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    ...the database through the website. Search Feature: Users should be able to search for items using their in-house product code (e.g., FIX001). The website will search the database and display the item along with details such as stock count and a picture. Stock Management: Interactive buttons for "Goods in" and "Goods out" to update stock levels directly through the interface. User Interface: The GUI must be user-friendly, catering to production staff with varying levels of tech expertise. Database: All item data will be stored securely in a database. Regular backup capabilities are essential. Data Analysis: An analysis tab should be available, displaying all items and featuring a search bar for easy access. This tab will also allow for basic analysis, such as t...

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    ...and usage guidelines. Prepare reports on the system's performance and limitations. Desired Skills: Proficiency in image processing and computer vision. Strong experience with OpenCV and its core functionalities. Ability to write efficient and clean code in the programming language of choice that supports OpenCV. Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work independently. Experience with GUI development for image processing applications is a plus. Deliverables: A fully functional image processing application that meets the project requirements. Comprehensive documentation of the code, setup, and operational guidelines. A final report detailing the methodology, testing processes, and performance metrics. This project is ideal for developers who are passionate about com...

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    ...AutoHotkey is a powerful and flexible scripting language for Windows that allows you to create scripts for automating keystrokes and mouse clicks. You can write a script to focus the application window, enter login credentials, and press the login button, effectively automating the login process. 3. SikuliX SikuliX is a scripting/automation technology that uses image recognition to identify and control GUI components. It's particularly useful when you need to interact with applications that do not expose their internal or source elements. SikuliX can "see" the login fields and buttons on the screen, allowing you to script the login process by finding and interacting with these elements. 4. PyAutoGUI (Python) PyAutoGUI is a Python library for programmatically cont...

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    I am seeking a proficient developer capable of designing a graphical user interface (GUI) or website to utilize Coinbase's Wallet API features for Bitcoin transactions that will be compatible with Windows. Project Specifics: - The main function of the interface is to perform the basic buy/sell operations of Bitcoin transactions. - Experience in integrating various APIs, especially Coinbase's Wallet API, is essential. - Familiarity with cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, is beneficial, but not compulsory. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in working with Windows-based GUI or Web development. - Knowledge and experience with APIs integration, preferably Coinbase's Wallet API. - Understanding of cryptocurrency transactions, especially Bitcoin. -PHP, Python, C#, or ...

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    Game Table Creation Using GUI 5 days left

    I'm in need of a game developer to help me create a game table using graphical user interface (GUI). Coding will be provided to make the table. The game type and features are to be determined in collaboration with the developer, however, I envision a fun and interactive game with a visually appealing and easy-to-use interface. Key Responsibilities: - Collaborating on the type of game to be developed. - Designing and implementing an intuitive and engaging GUI. - Ensuring the game is compatible with a range of platforms for user accessibility. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in game development and GUI design. - Experience in creating interactive and engaging games. - Familiarity with developing for multiple platforms. - Strong communication skills and ...

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    I am in need of a proficient VBA and Excel Macros expert to develop a simple, yet efficient invoice/billing application. Key Features: - Generation of invoices from input data. - Tracking and calculation facility for totals. - Maintaining a robust database for customers and invoices generated. Interface Requirements: - The GUI should be straightforward and user-friendly, allowing quick input, management, and retrieval of information. Data Handling: - The application should exploit Excel capabilities for the storage and manipulation of all the data, including customer and invoice records. Ideal Skills & Experience: - VBA and Excel Macros expertise. - Experience in creating user-friendly GUIs in Excel. - Able to develop robust database systems in Excel. - Knowledge of f...

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    39 bids predict forest is caught fire or not fire based on the user inputs from the gui. My current project model is not perfectly working for both conditions. you have to enhance the existing model or new model , to make this work for both fire and not fire conditions based on my datasets given as reference. you can use any of this four datasets, according to your comfort in the project and train the model. but while testing the inputs on gui , it should predict accurate values for all the 4 dataset values for values from these 4 data sets randomly for testing. Your model should work for all these 4 data sets. You have to test the inputs on GUI using my datasets, and send a video like attached in the resources to predict

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can design and implement a graphical user interface (GUI) overlay for omxplayer in Raspberry Pi. We are using raspberry pi omxplayer for playing video files. Needs to overlay images and text on top of that omxplayer. The image needs to be supported jpeg, png and a transparent background. For text, it needs to be like some static text to be displayed and also needs some scrolling functions for that text.

