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    may need to make an ssl certificate in Apache - my appache is called httpd tho --- you can use team viwer to do this on my computer while i watch what your mouse does :)

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    I am looking to have an iOS data entry application built. Communication - The app should communicate to a remote API by sending an XML string via HTTPS POST. The remote API then responds with an XML string to the app. Data within the app does not need to be stored as XML, however, it needs to be converted to an XML string to send via HTTPS POST when communicating with the API. Functions - PIN number screen lock Sync function - sends a version number to the API, the API responds with a series of XML files. Some of the values of the child elements of the XML files link some XML files to each other - similar to how tables in databases work. The values of the XML files need to be stored locally on the app (i.e. database), however, they do not need to be stored as XML. Settings page - edit us...

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    We have several new lead capture websites that send emails both to us and to our clients. We would also like the data collected to be electronically delivered to our CRM via HTTP post. Looking for someone with experience in this type of electronic delivery, and mapping to a CRM. We use Suite CRM, open source, and it has received leads from capture sites and 3rd party lead providers in the past this way. Credentials – please give us examples of your experience with HTTP post. And if you can from this description, give us a final cost and estimated time to complete. We are going to need similar help with Social Media and other external forms. Please bid on the project listed and watch for links to others we have that you or your team may qualify for.

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    This project is real man and history of them are you doing copywriting

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    our website it was down because of the cheap hosting we are dealing with, they have upgraded something at the infrastructure and our website is down, our project is simple and straight forward to the point, we just need to return back online and solve the errors appear in the log. awaiting your feedback

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    Http proxy -- 3 3 hours left

    Client and server. Website http C CODE I want it quickly

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    required skills: basic webdev/file parsing/data scraping/json/http

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    Hello we currently have an online user documentation system http:// which was created 15 years ago. Issue we face: our clients find it hard to search for topics we cannot send a link of a relevant topic to the client as everything is stored under http:// We need a better online user documentation system / portal. We need to move the documentation to the new portal and (update content), where relevant. Also our videos don't work as they were made in Adobe Flash and it has been decomissioned. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please advise Sonia

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    My online shop uses Prestashop 1.5. Some how the website returns a blank page. I use Chrome Browser and see a HPPT 500 ERROR message. I checked the error log through CPANLE file manager and the latest error are shown as below: PHP Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/pxchanger/public_html/store/config/ on line 145 PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/pxchanger/public_html/store/classes/db/ Stack trace: #0 /home/pxchanger/public_html/store/Adapter/(45): DbQueryCore->from('shop', 'a') #1 /home/pxchanger/public_html/store/classes/(233): Adapter_EntityMapper->load('1', NULL, Object(Shop), Array, NULL, true) #2 /home/pxchanger/public_html/store/classes/shop/(131): ObjectModelCore-&...

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    1. The outcome for this job is a script, in CLI format, NO UI required. 2. Full source code with comments needed, developing in Github. 3. The script will take the input from console, call remote APIs (fully documented, in Swagger format) and also put the outcome in a log file. 4. Roughly very short script. More projects will be based on this testing projects for long term collaboration

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    Hi Indra Kumar M., I am happy to rehire for SEO Project of http://

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    Write simple HTTP Proxy. Students are not required to implement the full HTTP specification, but only a very limited subset of it

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    The game consists of a snake and food. The player can change the direction of the snake’s movement to avoid obstacle or reach food. If the snake eats food, then the player’s score increases; if the snake hits an obstacle, then the player loses. The goal of the player is to maximize her or his score. When the snake dies, the player loses and the game restarts.

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    Need someone who knows python / selenium / http requests.

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    Write simple HTTP Proxy. Students are not required to implement the full HTTP specification, but only a very limited subset of it

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    I am looking for someone who can help with Microsoft cloud Devops project.

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    Hello,, I created the web server and send out the file to the http bin.

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    ...such Volley, httpClient etc but it crashes on the transfer. Any help how to complete the file upload, looks quite simple as it's just an HTTP post file transfer, I need working code. I do not need any app developing, just some working java code. http code ("POST", upload_path, true); (file); Android java code public void uploadfile() throws Exception { try { File file = new File("/storage/emulated/0/Download/"); if (()) { CloseableHttpClient httpClient = (); HttpPost uploadFile = new HttpPost("http://"); MultipartEntityBuilder builder = (); // ("field1"

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    An android and iOS client app communicates to a server database via HTTP POST requests to an API and receives responses. Documentation for these functions and how they work is limited. There are about 20 functions. I want to know how each of these functions work both independently and co-dependently in terms of carrying out the action initiated by a particular aspect of the android or iOS app. I want to know the arguments (including how they are generated), type, and rules. This will involve documenting action/function/data request and response/dependencies/data flow including use of diagrams.

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    We need to implement Fault Tolerance sending Resilience for Http POST in a function for C# Module. We would like to use free library Polly or similar.

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    Hello I want to redirect the site links for visitors to the safe link all to https://www. exp opening link http:// or www. ets redirect to https://www.

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    "I use Google Translate. I don't speak English" Please read and evaluate carefully. Some words may be wrong. What I want is this: I redirect requests outside of to a different page. I did this and it works. What I want to do is: I want to directly block any IP address that comes with the request other than the http referrer and close the access to the site. I want to block every requester ip address except

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    "I use Google Translate. I don't speak English" Please read and evaluate carefully. Some words may be wrong. What I want is this: I redirect requests outside of to a different page. I did this and it works. What I want to do is: I want to directly block any IP address that comes with the request other than the http referrer and close the access to the site. I want to block every requester ip address except

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    Hi, I have a proxy script coded in nodejs using http1.2 , i want to upgrade it to use http3. Regards,

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    Need to develop a process / application to make http request calls to a third party API, and store the payload to corresponding database tables. The process needs to run on a daily basis. I have a detailed design / requirements document that I can share with you if I decide to move forward for the next step.

