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    Hi F. R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello there, I have a database of 6000 IDs. I need to check these IDs against a web service that is behind a Recaptcha. It can be done through Python or any language the freelancer feels more comfortable working with. 1. I need someone who is able to bypass the recaptcha and capture the output of each of the 6000 IDs, and put it on a CSV. There are several APIs out there that already bypass rec...

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    Hi Varghese C., I noticed your profile and would like to ask can you help me to Bypass BlackBox token for one site. Is a bit autologin.. i already have script on Python but guy who do that dont know to fix this issue. Regards

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    Hi Dilip B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. In this project you made an custom XML feed for a jobboard. I have a similair question. The only thing is that I would like to have an 'XML feed creator' because the jobboards t...

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    RustyFlip site 7 days left

    Hi Gaurang M., I noticed your offer to do this i would like to talk to you about doing one for me, an what i need to do so u can do this,

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    Hi there, Need an ios and android app what can connect to iot device by wifi with pre denified ssid and password and send the (real, internet) wifi ssid and password to iot device. after connection success app load webview to show content. etc the purpose of this to bypass WPS on wifi router and make easier connection for iot devices.

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    In need of a full stack developer with data mining/web application skills to take over a few projects ASAP that can move on deliverables quickly. The main project is further developing a data miner application that is currently being worked on with a developer that no longer has time. It is a PHP based application, using the Yii2 framework - that takes imported .csv lists, mines them against [log...

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    Looking for a developer that can write a Python or Javascript Frida script that can bypass SSL pinning, root checks, and other things an Android app is using to protect against network sniffing. The script must also be able to set a custom Fiddler/Burpsuite certificate on the emulator in order to get the network requests from the app. Must work on Android 10+ emulator ran via Genymotion. Please pr...

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    Hello man, i see you profile and good projects. Some like this; I need one project about creat account on spotify and plays.

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    hi man, when I looking for a people make a project about spotify for me I find you. no this project below; let'me know if you have interest make this.

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    Trading Bot 14 hours left

    I am looking to develop a new pancakeswap trading bot with the following features: 1, for buying newly listed tokens Detecting liquidity above a variable amount which is pending. 2, bot must have antibot detection features which are currently run by many dex exchanges to block off/blacklist bots (bot must be able to bypass antibot features) 3, bot should CONNECT WITH PANCAKESWAP SERVER AND che...

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    Hi Christopher, I saw that a little while back that you completed the following project: I was wondering if you would be willing to repeat this again? or willing to share the previous version with some changes? Would love to discuss further details with you before reaching out to others. I hope you're well ...

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    I'm a photographer. I use "creator" type of profile. One year ago i did a promotion myself, spent money did their job, then it was blocked without any notification. (You are not permitted to use Facebook Products for advertising because you did not comply with our Advertising Policies or other guidelines (rejection of too many ads, attempts to bypass our ad verification process, fr...

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    Time limit - 1 week maximum I'm looking for a programmer who can make me a porn torrent downloader script from the site [login to view URL] The script will need to be able to: # bypass captcha at the start of entering the site # Distinguish between torrents and not download the same torrent twice (with different quality, example, torrent a.b.c.d.2160p and a.b.c.d.1080p are the same torrents ...

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    Because my business needs to expand, I need to sell products on Amazon or Wal-Mart platforms, and at the same time, due to Amazon inventory restrictions, I cannot send a lot of goods, so I need to be able to transfer to me( Amazon or Wal-Mart online stores), new and old Accounts are available, with the following requirements: 1. Must be a British company or Amazon Europe site registered by a Europ...

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    Hi Hoping you might be able to help my situation and can show evidence where you were able to sort a similar problem to my own. I can't login to my fb account neither through the website or via the mobile app - the password is correct but for the first time Facebook are now asking for 2 Factor Authentication, which I don't have setup (See images). I had this switched on in the past but ...

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    Based on our recent discussion, I am hiring you to complete the work we have talked in the chat. Referencing the task:

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    Looking for a php/laravel developer to integrate some bypass method for my cpanel php script and laravel. All in total are about 40 to 50 lines wich i have them already just need to be put togheter

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    Hi Carlos A., I came across your profile because you bid on this project: I'm looking for a similar bot, with the additional functionality of scraping Ticketmaster to discover sold out events and add them to the watch list. Are you interested?

