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    Introduce: this is a short video for marketing our App brand, Target: Landscape “(XXX)” is the description, not the subtitles. How much do you think to read a book at least? (lots of thoughts: book price phone in a offline BookStore, or in Kindle reader online store....) Ehn, $15, $25, or probably $10 at least. Or, I can buy a monthly membership with $9.99. (Screenshot video of App) but No, not here, I need only $0.01 or several cents to start read any chapter of one book. I can read the other chapters from other books if I don’t like the one which I already started reading. And thousands of audiobooks can be listened by cents per chapters as well. Come and start reading here! (QR code and website of App, two videos with the same content, but wit...

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    I need to edit this php project or create a new one with my requirements. WHAT I NEED: 1. me manually add users and have the table contain this data: -User -Email -Add expiration days (When expires that user should be automatically deleted) -Show registration date -Show remaining days -Option to add more days or to delete user WHAT DO I NEED IT FOR: Then I will send a query to the MySQL database to get: -Days remaining -User -Email ---------This you should not do it, it is only an explanation of the use that I will give it after finished.-------

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    Hi there, I have a startup business website. I wanted to have few requirements from the legal advisor - * Terms n Conditions Page * Privacy Policy Page * Any other legal documents or registration required if any. Thanks

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    Swap Trading Tool Page Project Requirements: 1. Integrate 1Inch multichain aggregator swap api with income from fees 2. Short sell orders function 3. Limit buy and sell orders function 4. Stop loss orders function 5. P2P swap function 6. UI similar to 1inch UI 7. Full code documentation 8. Testnet testing 9. Edits and fixes 10. Live launch

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    C++ Project 1 day left

    1 Project Create a C++ project. Copy the C++ source files into the project. 2 Reading in Xml • Read in XML from using the rapidxml.h library. • Put the XML content into the classes Bookstore,Category,Book. Make them form a Hierarchy. • Write a routine that prints the output on bottom. • Write a visitor that prints the output on bottom and apply it. • Write a visitor that sums up the prices in the category “web”. Show the result. Please ignore TreeView Requires project to be completed within 6 hours

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    -Prepare related design docs, product requirement document, prepare presentation; -Get a clear picture of product's requirements, make the necessary changes as needed, and explore the capabilities of your product; --Analysis of appropriate requirements and production processes; -Maintain awareness of current design trends and implications. Clarification and resolution of design problems;

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    I am a new general contractor business owner and have lots of questions about what the requirements are in this heavily regulated industry.

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    PS :- TOPIC TITLE CAN BE DECIDED BY YOU, but you must confirm it to me before you take up the project. PS 2 :- PREFER INDIANS ONLY!! PS3 :- MUST BE SOMEWHAT RELATED TO LAW OR SOCIAL ISSUES IN INDIA deadline is within 6h Budget 2000 INR max plagiarism must be low Dear All, This is to inform all the students that a research proposal is to be made in the Format mentioned below. 1. Introduction ( context and general background) of Literature 3. Statement of research problem 4. Objectives question Research methodology : Collection (Identification of material and cases etc ) - sources change as per kind of research one goes with 7. Data analysis ( content analysis , case study, meta analysis, content analysis, systematic review etc) 8. Conclusion 9. References/Bibliography

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    Need to create a Library Data Management System, Have 2 parts, including ER Diagram and also, database.

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    Need the one who can gather good English motivational quotes from social media and handle it to me at least 100. INR 300

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    Hi, Banao Tec...provider organisation. We provide Web/App services as well as Marketing services. The project requirement document is provided below. This project needs to be completed by today (16/11/2022) at 04.00 PM. The offer is Rs.700-Rs 1000 per video. Any submissions made after 08.00 PM will not be provided any remuneration. This task is provided with limited time but we do not want any subpar work. If you are providing us with quality content within this time, we have another offer as well. You will be selected as a freelance Motion Graphics Designer for our organisation with a pay range between 10k-15k per project. The daily time commitment here would be between 2-3 hrs. daily. Thanks

