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    Retrieves the client's IP address. Checks whether the script should run based on a time limit.(5 minute) Retrieves the client's IP details (region and city) using an IP geolocation API. Retrieves a job feed from the specified URL. Filters the job listings based on the client's location (city and region) and excludes certain isp's from been redirected( google/i, amazon/i, Cloudfare/i...) Randomly selects a job listing from the filtered jobs and redirects the user to the selected job listing URL.

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    ...OPS Authorities (FBI / CISA / BfDI / AP / ICO / CNIL) : Cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory agencies. I'm available if you need help in mitigation, some cases could be quite complicated (especially in case of blockchain-related private keys). ## What about my stolen files? Attacker no longer need to worry about diskspace as I've deleted all your files on their server (attached server IP addresses). However, it's unknown if the attacker made a backup of these files (i doubt). I also kept a log of each deleted file (arranged by workstation name), if you are interested to know what files were exposed. ## Advice for Future: If you must check out & run the project files, it's best to do it in an isolated virtual machine. You can set up a virtual ...

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    ...including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic. The site should have a language switcher that allows users to easily switch between languages. - **Currency Conversion**: I need the site to have a built-in currency converter that can convert prices on the site into the user's preferred currency. This should be automatically done based on the user's IP or by allowing manual selection by the user. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Wordpress and setting up multilingual websites using plugins like WPML or Polylang - Strong knowledge of currency conversion plugins for Wordpress - Experience with UI/UX design to ensure the language switcher and currency converter are seamlessly integrated into the site - Abi...

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    I am currently in need of a freelancer proficient in Omnet++ VEINS network simulator. The backbone of the project is Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a specific interest in: - Network Protocols Simulation - IoT Devices Interconnection - Performance Analysis I am also in need of simulation for specific network protocols: - TCP/IP - UDP Whilst applicants should be experienced in network simulators, a strong background in Omnet++ and AI is a must. It is paramount that the freelancer can effectively integrate AI into the simulation, and that they are capable of interconnecting IoT devices. Studies or experience in computer networking would be advantageous.

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    i need website traffic software robot which can use proxies & user agents to generate traffic on my website requirements (random ip on every request i will provide but you need to select random user agent on ever request ) main motive is to increase website visits using worldwide proxies I'm in need of a competent developer to build a robust software that can significantly increase my website visibility. The expected functionalities should include SEO optimization, link building, content marketing, and social media promotion. Although no specific target audience has been identified, the software should be versatile across multiple industries. The project completion time frame is as soon as possible and will require a diligent and experienced developer who can meet tight d...

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    I'm in need of an exp...install and set up an Alcatel PBX system for a medium-sized enterprise. The project also involves integrating this PBX system with VoIP services. This will be remote project, our team will give you access from the site. Key Responsibilities: - Configuration of Alcatel PBX system OXO408 - Integration of the PBX system with VoIP services along with call recording. - Integration with existing Cisco IP Telephony Ideal skills for this job include: - Profound understanding of Alcatel PBX systems. - Experience with VoIP services integration. - Prior work on medium-sized enterprise deployments. Your expertise in these areas will help us to establish a reliable communication system for our business, ensuring seamless connection with our clients and within ou...

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    ..."effective_time": 1715372160, "invalid_time": 1718050560, "password_type": "ticket", "phone": "1234", "type": 0, "time_zone": "Europe/Athens", "ticket_id": "123456", ], "relate_dev_list": "" } { "result": { "active_time": 1710350262, "biz_type": 0, "category": "mk", "create_time": 1709486308, "icon": "smart/icon/bay1601253790250Rnas/", "id": "bf0b4edb132ef2e965uyep", "ip": "", "lat": "37.9900", "local_key": "^+crWzhx(EA8&D.^", "lon": "23.7200", "model&qu...

