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    Most people suffer from anxiety every day [login to view URL] without worrying about the extent of the attacks. Ordinarily, anxiety is a normal response to life’s reactions. However, it gets out of hand when it becomes crippling to the point that one can hardly get anything going because of how anxious they are. In reality, anxiety is a complex mental disorder, affecting close to twenty perc...

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    looking for bioinformatic writer with an experience in analyzing the GEO data from NCBI to write for me a systematic review in a specific gene

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    Hi, I'm looking to code a bioinformatic pipeline including: - Downloading data from SRA, ENA, JGI, and NCBI - Four main steps: (1) matching SRA sample to genomes using package Mash, (2) QC preprocessing SRA samples using software FastqPuri (3) Quantifying abundance against matching genome using software kallisto or STAR alternatevely (4) Generating orthology (one-to-one) relationship of gene...

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    I have a bunch of articles that need to be written and I will give you the topics. They must be 1500 words and use references when applicable from verified sources like NCBI, studies, not other blogs. English proficiency required.

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    Hello, I have an overdue work related to bioinformatic, (linux) that I need help to understand. If anyone can help with linux bash script. I need to understand using NCBI to find taxon and use linux bash commands to manipulate and create a table using commands like grep, cat, awk, sed, expr, head and cut. I really need help as I falling behind.

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    necesito redactor academico, para elaborar tesis de grado en distintas areas, medicina, ingeniera, enfermeria, psicologia, educacion entre otros, que manejes programas estadisticos como SPSS, Rstudio, entre otros, adecuado uso de las normas, APA VANCOUVER HARVARD; CHICAGO, uso de metodologia PRISMA, gestion de referencias Mendeley, buen manejo de los motores de busqueda y bases de busqueda como pu...

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    Looking for a writer who can do 3 articles per week related to healthcare, skin, dermatology and AI technology. Articles need to read well and use links to pubmed, ncbi, .org sites for any references. Thanks!

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    Possibly use NCBI databse to find genome sequences. [login to view URL] pyhton program to perform genome assembly [login to view URL] a 3-4 pages documents describing 1. data collection [login to view URL] and method 3. results evaluation [login to view URL] It'll be great if you know how to use bioinfo databases like ChopChop, UCSC genome brower

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    Possibly use NCBI databse to find genome sequences. [login to view URL] pyhton program to perform genome assembly [login to view URL] a 3-4 pages documents describing 1. data collection [login to view URL] and method 3. results evaluation [login to view URL] It'll be great if you know how to use bioinfo databases like ChopChop, UCSB genome brower

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    I need a Java program to do a blast search on a DNA sequence (such as any record in this [login to view URL] file) against the NCBI nucleotide database. The EBI has a client interface for doing Blast search against NCBI database See the attached for more

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    Motor neuron disease, TDP-43 pathology, and memory deficits in mice expressing ALS-FTD-linked UBQLN2 mutations. - PubMed - NCBI. Not writing some explanation ( detailed and figures )

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    Copy some journal article PMIDs from NCBI based on journal name. Following is an example query link: [login to view URL]

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    Looking for someone who is proficient in Bioinformatics tools such as NCBI, Blast, Clustal, MAFFT, Muscle, and T-Coffee. I've attached the assignment. It is short so I expect an expert to complete it quickly. There is a weekly assignment like this for the upcoming 3 weeks.

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    About: Genomelink is a DNA analysis platform that provides a suite of lifestyle trait reports based on your raw DNA data. Trait categories range from nutrition and fitness to personality traits, which often are not available in the reports DNA test companies provide. Our mission is to make DNA relevant to everyday life and help consumers stay updated and learn more about themselves through DNA. ...

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    Require 20 advantages of a certain vitamin supplement with well researched quotes and citations from medical journals. Looking for a Medical writer with experience to be who can also provide a TURNITIN REPORT. Research to be performed from NCBI website. [login to view URL] English needs to be immaculate.

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    I have a PHP program which needs to be updated due to changes made by the database host NCBI. See [login to view URL] Current scrip only partially fetches articles and stores in database. Need to update script to fetch all articles. Files will be shared once freelancer selected.

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    I need you to write a research article on 3 different substances from the same drug class (racetams). information widely available so it can be paraphrasing. more info will be sent out once chosen 1) oxiracetam 2) phenylpiracetam 3) Sunifiram ideal format and example: [login to view URL] Intro Benefits How it works Dosage Side Effects I will provide all the data and you can use [login to view...