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    Frontend HTML and Javascript developer for frames/second GUI

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    ...the Polygon blockchain using Python. The core feature is: - Token Swapping MATIC/ABC token on Uniswap - Use Uniswap Universal Router suppoting V3 version. - Buy(purchasing abc with matic), sell (matic with abc). The code is to check the balances of matic and abc token in metamask's personal wallet before and after buy (or sell). - Monitored and recorded on polygon scanner after the action. - GUI, no site required. Only python code. - Python version should be , Web3 version is recommended as 5.29.0. I'm in need of a developer who is proficient in Polygon blockchain technology, Python programming, and who is well-versed in cryptocurrency transactions. The ideal candidate would have prior experience in designing, implementing, and launching blockchain applicati...

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    I need a Senior Dart / Flutter Developer to create a fully operational and multi-platform GUI for our CLI application. The GUI should be compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Key Requirements: - Senior-level experience in Dart / Flutter development - Proficiency in creating multi-platform user interfaces Main Functionalities: -Graphical interface for our existing CLI app -Full integration with our CLI middleware -Additional error and notification handling -Additional caching an storage not available directly in our CLI The ideal candidate should have a solid background in multi-platform development and be able to design a user-friendly and efficient GUI for our CLI application. Strong communication skills and the ability to work independently are a plus ...

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    Develop a Managment game 3 days left

    I need someone to develop a managment game in Unity. I can provide most of the asset that are needed. Develop a game similar to “Business Magnate” and “Game Dev Tycoon” but in 3D. Main points that must do: • GUI. I can provide a GUI asset • Options (Sound, resolution, etc) • Input system. A can provide “Rewired” asset • Build system. I Will provide the models • Research system. • Production. Very simply, similar to “Business Magnate” • Sell system. Very simple, similar to “Business Magnate” or “Game Dev Tycoon”

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    ...of various programming languages. The best-suited language for this task will be your decision. - Significant experience in machine learning, specifically in the realm of deep learning is essential. You will be working on incorporating a deep learning model, hence prior experience in the same will be a huge asset. - Expertise in developing Graphical User Interface is necessary, as I envision a GUI for this application. Background in user-experience design for desktop software is highly desirable. By the end of this project, I expect a fully operational desktop application that includes a deep learning model and boasts a clean and easy-to-use graphical user interface. I am looking forward to working with a freelancer who is equal parts proficient and communicative, and feels co...

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    I need an experienced python developer with understanding of stepper motors control to correct the bugs in my exi...functioning as expected and requires professional handling. Key areas to look at include: - Handling of the plotting routine on the tkinter GUI: The challenge is in creating a reliable routine that can present data accurately. In addition, I would like to enhance the tkinter GUI with: - Basic plotting capabilities: Enable the GUI to generate simple, accurate graphs utilizing data input. - Interactive plot controls: Seize full control over the graphs generated, such as zoom in, zoom out and panning options. The ideal candidate for this project should have a strong background in Python programming, experience in stepper motor control, and have worked ...

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    ...Dataset: Attached with dummy products (I'll share the official one after awarding). It's 735 entries two-column dataset where the first column contains the 'company's products names'. The second column contains many different descriptions. For descriptions associated with 'n/a' in the dataset, indicating the absence of a corresponding product in our portfolio. Language: the dataset is in spanish. GUI: final POV most have graphic interface -- not command line. Web page must contain a text box and hit button. We'll simply paste a product description like "Fórmulas suplementarias pediátricas de 900 grs. aproximadamente" and it should reply with the product name. Hosting and coding: it should be hosted anywhere in t...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Qt developer based in Chennai for two primary tasks: 1. GUI design and development 2. Application logic implementation As a seasoned professional, the developer should be proficient in the integration of third-party libraries. They will be working on creating a Linux-based application, hence experience in developing applications for Linux is essential. Ideal skills and experience include: - Expert-level knowledge of Qt framework - Proficient in GUI design and development - Solid understanding of application logic implementation - Familiarity with integration of third-party libraries - Extensive experience developing for Linux platform The end goal is to have a robust, efficient, and user-friendly application that fulfills our specific n...

