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    Dear All, I need a professional web site developed with royalty free graphics. It needs to be a TIVO quality web site ([login to view URL]). We will need 5 HTML pages to be completed. It will have two windows in the layout. Navigation Window and the other Window. |-------------------| |.........|................| |.........|................| |.....

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    We are looking for a programmer to modify our current PHP code to enable users to our site to dynamically build and then download certain business/legal forms in PDF and Microsoft Word format (.doc or .rtf. is acceptable). Our web site currently uses PHP to dynamically generate these forms/pages. (See links below.) However, the forms only contain "fill-in-th...

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    I have recently started working on a online rpg using the baronsoft mmorpg engine. What i was looking for is to see how much you would offer in assistance to help me improve this engine. You will not be entirelally working alone for i can also program vb. But due to my workload i'm strained for time and would like help for this personal project. You

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    Select a publicly traded corporation that has a well-developed commercial web site, preferably one that sells goods or services (including news or information). Explore the site. Report what technologies firms are using, what business processes are involved, and how the web is changing the way business is conducted. Your report might i...

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    My client has a large number of sites (120) for each local shop. Each shop has it's own web-site. I am looking for somebody who is willing to submit all these sites to the appropriate regional category of DMOZ. I anticpate that this should be less than 1 weeks work. It is suitable for home or overseas workers. Your responsibilities: * Submit all

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ...up to the challenge of creating a simple online lookup relational database (with mySQL hosted on a standard Unix server)? The script requires two related databases: - Clients ::Settings_ID ::Settings_UserName ::Settings_UserPassword - Affiliates ::Settings_ID ::Affiliate_Program ::Affiliate_ID I'm looking to use a single form param (I=variable)

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    ...for my new "web design" site. 2. Create a form that customers can fill in, to request information. Recently I created a 9 page website for my new web design business, but my hard drive crashed. Unfortunately, I did not backup my website, and I can't bear to create a whole new website. (I don't have the time either). So, I am happy t...

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    well i have been playing with my own interest web site for years, trying to improve it over the years. however i am trying to learn a little about this more advanced stuff like flash, but my knowledge is limited. here is a link to my current site: [login to view URL] my site lists many luxury homes which are for sale and have been sold. now t...

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    I need web site built for a Eletronic Distribution Company. I need a home page ( with pictures ) and i need it to link to about four other pages on the site. First link: Product/Services-i would like this link to split off into two parts. 1st-Products Offered 2nd-Additional Services Second link: Linecard Third link: Excess Inventory Fourth link: Contact

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    Hi all, I'm working on a project were I can use lynx and wget on a debian linux systems to only grab the links from a given web page. I understand that we can use the wget --no-parent command to insure that wget only goes down the same directory. However, I'm not sure how to wget just the links. For example, No text, no gif's, no jpgs, nothing but ...

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    Overview What I am looking for is for users of a particular ListServ to come to my site and use a search page to search previous postings to that listserv The first phase is the feasibility of the project as I want to understand how expensive it will be for me to run this search facility. If the cost is acceptable then we will move to the implmentat...

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    ...Flash-Sitebuilder located at With the following Additions and or exceptions: 1. The Entro page needs a button to allow the end-user to turn of the music. 2. The generated Flash web pages also need a button to allow the end-user to turn off the music. 3. The applications needs to have flexibility to allow the user to

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    ...e-commerce site ready for business. The site was initially developed in Dreamweaver by a consultant. As the business owner, I am now trying to fine tune all of the information on the site using Frontpage (it's the only web dev product I know how to use - and I'm only slightly better than novice level). Frontpage appears to be screwing up mu...

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    Write a class module which contains public modules (about 56) to calculate stock technical analysis indicators for a software company. Formula will be given, including input parameters or coder will be directed to a web site that contains that information. Coder is expected to learn/research more on the formula when it is vague or unclear. We will p...

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    I have a E Commerce site developed already using HTML and Javascript as part of my first homework assignment. My second assignment by a different professor who has lectured us on server side languages like JSP and Apache has asked us to either develop our first site with the features outlined in assignment brief below or to design something else with

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    We have just acquired the web site [login to view URL], the site is hosted on a Unix server and all the scripts on the pages do not work. Please check out the following and let me know how much you would charge to have the four forms fixed or replaced, and also how quickly it could be done: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Hello, My name is Kyle Leissner, and I am planning on starting a new dialup ISP. I have just bought the domain names [login to view URL] and [login to view URL]; these will be the domain names I will use for my new ISP. I am looking for a very experienced programmer, not some kid who just learned how to program last month. Here are my requirements: • Have successfu...

