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    car rentals 5 days left

    Android application for renting cars . login and sign up form in 1st activity , scrollable list view of different cars in 2nd activity and onClick any car image in 2nd activity it shoul open in details of that particular car in 3rd activity. and finally payment confirmation in 4th activity .

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    this is my html element which i received with ajax: <span class="tag" id="test" onclick="deleteline(test)">test</span> this is my function: function deleteline(x){ [url removed, login to view](x); var elem = [url removed, login to view](x); [url removed, login to view](elem); [url removed, login to view](elem); retu...

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    ...&#x69&#x000070&#x074,alert(1)></script> <div style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%" onmouseover="prompt(1)" onclick="alert(1)">x</button> <form><button formaction=javascript&colon;alert(1)>CLICKME <SCRIPT>alert();</SCRIPT>"><<SCRIPT>alert();</SCRIPT>...

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    Need a TamperMonkey Script to modify A HREF urls in a page. Where original html looks like this; <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="window.location.href='[url removed, login to view]';" class="btn btn-info pull-right"> <i class="fa fa-cloud"></i> Download</a> I want

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    I want to build a form (textbox and button) and onclick call a web API (using MVC and not JQuery) and display the result

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    ...[url removed, login to view] == 1001 %} <td><span class="label label-default">Joined</span></td> {% else %} <td><button type = "button"class="btn btn-info" onclick="change_status({{prog.program_id}})">Join</button> </td> {% endif %} </tr> {% endfor %} I want to che...

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    Preciso adicionar função ajax em produto único no woocommerce. Chamar duas funções OnClick em um BOTÃO. Entre em contato para mais detalhes.

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    Hi Subhakanta S., I am hiring you again to do the weekly report and to help me finish the final onclick coding and testing for the submit button. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Get an SVG graphic with JavaScript working in Wordpress. Onclick zoom with editable text popup.

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    ...Google Analytics Goal to track the funnel whenever someone goes from my "ad" to the "landing page" and then to the "schedule a demo" page, but I still need to create a click event goal for "schedule a demo" page and so I know who who clicked on the button to actually submit a form. The important thing about the form is that it is a Netsuite tem...

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    ...same. Comics - * Featured Comic, * Featured News, * Gallery List of comics (Public or Car). OnClick - * read public comic book, * Add to Cart (see details and purchase - read the comic) News - * Featured News, * Featured Comic, * Gallery List of news. OnClick - Read the full content of the news Team - Gallery of the contributors + Text (Name). OnHover

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    I have created a webpage where users submit a text through a form and onClick the text is searched using regexp, and on matching particular terms are highlighted. I want to create a different version of the webpage that searches texts that users select from a drop-down menu rather than searching submitted text. I have created a pen on Codepen with a

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    Ich brauche eine neue Website Nur erstellen Sonstiges oder nicht sicher I need a fully programmed php website it implements some scripts, selections, u...Sonstiges oder nicht sicher I need a fully programmed php website it implements some scripts, selections, user login, user and admin panel with kind of analytics, and auto onclick underpage creation.

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    ...href="https://www.amazon.com/Charcoal-Blackhead-Remover-Activated-Cleaning/dp/B0773WG8XK/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1515305236&sr=8-2&keywords=blaq%2Bmask&th=1" onClick="ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘Off-Site’, ‘Click’, ‘Amazon’ target="_blank" ><img class="aligncenter w...

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    ...style="font-size:12px;">Digite o ID do Certificado:</span></p> <form action="[url removed, login to view]" method="post" name="form1"> <input name="nome" type="text"><br> <br> <input onclick="valida()" type="button" value="Validar"> </form&...

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    I have downloads triggered by the following onclick javascript function: onclick=”location.href='<?php echo site_url(); ?>/downloads/?wpdmdl=<?php the_field(‘downloads’); ?>’;return false;” I need the particular page to be reloaded (refreshed) after download. Tried to insert [url removed, login to view]() too, but it didn't...

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    ...basic CSS. As a hotspot in the above example is clicked, it launches a small video (240px X 191px) in the Tour. It must be presented in a small DIV that is initially hidden. ONCLICK anywhere else on the screen will kill the video & sound. If they click hotspot again, the video will play from the beginning. The video can be a locally served .MP4 rather

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    I need to populate a jstree menu on ...database. I need someone to be able to use the datafields from the MSSQL database on the ASP page and use them to populate a jstree menu. I also need to be able to activate 'onclick' javascript functions from the jstree menu. The jstree website is at https://www.jstree.com. The jstree menu is written in jquery.

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    ...uploaded the zip file in a separate directory link mentioned below: [url removed, login to view] When I click on an item it is not detecting onClick or onselectedIndexChanged function in the details page. All other functions which were previously there are working fine. The problem is occurring only in the function which

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    I have a function for standard deviation and one for simple moving average, doing calculations in php. I need...$sma[($period-1)];?></td><td>Dev:</td><td id="jsstdev"></td></tr> <tr><td>Sma:</td><td><?php echo $stdev;?></td><td>Sma:</td><td id="jssma"></td></tr> </tabl...

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