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    Customize an already existing plugin to my specific requirements that scrape content from other websites. I want you to edit a WordPress plugin I already have. It is a scraper plugin that scrapes using the DOM structure of a website ([login to view URL]). I want you to change the website that the content is scraped from (to [login to view URL]) and I want you to add some features to the plugin. ...

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    ONLY PERSONS WITH ENOUGH KNOWLEDGE AND CAN PROVIDE HELP AND SERVICE AND UPGRADING THE BOT! I need a bot that detects when new liquidity is added to the AMM (Automated Market Maker) pool on Pancakeswap (runs on Binance smart chain, bep20 network). The bot must detect this and immediately execute the transaction according to my parameters (front running bot). Must be able to give bots their own p...

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    Hi. Do you have any use for this logo? Regards!

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    I need model in pv partial shading connected to grid Model consist of pv arrays connected in series and each pv connected with bypass diode then connected DC-Dc converter +Mppt +inverter +filter +transformer +grid The model outpower 100kw or more Then draw curves I-V & p-v Then second case will adding IGBT with each pv series and parallel with bypass diode And elso draw c...

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    I have already written the code. I am using Nodejs as a backend and puppeteer as a browser controller. So when I put data in a form and submit then hcaptcha appears and need to dismiss or bypass that. For that, I have purchased deathcaptcha solution. But that is not well documented. I have contacted with then and as per direction I have written HTTP post request to get the token and then get reque...

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    I need a unique fingerprint web browser also I want an automation system that will make transactions with api and selenium. Features that should be on the browser --dns leak(dns cokie chance) --fingerprint"canvas,webgl,font,Geolocation,User-Agent,timezone,sceen"(****pixelscannet bypass**** ) --ip chance(4g mobile chance on selenium) --api request (app activity) --session cookie (import...

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    Not allowed Engaging in practices that attempt to circumvent or interfere with Google's advertising systems and processes Examples (non-exhaustive): Redirection to non-compliant content; using dynamic DNS to switch page or ad content; manipulating site content or restricting access to many of your landing pages that it makes it difficult to meaningfully review your site Not allowed Manipula...

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    This program must be able to check the availability of usernames supplied to it via a .txt file, and then claim the username when it becomes available. The program has to be stable, as it will be running loops of the .txt file until a username is claimed. In some cases, programs similar to this will have to use proxies to bypass the username change/ profile save limit. Feel free to contact me for ...

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    Need the game assembly dll file modified for a unity game. Will provide the metadata file so that the game assembly file can be dumped. The following is what I require. Default weapon (pistol) damage per shot increased from 18 to 60. Reduce all damage player recieves by 50% Anti-cheat bypass.

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    I need a web proxy solution so we can login [login to view URL] website on our server with one account and share it with multiple users using web-based proxy. Junglescout website has Very High Security Like Captcha , IP Blocking , CloudFlare Security So I am Looking Strong Developer For My Requirement and Other Thing If Any Developer Can Success this Work i will Hire For Long Term. Please only b...

    $587 (Avg Bid)
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    This is exactly like the project you offered to do for another [login to view URL]:// In the end, you did it? I'm interested in the same for Ethereum and if possible for the ecosystem of Solana and Bsc. These other two are something apart. My main question is whether it is possible for you to have the trade co...

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    Need an account checker which would check multiple login data´s (username/password) and seperate live and dead. - The account checker must be able to bypass a captcha. - The account checker must work via proxy (Socks5). Link to the demo login page: [login to view URL]

    $217 (Avg Bid)
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    Info: - I am looking for a reliable freelancer - Good would be German speaking - Please read the details before you contact me Details: Since all the old methods don't work, I need a script/program or addon extension that allows you to instantly bypass the QUEUE-IT (Waiting room page) on [login to view URL] or other websites. Must be able to always instantly bypass both queue-it pages inst...