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    I am seeking a proficient Python developer who has hands-on exp...creating desktop applications. This project focuses on building an application for GUI creation and scripting which should be compatible with any Python framework. The skills and experience needed for this project include: - Proven Python programming skills - Specific experience in Tkinter or any python framework, which is the preferred framework for this project - Comprehensive understanding of creating desktop apps including GUIs and scripts While the application should be compatible with any Python framework. Your ability to problem solve, code efficiently, and understand software compatibility will be crucial to this role. By the end of this project, we aim to have a fully functional, user-friendly GUI an...

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    PHP To-Do List App 2 days left

    I am seeking a skilled PHP developer to construct a to-do list creator. The completed solution needs to exhibit the following attributes: - Functionality for creating and editing tasks, - Automated deadline reminders, - Task prioritization capability, - Organizational options for tasks by due date, priority level, and category. - As will provide the GUI and the DB structure - You need to use the Codeigniter framework - No signup or login required , as we are going to use your code in our existing application Given the immediate need for this project, a timely execution is crucial, with bids promising swift delivery favored. Applicants should have an extensive portfolio demonstrating their fluency in PHP and proven experience in similar projects.

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    ...need this and how I will use it and .... I am seeking the skills of an experienced developer to modify the open-source V2ray/Xray client for command line execution on Android OS. KEY DETAILS: - **Operating System:** The modified client must function seamlessly on Android platforms, from Android 8. - **Interface:** This project will be focused solely on command line execution modifications. A GUI interface is not needed. You just need to provide a version that I can trigger via command line, such as: Start: v2ray connect (or ) which .json / .txt file will contain the parameters and server details Stop: v2ray disconnect - **Functionality:** The task will involve modifying an existing app which can be launched via command line. I assume the native tun2socks in the open-sourc...

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    Objective: Develop an automation script with a graphical user interface (GUI) that facilitates the selective installation of the "Main Package," "ReShade Shaders," and individual "Optional Add-Ons," including the special case for "High-Quality Reflections" from the "NVE - FiveM Package" into the appropriate FiveM application data folders. Requirements: GUI for Folder Selection: Provide a GUI to allow the user to select the "NVE - FiveM Package" directory containing the "Main Package," "ReShade Shaders," and a list of "Optional Add-Ons" folders. Installation of the Main Package: Copy all contents from within the "Main Package" folder located in the selected "NVE -...

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    ...**Monitoring Dashboard:** Displaying price feeds from various DEXs. **Essential Skills:** * **Blockchain Development:** Proficiency in Solidity and smart contract development on the Ethereum network (or other relevant blockchains). * **Python:** Strong Python skills for market data aggregation, analysis, bot logic, gas fee estimation, and desktop UI development (e.g., with Tkinter, PyQt, or other GUI libraries). * **DEX APIs:** In-depth knowledge of integrating with decentralized exchange APIs. * **Aave Expertise:** Solid understanding of Aave flash loan mechanics and API interactions. **Additional Considerations:** * **Security:** The code must prioritize security and implement safeguards against potential exploits. * **Scalability:** The bot should be designed to handle ...

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    OpenCV 4.9.0 should be build for the new C++ Builder 12.1 (bcc64x, Windows modern). With this compiler It should be easier to build OpenCV as this compiler is strongly related to clang 15 (but see to Embarcadero documentation!). Some more info, at ...compiler (bcc64). This should be updated for the new compiler (bcc64x) and OpenCV 4.9.0. The produced files when clicking "onnx" should be equal to the given files in Win64ReleaseresultsNominal Prerequisite: - C++ Builder 12.1 (Maybe there is a trial version, you can check yourself.) - no access to my PC Task: - Give instructions and changed code that I can build OpenCV 4.9.0 on my PC with CMake GUI and C++ Builder - Test, especially "onnx" have to be passed (see above). Money will paid if I can build OpenCV 4...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for my Windows desktop application. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a user-friendly and intuitive interface. - Primarily incorporate input data forms functionality. - Link the GUI with python code at the backend to send the input data and fetch some results after calculation and display it. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in GUI development, ideally with Windows desktop applications. - Proficiency in creating forms for user input. - Excellent attention to detail and commitment to creating a user-centric design. - Strong understanding of Windows OS software compatibility. Your objective will be to create a GUI that is not only visually appealing but also incredibly user-fri...

