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    I have purchased two stock images that need combining and I need some text adding to it in a professional way. I have attached a very, very rough outline!

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    Have you converted flash tools to HTML5 format before? Looking to convert a web-based tool that allows people to calculate their projector displays (screen size, distance from screen, etc) and select the right lens for the projector. Tool was originally created in Flash and needs to be converted into HTML5. All the flash source files are available if that would help get the job done.

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    I need someone to alter some images. All images are from pre wedding shoot. Images need to be of similar tone and overall beautification required.

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    We need image front design of our ecommerce b2b, b2c website. Backend already have done for 80%. By image design you provided we will build frontpage and finally connect to back-end.

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    Trophy icon Corporative image: logo Ended

    We are an interdisciplinary team of health science education experts. We created a company called "Articula" (articulate) that is dedicated to offer educational services to health institutions and human resources training in the area of health care (universities, schools, hospitals) at the undergraduate and graduate level. The activities we offer are consultancies, asesories, training, e...

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    Need a support to develop a reliable engine for detecting gas on infrared image plane. You can use color and motion feature. If you think you can do this, please put your bid. Thanks in advance.

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    I need some graphic design.

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    Hi, Sent image in your chat for test first after choose best one. I am doing a project and I will need a lot of images edited and have all the words taken out. I would send you the images and you would edit them and take all the words out and leave the image. This could be over a few 100 pages over time. There is a sample below of the first page. I would need all the words, barcode taken out of...

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    convert existing web site Flash Code (5 pages) 1/2 HTML + 1/2 Flash to ALL HTML. Old Web site written 1/2 flash + 1/2 HTML FLASH no longer to be supported by browsers JOB is to: Convert 1/2 Flash of existing web site to ALL HTML Please see: [login to view URL] [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    Photoshop an image on a picture of a coffee mug

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    I am looking for a python expert for my project. Please bid only if you are a expert..

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    We have inherited two old .DAT archive files that in total contain about 7500 sprite sheets (and some stand-alone graphics) in an obscure format that now need to be processed, extracted and stored as normal image files. We have an equally old Windows extractor application that can do this and exports each sprite sheet out as a normal .bmp file. However it does not support batch extraction and ea...

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    Hi, My theme using aqua resizer script([login to view URL]) for resize and crop images. But this script currently works only with local images. I will use StackPath’s CDN. So I'm looking for someone who can run this script with cdn if it's possible. if not possible I am open to different ideas.

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    Hello, I want to create a flash file that is able to pull an image from a specific folder inside the computer

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    I need some help digitalizing the attached image in black and in blue RGB(32, 35, 92). Please note that the image has been scanned and I needed in some design program. I need the image in the format that you work it, jpg and with out background png.

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    I have an image of headphones which I need to be made as a 3D image.

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    I have a designer resume that i made in photoshop. Looking for it to be made in html and css. The design of it is already done just need the coding.

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    Hey, I request elaboration of 4 images. $ 40 USD Thanks.

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    I want a [login to view URL] of a fixed deposit from a new bank.

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    Hi I need someone to parse website to pull image url and try link to csv as we have csv file with product info but missing image url! Pm for more detail, there 2500 products so manually is option but be price dependent

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    I have 6 logos, I need to recolor and resize them to match color of the website I'm building.

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    I need some help with internet marketing.

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    WHO WE ARE Our Business is a platform that uses ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to facilitate MAINTENANCE of IOT-BASE WEATHER STATIONS AND SENSORS. Enclosed you find the business presentations. The Brand Name is IoT.Upkeep. The client is the operator of IoT Sensors and the main benefit is that the operator have less problems (we like to symbolize that by relaxed life) because he received predictive ale...

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    I need to be this image in vector from attachment

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    Whenever I share or the user share my content on social media, I want my link to look like in the picture example... My ads are not displaying on my website. Requirements for the project: Use TeamViewer app...

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    Just the inside where the needles and lines/numbers are. 1 circle and 1 rectangle gauges in illustrator file so I can resize.

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    I will share data with you and I expect that you will run basic u-net example on my data.