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    ...user can also type and narrow down the options available • Then the user can type in the title of the saved list • Then the user can type in the description of the entry • Then the user can select 0-3 categories that fits their list. • Then the user can input the link to the Google Maps saved list they want to share. • Then at the bottom is the upload button. Home page • Identifies current user’s IP address and displays the current city / country name and all the google maps saved list entries in that city, sorted by newest • Users can change location – it is a dropdown menu but with an input field so that users can quickly narrow down the options of cities or countries available • There is a filter function where users can fil...

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    As a project manager running an online voting process, I am struggling with a database and performance issue in our Laravel and MySQL setup. We are currently under the pressure of non-stop people v...poll/voting systems The specific tasks I need assistance with are: 1. Addressing a database connection error which has arisen due to intense continuous voting. 2. Tackling the query performance problems coming up in our online polling setup. 3. Addressing the data inconsistency issues that have cropped up due to dynamic vote tallying. The votes are expected to be collected as per IP, hence, experience with IP-specific data handling is highly desirable. In summary, I need a Laravel and MySQL expert to revamp our online voting architecture for seamless performance and accurate...

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    ...the options i. Show page with latest members that joined - Show Heading: Welcome to our newest members j. Direct all new members regardless of level to view membership video for orientation 4. Setup paid consultation which one can book time - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1hour a. flash alert on client and host's screen when 10, 5 and 1 minute of remaining session 5. Detect timezone based on visitor's ip. 6. Setup discussion group (like Reddit) with Moderators for each discussion group a. In order to join a discussion group, one MUST choose ONE option of interest b. Another selection category to show on Member Registration - Christian, Muslim, Other Religions, Spirituality, All Others c. Each choice above has subcategories, for example, Christian - Religious Leaders, must...

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    I am in need of a developer well-versed in web development to guide me through deploying my GitHub project on Netlify. The project can be found here: These tech were used to make the software ⚛️ React JS - Frontend ? Apollo GraphQL Server v3 - Server API ? GraphQL Template By Mohit - Boilerplate f...project on Netlify. The project can be found here: These tech were used to make the software ⚛️ React JS - Frontend ? Apollo GraphQL Server v3 - Server API ? GraphQL Template By Mohit - Boilerplate for Apollo ? Prisma - ORM ? Any relational or non-relational database that Prisma supports ?️ Redux w/ Redux Toolkit - State management ? IP Registry - Free Geolocation lookups

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    Currently, I'm working with Python Selenium and attempting to create a script that can consistently log in to websites like vfsglobal, such as "", every minute without triggering their IP blocking mechanism (which kicks in after about 5 attempts from the same IP). I've purchased proxies from and integrated them into my script, but unfortunately, they only seem to work for HTTP, not HTTPS. I'm curious about a solution to this problem. Is it feasible to set up a server (like Google Cloud or AWS) that utilizes a unique IP addresse for each request? Any insights you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm in need of a skilled and experienced network engineer to assist w...usable on router B machine (e.g. proxmox virtual machines) - BFD setup so that if any of the providers that are announcing the IPs publicly have network issues, the announcement drops so there is no blackhole of traffic Theoretically I will have the following: - 3 routers where IP space is announced publicly - 2-3 routers where I wish to use smaller blocks of said IP space, but the routers do NOT have the ability to announce publicly so it should route from another announcing router Obviously, with announcing the same IP space at multiple providers it will turn into an anycast type network so all routers should inter communicate with each other (via wireguard/tailscale) and figure out where...

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    As part of quality assurance for an iOS app project, I need to emulate multiple iPhone devices on a server. This is aimed at conducting various app tests to verify functionality and user experience. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a VM solution troubleshooting potential iOS compatibility issues. Describe I'm building a project where I need to have installed dozens of emulated iphones on a server. Just as there are solutions like LDPLAYER for Android, I need a VM volution similar to HyperV or Virtual Box. In this virtual machine I will configure Apple Store, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Whatsapp Business and I also need to install IP proxy tools and in this virtualization it should be possible to change MacAdress, Imei, Version. I want the deliverable to be a...