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    Reporting to the Director of Membership, this individual will be primarily responsible for managing a portfolio of bookstore member accounts, specifically in the Midwest region; managing ABA’s event registrations, including workshops, webinars, and ABA’s ShopTalk program, in addition to our annual Winter Institute and Children’s Institute conferences; as well as providing other administrative and database-related support to the Membership department. The ideal candidate has previous experience in the bookselling industry and is devoted to supporting the mission of indie bookstores everywhere; is detail-oriented; highly organized; has strong written and verbal communication skills; comfort with databases and technology; the ability to meet deadlines; a sense of humo...

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    Hello, looking after an expert developer or team to build a simple but powerful website that follow the next requirements: - Must use the latest technology of most of the following: PHP, Laravel, CSS, MySQL, API, PWA compatible; - Must have a clean and modern UX and design of the pages; - Must be lighting fast and responsive on all devices; - Must have a frontend and an administration backend; - Must have a powerful SEO capabilities for the entire website; - Must have a PageSpeed and a GTMetrix ranking above 80 (Desktop and Mobile); - Must respect the guidelines from the document attached below; Thank you for reading and bidding!

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    Foruli Flourish and Balbus Blotts owns a popular bookstore on Diagon Alley called Flourish & Blotts Bookstore. They would like to know how the store profited last year. They want to know the total profits, average profit per month, the most profitable month, the least profitable month, and also the quarterly profits. They would like their results to be printed to the screen, but also to a text file that they get to name themselves. SPECIFICATIONS: ⦁ You must have a minimum of three arrays: ⦁ profit array – holds the profit amount for each month. Each month is an element in this array. ⦁ monthNames array – holds the name of each month – you may initialize this array at the top of the main function. ⦁ quarterlyProfit array – holds the total pr...

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    You are a software engineer at a software development firm that works mainly with small businesses. Your company is about to start a new software project that will help manage the operations of an independent specialty bookstore, and you will be tasked by the project lead and directly involved with the client. After an initial meeting, you learn that the client is particularly interested in having the software help her in the areas of inventory management and customer relationship management. Identify three key transactions that will be performed by that system and translate each of these transactions into both flowcharts and pseudocode.

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    Hi All I need blockchain website and wallet developer. Please ping if you have relevant experience with details Thank you

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    Hi NovaStudios, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Business requirements document & user experience design & front end development by html. For bidding platform as the link:

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    I want to develop a digital solution to launch a new business. I need a specialist to develop a deliverable (a document)... that I can give to one or more development platform specialists so they can review it to determine if some low/no code platform (, Appgyver, Appypie, Flutter, Squarespace, Big Commerce, Shopify, WordPress / WooCommerce etc.) can be a suitable development platform for my needs. This first project does not require someone who is a specialist in all of the above low/no code platforms - this project requires only that a person be capable of developing a business/functional requirements document/deliverable that can be used by individual platform specialists, to understand my needs and to supply estimates about developing my solution on their respe...

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    Sealed NDA
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    Review the requirement spec and we will do all the detailed work. This is Google Docs work, and we will review your work. It's more important for you to review the bid and make sure we meet all the requirements. Budget is $10-40

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    Project involves understanding current inventory of handicap/accessible 100+ parking spaces, reviewing 100 page federal government agency guidelines for medical campus, and comparing against State of North Carolina guidelines. Issue report of compliance and non compliance of invesntory against federal and state guidelines/ Must be detailed , good reader, strong analyst, and good report writer using charts and english languuage Work to be completed in 30 to 45 days

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    We are looking to ramp up our digital marketing to acquire new clients. We can provide database of phone numbers and email ids for potential clients and we'd like to target them directly. Someone with an expertise in target marketing through social media such as tik tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

