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    Hello.. all I am looking for is the template, no html, no nothing.. just graphics design. I'm looking for a nice professional, but still exciting template. I actually created a small logo/splash screen.. I'm really not great with graphics, but I've attached a .jpg image. I need a template that will go "well" with that logo/splash. Basically the navigation wouldn't hav...

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    Programming for a content management tool and search function ## Deliverables We’re looking for a server-side software application. Here’s what’s necessary: XYZ Company wants a website that has a "Job Listings" section that will be accessible by the general public. XYZ Company wants a select handful of their employees to be able to update this section to make changes...

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    Background: Black Text: light gray Menu header text: White Layout extremely simple and intuitive banner on top w/ gshq logo right navigation with most pre-client information Server Info where a link would bring up the hardware we use and the active game servers we have FAQ Pricing. A nice table based page of the current products and their costs Order now would link to a ...

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    I am looking to clone the functionality [login to view URL] with a nicer different web layout. I would like this to be an SQL server 2000 project. Partners tab -- will be come "customers" so that they can pull up any existing signs that they have already created and they can request addtional copies. The customers should be able to have multiple ship to address in an order...

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    Product Viewing and Pricing (Unedited version) Purpose: To use one standard screen to view product, sizing options, pricing, and color options. Then integrate the users selection to a buy item in PayPal. System must also generate sizes available base on a proportional limit and min and max width. Color options must be tied to an already present color table in MySQL database. All material must be c...

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    Need a "Scripts Listing Script" simple and easy with good admin capabilities. Something along the line of [login to view URL], [login to view URL],or [login to view URL] Provide working demo and pricing and whether or not I can have resell rights with the script. This script will power a new memebership/free script site, so if you have something that covers both sides, that's eve...

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    We are looking to develop an e-commerce web site. We are not mom and pop, but not cash cows either. We are looking for something unique and different than common plane web sites. We want "life" added. (Please see details below.) ## Deliverables We would like to see an intro page using flash, an option to skip flash and go directly to site. We want the site to stand out and have life. ...

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    Web design - flash/php/mysql We are looking to revamp our web-site. The current site is now a few years old and it needs an overhaul. We are looking for someone who can provide excellent graphic skills and also who is technically competent with php and mysql and programming in general. The site text will be provided by us and will require a combination of flash and scripting. The new sit...

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    [login to view URL] like project with all features along with the support contract for a year and next yerly pricing for it. Multilingual support both for english and arabic. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform unix server and windows appli...

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    We need a new website 6-10 pages. Quick, crisp and appealing/easy to use. Backend database for customer/product/service info with 2 or 3 forms for data entry and retrieval. One backend admin page req'd. All pictures and text supplied. Technology - asp/javascript or [login to view URL] on access or sql server. Please send skillset, pricing & timescales in first instance (no attachments, cv...

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    I need an ASP page written that will figure out cost of shipping for USPS Priority Mail. This will be based on a fixed zip code (the origin) and the zip code of the customer. All the rates and information are availible on the USPS website, it's just a matter of pulling the data together and processing it. For more information about the rates and how the zone pricing works, please visit the Un...

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    eCommerce Site that sells tarpaulins based on custom measurement. This site must be able to accomplish the following; a. Accept custom specifications for size, material, color and fasteners. b. Allow pricing based on each of these paramenters. c. Accept payment via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal in a secure environment. d. Maintain customer records and order history. Customers should be abl...

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    I am re-posting this project because we have expanded the scope of the application. I need to develop a script that will check inventory from our vendor's web site and execute orders based upon pre-defined value definitions (rather than just notifying us as in the last project posted). The site requires a username and password and the inventory is found by completing a search form. We will be...

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    General Overview. This is Marketing Consulting and Advertising Site with certain ecommerce features. Customers or members can pay and submit their ads to an ad bank in a specified predetermined format. There needs to be a easy admin interface. Ad and membership purchases have set prices. There are standard consulting packages with set pricing, but since these packages can be customized, payment f...

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    eCommerce site required for large catering business looking to branch out into online ordering We provide catering services for all kinds of functions and events with pricing dependant on menu and any special requirements. Website needs to be able to take orders for existing business and allow for things like delivery by courier when paid for in advance of specialist items.

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    Three Small Programs #1 A veterinary office wants to produce information sheets on the pets it treats. Data includes diet, whether it is nocturnal or not, whether its bite is poisonous (e.g., snakes), whether it flies, and so on. Use a superclass Pet with abstract methods and create appropriate subclasses to support about 10 animals of your choice. #2 Create a pricing system for a computer company...

