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    This project is only for people who understand the task, questions welcome. We will hand out the existing source only by request with NDA contract. Preface: We have a well written source code in C++, which creates a DLL for use in a VB6 program. It is coded using VC2010 and compiles fine. Comments are in English language. The now given functionality is: The DLL creates a DXF file containing...

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    I am looking to have someone develop an Urdu OCR software that will convert image and pdfs in to Urdu Text. Platform is Mac OS, it must be able to handle batch processing and individual PDFs.

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    The problem: We have Matlab functions that can be compiled to C/C++ libraries We want to use/call these libraries in Python as modules/packages What we need: An automated process that: 1) transforms the Matlab functions into Python modules; 2) updates the respective modules whenever one commit Matlab code changes Details: a) We want a function that when called in the terminal would look for...

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    App Development Assistance 5 days left

    I run an accounting/finance & consulting firm and am looking to create an app that can be used by my clients for varying purposes. I have a detailed idea of what the functionality and features will be, but the programming side is taking longer to learn. I am a Novice with iOS, but haven’t started to learn Android. Debating if Flutter is the best option to streamline. Major pieces of the ...

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    Software should process the images (JPG, BMP, etc) and detect the borders of the paper / document. Then crop, correct its perspective, similar to the one in CamScanner App. Functionalities waited: 1) Smart border detection for one o more documents in the same image 2) Image cropping 3) Correct its perspective 2D and 3D, depend the image to process 4) Auto rotate the image to correct orientation 5...

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    Hi mitkoradev, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a C dll that calls a C# dll. The C# dll connects to a web service. I need to debug my code.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows. Visitor management that supports integration with access control and OCR readers for ID.

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    Visitor management software which supports integration with access control and OCR devices

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    I am seeking a lady or a guy or even a team who can develop OCR tool which will extract data from shopping tickets as parse it as JSON. I have API ready for usage, well documented and well written.

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    Would like a version of [login to view URL] converted to C# for for dotnet 4.0 or above to produce a DLL. This is a win sockets and data project; I would like the C# source and built DLL.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    I need to use a .NET API from C++ and need a wrapper. There are more than 60 methods in the API and as well as events, so I want something generic that I can later reuse. So let's forget about the API itself. I would take care of that once the project is done. My idea is creating a project in C# .NET with only one function and one event. the function would be something like this: string gene...

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    HI , I am looking for a developer who has very good knowledge of opencv and machine learning . The developer has to build a application which takes feed from a live camera and does OCR of a vehicle number plate . The challenge is that these are vehicle at times have very poor number plates and at times it is hand written. The system should also be able to 1. identify the vehicle speed 2. ove...

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    Linux Shared Object 2 hours left

    We need to build a shared object for Linux. We are porting a Windows DLL to Linux. Our first step is to compile the existing code to create a Linux shared object. This will be the first step of several. Requested output will be source code modifications and compiler/linker syntax for building the .so file.

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    I have thousand of images that contain hindi or marathi Text I want extract text and save in to excel file

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    Website exchange cryptocurrency Dengan layanan website * Company profil * Halaman halaman ( platform trading. Account. Informasi transaksi. Dll) * Form log-in - sign-in. * Form contact us * Form deposit / widraw * Administrator page * Promosi / informasi * Slideshow * Penunjang website exchange( banner. Visitor counter. Widget. Share sosial media )

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    We need to have APIs or DLL library for electricity prepaid meter to connect it via USB port instead of serial port, to all our charging system work through this USB API, this is needed as we are changing our PCs to laptops instead of desktop and the only available ports are USBs. we have the code for the electric meter and the dll code for serial port. we need someone who is highly qualified to...

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    In my project, I am trying to use ARKit with to underline texts in the documentation. Right now, I have implemented ARKit and can get pixel buffers and convert them to image and feed them to use in my OCR engine. But I couldn't convert those results(CGRects) coming from OCR Engine to ARKit 3D space and add them as a child node to paper(ARImageAnchor). I need someone who is very experienced in...

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    I want to make this C++ library work on my Visual Studio 2017. I have tried it got the dll but cannot able to make it work. Would like to come via TeamViewer/Anydesk to build it in my system. Library link: https:// [login to view URL] / trendmicro / tlsh [login to view URL] 20 min work

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    i need assistance with the java code for an app that uses an OCR

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    We have a vendor supplied EXE with many separate DLL's that are written in a mix of VB6 and VB.Net. We need a pro to write a DLL to inject into the existing vendor supplied program, get data from Twelve Textboxes, One Dropdownlist/Combobox, and a DataGrid on a few separate forms. Then this data needs to able to be given back to a .Net application (written in vb.net or C#) running on the sa...

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    HI,everyone. Are u familier with win32 api. I have small simple project. It will take less than 4 hours. I need someone who is very familiar with API calls [DllImport("[login to view URL]", CharSet = [login to view URL])] public static extern IntPtr FindWindow(string lpClassName, string lpWindowName); we will need a simple interface for starting the automated process I will need to write...

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    Search engine for large database Preferred experience in * C++, C#, .NET, WPF, MFC, Java, Qt/QML, Python, VB, VB.NET, Matlab * Python, Numpy, pandas, Scipy, skit-learn, keras, caffe, etc. * OCR, Tesseract, ALPR/ANPR, Image/PDF to CSV Conversion, Invoice Reader * OpenCV, EmguCV, , Tensorflow, Leptonica * Web scraping, Data Mining, Data Clustering, ML, CNN, Deep Learning, AI, NLP * Algorithm: Wavele...

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    .Net and C# to integrate 2 different Dll communicating

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    I have a project where I used ZeosLib to connect to PostgreSQL database. My intention is to modularize this project and create DLLs, where in the DLL will have some functions that make access to the database. My main goal is to share a unique connection between the exe project and the functions that are in the dll. That is .. I do not want to make a connection in the exe and also another connectio...