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    Need web application programmer especially php to implement validation requirements In picture Prooject specification: This project aims to implement an online babysitting platform for connecting parents with Babysitters. The following two users are involved in the application: 1-check from database if there offers excepted, if yes prevent the parent from edit/ cancel the request 2-condition that enable parent reviewing babysitter after end of service 3-set period time to the request, if there is no response from the parent to accept or reject the request, the request will closed or canceled 4-check from database if there is conflict in requests time, if yes prevent babysitter from accept any new request

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    Use html, css and javascript ONLY to create a website. Requirements: Browser: The latest releases for any of these: Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Assume a browser that has been released in the past 2 years to a mobile device. develop/design their work to be a mobile rst design, then desktop with media queries that follow the responsive design pattern Must use CSS extensively. Do not use HTML tables to structure your website's pages. Use bootstrap HTML pages you need to have: 1 (one) Website should be visually appealing using the latest CSS standards and practices. You should uses images, good CSS and purposeful javascript that does useful things. CSS Requirements a. Must use at least 10 descendent selectors. b. Must use at least 10 unique adjacent...

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    1、 Article must not be less than 2000 words; 2、 3 related keywords must appear once in the article; 3、Articles need to add FAQs related to the title and related to wholesale, import, product selection, etc;This part of the description should not exceed 400 words Remarks: The main content is written around the title, the direction of the main content can refer to the content of the article ranked on the homepage of the Google search title, and the sub-title content is written around the common questions of users such as wholesale, import, and product selection related to the title to write original content; 4、The article needs to add at least one image related to the content;

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    Hello, I have 1 more client with multiple digital marketing requirements I need your help for: - GMB for SEO - 8x Blogs - SEO (40 Keywords) - 3x Google Ads Management - 2x Facebook Ads Management

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    Project is based on C#. Needed new report Functionality

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    1. Able to create AR experiences with video, 3D and info 2. Able to use in Web AR interface 3. Great quality of photorealism on models (NO ugly materials) 4. Experience on AR projects 5. Able to use 3D object recognition and icons or instructions during the experience 6. Able to animate elements on experience like arrows, notes, icons..

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    I want the ESP32 to work in deep sleep mode. 1) What I want is the following: with only one momentary button (obviously this one that is connected to a gpio wake up pin) to switch between two tasks. Pressing once the momentary button to send A data (this is the task "A") and pressing again to send B data (task "B") , if press again send A data, and so on. (for example sending data to another ESP32-receiver) After the task, the ESP32 must be deep sleeping. 2) Moreover , when the ESP32 resets (lose its power supply and gets it back) I want the ESP32 to send again (without pressing the button) what it did in last time before the power cut off, for example if last time had sent the data A, before the power cut, now after the ESP32 gets again back the power, to send the...

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    I want a personalised Andy Warhol type image of me either as a single or 4 part presentation as shown in the graphics file with the information regarding the event in 5 lines beneath ie date place dress code etc to be supplied after concept agreed to

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    Hi Hamza R., I would like to hire you to regularly source 1000 qualified products for our animal site and others as directed, make sure they each get approved and then uploading them onto the site with a perfect English a SEO and Pictures.

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    You have been approached by a local council to design a mural with the purpose of activating an unused space on the outside wall of a shop. Choose between two themes: Dragon’s Nest Boardgame Cafe Little Squid’s Children’s Bookstore Your mural must feature at least one character, be relevant to the content and tone of voice indicated by the store name and cannot feature existing franchises. You should aim to tell a story with your mural concept. final mural illustration 410x210mm 300DPI (procreate/ photoshop file to be sent) No typography, lettering or fonts, this is purely image illustration. If able to complete before 28/10/2022 be best, or latest by 29/10/2022. Will pay more if done quickly. The Illustration does not have to be super complicated, enough ...

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    We already have an XSLT template, it formats our data the way we want it, but we need to make changes to the template as we require the data to be formatted differently.

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    Use any of the 2 provided image (No 1 preferred) and edit the same as per below - Edit the image to look like a shot taken at night. - A moon should be added on the top with stars. (Moon should be big in size.) - The edit must look realistic - Image should be square sized. I am trying to use the edited image for a Spotify song image so extra text will need to be added later onto the image such as song name etc keep some space. As a reference - The name of the song is 'Chand se Baat' which is about a conversation of a kid / adult with the moon right from him childhood about his dreams and aspirations.

