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    This is a writing project that involves writing an E-book with 3 Bonus E-Books. The main body of the book is to be made up of following sections covering at least the items listed including pictures showing stages and finished items. You may add other topics around cake decorating which we have not included. **There will be an introductory chapter. ** **Different equipment and icings used...

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    $222 Avg Bid
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    Remember the Peanut Butter Jelly Time! flash cartoon with the dancing banana? Well, now it's parody time! For an upcoming commercial, we are parodizing 10 seconds of that cartoon. We need a graphic designer/animator to create a waffle that dances along to a new song we have created. The animator we choose must have the capability to make the waffle look as if he is churning butter (wi...

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    **ICE CREAM MIX CALCULATOR** **Introduction** Ice cream manufacturers start with a target mix composition, or formula e.g. 14% fat, 9% solids-not-fat or serum solids, 15% sugar, 0.5% emulsifier and 0.5% stabiliser. Traditionally the ice cream mixer would prepare the mix use various calculations to convert this target formulation into a recipe based on the ingredients used and the quantity of ice...

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    I am looking for an IT professional to advise and build a specific application. This application will work as follows; a perspective client will visit my website and click on different options that will inform customer of possible condition. Once conditions are found, the application will load all information that I will provide and add that to be used to solve the condition. IT professional shoul...

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    I need 100 chocolate recipes and deserts. They must all be Chocolate recipes and Deserts. For candy, cake, pudding, etc Then I need 100 cookie recipes. These can be chocolate, butter cookies, vanilla, etc. Last I need 10 of the best Christmas recipes ever! That makes it a list of 210 recipes. No copyrighted material! Ask grandma or use public domain books. You get the idea!!! Be ori...

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    We need a logo and brand for PEANUT BUTTER AND JAMZ , a rock and roll music camp for ages 7-11. We have a camp for older kids, Boot Camp Jamz. We want a logo design for each. The description is attached. Every kid wants to be a rock star. Classes in band rehearsal, instrumental lessons, music theory, CD/t-shirt/poster design.

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    We need a logo and brand for Boot Camp Jamz, a rock and roll music camp for ages 12-17. We have a camp for younger kids, PEANUT BUTTER AND JAMZ. We want a logo design for each. The description is attached. Every kid wants to be a rock star. Classes in band rehearsal, instrumental lessons, music theory, CD/t-shirt/poster design.

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    I'm looking for marketing experts to help get a new, and very cool social networking type of site off the ground. This site is just being finalized and has all the best outlooks to become latest boom on the internet. I will provide more details about the site in PM, however in general I will need someone who has experience and the means to use fair methods to introduce the site to people who ...

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    I’m looking for marketing experts to help get a new, and very cool social networking type of site off the ground. This site is just being finalized and has all the best outlooks to become latest boom on the internet. I will provide more details about the site in PM, however in general I will need someone who has experience and the means to use fair methods to introduce the site to people who...

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    OK Guys. We really need your help on this one. It's a long story but you'll probably figure it out! This is a personal website. The guy has lost his girl and she won't speak to him. We're using the name Blue Nut to get across the "I'm blue without you, because I'm nuts about you". We're looking at using a blue peanut with a personality. Sort o...

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    1. Add: Do have Don’t have search feature; ie ingredients you do or don’t have and it searches the db <[login to view URL]> i.e. in case you want a chicken dish but ran out of butter. 2. Ability for a recipe to fall into multiple groups. For example, a recipe might be “diet?? and “quick easy to make?? and “holiday?? and “Swedish??. Deleting any of those g...

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    I need information on the food processing industry in Brazil. Food processing companies take, e.g., milk from dairy farmers and turn it into butter, yogurt, etc. as well as add preservatives etc. -- the end products are then sold at retail supermarkets or used in restaurants. You will need to educate yourself on this market to effectively complete the task. There are apparently 45,000 food...

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    We need everything to be identical to [login to view URL] except for the captain we need a butter and jelly sandwich with like big eyes no nose and a smiley face to replace where his head is and his caption to say like EAT ME or BITE ME or something funny like that, and where it says all aboard and there is a ship we need the ship to be cartoony jelly jar and cartoony thing of butter with white c...

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    * **Need to Devlop a Software for Restaurant Business . With Dine In ( Sitting ) , Take out and Delivery. ** _**Here are few Things about software**_ Technology VB 6 and MS Access. Login in and Out sCreen Option for Dine in or Delivery Table layout # Of customer Menu : Multiple Menu , for Dine in and take out / De...

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    I have two very small flash files I would like to have edited. Project Objectives: 1. Edit master *.fla file to change height and width as follows: Current: Height: 104px Width: 940px Desired: Height: 104px Width: 450px 2. Changing the height and width will not impact the resolution/ quality of the flash, our logo, company name, and will maintain colo...

