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    I am a self employed trader in the stock markets and am looking for someone who as the ability to program neural network / pattern recognition software to work with MS Excel I have a vast amount of data in Excel for stock prices which i would want analysed, in order to use historical data to predict a stocks price movement tommorow. Experiance or

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I need SOFTWARE similar to [login to view URL] (having the same features and if possible look as good as this one). It should take the info from MSN or yahoo for free and run without any bugs. Should install with no problems and have sleek design and similar functions to the one above. Looking forward to hearing from you. Philip ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-func...

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    I need Software similar to [login to view URL] - just download it and see what it does.. I would NOT like it to have so many features.. I would like to work only with 2-3 free data providers and DO NOT HAVE THE TRADING FEATURES .. ONLY CHARTING, PORTFOLIOS, QUOTES, AND STUDIES, LIKE MOVING AVERAGES , macd ..ETC..ETC.. APLIED TO THE CHARTS.. I would

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    ...script which will allow me to create and place on my website stock charts.. using free 15 minutes delayed data from the biggest providers Yahoo or [login to view URL] and if somebody visits my website [login to view URL] for example and he wants to see a chart of MSFT for example the script goes to the free data provider gets the info for the period and draws the chart

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    ... Web Based charting script which will allow me to take free 15 minutes delayed data from the biggest providers Yahoo or [login to view URL] and if somebody visits my website [login to view URL] for example and he wants to see a chart of MSFT for example the script goes to the free data provider gets the info for the period and draws the chart.. It needs to run on Win2000

    $500 - $1000
    $500 - $1000
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    I use a site in order to get information about specific historical events that happen on someones birthday. I have basically been given an ebook which has links built in to a website (looks like asp pages on the website). It asks you in the ebook to put in the date and i guess searches their online db for matches. Ok so this is great but I am going

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    ...take stock symbols from a SQL database, and using those symbols i want to get the **real time** prices, change, volume, percent change and other related information of that those specific stocks. Please be advised that all the information has to be **real time**. **You will be responsible for getting sources of realtime information about stock shares

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    I have a collection of six HyperCard stacks that include a daily calendar of historical events, a dictionary of slang and cliches, a humorous quotations dictionary and a stack of hundreds of lists of words useful to writers. I would like to operate them under Mac OSX and create a standalone program for Windows and Mac. This would require a pleasant

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    I am trying to build a application like [login to view URL] but I want this to be a local application which simplifies the whole process. I have an interface to a real-time streaming quote system in VB.NET already. Please read the attached doc, ask as many questions as you need. I am working on cleaning the doc up but you should be able to understand what I am looking for from what I have already ...

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    ...results. We need a Webform that takes the data and parses it into a database. The New database must have independent Id and historical data. Currently we have a "spreedsheet" that we use but it is very inefficient. So the bid is for a database with a WEBFORM with Entry that parses the data from the web into an online database that we

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    ...a site such as yahoo finance and download some stock quotes then save them to text files, yahoo provides both intra-day quotes (which can be accessed for several stocks simultaneously) and historical data that shows the specified stocks final figures for 'x' many days previously, but not the current data. so, i would like the program to mainly use the

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    This will be an Embedded Visual Basic project to take datafiles which have already been downloaded from Yahoo, which reside on a compact flash card, and generate a graph on the Jornada 720 or 728. The graph should contain volume and price (open, high, low, close) It should also contain the symbol, and price increments and volume increments. See the attached jpg. Later an addition will follow that ...

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    ...with the Global Server, that collects quote data from different realtime data vendors. Unfortunately the Global Server hasn't an open interface to connect to others than the specified data vendors. I want to feed the Global Server with my own datafeed. Therefore, i need an interface, that enables me, to send data to the Global Server via DDE, COM or any

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    I need the code to put up a specific stock quote on my home page. The stock is listed on the London stock exchange ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s)

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    I have an oscommerce database and I am having a problem with it. The easiest way to fix it is to multiply entry for product price and product weight by 1.2 The thing is, there are hundreds, I need someone to do something that will convert them. I will supply the MySQL dump file , you do the conversion and I import it again using phpmyadmin. I really hope someone can do this. I need this done AS...