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    [login to view URL] is a full service Web Development Company with very strong technical and design skills, part of our business plan for spring of 2003 is to launch a Template Store to take advantage of this incredible growth market. We have in place the technical system to implement this store which includes a fully automated designer area allowing

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    My client wishes to launch a website with certain community-based features. Please note that the functionality of the site will be reviewd based on the bidders chosen solution, so we are only expecting outline costings at this stage. The basic funcionality of the site will allow users to: - Register with the site and fill in personal details and background

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    I spend too much time this site . I work 40 hours a week & own my own business. I can't spend all day bidding soooooooooooo. Needed! AMERICAN CITIZEN (nothing personal,just prefer phone contact). Preferably someone who has a cell phone with free long distance. Warning! I need someone who spends a great deal of time on this site. 1) I need some...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    Please have a look at [login to view URL] You can download this site and change the colours. You can keep the text and the images the same, Where it says chack rates, I need a different button. There areabout 22 pages of html but it can be done very quickly. There are many sites that can be copied and there is no problem with copy wright

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    Fancy offering your services as a contributor to the latest - and most exciting - careers and lifestyle website to be aimed squarely at the UK creative media industries. That means you. And probably all of those people over there that you work with, too. Even that dude with the orange beard who's not said a word to you since you started. And her from

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Hello, In summary, the objectives of this project are to develop a single, "all inclusive" application that provides the following features: 1) a mechanism that enables me (the administrator) to convert PDF based e-books to EXEs (so that various copy and time-limited trial capabilities can be applied ??" see below) 2) ability for me to apply various

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    I am in need of someone who can create a clone of It must have 3 main parts: • Advertisement Banner Mainly top and bottom adbanner (see [login to view URL]). Need to be easy to change adbanner or easy to manage. • Useful Resource Link Easy to insert as much links as I like. • Forum script Should be able to intergrate any type

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    I want my web site to capture form submission search results from a 3rd party web site and to return those results back to the user as if the search had been entirely local to my site. The script will need to strip out the header and footer of the 3rd party web site's search results, and then to replace them with my own web site's ...

    $75 (Avg Bid)
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    We've lost a member of our team, and we need to establish an ongoing relationship with a new programmer, as we prepare to launch our business. In the short term, there are few bugs with the site that have to be resolved, and the examples below are what you should base your bid on. We believe the bugs are minor, as they are processes that previously

    $47 (Avg Bid)
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    12 bids

    ...project is a website design/graphic design for a movie website with optional site update work. NOTE: If you placed a bid on my other website design project for entertainment site, please note that this is similar but a different project. You are welcome to bid on this one again. This project consists of two parts. Part 1: Web de...

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    1 bids market to these people using a series of three consecutive letters, then monthly mailings. (This is a new project for us) Presently, we have an off-site employee who goes to the police station and hand writes this information on paper. Manually tracking who, what, where and how much appears to be tough. We want a program to automate the proces...

    $410 (Avg Bid)
    $410 Avg Bid
    10 bids a web based version of a "dutch betting book" program that is available for dowload at this site: [login to view URL] (You can enter anything on the form, it will take you straight to the dowload page) It is a gambling program used for betting on multiple selections in a race and tells the user how much

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    ...make 3 websites for the following topics: ( I can accept more that one bid, you can bid separetaly for each) [login to view URL] Recipes- recipts how to cook , something like [login to view URL] 80-100 pages [login to view URL] - a guide to religions of the world Something like [login to view URL] 40-50 pages

    $462 (Avg Bid)
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    PROJECT 1 (a) Create an Excel spreadsheet showing the response times for the 8 sites that you pinged, showing the web address in one column, the 4 response times in another and the average response time in the last. Create a horizontal bar chart showing the average response times for each site, labelling each bar with the appropriate web site address.

    $34 (Avg Bid)
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    This is a really easy job for someone who knows the web very well. We need someone who can find 10 stories every day and post them to our site, create an HTML email with the links to the articles (we have a template for it) and send it to us for broadcast. The sites are all technology magazines/web sites for Service Providers, Internet Service Providers

    $9 (Avg Bid)
    $9 Avg Bid
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    ...WILL BE OBVIOUS FROM YOUR QUESTIONS, WHICH I DON'T HAVE TIME TO ANSWER. THERE IS A FULL DESCRIPTION OF EVERYTHING REQUIRED BELOW - PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT - I TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE IT! THANK YOU. We want a script that will check a string of text entered from a web page and go out to the Zone DNS Servers, find domain IP addresses, visit...

    $800 (Avg Bid)
    $800 Avg Bid
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    Our entire site has been moved to a new provider. The site is nearly complete and all PHP forms are already made. It was moved because our last host lost our dbase. The directory structure is now new and the forms don't work with the new mySQL dbase, yet. I need a coder who knows how to set up the site again. This basically involves: - S...