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    i need a python script that allows you to read and save files from ncbi database

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    Hi I would like to ask you to help me with bioinformatic. My friend reconended you. My case study is about antibiotic resistant genes in shigella. In the project I would like to talk about origins of these resistan genes, did it cone from e. coli? How related is shigella to e. coli regarding ancestry, to construct phylogenetic trees of relationship. To check genetic diversity of catA, tetB and str...

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    First task Calculate the time complexity and space complexity for the following Alignment Methods State the time complexity with prove Mummer,RTD,kmacs,ACS,Spaced,cvt,Jspecies tetra,Jspecies ANIm,Jspecies ANIb,ANI,Pyani ANIm,Pyani ANIb,Pyani Tetra,Blast,Kmer,Cophylog,Kr,gram Second Task 1. Get 10 genomes from different species (known taxonomy on NCBI) 2. Average 2 ANI distances between each...

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    In 1990, Michael Crichton published the book Jurassic Park about the resurrection of dinosaurs using the blood from the stomachs of insects which had been encased in amber. At one point in the book, Dr. HenryWu is asked to explain some of the DNA techniques used in reconstructing the extinct dinosaur genomes. Dr. Wu describes the use of restriction enzymes and how the fragmented pieces of dino...

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    Dear all, I need multiple sequence alignments for 10 different proteins from bacteria and eukaryotes with known genome sequences (I suppose NCBI Blast search will suffice). Here is the complete list of these proteins' names (they are also known as aminoacyl-tRNA ligases): MetRS LeuRS IleRS ValRS SerRS ProRS ThrRS LysRS PheRS (betta-subunit) AlaRS These alignments should not...

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    I want to extract information form online databases such as NCBI,UniProt,HPA,HPRD,PubMed and OMIM. And also want to understand how its data was collected and the every step description.

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    I need a way to visualize multiple primers on a genome browser. What I will be able to provide is a list of forward and reverse primer sequences, the organism and a gene name if needed. I want the primer pairs to be visualized nicely on a genome browser (USCS, NCBI, ...). Maybe there is a really easy solution, maybe not. If not, I will still award you the project for providing me with a solutio...

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    Hello, I have a review paper on predictive biomarkers for immunotherapy. The editors have already accepted this paper for publication, but they are requesting some new information. I need someone who is familiar with academic science papers to help me finish the paper. You will need to research other papers through ncbi. Thank you, Rebecca

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    I have bacterial genome sequence data from illumina miseq. The bacterial genome should be between 2 to 7 MB. It is already analysed using pipelines like SPAdes and few others. Currently, I am in the process of submitting these genomes to NCBI GenBank. I want just a little touchup for my manuscript.

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    I need a proposal essay about: How can Isometric exercises enhance muscle explosiveness during the start phase of a 100m sprinter/hurdler? Start of the essay to be the literature review. Need exercises to be labelled and described too. References too only from scientific websites (such as Pubmed, Scihub, ncbi, etc) 2000 words included with references.

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    What is intermittent fasting? What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? I want the article to be evidence based (e.g. ncbi articles) and with mention of the mitochondria and also delaying aging in the benefits of intermittent fasting section.

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    Genetics/Bioinformaticvs only: I have certain human polymorphisms that I am interested in. In some cases tha structure of the DNA of this polymorphism makes it hard to analyze. In some cases neighboring polymorphisms are tightly linked to the polymorphism in question.... which could give me the chance of testing the neughboring polymorphism instead of the one i want.. and to deduce: if neug...

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    We need list of all studies till now today 23.7.2016. You can search databases for example NCBI etc to find all studies and given us in list in a table form. We give you table format. We give you details after discussion.

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    Write up a practical as a “short communication” as for the “Journal of Virological Methods”. you must write the results as a scientific paper including the sequence alignment used for primer design, the sequence chromatogram and a summary of the Blast search from NCBI.

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    The goal of the project is to create an ultra-fast analysis pipeline that imports Data (in fasta format from "NCBI" which is then translated "by the Helyxzion Algorithms and then converted to 3d dna and amino acid molecular in the Anvil viewer for analysis (see [login to view URL] this would be a online app the works in any browser file are of the original app was done in flas...

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    Need help with Biopython, Bioconductor, NCBI ,Stat and MATH. More in PM> Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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    Need help with NCBI microbiology and pattern analysis. More in PM. Thanks!