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    Hello. I have a Stock Chart program now, that I title "Extra Crispy". This program, I do for my personal use (I work on wall Street, and Love to code also!). I have created an MFC app. MDI window with a splitter window view (5 panes). It has Stock chart, based on price data in text file, and 4 technical indicators (these TA are calculations I preform

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    I am looking for some way to search stock patterns, due to the large number I think that Genetic Algorithms can help me. There are large amounts of sample code on PlanetSourceCode. Read the doc, I'm open to other suggestions on searching through these patterns and if the idea seems sound I can go that route. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...BE WELL DOCUMENTED AND WRITTEN IN VB SO THAT I, OR SOMEONE ELSE, CAN MODIFY IT IN THE FUTURE IF NECESSARY. I want a Stock Portfolio manager that has an intuitive interface with the following features: 1) It will maintain an historical transaction database which can handle both long and short sales of stocks and options and can also handle option assignment

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    Require Perl module for interface to stock trading web site (Ameritrade). Perl Module should be able to perform all of the actions presented for trade/buy/sell actions. Position and funds/balance query. Require example .pl scripts to show correct usage of perl module for actions shown above ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    Hello, I need 1 cpp file / small app based on a voting program Bascially when the program runs - > asks if user would like to vote or not - > If Yes - > option 1 - > option 2 - > option 3 - > option 4 - > then show amount of people have voted for options - > if no - > loop back to the start A very simple program - please check the attached text file for t...

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    ...about shares trading on the stock market. This assignment assesses material up to Study Guide 10 (inclusive). Files: There will be multiple files that contain the data used by this program. One will be the master-file, which must be named "[login to view URL]", and then there will be many individual files for different companies' share data. Share Information...

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    $30 - $5000
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    ...organisations and leisure facilities We also envisage: - Historical information and reminiscences - A bulletin board/chat page - Classifieds in addition to the usual ?privacy policy? and ?about us? pages etc. Database recorded session tracking is a requirement and we would like residents and visitors to have data entry privileges, subject to moderation and, of

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    $200 - $300
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    ...exists). 2) must develope access(my SQL?) interface to manage portfolio and decision support. 3) must be able to handle portfolios upto 20 items and large volume of end of day data up to 10-20 years worth 4) must have some stats reporting feature at the end of the backtest 5) must have some simple rule based user input on betsize, risk tolerance, entry

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    ...Monte-Carlo analysis based on historical data. The Functions would include: 1) the ability to grab and properly format historical flow data from 5-10 sources in different .txt and .csv formats (perhaps even automatically from one of two websites), 2) allow the user to select and define appropriate distributions based on the historical data (i.e. normal,...

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    ...java application that replicates custom stock market charts found at [login to view URL],uu[l,a]daclyyay[db][pb28!b50!f][vc60][iUb14!Lah12,26,9]&pref=G The application must generate the stock charts as PNG images dynamically based on user selection criteria and EOD stock market data stored in a MS SQL or Oracle database.

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    ...form to submit stock items of food such as item name, type(eg Meat Poultry Veg etc),Description, Size,Quantity, Minimum Stock Levels,Lead Times, Wholesale Price ,Whether it needs to be stored cool or frozen. Along with this form i need to input supplier details name address and so forth A message box needs to apear when minimum stock levels are reached

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    ...module is a program that goes to Yahoo and downloads historical data for all the stocks on the specified .inc list. This module to be integrated into the main form which you've already done. The date range can be specified. It can download all the stocks on demand, or it can automatically download stock data at a specified time, if the program is running

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    i need to create an input screen with text boxes for supplier details and stock also on the form must be a combo box where i can select a product and all the details will be given in the text boxes of suppliers and stock also i need to be able to add new details to the file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    In the Original implementation of the Stock control example classes were created to model assemblies, parts and catalogue entries. In this design, a particular kind of part was represented by a generic Part object with a link to the CatalogueEntry object that described that part. An Alternative design might propose doing away with a Part class and CatalogueEntry

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    Program Description Design and build a stock buy/sell applet. The GUI is to have the following components and capabilities, at a minimum: · Text fields and associated labels for account number, trading password, number of shares to buy/sell, and stock “ticker?? symbol · Radio buttons for type of transaction: buy or sell · Radio buttons for price: market

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    ...Charts (19) a stock chart a spread sheet type of chart grids (left align, right align, none) color selection, line thickness selection, type of line (solid, dash, dot...) type of charts A (3 icons) type of charts B (7 icons) type of charts C (2 icons) a complex formula Misc (17) calendar, jump back to a historical time user configuration, data sources a

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    ...a very simple request and anyone with a good knowledge of VB should turn this over in a matter of days. This is only a high school project so should be very simple. It is a stock control system which basically updates itself once an order has been received and once a sale has been made and all the usual basic operations that you may expect. I have the

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    ...profit, change in stock price and more. This is very simple if you know how to grab stock quotes (the script should grab fomr Yahoo). Here is how I want it to work: Users have the option to lookup stock Symbol (they type in Microsoft and the script finds the Symbol is MSFT for example.). Then the script grabs the quote of the stock along with the last

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    The project will have an introduction (parameters of project) 4 sections, 1 on each stock(background, analysis) % change graph-the graph should have percentage change on the vertical axis, time on the horizontal axis and five curves (reflecting the four investments and the S&P 5000 Index) It should be a single graph which accompanies the four-column

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    Hi I am looking for someone to create me a site that is very simmilar to [login to view URL], with a few unique changes. However the budget is very tight and i can only offord to pay $500, so probably a job for an offshore development company. If intrested email me with your details, including exapmles of work, and we will talk further.