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    Port change for E-Mobility GUI and Installation of PowerDNS and PowerDNS Admin GUI

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    ...Dataset: Attached with dummy products (I'll share the official one after awarding). It's 735 entries two-column dataset where the first column contains the 'company's products names'. The second column contains many different descriptions. For descriptions associated with 'n/a' in the dataset, indicating the absence of a corresponding product in our portfolio. Language: the dataset is in spanish. GUI: final POV most have graphic interface -- not command line. Web page must contain a text box and hit button. We'll simply paste a product description like "Fórmulas suplementarias pediátricas de 900 grs. aproximadamente" and it should reply with the product name. Hosting and coding: it should be hosted anywhere in t...

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    This project aims to separate the user interface (UI) and backend functionality of the LogAI application (), currently built using Dash. This separation will transition LogAI to a more traditional client-server model, improving maintainability, scalability, and enabling independent deployment of the UI and backend components. ...functionality of the LogAI application (), currently built using Dash. This separation will transition LogAI to a more traditional client-server model, improving maintainability, scalability, and enabling independent deployment of the UI and backend components. a RESTful API for the Backend 2. Implement the Backend API 3. Develop the Frontend GUI Separately

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    I need a program wri...input the perimeter measurements, the pole heights and the diagonals. The program needs to mathematically check the entered measurements and indicate the % of error and which measurement(S) are most likely incorrect. Key Requirements: - Creation of a user-friendly GUI to input dimensions - Capability to handle and calculate length, width, and diagonals - Display accurate results Ideal Skills & Experience: - Experience in software development, specifically programs involving geometrical calculations - Proficient with GUI design - Robust understanding of 3D polygons This project is a sophisticated task, requiring a keen eye for detail and a solid comprehension of 3D geometry. Any prospective freelancers require previous experience in...

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    I am looking for a python programmer who can develop python code to interface with some hardware data acqusition and basic signal processing. Phidgets Device: Basic Functionality: 1. GUI for User 2. Be able to read raw data from 1-4 channels from bridge sensor 3. Be able to set ADC scale, data sampling rate 4. Perform auto zero (take X readings, average it, and subtract it from the values) 5. Calibrate sensor (we apply 3 points of known excitation to sensor, and scale reading to that using linear or polynomial fit) 6. Save raw and scaled data to CSV files You must be able to debug software with the hardware remotely via Team Viewer or remote desktop.

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    I need assistance in developing an efficient method to transfer files or folders from Red Hat Openshift pod path using command prompt to D drive on Windows laptop. The transfer needs are not on a regular schedul...are small in size, typically less than 100MB. It is crucial that any solution is capable of ensuring complete file integrity during the transfer. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in Red Hat Openshift - Competency in Windows operating system - Good understanding of file transfer protocols/methods You will need to carefully consider an easy-to-use and reliable method for this transfer, perhaps a GUI or script, depending on your professional recommendation. Your solution should include detailed instructions on its use, and I would appreciate demonstration or testing where...

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    I'm in the planning stage of a new venture and require a part-time, full-stack developer to bring my ideas to life. SKILLS REQUIRED: - Proficient ...area(a price checker website ). For example, If you are looking for bread, it should show you all the supermarkets that stock bread(including all the brands and types offered in the supermarkets) and the prices at each supermarket. Also, it should highlight any promotions for the product selected. This data should be obtained by using web scraping or robots. The website needs to have an easy-to-use GUI and images of the product. It is imperative that it works smoothly and provides accurate information. We are open to any new ideas being added. Please let us know if you would like to work on this project with us and, if so, a quot...

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    ...Transfer Learning Expertise: Familiarity with Hugging Face or similar NLP frameworks is a must. I'm looking for someone who can fine-tune models to fit the unique flavor of my research. - Database Design & Management: Skills in designing a database schema that supports efficient data storage, retrieval, and learning feedback mechanisms. - Basic UI for Interaction: The ability to craft a straightforward GUI that makes interacting with the AI a breeze for a non-coder like me. - Integration Skills: Bringing together web scraping, AI processing, and database interactions into one seamless workflow. Goals for the Tool: - Streamline my research workflow with a personalized AI assistant. - Build a cost-effective MVP that can evolve over time. - Find someone open to a collabora...

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    ...C++ application that provides ability to copy virtual machine virtual disk (.vmdk) files to/from storage connected to a VMware ESXi host server given specific parameters (see requirements). Requirements: - Programming Language: C++ - Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 - Runtime Platform: Application must be able to run on Windows and Linux - Application Type: Console (non-GUI) - Application Parameters: • host server (required IF topology = 1 or 3: FQDN or IP) • host server port (required IF topology = 1 or 3: port used for connecting to host server) • username (required IF topology = 1 or 3: username for connecting to host server) • password (required IF topology = 1 or 3: passwo...