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    ...will supply this document and further details of how the form works if I feel you are a good fit for the project. User Interface: Mobile-friendly website. Login page with username, password, and "remember me" option. Form page with signature box and simple diagrams. Data is saved continuously, and abandoned reports trigger email notifications. Hidden fields record initial form date, user name, IP address, browser, device, and current location. Upon submission, data is saved in the database and emailed to multiple manager addresses. Users receive a confirmation code. Admin Interface: Ability to manage users: add, deactivate, or modify. Admin settings for notification email setup. Summary listing page to view all records in the database, with options to: View full deta...

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    Project: Need key contacts (main lead/persons’) contact data that are engaged in IP-Enforcement, Anti-Counterfeit, Counterfeit and Brand protection activities within legal/law firms, Intellectual Property services providing companies or IP, IPR firms/companies or/and other companies offering relevant IPR services across United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Project Goals: The project aims to compile a comprehensive database of key individuals directly involved in IP-Enforcement, Anti-Counterfeit, Counterfeit and Brand protection activities within the top legal/law firms, as well as relevant service-providing companies (IP-Enforcement, Anti-Counterfeit, Counterfeit and Brand protection services) that provide...

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    ...application in server mode, and the clients have a desktop accounting application (acting as a client) wich are connecting through open vpn tunnel to the virtual windows server IP. The important is that the desktop application acting as a client, in the connection setting ask the IP and the location of the server app folder ( for example the connection are D. We want to drop the open VPN server becouse is hard to maintain and generate new clients, and change to a cloudfare tunnel instead. We dont now iff can be done based on the limitations of the accountin software client wich need to point to an IP address and from our knowledge the cloudfare enviroment are DNS name based. We need a freelancer wich can deliver the followings: 1. analyze of the current envirom...

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    ===>> The setup MUST BE STAND ALONE - NO WPStream! AND Multi Stream to Youtube, etc operating system is nbuntu 20.04 Dual Xeon E5-2670 | 2.60GHz / 3.3GHz Turbo 16 Cores / 32 threads | 96GB DDR3 | 960GB SSDWORK Pay-per-View Live Streaming (similar to Patreon) on different days and times. :: Restricted to level of membership a. Thinking of using StreamLabs OBS. What open source recording is best? b. DRM Video- Disable, don't allow download or recording with phone or any other recording device by any member - free or paid. c. All Livestream and Video Recording to be at 1080p c. Embed Logo Watermark in Video. Here are OPEN SOURCE Streaming possibilities. Feel free to suggest others. 1. 2. | 3.

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    I am seeking a highly skilled Java developer/team to build a robust and efficient option greek calculator specifically tailored for Indian options using Black Scholes model. A user-friendly Java interface (No UI interface, only backend java interface) will facilitate easy interaction with the calculator. Key Features Input 1. Option symbo...with Java development 2. Relevant experience with option pricing models and financial data manipulation 3. Your approach to achieving high performance and low latency 4. Your estimated timeline for project completion and expected total inclusive price for the project We look forward to collaborating with a talented developer/team to build this cutting-edge tool! ** Note you have to sign NDA and IP Agreement if you are willing to undertake th...

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    I'm having issues deploying my IoT system, specifically in relation to connectivity and integrating with my IP CCTV system, specifically when trying to configure certain IoT devices, like CCTV systems. The problem seems to be during deployment, where the configuration for these devices doesn't seem to be functioning as expected. Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot Connectivity: I need assistance with ensuring all my devices are properly connected and communicating with each other. - IP CCTV Integration: I am using an IP CCTV system and need help integrating it seamlessly with my IoT setup. - Real-Time Monitoring: My primary goal is to enable real-time monitoring through the IP CCTV system in conjunction with the IoT network. The task will involve: - Dia...