    $58 (Avg Bid)
    $58 Avg Bid
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    i need quotes for a re vamp of our current site [login to view URL] which sends mobile media such as ringtones and graphics to surfers mobile phones throughout the uk australia new zealand and ireland it needs to be lively and fun to use,colours and layout similar to [login to view URL] with an xmb forum installed within the site colour scheme of forum to

    $269 (Avg Bid)
    $269 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    ...our existing company website looked at and graphically designed by a pro graphics artist/designer. It is important that the bidder understands that we have a certain functionallity we want to keep on our site, we just want to have the site look really professionally designed. We have a drop-down menu already developed by iT Experts here at RAC, and we

    $163 (Avg Bid)
    $163 Avg Bid
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    I need a website layout... for [login to view URL] there is no logo yet, so if you can create a logo and come up with a color scheme. I would like some sort of animation, flash, or something, i dont know.. Should be coded in ASP for everything if possible The following will be products...however the names are likely to change. WHT PC Controller WHT

    $482 (Avg Bid)
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    ...with a few pictures & some words about how they met & just a fun welcoming page. A Wedding Gift page which will have rooms that they can take a virtual tour thru & see all the furnishings of each room and on each piece of furniture or appliance will be a price tag. Each price tag will have the price of the item. If someone wishes to purchase...

    $154 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi there, Thanks for looking at my bid. I am after a company logo for my software company, Doublehash Software. The actual design can be left up to you however I would like there to incorporate a # (hash) symbol. I also require a web site design which can be easily customized, for example a standard look which can be adapted during seasonal times to

    $265 (Avg Bid)
    $265 Avg Bid
    58 bids

    ...without any luck to get some Visual Basic 6 code working. I would like to hire someone to put together a rough but working skeleton VB6 app. The goal is to display jpg pictures picked from a list in a text file which is the easy part - the difficult part is to have it do the old Metacreation's transitional effects when changing pictures. As these t...

    $144 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a php calendar script that can be installed on a server(unix), but used with several virtual server accounts. I would like to resell the calendar as a feature or service. I need it to output the calender like this [login to view URL] I need a back end area that will allow a non-technical person to update, add, and delete

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    ...through different options, we prefer the the plan that put a restricted time on the document to be downloaded. Say user downloaded the documnent,but it only can be valid for a period, say 2 days, then it will become unreadable. Is there a solution that could work with all different format? Maybe a small attached applet at the time user download the document

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    ...script needed. I have a simple website online for an online game I play ([login to view URL]) and I'd like to have a separate section of the site with private information for the guild I play in. I can put a link from the links area of the page to a new "directory" page which would contain links to the private pages. The problem is I want...

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    I have a ridiculously easy job for somebody who knows how to code in HTML, regardless of interface. Nothing except straight HTML (no JAVA, no VB, none of that!) Within the attached zipfile are 7 files. Five are of web pages, 1 is a vita, and 1 is a picture. The web pages are for a student web site (of me). It is ve...

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    We are looking for a program to be installed in our server that aalow us to create whole account and user name and and password , there is live site on the internet with multi language English and Arabic , we can have a look how it is working to deside if you can make one for us , and how much you think it will cost [login to view URL]

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    ...necessary **Summary: Collect classified ads from the internet and add to my site** 1. Data Entry person is given a classified ad web site. 2. Go to ad. Determine if ad has an email address, if no email skip. 3. Go to my web site and add the email address as a new member (4 fields): 1. login name, 2. email address 3. password, 4....

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    I have just put my website on the web. I am OK on the graphic design end. Did it in Macromedia MX. HOWEVER I don't know "didly" about how to make the form pages send me the input data via email, or to a MS Access database. None of the forms are currently working because I "just don't get it". Please quote to make all of the forms work (either ...

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    $40 Avg Bid
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    ...based web site actually a clone of Experts Exchange web site. I only need a functioning web site there is no design job here as I'll do that myself. The functions should be as follows: - Membership page, fill out form includes: nickname, name, surname, age, location, description (memo), own url, e-mail and password. - A ...

    $72 (Avg Bid)
    $72 Avg Bid
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    ... I am in a process of releasing a new instant messaging software designed for internal office communications. I have invested lots of time and effort in this project and would like to make sure the product can stand up to the product specs mentioned on my web site. In addition, I hope to eliminate any serious bugs/issues before releasing a version that

    $506 (Avg Bid)
    $506 Avg Bid
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    ...JavaScript has provided a jumping-point from which you can design and develop a professional client side website. Using a combination of HTML and JavaScript, create a series of Web Pages that demonstrate your mastery of Web technology in a commercial or educational context. For your site there are two options: 1. An e-commerce site ...

    $238 (Avg Bid)
    $238 Avg Bid
    6 bids