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    I have a small database, in which I previously used controls to add, edit, search and delete records. I want routines using SQL-Statements via source-code to add, edit, search and delete records, without controls. The database will be provided to assist the person who accepts and gets the project. Project is in Visual Basic 6. All ServicePacks and drivers are available. ## Deliverables 1) Compl...

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    ...VB6. What you would need to add is a comprehensive internet advertising filtering and blocking capability, which should be user friendly, and would serve the following 5 functions: 1. Block pop-up / pop under ads: Block all new windows that do not meet the following three rules: A. Automatically close all new windows if the new window’s title is among

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    There are two functions I need. The first function should return true or false depending on whether the word is found in the sentence or not. The parameter being fed in should be a string variable and the word to search for. The instr function cannot be used because the word has to match exactly, not just containing the word. Here are a few examples

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    ...helpful. Some of this may be performed with a client side script or application as long as it doesn't require a separate installation ... the site must be seamless. (Perhaps a Java applet or VB of some sort?) *****The idea is for users to login when they start work in the morning, cue all the files for the day, and then go about other buisness while they

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    This is an assignment to build up 5 functions for a card game. The description all the functions are given as well as the prototype. The functions that you write for this assignment will be used in subsequent assignments, so you should try and do a good job here of testing your functions to ensure that they will work properly in future assignments.

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    ..."SMEL," if you like. ;-) ). Permissible Implementation Languages: C, C++ or Java Description of the Language: =========================== Language Support for Operations and Functions: The language supports both unary and binary operations, along with some built-in functions. The unary operations are unary minus and unary plus. The binary operations

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    Need an ASP/Java script expert to make detail comments and explain what goes behind these .asp pages. I need you to explain the logic and what object it is calling and the property it use. I need to combine the codes and functions together from different pages. Move the Delivery method logic from folder: Aqua [url removed, login to view] to folder: Amaz expresscheckout

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    ...come from an INI file.. But the hardcoded test data should be fine for now. How much would you quote me for these 2 VB functions? I don't need code annotations, or anything fancy outside what the end user sees, just the 2 core functions for me to 'slap' from your project into my project Regards, James Colton ## Deliverables ASAP Complete copyrights

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    Need an ASP/Java script expert to make detail comments and explain what goes behind these .asp pages. I need you to explain the logic and what object it is calling and the property it use. I need to combine the codes and functions together. You need to comment every few lines and they should be understandable even to a non coder like myself. Also each

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    ...number of hardware sensors which read temperature, humidity, wind-speed, etc. For this implementation a temperature sensor will be used. The controller performs the following functions:  Reads the sensor to update the current temperature.  Calculates the average temperature for a 14 day period.  Determines the minimum and maximum

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    We require 2 pieces of code: 1. A "Modified By" and a "Modified Date" filed that is updated everytime the document is modified (it only needs to show the LAST modified date/person). These fields should be hidden if the document hasn't been modified. 2. We need an example of code that looks up a value in a different form and hides/shows a block accordingly. ## Deliverable...

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    I am looking for someone with an intimate understanding of Perldesk ([url removed, login to view]). I need 2 functions added at this stage. If you are good and fast there is ongoing work with us. Functions / Modifications to perldesk: 1. I want to be able to list ALL fields of ALL tickets in one giant HTML table (which will be pasted into an excel sheet). 2. Right

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    ...(BLOB), also the ability to view the image in the application and do edit(using an external program) 2-Insert/update/delete HTML table. And small HTML editor, with simple functions, like; Bold, Italic, Font and Linking. This is also a record in the database. 3-Insert/update/delete file records. We want to mantaing records with File Information, and

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    ...all the TCP and SMS coding and decoding, buti need a program (in form of a deamon) with some functions to send SMS and to receive (CALLBACK). The API and Documentation can be found here [url removed, login to view] Addicionaly some functions to interface with one SQL is needed (MSSQL or PostGreSQL). I finally will add some logic to the

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    ...automatic capture of email addresses from Buyer provided Java script to be pasted into the redeveloped web site. Provide email solution to send bulk HTML format emails to captured email addresses along with an email management system to provide automatic "remove" and "delete duplicates" functions. Ability to add and remove email addresses manually. Ability

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    Enclosed is a scheduling application. It is also complete. However, part of the application is the word processing functions. These are the features I need 1. I need all the command buttons except the print button to be converted to icons The only other exception is the test button 2. I need a procedure to be able to print preview 3. For the print icon

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    Need a front end to a Unix C program. perl-tk, TCL, or Java will work. No 'visual' package code allowed. This is just to get me jumpstarted. I will need to take your code and work with it so it has to be very readable! I am best at C and perl. So I guess I would prefer perl-tk. Java second and Tcl third. Menu Stubs: File->Quit Setup->Start View->Logfile1

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    ...It should only do one thing: Parse process and insert information to and from a MySQL database. The Command Types: 1. Query Strings 2. Basic Application Variables 3. Math Functions add subtract multiply and divide 4. Random Numbers 5. Basic If then/else statement 6. Print to Screen 7. Database Connection 8. Database Insert 9. Database Update 10. Database

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    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION I have a networking website that needs an upgrade to its chatroom. Chatroom Features a) Chatroom Java based b) Emoticom support c) Profile should be viewable or not viewable based on settings in reg. d) Multi-room capability e) Can IM other members - links to our own asp IM f) Option to create private room - Make it Private or

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    ...We can do all testing. We use Java servlets. The code is developed so that it is translatable, so that needs to be adhered to. We also use an API for low level SNMP access, so you don't really need to be involved with the details of that. It is really only a matter of reading the MIB description and making the functions to display the various parameters

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