camera. I heard there are some effects in AF where you can move/pan each camera to make the perfect 3d stereo. I have: - left/right camera footage - audio file - intro / outro This will of course, be a paid service. Thank

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    Setup a transcoder which will output RTSP video streams and can take any RTMP/RTSP stream using VLC on Ubuntu Linux and fix the following: - Force the aspect ratio to 4:3 - Force the audio to AAC format Provide 2 different outputs: - Output a HLS stream with minimal delay - Output a RTSP or RTMP stream If the source stream breaks, make sure the

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    I need help from an audio engineer who can log into teamviewer and walk me through how to fix my audios on audacity. Some of my submissions got submitted to acx and they have rejected the audios saying there are some problems. I want help getting them submitted. Re-recording them is simply not an option. So we have to work with what I have. I'll be

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    Audio player app need to fix some small issue.

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    ...web. The app must allow video, audio conferencing between multiple peers. I have code available but I am unable to get a [login to view URL] from the Peer server deployed remotely. The Linux based server has SSL installed on it. I need help from a programmer who has experience on such applications and can guide me on how to fix the problems in the current code

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    ... trims some specified time from the Start and from the End of the audio, then saves the new audio in WAV format again. But here is the problem: When using it to trim large WAV files (approximately more than 15 minutes), the Trim function starts desyncing and does not cut the audio in the specified time. The delay increases along with the WAV file

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    ...diffondere online contenuti, alcuni gratuiti e altri a pagamento sul benessere. Situazione di partenza Abbiamo una membership a pagamento con rilascio graduale di contenuti (audio, video e pdf) in un'area riservata di un sito web. Il sistema che gestisce le iscrizioni, i rinnovi e che temporizza il rilascio dei contenuti è aMember [login to view URL]

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    this game has an issue in Chrome. It seems to crash due to the audio files. We would like a fix so that it runs smoothly in chrome

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    this game has an issue in Chrome. It seems to crash due to the audio files. We would like a fix so that it runs smoothly in chrome

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    this game has an issue in Chrome. It seems to crash due to the audio files. We would like a fix so that it runs smoothly in chrome

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    Fix a survey for entry into database Allow user to record audio instead of typing for one portion of survey

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    ...categories, regions, load photos, mp3 files, etc.). Audio files should only be loaded on visitor's request (i.e. clicking a song title or the play button). Instead, all audio files are being loaded right away when opening the page, making it heavy and slow. Please let me know how you plan to fix this. Freelancer must report exactly what was done

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    ...categories, regions, load photos, mp3 files, etc.). Audio files should only be loaded on visitor's request (i.e. clicking a song title or the play button). Instead, all audio files are being loaded right away when opening the page, making it heavy and slow. Please let me know how you plan to fix this. Freelancer must report exactly what was done

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    ...minute motivational video. When it comes to audio / video , some videos and audio may be "copyrighted" and caught via the youtube algorithm which will disable monetization. Thankfully, youtube shows you the parts of which a video is "copyrighted" on, when this happens i will let you know what to edit out or fix in order to make the video eligible for ...

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    ...tl072.. possible too remove all electr. caps in audio Path with metal wire? stabilizing opamps with 100pf ceramic from v+/v- too ground .. having dc offset on output of first opamp when C3 & C4 are 220uf and all other caps replaced with metal wire + popping Crackling pots and faders.. is it possible to Fix this with Precision ceramic caps accros in &

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    ...sound track player. See attachment: [login to view URL] 2. The same music sound track player in list view. See attachment: [login to view URL] 3. Adding 5 different options with automatically adjusting the price shown. See attachment: [login to view URL] 4. These are the different

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    Hi we currently have an mp3 audio player on our opencart store: [login to view URL] We need help with the following: 1. We need the ability for us to easily customise the players font style, font size, all text (including current "Audios to Buy" above the player) and ALL colours

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    ...required to fix. The main functionality of the app is to Block Camera and Audio Recording when mobile is in Control zone. The control zone means, there are already have the option to add towers list of current service provider like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio in SQLite table. If current tower id is matched to the saved tower id then camera and audio will be blocked

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    Audio clip is not playing when sprite touches the ground. Need to connect to my machine using teamviewer and fix this issue.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . I have an audio recording when I play this recording it plays very fast i doesn't hear a single word i wanted to fix this problem to hear this audio clearly.

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    These are the first 3 issues on a list of bugs to fix. They were mostly working before transfer of code to new Ubuntu 17.10 and introduction of SSL/TLS. This is a big system with 3 Servers and a Router using WebRTC for agent communication. The issues are: 1) 2-way audio between agents and callers (not always there, depending on agent computer)

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    -Add “Last minute in the period” audio (would like different one for each period if possible) -Add “ commentator” audio to the head to head load screen -add “hat trick” video in place of text place holder there now -add the audio preview for the heckles,chants,goalsongs,and horns -fix bug that game (clock) doesn’t start whe...

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    So I have a 2 hour long recording file from Audacity (so lossless proje...hear the delayed echo which is making the file unuseable. I have uploaded a sample for you to play around with. If you are able to fix this please let me know how much you'd charge and also send me back a fixed audio to prove you can actually do this. Thank you very much

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    Hello Freelancers! I am working on a matlab project specifically on audio fingerprinting. I am interested in some help on the part of fingerprint extraction. I've done some things on the track but unfortunately it's not working properly so I'm looking for someone to help me. For my work, I am based on the paper that I attach to you (pdf file)

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    I have a 14-second audio clip which has some static that might have occured from interferences with the wireless microphone. There is one particular section, that's 2 seconds long, where its at its peak. I am looking for a freelancer who can quickly fix this and get back to me within 2-3 hours upon awarding of the project. I will provide an uncompressed

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    I have ionic mobile application that works for Android and iOS and I want to fix some bugs related to Audio Bar. I need a professional freelancer who can get this job done in a few days (not more than 3 days).

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    ...inspect what going wrong and fix it. I reached out to Roku's tech support and this is what they said: "You will need to look into your feed. You can use our Stream Tester Tool to test you stream URLs. If they don't play in the tool, they will not work in channel. If the streams don't work, you should refer to our Audio and Video Guidelines to make

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    ...provide my sample code to fix it or make new. Task #1: C/C++ program that will pack RTP Stream containing H264 Video + Audio to TS container. Task #2: C/C++ program that will take RTP Stream containing H264 Video + Audio (mp2, g711) and convert Audio in it to AAC, then pack it to TS container. Video is copied, only convert Audio. (I can provide FFmpeg

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    ...sample of the song by printing file content with appropriate header. Right now with header audio/mpeg I'm getting unsupported mime type error with mp3 files. If you can fix the script that would be great. Must be able to work in PHP in Xammp of Wamp. Bug fix is required for Payment. No upfront payments. The milestone will be there when you earn

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    ...text and get either audio file or stream back in response. We need it plug with SAPI Window 7+ support. Need to create something like this [login to view URL] (this is old code doesn't work currently, ITs just for reference) We need some Windows Expect to fix out webservice based

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