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    ...available accounts, then asked for BOL (an order#), Ship From, Ship To, Pick-Up Date, Drop-Off Date, Status (selected from drop-down menu; options Open, Assigned, Complete, In Transit, On Hold, Terminated). *Shipment Details = List available shipment, displaying results in a table as follows (_edit_, _add details_, _delete_, BOL, ship from, ship to

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    ...when it is in transit. In the admin window, we will be able to see how many are in the post and then once we verify it, we will scan the essay and convert to PDF and upload into the server. We will then "release" it. And it will ## Deliverables cont' be a selectable item in the data base. Once it is released, the seller will have 2 free essay credits

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    ...Delphi / Visual C++ code for a component / DLL that will be able to COPY an executabe file into the memory (and to return the address where it was copied in order for us to ALTER that copy as we need) and to have the function of launching that memory copy, through a separate function..The whole stuff should work on any Win version (from 9x to XP). We

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    ...size, drawn from an unallocated free region of the array passed into myinit() . If insufficient unallocated space remains, the function should return (int *)0. void myfree(int * block) This function will be passed one of the non-null pointers returned by mymalloc(). The corresponding block should be returned to the free region. In addition, your source

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    ...project that stores the images in a resource file located in a seperate dll. It's a simple animation. I thought I was done, but I discovered that in Win98 and WinME there is a memory leak. I'm sure it's just a simple mistake on my part, but I NEED HELP!!! I'm currently working on a small demo of what I'm doing so that I can send to you.... but if you know

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    I want to read an MS Access BLOB into memory and display it depending on the type of file. I dont want to store it into a temp file anywhere in the harddisk. The BLOB can be an image of any format or any file for that matter. There should still be an option to store it into a file if the user wants to save it back. eg. When the format is not recognised

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    ...simple memory game that two people can play. Just like the old card game, where you flip over cards and try to match them. I want the code to be able to keep track of the score also. Really, any type of game would be great! The code just can't be too simple! Thanks for your help! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in

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    i tried to access memory addresses for example (FCE71) address to read it's contents , i succeeded under win98 using various API functions , but i failed to access it under win2k , so please any one can help me??? ## Deliverables i can understand VB codes and VC++ codes ## Platform win95,win98,win me,winnt,win2k,winxp

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    I would like to have a PDF print driver created, which is customized using the Adobe PDF Transit product [url removed, login to view] allowing my printing customers to create a PDF using this driver (I would set certain settings that the PDF would be created) and when finished creating the PDF it would like to a specified

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    I need source code that can read the following registry entry and retrieve total physical memory. I know phys. memory can be read easier using other methods, but I need it from the registry for my project. This is an undocumented entry in the registry so I need a real wiz to help me. Please don't bid unless you absolutely know how to do this. Also programmer

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    A very low memory usage program that would show: Cpu Speed, FSB, Dram Speed, Multiplyer.. etc etc.. Chipset info And Fan speed and tempatures. (I dont want WMI!!!) And im very fimialar with [url removed, login to view] and ALL of there programs they have on there site, dealing with CPU Info. ## Deliverables Would like it to be where I can take bits and pieces of the

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    Duplicate the program with the following Modifications... ImgList1 .....Make graphics..Icons... about 50 wide by 75 height... (now 32 x 32) I want to use small pictures of my grandkids instead of the Icons this uses.... Would it be better to use external images or put them into the program as done in the example??? Form1 would have to be made larger

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    ...checks if win2k services are running/responding every so many seconds. My problem is that everytime it checks the services something isn't disposed of correctly. The program's memory usage jumps from a few k to 60k+ in a day. I can't figure out what I'm not disposing of. The function w/ the susected leak is checkServices() in the [url removed, login to view] file. If

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    Create a ASP function than given a US zip code and weight will retreive the UPS rates and transit times. Script will use XML to connect to the "UPS Rates and Service Selection", and "UPS Time in Transit" tools at [url removed, login to view] (I need rates from a US zip code to US zip codes only) The ASP function should return a string that has a HTML

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    ...I'm looking for a way to reverse CRC check and a memory check which a program uses. It scans for edited Files, aswell as edited memory(assembly-related). The files it scans are used by the game it's for. Same with the memory. If someone can reverse/bypass this program, letting me modify files/modify memory, and do it fast.. i will be glad to d...

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    ...of Distributed Shared Memory (DSM). Collecting, recording and notifying information from or to local machines forms the underlying design of DSM, which are often adopted in many distributed applications. See attached text file ([url removed, login to view]) for full information. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program in executable form as well

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    Description: The main memory management is described in your textbook. The size of the main memory for your project is 128KB. Processes requests contiguous space in memory in terms of KB units. Initially, the main memory is empty (is not allocated to any processes). When processes request for memory, contiguous space that is large enough to hold the

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    ...permanent storage. send me executable before I accept bid so I can test it first if it works wihtin my specifications ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform win 9x,ie 5.0+ (optional mozilla/linux)

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    ...create additional public members, nor may you remove existing data members or function members (public or private). ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform This is to be used in Uniux, with the g++

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    This program is to show the use of multithreading and to implement message passing through shared memory. The code in each thread that accesses the shared memory is a critical section, and you need to avoid race condition using the pthread library functions ??" pthread_mutex_lock and pthread_mutex_unlock ??" Write a program with three threads ??" reader

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