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    I have 10 images with 1 page on each. Please type up each image. I have already OCR images. It is just correcting and formatting

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    I am looking for someone who can convert dynamic model of a generator that was made in PowerFactory 2018 so that it can be opened and used in version 15.2.7. It is essential that this is done correctly since, last conversion went wrong and model can not initialize in version 15.2.7. So either, proper conversion needs to take place or compiled model (DLL file) needs to be made. This is a 5 minute...

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    Website ini khusus untuk upload dan download seperti contohnya google drive,zippyshare,media fire dll Fitur utama FILEMAN PRO: Hak akses (Admin, User) Responsive layout Upload File progress bar Register & Login Encryption ID Datatables plugin (new) Recent Files in Homepage (new) Category Files (new) Browse by Category (new) Download page with Video and Audio player (new) And many more (new) ...

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    Hi there I would like to have a team of professionals to implement a Invoice Management system in SAP with a content server running on MaxDB. I need to have a OCR integrator, and I need a portal to manage vendor status. I try to use Open Text VIM but it did not did what we wanted. 3 Months Deadline

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    Saya membutuhkan jasa pembuatan aplikasi Addons PPOB Software Pulsa yang memiliki fitur dapat mengkoneksikan produk-produk pembayaran online seperti PLN, BPJS, Telkom, Speedy, Voucher Game, Tiket Pesawat Terbang, TV Berlangganan, Multifinance (FIF, Adira, WOM Finance, dll), Asuransi, PDAM (Seluruh Wilayah Indonesia), Tagihan Pulsa Pascabayar, dsb. Adapun API dari produk-produk telah tersedia, s...

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    A C# code to consume a web service on AzureML needs to be converted into C-language code to be used in a simple DLL for send/receive operations. This task shouldn't consume a lot of time, so I expect a quick delivery. I need someone who is experienced in C programming for Microsoft environment. Further technical support may be awarded to the same developer who converted the code based on cont...

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    We have to develop a application for attendance package. We need to do reverse engineering to build the application. DLL Nos : 46 Application Size : 64MB

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    I need an ID card reader using google OCR ... in Android and IOS and connected with the admin dashboard i need it to be done in 3 days

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    I need a b2b e-commerce website. Apply here to be a dealer button with contact form to fill out ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTIONS Password reset for users, back end files (credit report), Customer accounts with multiple users Feedback option via email Live chat See what customers have ordered, when qty etc. Cancel and /or change an order with notice Override costs to add (extra charges if required ) Wait ...

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    I am in the process to commercialize some of my strategies, hence looking forward for some eligible person that can work with me based on partnership or fees. Codes are small, containing around only 15_20 lines and single indicator. Pls contact me

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    Develop small app for windows using and sdk program that will provide , this project will communicate with the serial port receive a strings data , display , analize and sent strings another device .

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    ***Please type the word GREEN as the first word in your bid response*** I need aggregated data entry. Take the 2 PDF's "Exhibitor List - By Alphabetical Order" and the "Exhibitor List - By Category" and OCR scan to take data and populate into your own working file, excel perhaps easiest. Populate the "OTC Company List" excel spreadsheet with data from your wo...

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    Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) is a data file standard for the reading and writing of data from flow cytometry experiments. The FCS specification has traditionally been developed and maintained by the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC). FCS is the most widely adopted file format in flow cytometry. More on this topic can be found on Wikipedia. [login to view URL] We need a DL...

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    Hello, I need someone who build DLL files from my VIsual Studio Project, should be very easy for someone that knows how it works

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    my website design in asp.net with crystal report in oracle snd report design in vb.net and dll used in website ehen showing report it show load report failed

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    We need way to perform instrumentation wiring tracing/testing & subsequent documentation in a live PLC control system. We are willing to collaborate with you on this project's successful completion. Please share your thoughts & respond only after reading & understanding the whole scope. The budget is a placeholder only. Please quote your best delivery & price. The system will...

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    I have a C++ DLL with two basic classes containing a few functions that I want to use from within a C# application. I need a C++/CLI wrapper written.

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    Hello, my name is Monder Me and my team are a start-up company and when are currently in need of an archiving system because we want to save and keep our company corresponds with other companies or the inside departments from being lost. -The a system which can handle the OCR technology and must be an offline system which doesn't need an internet connection to function (Just a local server ...

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    Hello freelancers, Our company is looking for javascript freelancers to join our growing team. Exciting opportunity for anyone who likes to be challenged and work with cutting edge web technologies. Web Sockets, Workers, Tesseract / OCR, Tensorflow - Recognition, etc. Depending on skill level of developer, we plan to start 10hours weekly and move on from there. Please state your previous experie...

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    I am looking for a person to extract texts from documents (PDF) and manually input them into an excel spreadsheet. The pdf has 205 pages in total. I have included instructions on how the data should be inputted. Please provide me sample work at the time of bidding. Just to give you a context: I am collecting data on radio programs that targetted female listeners in Occupied Japan. Manual entry i...

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    US BASED FREELANCERS ONLY PureThermal offers the PT2, a small example interface board for the FLIR Lepton infrared sensor. We need a VB.Net interface to the PT2. The interface should be in the form of source code for two dll libraries. The first library for control, the second library for pulling images from the sensor and delivering them to an array. This is not a ground up project, ...

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    I have .net frame work pos software and now would like to integrate payment terminal with my pos. My developer is not able to it without dll file and bank is not providing me a dll file. They have send me the spec sheet for ingenico itc 250 payment terminal and ask us to do it from scratch. I just need to send debit or credit card payment command from my pos to payment terminal. I want some who ...

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