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    I am looking for someone to create a Charlie Brown & the Peanut Gang style illustration of a dog and his owner. The illustration will have the simplicity of these cartoons in a very simple color scheme. Do not bother bidding if you cannot show examples of illustration as I will not consider hiring without a good illustrative portfolio. Maximum Budge £40 but should be a quick job fo...

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    Dear Bidder, We are a small IT/consultant recruiter firm in Silicon Valley ([login to view URL])... We are small but growing. We have some pretty solid accounts we hope to grow with, including Cisco, Verisign, NetApp and then 5 smaller companies.. We currently have 40 consultants in the field. We need a decent website simply to advertise ourselves. We don't generate or plan to generate...

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    1) Need 6 labels, 2) 1 poster on the overall products of crackers/tidbits products. 3) 2 banners for website. (1 for tapioca based, 1 for flour based/cookies) (Eg banner like the main page in [login to view URL]) 3) JPEG and PSD format. Need to be able to edit on my side like the product grammage/expiry date/ingredients after the label has been done. i.e the layers should be available for edi...

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    4 aspects 1. Look into the php files and find the line that sends out emails when a new person signs up. The server system changed some settings and now the email wont send. I know what to add just dont have the time to look for the line of code that sends that particular email out. [login to view URL] 2. Look into the search function in the backend of the site. I feel that the results that are re...

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    This project is simple bread and butter stuff for the person with the right credentials. I require someone to work on SEO placement of Debt Solutions related website in top 10 on UK Google and Yahoo. Will require constant collaboration re page changes to the website and potentially the set-up of related blogs and satellite pages. The successful bidder will have to prove a history of...

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    I've drawn a cartoonish boy in Illustrator. Now I need a girl character and a cartoonish peanut character with eyes and mouth and hands and legs (No nose!). Attached is the boy I've illustrated. I wish to have something similar to the boy. The peanut can wear a cap with a smiling face. The peanut can also be wearing a tie. You are to use only Adobe Illustrator. $10.00 for each. Need...

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    Hello Programmers. We need a small project completed which involves CSS/HTML/PHP and possibly some JavaScript. We can handle the CSS/HTML and need your assistance with the rest. The project involces a nested list menu which is styled with CSS. We need the menu to dynamically display the page which the user is on. Or put another way... The script you design "remembers" which link was clic...

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    Prototype an online ordering system for restaurant to go orders. Area for description and picture of item. List entrees by categories (beef, chicken, veggie, diet, etc) Toggle check boxes with and. Dynamic pages that update with selections (i.e. chicken entrees).(see [login to view URL]) Choose side items(potato(butter, SC, chives, bacon), fries(cheese), vegetable, salad(dressi...

    $100 - $300
    $100 - $300
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    Looking for a web developper help me create a community environment much like [login to view URL] I would like users to be able to share links through a submission form on the site that will post thier link on the site. The submitted links will be sorted by category and the site will feature an archive of all the links submitted. I would like there to be an option to register and an...

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    Link submission Archive I would like to create a site where users can submit links that will be archived under specific categories. The display of the submissions would be exactly like that of Fark.com. Please note how that website allows users to submit links by filling out a submission form, this project will be quite similar however the submission for will feature several categories for t...

    $1000 - $3000
    $1000 - $3000
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    Write script to convert one XML file format to the other. Please see attached files. SOURCE: [login to view URL] DESTINATION: [login to view URL] You should be able to discern the file format from the files. You can use perl, sed, awk, php, python, or equivalent. No fancy interface is needed. We will run from the command line, or via web page. The script should take 2 arguments, source path &am...

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    This is an easy project for a web designer who knows what they are doing. I have a 1 page HTML template (see attached) and need 2 things done. 1) I would like a CSS file created for this template using the existing colors (Blue scheme) 2) I would like 8 additional CSS files created for this template in different colors schemes: a) Dark Blue (like a navy blue) b) Turquoise or light blue c) Dark...

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    I am looking for someone to write quality articles giving history, tips and facts based on a list of keyword phrases related to cookie recipes and baking tips. Here's the keyword list. One article should be written on each of these keywords. * cookie bouquets and cookie baskets * cookie jars * cookie cutters * chocolate chip cookie recipes * fortune cookies * peanut butter cooki...

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    I am looking for an individual(s) to help design a site that will be used for specific trade industries in helping them keep to a minimum the bad debt accrued by habitual offenders. There is nothing currently laid out for the site, so the coder will be starting from ground zero and creating every feature that will coincide with the site. Some of the features that will be required are: Creat...

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    I need a professional, very inspired design for a small pet services company. There will be about 6 pages (menus) with just static text mostly. The site needs to look professional but have a twist of attractiveness like <[login to view URL]>. Eventhough it will not be a store as trixie and peanut. The logo also needs to be designed, but I have a very good idea of how it should ...

