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1,042 import mysql files mysql database jobs found, pricing in USD ASP server. We contacted our supplier and they have given us The database is which is in XML and Access formats and the ICAPS files for pricing which can create Templates in Excel or text files. With the above noted, I have created a new website in WORDPRESS which uses mysql. We need someone who can easily take the information above of the 30

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...pre-formatted XML files for VOIP Phones (Yealink, SNOM, etc). They can then connect to this web server and collect their provisioning files that have been generated and it configures them based on the output XML configuration files this will generate. Initially, we are looking at having a simple bootstrap style interface that uses MySQL to store the data

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Its an e-commerce project built basically using php. Additional applets are provided to improve the [url removed, login to view] files are connected using Xampp [url removed, login to view] Version (its a very old version also it is not available online these days). Project runs on Xampp 5 Version but there are some issues faced which is tangling in more errors but the main functionalities

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I want to migrate one MySQL database from my old website to new website with some modifications. Modifications include: 1) import of old database entries in to new database (both to be done online) 2) some modifications into the new MySQL db(adding or removing or editing fields) 3) making the new website to work. The website pages are already

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... I need a Google Calendar & iCalendar (Apple's Version) scripts that would import, update and delete events. Both versions will be as their own PHP script file, but function in the same way. The script you will be writing should allow for it to be included within a MySQL While loop. Each event will have predefined data with use of variables, so basically

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...all data from the following 6 source systems (each source system is a separate milestone) with a Python script INCREMENTALLY and load them to Amazon S3 (please see attached files): 1. Salesforce (most important!!!) 2. Google Drive 3. PayPal 4. Classmarker 5. Leadfeeder 6. AdStage A specific description for each source system can be found

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...which can download a database and files to local. The following should be build: - Admin page: has a dropdown to select the database and checkboxes for additional options (e.g. optionally download additional files yes/no) - Web service: should be secured - Web service: duplicate the selected (MySQL) database to a temporary database and modi...

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...automatic importer from xml / csv to phpmyadmin that import every night. What is needed: I need to be able to 'map' the fields of the csv or xml, so that your cronjob knows which fields belong where in the phpmyadmin table. So for example if there's a dutch field 'prijs' we need to map it in mysql field 'Price'. There are like 10-15 different...

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...have multiple files in the txt format and i believe the files are extracted from mysql. I also have another database and the import of data to my database is through API. I need you to match the date in the text file to the date field in my database then then import all data to my database. I can create all fields for you in my d...

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Hello Guys, i am looking for a good scala and spark developer to assist with the... Project Overview 1. I want to a project created with Lightbend - Activate so i can expose the API 2. Import csv files containing the data i want to manipulate 3. Do aggregation on the imported data (Dataframe) 4. Then export MYSQL database. That's it. Thanks

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I currently got a listing website which is importing from csv files. The TAXONOMY CSV IMPORT/EXPORT Tool has to map the correct field, and also send out with each import. The import process is extremely. I am looking for a module/tool to import faster on the Drupal cms to my mysql database.

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27 bids in PM. I will also pass all files and current MYSQL DB structure too. So you can create a development server at your end for PHP 7.0 and MYSQL 5.6 and complete the work and then transfer files to me to upload to my server. Please don't change DB structure as we need to import existing data to the new database. This is only for fixed b...

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Hello, I need to update extension files I bought for #Opencart to import products from #[url removed, login to view] to match work with another extension I also bought to optimize my eCommerce website. This upgradtion should be an #independent_Opencart_extention which connects these 2 extensions together. It is not a big peace of work, as It needs just to

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...FUNCTION 1 - CSV IMPORT PHP, where we can: 1 - Inform the CSV path of files with GB size, previously sent via FTP to the PHP file folder with the function. 2 - Inform the path Mysql, user and database (empty, without columns defined) and the name of the table to be created for the csv to be imported. 3 - Create table (+ columns) Mysql naming the

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...parse out the products and upload to the mysql database. It needs to be able to parse the information accurately so that the website remains clean and searchable. The feed will come from an FTP connection. The article below explains how you can automate fetching a file from ftp and uploading it into a database. [url removed, login to view]

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Need my MYSQL WorkBench Configured to filter data that I import. I have some csv files with over 100k data lines in each. I have already created a table in MYSQL Workbench, but I need somebody to import the data sheets in to the database and also program the table to filter out certain parameters / rows that contain certain types of data. The data

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Hi, I want to get all TecDoc database and import mySql database, which is on my server. All TecDoc database must be included; files, images, pdfs etc.. I want only the database, nothing more. Developer must get all database from TecDoc, with his or her skill. No account info will be provided.

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...and my budget is €150 - €300 EUR. Name of the program: "EMS-Outlook-Sync." Our goal is a small program that runs from Windows 7. After the start, it should connect to a MySQL database (standard Contao CMS in the internet) and export all data such as the first name, last name and e-mail address and store it locally at the computer. Then the existing Outlook

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Hi, I need a developer. I want to create a Website which is display the all tecdoc database on the site. Developer must import all tecdoc database (until now 2017) on our MySQL database. Also developer must create front-end part. Front-end part will be very easy. There will be a user register - login. After user logged-in there will be a advanced

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Write a PHP application to Import and update several online CSV and XML files in a MySQL database. Additionally the app needs to scrape some data from website that do not offer their information in CSV or XML format. Database structure and file structure is given, as is concordance between the 2.

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