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    Project requires a binary to be executed by a 386SX embedded processor. The embedded system has three drives (drive1 is flash, drive2 and drive3 are IDE, LBA-mode hard drives). Drive2 and drive3 are identical. The code to be written will be executed from the on-board flash drive. Depending on the states of pin2(p2) and pin3(p3) of the parallel(printer) port, the code should function as follows: St...

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    Note: This web-emailer was posted here at rentacoder and I chosen a winner. However, it was never finished by the programmer. After two weeks disappeared and after many emails and messages thru ICQ never heard of him again. It is based on Php and mysql. I posted again, but because of unpresendeted things that happened I wasn't here and I just came 3 days ago and wanted to pick a programmer, b...

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    We are trying to add some functionality to our application to add fleet management capabilities. In order to do this we need to be able to Give a set of GPS coordinates, and have a graphical frame pop-up and display the map with the coordinates highlighed on it. [Mappquest][1] and [Mappoint][2] are some examples of embedding it into thier website. What we need is to embed this into our Java applic...

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    Rewrite existing website with new code (none of the existing code is to be copied). Apearance and navigation to remain substantially as presently designed. New code to be generic, fast loading - primarily HTML, with extensive notation embedded and must be easy to read, maintain and manipulate by our staff. New backend is to include database for products, pricing, and inventoty control and must be ...

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    Our site is's not done very well and we need help! WE'd like it to be more like [login to view URL] and we need payment processing...maybe payapal? I need both a designer and developer for this project and I need it done yesterday....please let me know if you can help! We have been up on two different web hosting Market place sites for 6 months now...

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    Hello RAC's: I am seeking advice/recommendations on this project more than anything else. Here's my situation: I want to be able to broadcast church gatherings over the internet and I don't know what types of webcam technology will allow me to do this for a reasonable cost. I want users to be able to log into a website, select a link to the church gathering they want to get audio/vi...

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    Our company provides a service to mortgage brokers which, among other things, we provide real-time market pricing as well as the ability to allow our customers to create custom alerts which will notify them online or to a cell phone/pager when an alert is triggered. When a customer 'logs in', they are entered into our main website, and in addition, a second browser is launched which appe...

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    I need a program to automate my Tanning Salon business. I need to be able to visually see all the calander dates my clients have used in a real calander format, and I also want to be able to have a searchable client database, and a drop down type dates and minutes used box. It also needs to be able to administer packages to clients (keep accounting records) that has updateable pricing. The program...

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    I want the site to allow a customer or prospect to view pricing for printing items. I want to use links to access items like business cards, letterhead, etc… as opposed to using a dropdown. The customer would see a list of different items (business cards, letterhead, rubber stamps, envelopes, checks, ect…) listed. When they click on an item, the system would dynamically build the dis...

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    Project: Development of 3 advertising flash/shockwave intros. Intros will be short, detailed graphic work, clean, exciting, new and hip. Details: 3 designs, the designs will be done to promote 3 divisions of the company; Engineering Services, Information Systems/Information Management and Product Development. Specifications: The design will follow a standard pattern and should incorporate the ...

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    Note: This web-emailer was posted here at rentacoder and I chosen a winner. However, it was never finished by the programmer. After two weeks disappeared and after many emails and messages thru ICQ never heard of him again. It is based on Php and mysql. --------------------------------- here is the link to what is already done: [login to view URL] According to the programmer the project was almost...

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    Our company sells services to other companies (b2b)The web site is used for membership registration. Customers are billed monthly using a recurring billing module provided to you with an [login to view URL] this billing module accepts one customer = one account= one user, and whereas we will have one costmoer=one billing account with multiple users, we need to do the fllowing: Create a membership ...

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    We would like to be able to better estimate pricing for our services, and offer our customers reasonable pricing quotes- using some kind of spreadsheet application. We are a small tax preparation company, using a software program that bills the client based on the amount of work that has ultimately been done, but cannot help us offer a reasobable price quote in advance. We have established pricing...

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    Hi, I need someone to register approximately 150 or so domain names and navicodes for my company. You should be able to register them via [login to view URL] and for the Navicodes via [login to view URL] Please reply with pricing information for both. Thanks

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    $200 - $300
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    Project "tradewinds retail" involves developping a retail sales program for my one-store business which will open the 1st of July 2002. I'm looking for something capable of fast paced counter sales, inventory tracking, daily, monthly and annual sales reports, cash, cheque, interac and credit card sales, price tag print outs (from inventory list), customer tracking, supplier informat...

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    I need a Microsoft Access/VBA programmer to create an Access application for tracking Supplier Request For Quotations (RFQ's). The database must be for multiple users and a user must have the ability to automatically create Microsoft Word or Excel Spreadsheets (I will provide the templates) from the information he or she inputs into the database. A user must be able to do the following once h...