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    Chatbot Development in python. Gui based chatbot Chatbot answers user queries that come in the specific website Data is stored in a text file or uses NLP

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    Project Overview: We ai...APIs to handle event generation and management, while the frontend will include a GUI for easy interaction with the system. Proposed Solution: Backend Development: Using Flask, we will create APIs to handle event generation, storage, and retrieval. This includes integrating additional event modules and modifying the faker_events program to meet the new requirements. Frontend Development: Leveraging React, we will design and implement a user-friendly GUI. The GUI will allow users to select the type and number of events to generate, choose the destination folder for event storage, and simultaneously generate multiple types of events. Integration: We will ensure seamless communication between the frontend GUI and the backend APIs to pr...

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    Add GUI to log processor Rewriting ReadTheOFile code

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    I am in need of an experienced PyQt developer to handle my project, which involves GUI design and user interface development. Responsibilities - Design Graphical User Interface (GUI) using PyQt - Develop an effective and user-friendly interface Unfortunately, I did not specify the exact features I want in my GUI design, but I anticipate the developer providing their expert guidance in this area. Timeline and experience: - The time limit for the project's completion has not been disclosed, but prompt and efficient progress is desirable. - The ideal candidate will have considerable experience with PyQt and GUI Design, with a focus on usability and aesthetics.

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    ...GitHub () with , , and Maindb_update2.xlsx. The output should reflect accurate forest predictions on a GUI. Proficiency in machine learning, GUI development, and IPYNB files is required. Access to the resources has been uploaded." -Replace datasets and IPYNB files in the Forest Fire Prediction System project. -Use , , and as replacements. -Ensure accurate forest predictions are reflected in the project output. -Proficiency in machine learning techniques is essential. -Experience with GUI development is required for implementing the prediction display. -Familiarity with IPYNB files is crucial for integrating the new datasets. -Maintain consistency with the existing project

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    I need a GUI designed from scratch based on an existing Excel sheet. The GUI will primarily handle textual data. The key features the GUI must have are: - Data visualization: Show data in a user-friendly, visually appealing format. - Data filtering: Allow users to filter data based on certain criteria. The main purpose of the GUI is to present data, providing clear, easy-to-understand visuals of complex datasets. Ideal freelancers for this project should have experience in GUI design, particularly in relation to data visualization and filtering. Knowledge and experience with textual data handling is also a plus.

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    I'm seeking a skilled Python developer who can implement a card recognition algorithm into a desktop and Android app. This application will interact with an online gaming app in order to read a deck of cards. Your tasks will include: - Implementing a card recognition algorithm - Integrating this a...will interact with an online gaming app in order to read a deck of cards. Your tasks will include: - Implementing a card recognition algorithm - Integrating this algorithm with the online gaming app - Developing a user-friendly interface Though there isn't a requirement for any specific Python version, you need to be proficient in Python programming. Experience with OpenCV, computer vision, and GUI design will be an added advantage, assisting you in the successful comple...

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    I'm looking for a proficient programmer to create a graphical user interface (GUI) dashboard for my manufacturing business. A high level of experience with Linux platforms is required as this will be the operating system used. The primary task will be programming the dashboard to display key production metrics which will assist in tracking and assessing manufacturing performance and efficiency. Experience and Skills needed: - Linux platform proficiency - Python or Docker - GUI development skills - Using Metabase - Metabase and SQLite familiarity - Deployment on VPS and Locahost Desired aesthetic: I prefer the GUI dashboard to exploit the capabilities of Metabase and SQLite to achieve a functional yet appealing aesthetic. Experience in designing and developing wi...

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    ...building graphical user interfaces (GUI) with Visual Studio, specifically utilizing Xamarin C#. - TASKS: - Design and development of intuitive, functional GUI - Debugging and tweaking the GUI to meet my specifications - I am looking to get a login and registration name for my application. This is the first step of crrating my app. Login info need to be saved in database. Given the urgency of this project, you'd need to have a clear understanding of Visual Studio and a strong competency in C#. - IDEAL CANDIDATE: - Proficient in C# programming language - Should have a deep understanding of Visual Studio - Has a strong portfolio of GUI development - Ability to meet tight deadlines Please provide samples of your previous work, parti...