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    Please find the sample images for more details 1. autowrap and auto adjust the fonts as per text given in text file. means if we have only 2 entries then is should autowrap and autoadjust the font as per size of the text size pixel and it should adjust text margin accordingly. 2. Save image with all specification given in text file. example: [login to view URL] file ----------------- age: 40 year...

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    I need to know a simple Linux bash command to extract binary text please check the image easy $5 earned As you can see in the image 02 01 01 04 20 occurs 400 times in that binary file I need to extract 02 01 01 04 20 and what comes next 32 like this 02 01 01 04 20 FA 18 0C 43 62 D2 53 C2 8B 79 0A 80 D3 EC 29 3F DC 44 CE 9C CB B9 5E C2 53 5B 7A 14 F9 57 EA CE A0 81 into a text file from all 400 ti...

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    contemporary Arabic coffee pot design. A minimalistic traditional beverage container with a modern twist.

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    We need image editing skills for a product configurator that works with image layers. The product to be configured consists of three layers: fabric, ribbon and nails. All three layers on top of each other result in the final product. Every layer has several options to choose from; e.g. fabric is available in several colors. Now we need all layer images that work on top of each other so that the cu...

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    I have an area of empty land ([login to view URL]) that I want to put houses and roads onto, so that I can show a client of mine. The attached file shows how I want it laid out. I will provide more of the required details over chat.

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    I have some images which are to be converted to text format using word which will be helpful to complete my project. Experienced typists can bid for my project.

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    It's a podcast about reading books. It's called Diving In and we are looking for a drawing of a girl with a ponytail diving into an open book or pile of books. We also discuss the food in the books sometimes so would be good to have some food in the image too maybe there is a steaming bowl on the diving board too or maybe the food is sitting on top of the book(s), looking for ideas aro...

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    We need someone who has experience in face detection and spoof detection

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    I am doing market research to determine the potential for a new model electric car based on the Mazda MX-5. I am using the current MX-5 PDF brochure as part of this research. I need the MX-5 brochure to be edited seamlessly as per my comments in the PDF brochure with new vehicle logos, other images (majority provided), and text. Attached you will find the commented PDF brochure and the new log...

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    Hey, guys, I have project related Generative Adversarial Networks, The idea is that for image dataset deliberately cut with a different ratio. Then using GAN, complete the cutting part.

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    Need the background of the image removed and the image touched up, lighted etc. Its for menus. Around 50 pictures , see attached ( as example)

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    I have recently update MAGENTO 1.7 site to magento 1.9.3 after that, in product edit when I try to upload image then its complete even save in TMP folder but not move in main folder and not show in admin . no any error in console, no any error in log file, even in image radio selection also not working Base Image Small Image etc all existing product is unchecked all options. frustrated from last ...

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    Make concrete fireplace surround white to match walls but keep texture of board sawn timber texture on concrete.

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    Hey, guys, I have project related Generative Adversarial Networks, The idea is that for image dataset deliberately cut with a different ratio. Then using GAN, complete the cutting part.

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    Hello! Looking for an amazing illustration for a Tshirt My clothing brand is super surfy beachy style mens wear The idea is "I'm Just The Passenger" I would like a Cafe racer style motorbike with a skull flying off the back holding on to the handlebars with one hand and the other hand pulling a shaka I have attached a few photos of current designs to keep a similar style and a...

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    We hope to enlarge Chat interface (in our website) to be bigger., and change font color to Black (Please see attached image ) Chatting plugin was made by Java. Shall maintain current setting. No other things required.

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    I want to design my website for scientists,technicians or workers to visit. The website should be made using Python frameworks as far as possible. The most complicated and important topic is fish detection. Intelligent algorithm is needed. I find beginning freelancers only because money is not large.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I'm looking for someone to create a one minute cartoon animation video for me. A friend wrote a song for me and the song is about my Aunt passing away. Please look at my budget, no more than $50

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    We need software that receives messages from WhatsApp Web (on PC), save the images and position (location that comes in the WhatsApp messages) and catalog the images in an excel form according to the names of the site, or according to the code and / or according to the location. In an excel form we will have a list of 7000 sites with name, code and location (GIS position). The software that we req...

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    Daycare provider require brand design, daycare, home interior design and furniture ongoing project

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