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    Hi there! We are an pharmacy store and we offer free Wifi for our clients in the shop. We setup an AP from UniFi, and created an guest portal. The process now is that the guest logs in in our free wifi, gets to the captive-portal where he accept the terms and pressing done. What we want from here is that on the client device after pressing ok that our company page opens up in the common used brow...

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    Data Entry - retrieving data from a website Step 1: Firstly, you’ll need an Internet connection for this data entry task. You’ll be given an Excel template with one column of 6-digit number. There will be about 1,241 rows. Step 2: You will need to type in the 6 digit number in specific field in a website. Check on “I’m not a robot” reCAPATCHA checkbox, and then click...

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    Are you the one who did this project?

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    hi you finish this project ?

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    Hi there! We are an pharmacy store and we offer free Wifi for our clients in the shop. We setup an AP from UniFi, and created an guest portal. The process now is that the guest logs in in our free wifi, gets to the captive-portal where he accept the terms and pressing done. What we want from here is that on the client device after pressing ok that our company page opens up in the common used brow...

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    Hi Ehsan Ullah K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Looks like you worked on this, I'm looking for the same thing. I assume you don't have to rebuild from scratch...

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    We intend to collect the information on the number of the following procedures performed per hospital in your country (2018-2019-2020): - prostatectomy; - colon resection; - rectal resection; - lung lobectomy; - hysterectomy; - inguinal hernia; - ventral hernia; - cholecystectomies; - mastectomy; - bariatrics (gastric bypass+ sleeve gastrectomy). Detailed procedures list defined in ICD-9 and ICD-...

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    Simple code for my first programming class. Objective To build a complete working Java program to apply variations on the selection control structure and basic error-testing Overview & Instructions Write a program that manages the rewards program for a credit card company. Your program will prompt the user (via dialog boxes) for four data items. First, prompt for the following three (monetary...

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    Hi Md Jakir H., I noticed your logo entry Hi Md Jakir H., I noticed a logo you made How much would you charge for this? I would need to have my company name "Spectrum Fire Protection" and I would like one with black text, one with white text.

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    It should be written in any native language you think is the best. .doc and .xls should be FUD. I need to test it before releasing funds. It should use unique or advanced storage methods. FUD time should be very long due to it being metamorphic Able to bypass Scan time, Run time and Windows defender. It should only have basic features of an Exploit, such as select file and exploit. You can a...

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    Hi Eduardo E., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Check my open project and let me know if you can finish to award you,

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    Hi RESILIENCESOFT, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. The project is the same of this one: Let me know, thanks.

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    Rate Limiting Check if websites have no rate limiting mechanism. Main motive of this project is to find delay between the requests which stays under the radar of WAFs and thus doesn't block any of our requests when used other tools. Website with no rate limit Input: ./script url Output: No rate Limit Websites with WAF Input: ./script url Output: Delay x seconds Test Plan; 1. Check if webs...

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    Good day guys, I am looking for someone to make the Ragnarok Bot for me. It can be through OPENKORE and must bypass Gepard Antibot. Please do not bid if you do not have experience in OPENKORE, Ragnarok or Bots in Ragnarok

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Hi Antonio Jesus G., I noticed your profile you did same job for someone. I added the job link here. Please check and reply if you can do for me

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    i want to be able to automate downloading torrents from a torrent site, i want it to be able to search words (for example, search "mia" and "jane") and put in it in a category in the site and download only the recent torrents (for example torrents that got released after the date 21.9.2021) (the category is 4) also i want it only to download torrents that are above 720p qualit...

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    Hello, My name is Suny Dezzy,I m looking a software engineer.I m wildlife tour operator I need a automated software for jungle safari ticket bookings like tatkal tickets bookings in [login to view URL] dont think its a easy task many of genius are still working on my project but still i m not satisfied. I need a took where i can get early access and bypass of wildlife portal Need a Computer Scienc...

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    We have an urgent issue where we are getting dupe orders. This happens when doing credit card via paypal. Although multiple orders are created, only one is charged (and that's the one the user will get e-mails about),... however on the back end (admin and buyer side) we all get to see all these duplicate orders whch become confusing especially to the buyer) Seems similar to https://www.fre...

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