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    make app work and tell me what is the problem

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    make app work and tell me what is the problem

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    Emergency situation and in need of immediate help from someone with thorough knowledge of OSCommerce PHP, SSL. Potentially need help getting the payment module functioning again, as well (paypal). The site has a newly installed SSL certificate after the old one expired, and pages are showing as secure, but when customers try to add to cart it seems to be directing to http instead of https. I need help in correcting this issue so forms are secured via https and customers can resume adding products and checking out. Need this to be corrected right away. Thank you! I am looking forward to working with you.

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    I need to run a HTTP delete link through Delphi XE2. When trying to use Indy HTTP component with Delete procedure - it produce an error (please see screenshot). I saw a few solutions about it, but it doesn't work for me, and I don't have time to play with it. Need someone who know how to solve it with Indy or with another component - just send me sample project that works, and you earn dozens of dollar in 5 minutes. Thanks

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    Developing a simple multithreaded HTTP server in Java that reads HTTP request from clients, parse it, and then send the proper HTTP response. The server should be able to respond with .html if requested by the client (GET method). Notes: - Please don't copy any code from the internet. - Please don't use HTTPServer class. I need HTTP server built from scratch. Deadline: Oct 31, 2021 at 3:00 AM Pacific Time Please mention any similar projects that you've worked on if any.

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    i have capture card it needs stream out http streams when inputs are inside it has to copy exact stream input to http stream output it has 4 hdmi outputs i need able to give channel names like channel1 channel2 channel3 channel4 so every input which is connected should have its own link like http://:port/stream1 http://:port/stream2 http://:port/stream3 http://:port/stream4 it shouldnt transcode anything just use the encoders from the card to get right quality and fps details about the card: it has 4 encoders inside it has also own sdk api Pro Capture Quad HDMI Four-channel HD capture card Part number: 11100 SKU: 111000000 HDMI x 4 + embedded audio x 4

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    room scripts site voice chat start

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    I need a very small application which can post JSON data to an external URL. It should behave like a webhook api.

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    I need to implement the TCP server and HTTP server with PHP for NB-IoT. The device is sim7000. This device is working well. There are plenty of examples for Sever building. But I don't know which one is correct. I don't want to have an issue with that. If someone has an experience in this before, let me know. Thanks.

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    Project: Streaming data (HTTP JSON) too Integromat / Zapier and mapping this on JSON in Integromat amd sent too endpoint in my portal that will recognize and handle this. Only someone that is experience with this simmilair work please reply.

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    We have a website running perfectly but issue is when we want to respond strapi to accept https request, currently it's running on http, it will not take any time for javascript and react guru to resovle the issue.

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    Hiring E&M OP, ED profee, HCC as well pdf convert to document. Experience required for the Job: 1 - 7 years as well as Fresher Annual Salary of the Job: 50.0K - 6.00 Lacs Job Location:Permanent work from home Keyskills : Medical coding, Medical coder, aapc,AHIMA,Evaluation Management, E/M outpatient Salary: Best in Industry [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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    This is my client website there are some additional features to be added. I need some PHP developer to customize site.

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    Man United vs Liverpool · Premier League. :en&sceid=MY:en&r=0&oc=1

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    10 bids able to be used with the various Scouting awards -- a "Square knot rack" application. The best part of this is that unlike the military version, which arranges the various ribbons according to importance, the "Square knot rack" only arranges the cloth square knot emblems in the order the PERSON VIEWING it desires... Take a look at http:// to see what a military "rack builder" looks like; take a look at http:// for the BSA's various square knot "ribbons". JoeKuck was great enough to create the "Scout rack" but after six years. some of the awards no longer exist and more importantly, the small devices indicating within which program(s) the award was granted were left out. The person updating this site needs

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    i need website like this http:// fully dynamic website where i change any thing like logo, address ,header, footer etc.

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    Hello, i need help to configure pxe or http network boot server with SYSTEMRESCUECD and option to ssh remotelly. I want to use it in headless machines in case of problems

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    I want to post multiple selected database items into individual columns and in same rows. C#, .Net, Sql

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    Hi everybody, I need website template (pure) for insurance agency like http://

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    We have magento 1.9 Varnish goes to http Apache gives access forbidden Missconfiguration, at NginX so all http goes to https.

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    I have access to a weather camera that is located on my facility and I am trying to build a wix site that will allow for visitors to view the weather camera in real time. Wix does not allow me to make an iframe with an http non-secured site so I need to build a work around.

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    15 bids be solved on my CentOS7 server: - HTTP Apache does not start - PHP 7.4 not working [root@vps ~]# systemctl -l status ‚óŹ - The Apache HTTP Server Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/; enabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since za 2021-10-09 10:03:06 CEST; 43s ago Process: 31748 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/httpd $OPTIONS -DFOREGROUND (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Main PID: 31748 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) okt 09 10:03:06 systemd[1]: Starting The Apache HTTP Server... okt 09 10:03:06 systemd[1]: : main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE okt 09 10:03:06 systemd[1]: Failed to start The Apache HTTP Server. okt 09 10:03:06

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    I'm a new business and I need someone to do Facebook ads. I will also need someone who can create post with graphics and make daily post. I will also need Google local ads.

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    Dear members, I am currently looking for someone who has knowledge and experience With how to configure and use a SMS Modem based on IP network with SMPP/HTTP API. If you have advanced skills in technical, privacy and security Related to SMS Modem Configuration bid on this. Requirements for the position: -Knowledge & experience with SMS Modem configuration based on IP network with SMPP/HTTP API. -Available most of the time for technical support. -Vps + Vpn configuration. -Problem-solving skills.

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