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    Seeking an experienced UX Designer skilled in JavaScript and Tailwind. - Creating modern prototypes - Designing high conversion user interfaces - Designing user workflows that activate users - Occasional PDF layout tasks Please provide your portfolio link and DM me to confirm this is your true hourly rate As a condition of bidding you agree you will assign all IP created

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    ...- Please look at basic functionality of UDP and TCP, - shown in fields of their headers, basic segment structure and connection establishment. Which one is fair, which one has congestion control? >>Network layer: Data plane: Chapter 4 - Overview of the network layer - 4.1. (all subsections within this section) - What is inside of router - 4.2 with 4.2.1 - The Internet Protocol IP: IPv4, Addressing, IPv6 and more - 4.3 - Generalized forwarding and SDN Section 4.4 - Middleboxes: Section 4.5 >> Network layer: control plane: Chapter 5 - Introduction - 5.1. - Routing algorithms in Section 5.2 - Intra-AS routing in the Internet: OSPF Section 5.3 - The SDN control plane - Section 5.5 (5.5.1, 5.5.2, 5.5.3, 5.5.4) - ICMP...

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    ...together a professional, cost-effective, and functional IP camera design. This camera should be capable of: - Night vision functionality to capture distinct images even in an environment with minimal lighting. - Motion detection capabilities to alert me whenever there's movement in its range of coverage. - Two-way audio to let me communicate with anyone within the camera's location. - Deliver 1080p resolution quality images for clear viewing. Given that electricity supply will be consistent, I prefer the camera to be wired. This would prevent the inconvenience of frequently replacing batteries, and also eliminate any reliance on weather conditions that could affect a solar-powered system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Understanding of IP camera design. - Exp...

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    I'm urgently in need of a server specialist expertise. My domain has unfortunately found itself on a blacklist, potentially impacting my email reach and overall communications. Here's more about what I require: - Check if my domain is on any email or IP blacklists - Remove my domain from those blacklists for smooth email operations - I'm using hostinger webmail and godaddy as my email service providers - I haven't taken any steps yet to resolve the blacklist issue, I need an expert who can handle this process effectively The ideal candidate will have: - Strong knowledge of servers and domains - Previous experience with delisting domains from blacklists - Excellent problem-solving skills - Proficiency in working with hostinger webmail and godaddy service pr...

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    ...US to assist with the research on two different senior mobility scooters. I specifically need insights on user reviews, preferred links for reviews, and the purchase preference of the product on the Walmart website. Your tasks in this project will be: - Investigating user reviews and ratings for two Senior Mobility Scooters. - Product link A: - Product Link B: - Identifying the preferred link for user reviews and ratings (Walmart, in this case) and justifying it. - Explaining the reason behind the willingness to purchase the product online at the Walmart website. Ideal skills for this project include: - Experience in market research, specifically e-commerce product research. - Familiarity with consumer behavior and

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    Building a Shopify App. 3 days left

    I'm looking for someone to build a basic Shopify app that will eventually be integrated with an API that we're developing (may need hep on this, but it's a separate project). We'll need the freelancers to ultimately sign an NDA and IP agreement. There are several important elements we need built, though we are not yet fixed on a development stack. Basically we need functionality such as shopping cart management, order modifications, returns and exchanges, product information, FAQs, store policies, discounts, and upselling/cross-selling capabilities. Probably most or all is in some github repository, which we are fine with using as well as GPT-4, which, if you don't have an account, we'll get you one. It is important to only use MIT or similarly license...

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    Need help with MVP for mobile app and the creation of an admin portal. The mobile app will create meetings and allow users to send/accept meeting invites. This work will need to be done in React Native so I get Android and iOS. I have sketched out the look and functionality of the app in the attached pdf file. The app name, app logo and app icon wi...the look and functionality of the app in the attached pdf file. The app name, app logo and app icon will be given after project is awarded. Please plan to use shades of blue and white Please provide price and delivery time with quote. PAYMENT TERMS: Total will be paid over 3 milestones - deposit, testing and final acceptance Note: Freelancer will be asked to sign's standard IP Transfer Agreement as part ...