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    We are a very small home-based business in need of a logo. We have very strong Christian beliefs, and I have a royalty-free clipart image I have been using, but I want to find someone that can modify the one I have, or draw a similar one. My wife's nickname is "Peanut" and the one I am using now shows a girl wearing shorts feeding a peanut to a squirrel. What I would like to have...

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    Part 1: Imaging the following situation: You have a set of recipes of various dishes that you cook for yourself. For each recipe you have a list of ingredients. You want to write a program that will randomly select 7 recipes ( for each day of the week) and will output a grocery list of ingredients that you need to buy in order to cook the selected dishes. Here's how you are going to implement...

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    The script that I'm looking for is a random recipe generator that would have 7 set ingredients and 5 variable. I would need it to display in a list with a place for the directions of preparation. For example most cookie recipes have the same basic ingredients, plus variables like chocolate chips, raisens, nuts etc., so that recipe generator would **display the fixed ingredients**: ...

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    My last web designer failed to turn anything in to me and the project was due THIS MORNING! So, if you can do a BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL one (long) page re-design TONIGHT by 3AM (technically morning, it is already 10PM here) I want to hear from you! Well, actually two of them. No "auto-bids" will be considered, if I don't see the word "peanut" in you bid I will assume ...

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    I need a Linked List program in C++ that mirrors a small supermarket. The linked list should read through a similar file as this: apples#produce#.50#20#0 oranges#produce#.35#25#0 pears#produce#.39#17#0 cucumbers#produce#.25#15#0 onions#produce#.34#10#0 pepers#produce#.25#18#0 melons#produce#.25#9#0 french bread#breads#1#17#0 white bread#breads#.75#15#0 wheat bread#breads#.75#16#0 rolls#breads#1.20...

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    Hello super brains! My name is Simon Brown :) My friend and I have a product that we sell online, but our sales are not good. We need a programmer to redesign our website that is located here: [login to view URL] Please make it look attractive. We will work on the actual words, but it would be nice to have them inside a border, with a nice colour scheme. If possible, please put borders aro...

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    I am building a new site called "simDiet". It's theme is "the battle of the grocery store!". We want a flash animation of a small guy dressed like a gladiator and ready for battle. His armor is lettuce and his sword is a piece of Melba Toast. In the background should be music appropriate for a battle - perhaps the gladiator theme song. Over him should be a logo for "s...

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    I am going to make a presentation to sponsors for the "cowboy shell game". The game will be a web based multiplayer betting style type game. The project will be developed in 3 stages.1st stage would be a animation of how the game will be played for sponsors. 2nd stage will be the development of a program to be used in a database for tracking scores and results of partisapents. 3rd stage ...

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    The goal is to make a label for peanut cream for babies, we are an enterprise which we need updating in the graphic design, define time and cost. We currently have a Label the one we need to change. what is needed is: - Redesign Front Label : We have some model or idea. -Circular label for the lid: Actualemte does not exit this label Depending on the cost a branding manual will be thought of, b...

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    Hi my friend is starting a cake business. She has already a logo.. but I told her it's not that great. Would you be able to do one for her. Looking for an elegant logo. Logo for The Butter Cake Company, Creations for Celebrations!

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    Saya butuh tenaga cake dekorator yang ahli mendekorasi cake dengan butter cream

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    Trophy icon Logo Cookie Yummie Ended

    Jeg har brug for et butter cookie logo til "Cookie Yummie". 1 eller 2 kager kan indgå helt eller delvis, men det er ikke påkrævet. Vil gerne se forslag i cafe stil, diner stil, classic stil, vintage stil og modern stil - eller noget helt andet.

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    <p>Perfil</p><ul> <li>En Peanut Butter buscamos un diseñador gráfico para realizar la identidad corporativa de una marca de moda y el arte de su tienda online.</li> <li>El arte se deberá entregar en formato SKETCH, es un requisito usar este programa para diseñar el arte de la tienda online.</li> <li>Solo se valoraran candi...

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    I need to add text to this illustration in a way it looks beautiful, clean, vintage, stylish. Please post minimum one for front and one for the back. please check the pictures to see suggestions on typography. has to look Italian, and use more than one typography. the design I need is for the front and the back, the back is a more informative space with some legal info such as barcode (mock u...

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    IDENTITE VISUELLE: LOGO + COULEUR Bonjour à tous, Je souhaiterais obtenir des propositions de logo pour une marque de produits naturels purs n'ayant subis aucune transformation en laboratoire ( des produits naturels non estérifiés). Produits fabriqués de façon artisanale. Le nom de la marque serait " AVANOH" Cette marque se positionnera...

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