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...system that allows Stock Tickers to be displayed to multiple clients. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. the system should have the following functions: -User can log in, watch list is retrieved and displayed -Ticker is updated when a stock price changes

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    All questions must be done in a MS word file. All questions in zip are self explanatory. Both pages must be done 100%. If the job is done on time there will be a nice bonus. I need all work done by Monday March 17, 2003 by 6 pm EST or Tuesday March 18, 2003 12:00 pm EST by the latest. The faster it’s done the better bonus. Of course the work must be quality and done right. ## Deliverables ...

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    ...(which is done in Access) and a kind of site map of how I want each page done. Overview: A simple system that can be used by a shop to keep track of and update dvd titles in stock. It should also be able to update the database once an item is purchased. The system is to be able to be deployed on any stand alone computer, so therefore it is preferable

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    ...payments. Manage delinquent accounts. Meter Inventory Tracking Maintain meter inventory and monitor meter information. The application will track individual meter data, meter test records, and historical information. Please do not submit a bid until you have read the attached requirements document which contains further project details. Individuals with prior

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    Basicly i need a PHP mysql online stock checker i need a admin and customer section log in for the admin panal Be able to add products in the admin witht he following info Name Price Description How many in stock if out of stock how long till it gets in stock and where it can be found in the site and product code Customer section be able to search name

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    ...tool for teacher student dialogue. d. Remote contorl of student workstation by teacher e. Generate statistics about the genral use of student workstation per student(currnet/historical). f. Keyboard and mouse lock. g. Creat workgroups within the comoter lab calss(must be a software application operable from teacher's computer). h. Direct file transfer from

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    Hello, I need somebody to create website with stock charts. Something like [login to view URL] or [login to view URL] And also create charting software. I need somebody who have worked on similar project so he knows where we get the stock quotes feed and things like that. Philip ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    ...Questions use a weight scoring model. Some question are rating (1-5) and others are amounts based on a form calculation. Must track Date, Location, Supervisor, Assessor also. Historical survey must be able to be retrieved at a later time with the correct questions and scoring that were in place at the time of the survey. Survey question can change multiple

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    I am looking to develop a stock charting website with an auto email function and and a database screener. all the data is already provided but i need to have some scripting that will manipulate this data on line i have described how this could be developed below but am open to coder input as well. if you have additional question please send and i will

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    ...tblNonAvailableTime - Data table containing information related to why resources are not available such as vacation etc. tblPhase - Reference table for Phase field in tblProject. tblPriority - Reference table for Priority field in tblProject. tblProject - Data table containing information related to projects. tblProjectStatus - Data table containing

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    I'm looking for a simple stoopid Book Keeping script which logs only Expense's. One should be able to make current entries by category and spcific date and historical entries by selecting year. Script should be able to sort expenses by Category (e.g. Gas, Food etc..etc..), and specific date.. Script should be able to give monthly summaries of individual

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    ...all files (2 days before, send email to webmaster / programmer to inform them) ***** Session *** When a session is open after login. Keep it open. With a logout link or 10 min of inactivity. ***** 3 levels of subscription for programmers like [login to view URL] *** ***** Option when webmaster post a project *** --- Project Details Public - All users

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    ...go to Yahoo stock screener, select your parameters, and download the resulting list of stocks to an ascii file. Here's the yahoo screener... [login to view URL] This should be written in VB6, as it will be plugged into a larger program which is written in VB6. Here's an example of the screen I might use: share price $1 min average share

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    I am looking for a stock downloader that is going to be used as a "phase" of a larger project. It should be able to download historical stock prices from Yahoo. I would like features similar to what appears on this screenshot. It only needs to be able to grab data from yahoo. None of the other free providers matters at this time. [login to view URL]

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    Hello, I need someone for developing a warehouse/stockyard management software. Please see the attached doc-file. Please no forum posts, only real bids. Please do not bid for this project, if you are unsure if you can realize it. Must be programmed in VC++ and MySQL.

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