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    ...increase ad impressions. * Auto Click With advanced features in "Admob Pilot", Ads will be clicked automatically like human clicks, and automatically your income will also increase. * Random IP's The best feature of "Admob Pilot", every ad impression and ad click is from a random IP *Random user agent Every ad impression and ad click is from a mobile user agent. Admob Pilot using real mobile user agents. Admob Pilot will randomize user agents. * Customize settings Admob Pilot is customizable, you can set up ad units, ip, ad impressions and ad clicks, adapting to what you need. Example :

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    ..."effective_time": 1715372160, "invalid_time": 1718050560, "password_type": "ticket", "phone": "1234", "type": 0, "time_zone": "Europe/Athens", "ticket_id": "123456", ], "relate_dev_list": "" } { "result": { "active_time": 1710350262, "biz_type": 0, "category": "mk", "create_time": 1709486308, "icon": "smart/icon/bay1601253790250Rnas/", "id": "bf0b4edb132ef2e965uyep", "ip": "", "lat": "37.9900", "local_key": "^+crWzhx(EA8&D.^", "lon": "23.7200", "model&qu...

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    ...1718050560, "password_type": "ticket", "phone": "1234", "type": 0, "time_zone": "Europe/Athens", "ticket_id": "123456", ], "relate_dev_list": "" } { "result": { "active_time": 1710350262, "biz_type": 0, "category": "mk", "create_time": 1709486308, "icon": "smart/icon/bay1601253790250Rnas/", "id": "bf0b4edb132ef2e965uyep", "ip": "", "lat": "37.9900", "local_key": "^+crWzhx(EA8&D.^", "lon": "23.7200", "model": ...

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    What is the IP address and TCP port number used by the client computer (source) that is transferring the file to To answer this question, it’s probably easiest to select an HTTP message and explore the details of the TCP packet used to carry this HTTP message, using the “details of the selected packet header window”.

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    ...administrator to assist in improving the performance and security of our existing computer network. The key goals of this project are: - Improved network performance - Enhanced network security - Expanded network capacity Our current network infrastructure utilises various network protocols including TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, and QUIC. The freelancer would ideally have strong experience in these protocols. Specific skill set required: - Proven experience in network administration - Comprehensive knowledge of TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, and QUIC protocols - Understanding of network performance optimization - Expertise in network security There are no limitations in regards to latency, speed, or security for the network protocols that will be used in this project. I welcome innovative ...

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    7 bids the creation and management of usernames and passwords for authentication. The user data limit should be set at 1 GB, reset weekly or at increments of 7 GB weekly / 30 GB monthly. It can be done with external cron script. - Management of devices - system should authorise remote devices (NAS) responsible for user authorisation on remote locations. And it should not be linked to remote device IP, as it may be floating. - Setup role for user who will manage vouchers/accounts and see statistics - Configure 1 Fortigate router (40F/60F) to operate with installed system and show how it works Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Linux system administration - Proven experience in setting up radius / daloradius, radiusdesk etc. - An understanding of data limit configurat...

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    ...finalizing the setup to ensure the service is accessible both within and outside of Azure (internal and external IP). We are seeking an experienced professional who can complete the following tasks: Required Services: Review the current configuration of the virtual network and VM in Azure. Complete the network parameter setup to ensure the video call service is accessible over the Internet, including the configuration of firewall rules and network security if necessary. Install and configure all necessary components and dependencies on the virtual machine for the operation of video calls. Ensure secure interaction between the virtual machine and clients outside Azure, using an external IP or Azure relay service. Create detailed documentation on the configurations done an...

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    I need to create a driver for a telescope, a dome and a focuser, all these accessories are currently controlled by a programmable automation system, the idea is to make a driver for each section, which connects via Ethernet/IP for example and is capable of sending the orders from the PC using ASCOM.