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    40 hours per week @ $100 Australia dollars then revised again. Must have experience in Policy and Procedure writing. Meeting regulations in Australia. Great writing skills and Australian English.

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    Project is based on vb.NET. Needed few additional Functionalities. Doesn't require much of your time.

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    This programming task covers the external sort (see ) the application implemented in a single node shared memory multi-threaded approach. You can use any Linux system for your development, but you must make sure it compiles and runs correctly on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 with GCC version 11.2. The performance evaluation should be done on your own computer in a Linux environment. Your sorting application could read a large file and sort it in place (your program should be able to sort larger than memory files, also known as external sort). You must generate your input data by gensort, which you can find more information about at You will need four datasets of different sizes: 1GB, 4GB, 16GB, and 64GB.

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    I am looking for someone who has experience helping small business setup for service-oriented businesses.

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    This programming task covers the external sort (see ) the application implemented in a single node shared memory multi-threaded approach. You can use any Linux system for your development, but you must make sure it compiles and runs correctly on Ubuntu Linux 22.04 with GCC version 11.2. The performance evaluation should be done on your own computer in a Linux environment. Your sorting application could read a large file and sort it in place (your program should be able to sort larger than memory files, also known as external sort). You must generate your input data by gensort, which you can find more information about at You will need four datasets of different sizes: 1GB, 4GB, 16GB, and 64GB.

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    we need to modify an open source quiz platform in php to match our requirements, like changing the import format of questions, adding timer to quiz screen, test reporting. More features to be changed will be discussed later on.

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    I need simple CRUD application where i add university, class, subject and chapter with questions and asnwers in admin panel with login and add simple users at admin side. And need just one simple landing page where i will just select university, class, subject and chapter on this basis i get all the questions. Technology stack PHP, MySQL and Codeigniter 3 or 4. More info required just ping me i will give more details.

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    Please, read carefully; We currently have a banking platform, used to send and recieve money by customers. This platform has now been transfered and updated to Lavarel this week. Your job will be as follows; 1.) Log into the admin follow the document 2.) Register and set up all the available payment gateways 3.)...each customer with both their username and password (the template email and company email address will be provided for you to use). Please, note as this is finance and private information. This would not be a bulk email but e-mails one by one. 8.) Test and set up all the other sections of the platform to make sure all is working properly. I will also put you in touch with the developer of the website and developer general document/guide so if you have any questions. He...

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    I need an US representative to take responsibility of my business to handle setup procedure of my company. Interested person contact me.

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    ...operability to maintain existing software solutions. • You will work within a team, collaborate and add value through participation in peer code reviews, provide comments and suggestions, work with cross functional teams to achieve goals. • You will assume technical accountability for your specific work products within an application and provide technical support during solution design for new requirements. • You will be encourage to actively look for innovation and continuous improvement, efficiency in all assigned tasks. Desired Candidate Profile • Bachelor's degree in Science/IT/Computing or equivalent • 2-4 years of experience in writing software code in at least one programming language • 2-4 years of knowledge in PowerBuilder o Data wind...

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    We want to shift our 5 years old Opencart e-commerce bookstore to WooCommerce platform for performance reasons. Our site has very heavy traffic and now our company wants to scale up the business by shifting the software platform. We have more than 7000 products on our site, which will soon increase to 15,000 products. WooCommerce EXPERTS with more than 3 years experience exclusively on WooCommerce and having handled large projects should only bid. Experience of shifting from some other platform to WooCommerce is a must to map the existing URLs.

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    Hi Westsiders, I have a base packaged Magento bookstore theme I would like to have customized and enhanced. In addition to the Magento packaged theme, I also have the HTML5 files for it. I am looking for a design that will disrupt all other bookstores with an innovative approach to selling books. Do you do Magento Theme development? We can discuss any details over chat.

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