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    I have an existing PHP program to extract data from NCBI. I would like to increase the number of extracted fields by updating the PHP program and change the tables in SQL (I'm currently using Navicat). I would like this work to be done on my computer and instructed how to execute the program to confirm it is working properly. I can provide the current PHP program to review before the proj...

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    Bioconductor, NCBI help needed. More in PM. Hourly rate is 8$. Thanks

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    I need to read the content of these 2 articles: - [login to view URL] - [login to view URL] My university doesnt have access to these 2, unfortunately. I can pay by s.k.r.i.l.l. very fast. Needed URGENT Thanks, For questions, write me!

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    Hi, You have just finished adding the search results to the pubmed categories. I now need a WORD document for each product. Login to pubmed Go to My NCBI Click on 1 product name in COLECTIONS Clock on Display Settings: -Select format: Abstract (text) -Select Items per page: 200 -Select Sort by: pub date Copy the text results in a .WORD document Save the document as pubmed_PRODUCT-NAME

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    reorganizing current NCBI database

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    Please see the attached sample. I want to get a complete list of RSS url for 1). News with category labels, 2) government announcement RSS such as SEC (Edgar) category labels, 3) research database such as NIH, NCBI, and 4) important technology websites such as Techcrunch, crunchnase, Technology Review [login to view URL] list should be complete and cover at least 10,000 columns of unique url

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    We have a number of genetic polymoprhisms, that are associated with a certain disease risk. This might be risk for myocardial infaction, risk for osteoporoses or less effectiveness of a certain medication for a disease etc. We have scientific studies as references for our claims, but we would like to have more. Your job is to take the list as basis and to find more scientific publications ...

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    - Go to [login to view URL] - Search each catalog number in search bar. - Open each product page. - Extract data from product page. - Extract data for each bold field with colon. They're circled in screen shots. + Example: Application: Target: Host: - If field "NCBI" has multiple values. Please separate them with semi-colon ";" + Ex...

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    I need help of specialist who know hot to use NCBI search engine and BLAST tool to do for me some search querries and compare protein sequences. All neds to be screenshoted and put in a Word file so I can learn ho to it again :) TASKS are attached.

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    Using NCBI databases, I need a script/scripts to construct the following two Excel files based on human genome (assembly [login to view URL]) and that is in chromosomes only: First Excel file called [login to view URL] should contain a table with the following headers: Gene_name GeneID Gene_length_in_kb_exon_only Protien_names_with_their_reference_sequence Note that the last...

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    I am doing a small research needed for a scientific article I am writing. I need an expert who knows how to use the powerful databases at [login to view URL] I need to know how to pull out the following data in a table or Excel sheet for all completed genomes in their databases other than viruses: Organism/Name BioProject Group SubGroup Genome_Size_(Mb) Genes_Size_(Kb) B...

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    I require a high performing C implementation of the BLAST algorithm. The software is only required to compare two provided sequences of nucleotide or protein data, rather than comparing a query sequence against a database of reference material. The code should output the same score, expected value, bit score, ident and gap results as given by the NCBI implementation. The software must be app...

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    I am a scientist at the USDA. We frequently submit our DNA sequences to NCBI's Genbank. However, now we would like to create a record of all the sequences we've submitted. I am looking for someone with Perl experience who can write a Perl script that can automate the process. We have a list of GI Numbers (the ID# to every submitted sequence) and we want the script to create an excel f...

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    This project requires reading, following instructions from documents, and some coding in R, a statistical program available for free on the internet. This project will probably be paid by the hour. Example of questions: a) "p16" is a known tumor suppressor gene involved in cell cycle regulation. Use NCBI database to find its official gene symbol as "CDKN2A". What other...

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    This project requires reading, following instructions from documents, and some coding in R, a statistical program available for free on the internet. This project will probably be paid by the hour. Example of questions: a) "p16" is a known tumor suppressor gene involved in cell cycle regulation. Use NCBI database to find its official gene symbol as "CDKN2A". What other...

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    Need: Python program to read input file, html submit and write HTML output. Program to consist of 1 file read, 2 HTML form submit and screen scape and 1 file write (HTML) Read input file and for each entry: 1. For each entry in input file – Lookup NP code in Gene2Accession file 2. Submit NP code to submit form to NCBI website 3. Get AA sequence code from NCBI website 4. Submit AA seq...

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