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    Using OpenVPN with Samba 4 AD-DC. Am running into a problem where file shares open just fine when using an IP Address to the server however when using a domain name (A Record) it fails. In the end I am hoping to access the server using the domain and be able to open files and folders inside shares as normal. It is important that we resolve this via a screen share. I can do a zoom screen share and record the solution. This is a LIVE client server I have created a video to assist with your understanding of the problem. Please confirm you have seen it. * Thank you!

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    Seeking IP/Copyright/Trademark support to deal with an infringement case involving a trade name and image. What you Require: - Excellent understanding of copyright and trademark laws - Proficiency in defending against copyright and trademark infringement cases - An ability to navigate the nuances of unauthorized visual artwork and trademark uses - The items were used with permission of a contract. The contract ended now plaintiff seeks compensation for market confusion Seeking Lawyer/Attourney to review statement of claim and assist with risk assessment, opinion and strategy for the defendant. Claim filed in Canada - if you have experience and/or relationships with firms there, please share details. (Begin your reply with the word rabbit to assist us in sorting bot replies.) P...

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    I'm in need of an expert who can assist me with my computer and desktop, servers hardware, and networking. I'll need help with...networking. I'll need help with the following specifics: - Motherboard: I need someone to assist me in finding a motherboard that is compatible with the CPU and RAM I have in mind. We'll need to consider the socket type compatibility, number of RAM slots, and expansion slot options. - CPU: I'm looking for advice on a CPU with specific requirements. We'll need to consider processor speed, number of cores, and cache size. Please reach out if you have experience in this area and are confident in your ability to help me choose the right hardware for my project. I'm open to suggestions on specific makes and models, and I ...

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    Mobile App Security Testing 1 day left

    I have an app with local iis server where my api hosted in The app suppose to run and shows videos hosted in my private channel in vimeo Only enroled students to my app suppose to run my videos and see them running through enrolment code we provide and videos should run by demonstrating the student number who loggged on top of the video I can provide you with the server ip and port plus i can provide the api source code plus the apk file and you do complete test try to find the possible bugs in my system to either pull out the videos or run them without any student number demonstrated

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    I'm seeking a proficient expert who can help manage and troubleshoot some technical issues with a specific email a...some technical issues with a specific email account on Outlook and Hotmail. This involves: - Skillful management of emails - Thorough resolution of any relevant technical issues A particular aspect of this project is centered around the preservation of emails along with their metadata for a court case. The metadata needs to contain: - Recipient's email address, - Date and time stamp, - Sender's IP address Hence, an individual with experience in handling and saving email data securely for legal purposes would be optimal for this job. Practicality in using Outlook and Hotmail services is a necessity for bid consideration. Proficiency in the English la...

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    I wants generate payday loan leads in usa to sell it to direct lenders on my own website . I have very less budget $20 per day to generate fresh live 50 leads per day on my own website sign up form. I have ip tracking enable on my form so i can track my client ip directly to avoid bot and fake leads. So anyone can do this please dm me now

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    I'm looking for expertise in handling intricate b...experience: - Proficiency in API integrations - Experience with payment gateway integrations - Proven expertise in third-party service integration - Knowledge of Zapier _ Key app/products to be integrated are Microsoft 365, Outlook, Calendly, Dropbox, and Payment integrations. Oh, and I need a favicon based on a graphic I created as a logo. By bidding for this project you accept that all IP remains the property of the poster, and that all information shared is confidential. This is a start up social enterprise with extremely limited budget but with big plans that will need more work down the track. Some collaboration on how key flows could best support the work now, and what could be set aside for down the track wo...

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    ...justifying the different technologies and vendor devices and connection mediums that will be used to implement a high-speed secure network infrastructure. You should use the appropriate tool to draw the network diagram (topology). 1.2 Develop an IP address plan showing how are you going to segment the network. Note that students and staff should be able to access campus resources like Wi-Fi regardless at any of the three campuses regardless of which campus they physically work or attend lectures. You should justify the choice of the chosen IP address plan. All workings and calculations should be shown if any. Deliverable 2 2.1 Using Cisco Packet Tracer implement the network designed in deliverable 1 above showing the net...