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    Hi, I need someone to register approximately 400 or so domain names and navicodes for my company. You should be able to register them via [login to view URL] and for the Navicodes via [login to view URL] Please reply with pricing information for both. Thanks C Stich

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    I am looking for a clone of No stealing, just that look. It has to be a fully functional price comparison site. It must allow for vendors to supply a .txt (or csv) file with their pricing....for particular items....It must track the clicks, click thru rate, etc.. all the features of [login to view URL] . This has to be done right & Im willing to pay more for someone who can d...

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    Current system is using linux with tomcat. (java servlets) program must not conflict with this Program: users search for products and the products they search for will be returned and ranked by lowest price. Along with the results will be the ability for the user to veiw comments from past purchasers. So for this program these are the things we will need. On the users end: 1. On the main page of t...

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    Manager Ended

    We need a basic POS system with detailed inventory tracking and PO# generation. We are a Large Pool company with a retail store and a warehouse for the construction end of it. We need a system for the construction side that will be able to track all materials used by employee and what job they are using the materials on. We have about 3,000 items that we use from small parts to cements and wood. W...

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    to make a small data base driven e-commerce web site the site will have 2 front pages. both using the same data base. this is to allow for 2 brands/web addresses to use the same information. ## Deliverables the site should have 2 front pages these will be pointed at from a dns server. various .gif's will be provided allong with logo. site should be easily navigated. i have already purchase...

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    I want an executable database program to give to customers to look at my available parts and determine part numbers and pricing. I will provide a dbf file with my parts- 2 text fields containing 2 part numbers, a text field containing a description, and a numeric field containing a price. The program should have 3 views- a single item form that serves as a search form where a customer can type in ...

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    Multiple Supplier Management: Batchout and assign magazines to suppliers. This includes the correct formatting. +You will need to create templates for earch supplier using the supplied formatting for exporting orders + Complete Backend Management of Suppliers Select whether a magazine is a gift or not, and specify a gift message and gift address. Currently you can only send one order to ...

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    We are looking for opportunity to work together in your next web design projects. Please visit our website at [login to view URL] to check-out our Design Quality. Our pricing is available upon request. Regards, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ardi Arifin -7th Senses "Providing Professional Websites at a Discount Rate" Kembang Ayu IV ...

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    $200 - $300
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    Multiple Supplier Management: Batchout and assign magazines to suppliers. This includes the correct formatting. +You will need to create templates for earch supplier using the supplied formatting for exporting orders + Complete Backend Management of Suppliers Select whether a magazine is a gift or not, and specify a gift message and gift address. Currently you can only send one order to one addres...

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    Hello, I am looking for a program for selling auto parts or hardlines that can handle inventory with different product lines, and billing this would have to be able to handle one hundred customers or more, I would also need to be able to put two prices for each part number (a List price and a Cost price, all of these type of programs I have used in the past have been a Dos type program but I have ...

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    I just started an Export Company representing many suppliers (U.S. manufacturers) all with their own product & price list. I either sell at their prices and earn a commission or I add a percentage to their price list when I quote my overseas distributors. I never combine product from each supplier, so I must keep seperate records for each distributors I sell to, ie. credit terms, shipping term...

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    Thank you to all of you who have responded to the [login to view URL] request. One of the requirements was that the winning bid have project management experience. Many of you asked for a requirements document or a formal RFP. I would like whoever is bidding to send me outlines of requirements documents or detailed RFP outlines or examples in order to get you the information you need and start thi...

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    Would prefer a MSSCI solution, although I am open to other suggestions. As long as it is completely scalable, easy for other developers to work on, organized and structured well. The site is a custom e-commerce project that sells printing supplies. Detailed and custom search capabilities. I would prefer a developer who also has project management experience. A custom 'supply store' accou...

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    Complete E-commerce solution based on ASP or .NET that is custom tailored to online mobile electronics retailing. Site must include the following features: -Be simple enough for people with no computer skill to navigate -Be written to reach the most possible users in a simple, fast loading manner -Possess a fully functional shopping cart -Provide Inventory Management with reorder level and capabil...

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    Graphic Designer for website template. Photoshop and Flash. Send project samples, pricing and bio. I’m looking for quality designer for many ongoing projects. Email: support@[login to view URL]

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    $200 - $300
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    We are currently looking for a developer to provide an online ordering/quotation system suited to our needs. We have an inventory of approximately 1000 items and the online system must be capable of providing a selection of unique pricing profiles to an established group of clients such that they will have no need to contact our office to create a quote. There is a further need, and the most impor...

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    Brief: To add a passowrd protected user area to our web site, an area to download files. This should include a message board and a page to submit comments that are e mailed to us. Some way to input new users written in PHP or COLD FUSION or ASP etc. We would like some rough ideas about a time scale and pricing for the project. Thanks for your time.... Ben

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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