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    ...every country looks towards some form of tourism to help boost their economy. Tourist brings money into the country which boost a wide varieties of business and increases the GDP of a country. The Art which provides many different forms of entertainment s a significant part of industry. Tourism can bring into the country foreign investors who just come

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    I am working on a project on medical image reconstruction. My work is to plot the light inten...light intensity with the detector position placed on a circle boundary. For this I have to solve the Photon diffusion equation using Finite element method for the value of light intensity. I have attached here the diffusion equation and the other documents.

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    Refer attached diagram. Need an equation for W in terms of d, k , T, L, x k = Length d = Length T = tension of the wire rope L = Length of the boom x = Angle of the boom Real world values will be substituted to d, k, x, T, L , Should be able to get an answer for W .

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    16 bids[login to view URL] . Lastly i want to add a trading strategy to see if

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    I have a preprocessed monthly data of 11 columns. which are not dependent on each other. multiple time series i.e need the output of all the variables at the same timestamp. need a forecast for future 12 months with interactive plots. contact me if you really know how to deal with multiple time series.

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    Hi, Need to Translate simple equation into Matlab or Python Code from CSV file. Need to write a script in Matlab/Python code to compute mathematical equation which is just differences between the cells from multiple Excel files. Details in chat with instruction and CSV file.

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    ...Department Course Trailer: [login to view URL] Course Link: [login to view URL]

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    I have a preprocessed multivariant dataset with 11 independent variables. which are not dependent on each other(11 independent columns with the same timestamp) need a forecast for rolling 1 year with interactive plots. need the seasonality and trends of the variables. code should be in python notebook.

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    ...CFO Core Responsibilities to include: Overall risk management for company Oversee, manage and execute any future fundraising or M&A activity Develop financial plans and forecasting through budgets and business plan process Conduct regular treasury reviews with particular focus on currency management to ensure that material risks are mitigated Prepare

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    I am editing a book which has several pages of equations. I need these formatted in MS Word equation editor 2 pages total, see attached Text will need to be transcribed too. Only the text shown.

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    Looking for way to create productivity and forecasting model in excel based on current help desk tickets. Fixed staff members, fixed cost per hour of staff, fixed SLA for delivery. Need to know where hours are going, do we have enough staff or do we have capacity issue. Can feed export of support desk tickets into excel

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    ...a lateral shift to the right we don’t want to disrupt the swing plane. One suggestion or possible approach is to transform the swing plane into an equation and measure the variation to that equation. Note: this is an idea, we are open to different methods the Contractor sees fit to measure the efficiency of the swing plane. Ultimately the output

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    I need to fore...load of a city . I have the data since last 10 years . my features are load,teperature, humidity and if it helps , wind . i want to forecast in differenet long term load forecasting methods and then copmare them which one is more successful . it is important for me to get small error rate so if it is not, optimization will be needed .

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    I have a preprocessed time series dataset which consists of 11 independent features which are not correlated . just need to fit the models and get the forecasts for the rolling year

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    I have a dataset that shows price points. I am looking to ascertain what the price point should be for the next pack size. Example: Pack S1 53.06 Pack S2...anyone help use linear regression to give me the best price point. The spreadsheet has 600 rows of data and contains some other variables that need to be considered when forecasting the price.

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    To validate the Abaqus software result with a mathematical equation. Compose the equations of the model for deflection and stress with detailed explanation along with shear force and bending moment diagrams.

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    ...Bachelor’s degree in finance, operations, research, statistics, math, economics, or related analytical discipline preferred Financial management experience with planning, forecasting, and business analysis; prior experience as an advisor to or executive at an early-stage company a plus Advanced Excel proficiency. 3+ years of practical experience of using

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    ...and their related excess functions (L_f^E, V_f^E, ?_i^E , ZE ) were evaluated. Each set of these excess or deviation properties has been fitted to Redlich- Kister polynomial equation to determine the coefficients and the standard errors. Further the variations of these properties with composition have been used to interpret the nature and extent of intermolecular

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    Project about culstering dataset forecasting

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    I have a mtlab code for solving transcendental equation using bisection method but my problem is I have to make method for determining upper and lower point in order to plot figures

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    Please check the attached PDF file. The deadline is in 24 hours or less. Please, only bid if you understand the topic and you are serious. It is for me to predict the stock market rate for a spesific company so that I can take a decision to buy the stocks or not.

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    strategy planning and budgeting and forecasting, product management

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    I need article on product planning - tips on how to go about product budgeting and forecasting. Its management planning article.

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    ...optimise the machining parameters using optimisation tools. I have input parameters values and output parameter results. So based on the results I get regression equation, with the use of that equation only multi optimisation to be done. So if anyone have knowledge in both mechanical and matlap may fit for it. Use any multi objective techniques (ANN, PSO,

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    I want anyone can teach me the concept of wave the concept of wave propagation in a solid media. In general, if I excited a surface of solid, how the wave propagates into the solid. I may need to understand the wave equation and sound speed. Also the concept of Fourier transformation to describe the progressive wave into the solid. thanks

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    14 bids persons Shi square..G-Test, T-test MANCOVA, ACOVA Probit, Logit, Multinomial Logit, ..etc 3)compare the results and recommend the best model and create a prediction equation for the dependent factor having all the constant coefficients. Milestone three: 1) to write up a report describing all the work done and create dashboards for the presentation

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    Develop r code based on excel algorithm - code should read data from either bloomberg IMF or from dataset provided for a number of countries and calculate econometric risk factors defined. Should be user friendly to allow for easy changes to inputs, weightings. Graphs to be plotted with animations on future projected changes to risk factors as calculated for selected countries.