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    AWS DevOps Specialist for Nginx 10 hours left

    I need expert in nginx web server configuration and cloud flare Our setup We have react application running in docker. Backend running in python. From react , we connect python using http for API calls. Current state : Our application is accessible using ip address of the server with port . Problem : We tried using DNS to access our application. We use cloudflare SSL and configured in the server but we are not successful. We are getting "invalid host header" and error code 521. Earlier we were getting mixed content type error. Please note this is troubleshooting task if you really have the experience this can be fixedbin no time. At the end , we want https should work end to end.

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    ...ability to add, reuse, share content and get guides and best practices from a shared community Must provide features can be used to create robust guides or can function as a standalone website Must be able to provide single access point authorization for multiple content providers including: EBSCO, Gale/Cengage, ProQuest, and Overdrive, etc. Includes fine-tuned access controls, content protections (IP ranges, passwords), groups for better organization, additional A-Z Database management, additional account levels, & granular user permissions. Must be able to provide additional products that integrate into LibGuides such as LibWizard Lite a forms/survey builder, LibCalendar, etc. Provide continually updated staff training / how-to’s for creating guides and using LibGuide...

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    My project requires implementation of real-time video communication using golang WebRTC Pion. This application is targeted for Desktop and IoT devices. The software should be designed to operate on low-resource ARM-based hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi, with the aim of capturing RTSP streams from an IP camera and relaying them to clients via WebRTC. It will implement a socket-based protocol to communicate with an existing Node.js middleware, which will interface with the software developed in Golang. We currently read RTSP stream and manage WebRTC gathering. But there are some connection issues and improvement to do. Key Features: - Support for Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) to handle communication Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in Golang programming language - ...

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    I need a topology as described: 1. Place the IP ranges for each of the segments. 2. Mark the interface colors as GREEN, RED, ORANGE, and BLUE. 3. Place the corresponding IP next to each device to be configured. 4. Configure the IPs on each of the devices according to their network segment. 5. Perform the configuration on each IP router that corresponds to it. 6. All devices, according to their configuration, should be able to see each other. 7. PC0, PC1, and Tablet must be able to see the external web server using the domain name "". 8. PC0, PC1, and Tablet must be able to see the internal web server using the domain name "". It needs to be done within in 1 hour

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    ... What I Expect: • Creation of 40 detailed human silhouette drawings. • These silhouettes must be specifically designed for projection during a live concert. • The project includes 11 of human figures – plus objects. ANY methods or achieving this are welcome (scissors, pen, pencil, digital pencil, paintbrush, mouse, finger-on-track pad, EXCEPT: AI (NO AI !!!!) nor, Theft of others IP (no stealing other's images). This story is novel-length and novel-deep. But there are two main couples to be feature. Older (deceased, now ghost) married Couple: Lobster Fisherman: Arthur Anderson Concert Pianist: Sophia Anderson Younger courting Couple: Cocktail pianist: Greg Foster Writer: Luna Lightner Overall Tone: Buildings an...

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    Currently seeking a knowledgeable professional to assist in developing an array to add to the global settings of a file. This addition will involve: - Inclusion of server IP - Annotation for these IP addresses Ideal candidates will have extensive experience with domain name systems, particularly names/PowerDNS. Strong understanding of domain settings, zone settings and global settings is necessary for this task. Knowledge of various array elements particularly server options, and expertise in editing and organizing system configuration files is preferred. SEE ATTACHED EXAMPLE

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    You just need to post a content in a social media account which has been already created. Then you have to share the content in 25-30 times. Requesting you to please give me a message if you are interested excluding Bangladeshi brothers or sisters (IP Issue)

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