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    ...Classes’ overall average. Sample Code below: read(k,names,mid,fin); //calls the method read printAverage(mid,fin,tot); //calls the method printAverage public static void read(Scanner k, String [] names, double [] mid, double [] fin) //This method runs a loop that allows the users to input a name, a midterm mark and a final mark. {

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    ...collection classes. • void Add(Ship) o This is the method that allows you to add a ship. o The add method should validate that no ships are overlapping. How you do this is up to you to design. Feel free to discuss it in the forums but do not post code. o If there is a collision this method should throw a suitable exception. • void Clear() o This is

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    ...write same this cod but on different way ASAP?? 10$ import [url removed, login to view]; public class Tictactoe { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) { //initializing board and update array char [][]board = new char [3][3]; char [][]update = new char[3][3]; board = printboard();// method to print

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    ...anymore and in turn people have stopped posting for that reason. My old host, AIT, was suppose to build me a new, non ASP board for a very cheap price, but now they want me to void the contract we signed since their bid was too low. I haven't agreed to do that yet, I first want to see what kind of help I can get here They also seem to be unable to fix

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    ...*known* objects * on the page -- it's a simple array of {page, x, y, width, height} objects. These * objects should be filtered out from the object detection results **/ void process(String pdfFilename, String jsonFilename) { pdf = openAndRead(pdfFileName); json - openAndRead(jsonFileName); for each page "p" in pdf { image = pdf

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    Make (open source): CLASS: User32Dll4J METHOD: void postMessage(String windowTitle, int absX, int absY) Using open source JNA library.

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    ...ancestor of nounA and nounB // in a shortest ancestral path (defined below) public String sap(String nounA, String nounB) // do unit testing of this class public static void main(String[] args) } You can continue to read the text afterwards to find details for each of them. 2. What will be the sample input? You can find sample input in the

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    ...templated class called Set that will use LinkedBag as a data member to be a “has a” implementation. The Set will have the following public functions: int getCurrentSize() void isEmpty() bool add(const ItemType& newEntry) bool remove(const ItemType& anEntry) The above Set functions will invoke the data member LinkedBag. Note: there are no

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    ...prev; return node; } // prints content of double linked list void printList(Node node) { while (node != null) { [url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view] + " "); node = [url removed, login to view]; } } public static void main(String[] args) { LinkedList list = ne...

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    Tipster Andorid App Ended

    ...and VIP Tips I want banner for my website (design 5 simple banners to change between them for the same site). - Instead of free word I want to write the outcome (win – lose - void) or pending if the game hasn’t play yet (I’ll update those manually). - I need setting to make options to be able or disable push notification when post new tips (once a day)

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    Mpos solution Scope of Work: 1. m-POS application (both mobile & server side), used for following use cases: a) Sale b) VOID c) Balance Inquiry d) Settlement e) Cash back / Cash advance 2. All above use cases are based on Card Present scenario only. 3. Mobile application: Android platform only, including SDK to m-POS enable 3rd party

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    ...developer and designer to take our current web platform and recreate it to match leading websites. We have done this with a large amount of success before and look to fill the void left by our departing team member. The commitment is ongoing but will allow you to work on other projects during this time. Compensation will be fair. The company will ask your

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    Java GUI Project Ended

    ...classes should implement an interface called DrawingObject. The DrawingObject interface should contain the following abstract methods: void draw( Graphics2D g2d, AffineTransform reset ) // for drawing the object void animate() // for animating it Write these three (3) classes that implement the DrawingObject interface: Square This class will

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    Mobile pos Ended

    ...Apache 3. MySql 4. Card payments 5. Android app development Mpos Scope of Work:  1.  m-POS application (both mobile & server side), used for following use cases: a)  Sale b)  VOID c)  Refund d)  Settlement  e)  Cash back / Cash advance 2.  All above use cases are based on Card Present scenario only. ...

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    ...(it) already, just increase the quantity of the corresponding item, otherwise add (it) as a new item */ void purchase_item(struct Transaction* tr, Item it); /* 4- remove_item removes the item (it) from the transaction (tr) if it exists.*/ void remove_item(struct Transaction* tr, Item it); /* 5- calc_total takes a transaction and returns the total

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    ...// Encoder connect to digitalpin 2 and 3 on the Arduino. volatile unsigned int counter = 0; //This variable will increase or decrease depending on the rotation of encoder void setup() { [url removed, login to view] (9600); pinMode(2, INPUT); // set pin to input pinMode(3, INPUT); // set pin to input digitalWrite(2, HIGH); // turn

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    ...Main() [url removed, login to view]: contains the hash-based counting structure [url removed, login to view]: read words from the file Write a get(String w), put(String w, int count), and void print() method. The containsKey() method is finished, do not change that. Use dictionary d = new HashDict()(you will have to uncomment it); Comment out HashMap<String,Integer&g...

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    ...and all other required data. The ultimate goal is the c# application must generate the same output JAVA application generates. The code JAVA code is as follows: protected void init() { byte[] key = getPlatformHook().generateKey(getSeedFile()); [url removed, login to view] = new byte[32]; [url removed, login to view] = new byte[[url removed, login to view] - th...

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    ...only 1 or 2 dollar to register on our system, but we need check and authorize the amount of $ (the amount which the member will pay after the trial period end) and immediately void it, so that the member will not notice that our system tried charge his card before the trial period. To summarize the project: - Our problem: some members registered for

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    ...=operator,and methods to query the private class members. file: [url removed, login to view]: contains the implementation of the class link . file: acquireLinks.h: contains the function signature: void acquireLinks(vector<link> &links) . file: [url removed, login to view] : in this file you will implement the function acquireLinks to read links data from a file. A perfect e...

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