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    Hi, I am seeking a skilled individual to execute my python scraping script on a server. Ideally, you should have: - Extensive experience in running python scraping scripts on servers - Know good and cheap servers to choose from - Ability to start and complete the task ASAP - Extensive Selenium knowledge - Servers must be able to run GUI as my scripts are using Selenium My maximum budget is $15 for this process as its not really a programming job, but only server installing and script uploading. IF YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THIS FOR $15 DO NOT APPLY

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    I'm looking for a C++ developer to create a skeleton code for a GUI in Windows to create a Windows desktop application. Must be done in VSCode (2017 or later), and using various Windows API functions. GUI needs the following features: - Menu bar (drop-down menu) support for multiple options. - Tab support. - Input box support. - Window text support. - Embedded graphics (image) support. Code support requirements: Polling the COM ports and putting the available ports in a drop-down box. Opening/closing a COM port. Allocation/freeing of memory. Displaying graphics (.gif, ,jpg, .png, etc.) in a picture box or similar. Mouse position/button polling. File requestor and loading/saving routines. Line, circle, and other primitive graphics routines for drawing on a window. I...

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    I am seeking a skilled Java developer to enhance the user experience of an existing project. The primary focus will be on GUI development and Networking—not data processing. Key Tasks: - Enhance user-interface design - Improve networking capabilities Skills & Experience: - Expert in Java development - Proven experience in GUI development - Strong knowledge of networking principles When applying, please abstain from providing project proposals or information on past work. Your technical skills and comprehension of the brief will be paramount. The primary objective is to enhance the user experience. If you embody a strong understanding of Java, and the aforementioned components, you'll be considered for this role.

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    ...Tasks: I HAVE MODEL( WRF ) I NEED to perform bias correction for the WRF model output. Bias correction is a statistical method used to adjust model output to better match observations by removing systematic errors or biases. implement bias correction for a variable (e.g., temperature) using Python The Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in Python, Dash, and Javascript. - Proficiency in GUI design and web development. - A solid grasp and experience in meteorology will be highly appreciated. - A deep understanding of data bias correction techniques, especially quantile mapping. - Ability to assist in creating visualizations and reports based on the analysis. This role is perfect for a detail-oriented data analyst well versed in web development and appreciates the need...

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    ...a programmer for regular collaboration, who can write an upload/download tool for usenet in the first step. Thank you! My Requirements are: -Combine the settings of the programs mentioned (ngPost, Nyuu, NewsUP, SabNZBd) -download functions like the program "sabNZBd" -for Windows (With a proper installation routine and as an .exe file!!) -Python -NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) -modern GUI and a nice logo :) -source code, commenting on the source code properly ! -expandable ! -API usage -work with rss feeds -Periodic check if files still complete -option for hidden autostart -The program is supposed to download a certain sort of links like url use with an browser or pdf with an pdf viewer -rar/7zip support -multipar support () -automate posts

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    I am seeking a proficient Labview programmer who can assist with a project centred around test and measurement automation for mechanical equipment. The specifics of the project will involve: - Designing a robust program in Labview, allowing for efficient and automated testing and measurement of various mechanical equipment attributes. - Embedding the GUI into a custom, industrial standard automation framework. The successful candidate must showcase expertise in Labview programming languages. Previous experience with creating programs for industrial automation and mechanical equipment testing is a significant plus. Being comfortable with devising an industrial automation framework is also crucial. I look forward to hearing from eligible applicants. Let's make technology effici...

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    Hello, I have posted this ad in the hope of finding someone to help me polish and add a few features to my game. It is a “Tsunami survival” round based game. Things i need added Map vote GUI The Tsunami itself fixed Round system fixed Destruction physics script (similar to natural disaster survival?)

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    Hi Ivan V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...wybor języka , lub inne opcje jak dzwiek itd) w załączniku przesyłam program który został stworzony w 2016 roku przez dev "" lecz nigdzie nie moglem znaleźć opcji kontaktu z tą osoba dlatego chciałbym aby stworzyć poodbny projekt do tego któy został kiedyś stworzony. oto opis Developera który stworzył ten program:: Features Written in c++, best performance with multithreading Beautiful GUI, inspired in Blizzard All errors and exceptions throw user friendly messages International Multilanguage Fast download files Method of Hash (CRC32) default Banner in home (Promotion, Event, New Image, etc...) + News / Patch notes Initialize client with arguments Tool user friendly for generate serverlist hashs New config game for Metin built-in (Requirement...

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