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    ...people to travel abroad and sell our products. we will cover all the costs involved for the team that will be hired (plane expense, visa, accommodation). We will agree on an equation for payment that is made of a low regular retainer in addition to commission based compensation. The person applying should have already demonstrated an extraordinary talent

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    ...and how this model is good and what are the bad points of this model. • show the 10% significance predictors and the 5% significance predictors of each model. • shows the equation of each model and when applied on our data what would be the constant values for the coefficients. • lastly, the report from the comparison of the models should state the

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    You will need to edit English text of an article written for a science journal. The article is about numerical solution to Stefan problem (partial differential equation ). Subjects: Maths. The article will be provided in PDF as well as in Word file. You will need to edit Word file in Track-Changes mode and return the edited Word file. There is no

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    ...Products - A low stock report, and notification will need to be sent to purchasing. Run rates, and lead time on delivery to make sure we get the items in stock and quick. Sale forecasting - Be able to forecast sales across our SKU’s, run rates and when we will have to email the supplier for a new order. Return system - Be able to give a customer a front

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    Help to explain about business forecasting , example if a sample ACF and PACF plot of a series is given,. Appraise the patterns and judge which ARIMA model fit the series. Help to show how to perform top down reconciliation hierarchy forecasting etc.

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    Analysis of sales data over time period to forecast weekly sales (revenue & quantity) including projected price sensitivity for potential price increases.

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    We are looking for a system (formula) which can forecast future results based on historic data. Quarterly results of...results of listed companies are to be forecasted using their own historic data of previous 16-20 quarters (4 -5 years data) Data will be provided and also the tabs for forecasting. Please do not use the forecast function on Excel.

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    ...records and hundreds of data points. We need to develop a report from this data using data analysis. We'll need to take the data points in the dataset in order to be used for forecasting and predictive analysis so will need to create algorithms that can be used to facilitate this. We may also then need to provide a prototype to demonstrate to the client

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    We require a statistics writer that can cater to the following requirements. -Modelling -Forecasting -Writing Technical Report. Work required urgently. Details will be shared with candidates.

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    I need someone good with Python to write solver for Lagrange equation.

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    ...and how this model is good and what are the bad points of this model. • show the 10% significance predictors and the 5% significance predictors of each model. • shows the equation of each model and when applied on our data what would be the constant values for the coefficients. • lastly, the report from the comparison of the models should state the

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    ...ARIMA model on the remaining observations of the logreturns. 6.4. Do forecasting for last 10 observations and report the accuracy of the model in the report. 6.5. You are supposed to show the entire procedure involved in fitting the suitable ARIMA model (along with diagnostics), forecasting the model, and checking the accuracy of the model....

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    ...ARIMA model on the remaining observations of the logreturns. 6.4. Do forecasting for last 10 observations and report the accuracy of the model in the report. 6.5. You are supposed to show the entire procedure involved in fitting the suitable ARIMA model (along with diagnostics), forecasting the model, and checking the accuracy of the model....

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    ...Automation • Security • Integrations • Mobile Notifications • Sales Reports • Trend Analytics • Forecasting • Territory Management • Account Management • Event Integration • Advanced Data Security • Account Management • Opportunity Management • Sales Forecasting • Call/Video Logging • Quotes • Contract...

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    ...people think that buying overseas is a huge percentage of our money goes and the money leaves the country. Where the real issue is that buying from China is only 2.3% of the US GDP. It is really a smaller amount. Whereas the bigger problem is that many companies products are somewhat made in America because they bring parts in and assemble in US and all

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    ...extension to my code to create an accurate regression model of these data points i.e. (least squares, nonlinear regression, autoregressive, etc) that can also be used for forecasting future sunspot numbers. The one you chose should be based on goodness of fit and minimizing error. The error in the fit should be calculated and printed. Outlier points in

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    I want to do forecasting using seasonal ARIMA for Summer vacations weekend public days a specific months using Python

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    The current R script gives the best fit equation for one individual data set (production vs Time) in spotfire, actually the best fit is given when the user select a data set. It is required to update the script to do the following: 1. Run automatically for all data sets (+300). Storage the best fit parameters in a results table in spotfire 2. Use the

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    I would like to have a forecast prepared in excel. I would provide variables.

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    ...guarantee any credit. 3. The report should including the discussions of the scatter diagram, regression equation, test for significant relationship, coefficient of determination, correlation coefficient, interpretation of the slope of the regression equation, 95% prediction interval and the 95% confidence interval of the mean sales price given mileage.

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    ...coworking facilities -- IF YOU DO NOT KNOW COWORKING DO NOT BID -- and forecasting probable insurance premium totals. I need you to create an excel workbook that can aggregate these totals and be flexible for change 1.) Use Excel to create formulas and functions to use for forecasting 2.) There are 77 professions with avg premium size; I want to be able

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    ...last one you need to type) • Text outside of margins is not necessary • Formatting:  Justified  Use bullets and numbering to mark and number questions  For equations, use equation editor and cambria math font  OCR software will not work in this case ( trust me!)  for images and graphs, use screenshots. Tables must be created. • You need to be able

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