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    2,542 pandas jobs found, pricing in USD execution, and I need the system to be compatible with Fyers and Kite trading platforms. Key Requirements: - Development of an algo trading system with a strong focus on execution - Integration with Fyers and Kite trading platforms - Ability to support both automated and manual trade execution Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python and relevant libraries for trading such as pandas, numpy, etc. - Previous experience in developing algo trading systems, particularly with a focus on trade execution - Familiarity with Fyers and Kite trading platforms - A solid understanding of both automated and manual trade execution in the context of algorithmic trading systems If you possess these skills and are interested in leveraging them to help me build a robust trading...

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    Python Project 4 days left

    I need support for day to day python project Skills req: Python, AWS cloud, Pandas Need longterm support

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    I need a Programmer who is well-versed in the sidereal time system to create an Excel sheet that provides the planetary positions in Vedic Astrology of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. The final deliverable should have the planetary pos...organized manner - Good communication skills to understand and deliver on the project requirements The code should input starting time and ending time to get data and then latitude & longitude or city & country and interval of time to get planetary positions like 1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hour, 2hour, 4 hour, 6hour, 12hour, 1day And then the output should generate an excel file forex- through pandas library and excel file should contain Time, Planet, Degree, Zodiac, Retrograde or not columns between the ...

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    Group Project 3 days left

    ...improving an initial model. How many datasets do you need? - Groups of 2 need **two** datasets - Group of 3 needs **three** datasets **Database** After the data has been collected and processed, it should be stored in a SQLite database. At a minimum, each dataset should have its own table. Database and table creation and data insertion can be done either with the `sqlite3` package or with `Pandas`. Both SQLite and `sqlite3` come with Python. **Machine Learning Models** For each dataset you should train, evaluate, and save a machine learning model: - one model should be for a *classification* problem - the other model should be for a *regression* problem - Group of 3: you should have 2 of one type A *validation* dataset must be used to either select between models, or to...

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    ...both technology and business domains to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and drive tangible business outcomes. Key Objectives: Custom Software Development: Utilize Python to build tailor-made software applications that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and provide a competitive edge to our clients. Data Analysis and Visualization: Harness the power of Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib to perform in-depth data analysis, extract actionable insights, and visualize complex data sets effectively. Machine Learning Solutions: Develop machine learning models and algorithms using Python frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-learn to enable predictive analytics, pattern recognition, and automated decision-making. Web Development: Create dyna...

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    Objectives: To develop a model that predicts housing prices based on various features such as location, size, amenities, etc. Data Set Link: Kaggle: House Prices - Advanced Regression Techniques () Analysis Tools/Programming Language: Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn Final Outcome: A predictive model that accurately estimates housing prices. follow a step-by-step process to create ML models predicting housing prices, create heatmaps of different features to find the most correlated feature and apply several ML models on the dataset, make an evaluation metric comparing the different models based on precision, accuracy, R2 score, etc. and present the result in easy to understand ways. send me all the codes so that it can be

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    I need support in cleaning and organiz...- Experience with data cleaning and manipulation. - Familiarity with data analysis would be an added advantage. Part A: Advanced Data Analysis Load '' into Jupyter or Colab. Compute Pearson's correlation coefficient for all attributes, save as corr_matrix. Sort and display correlation of all attributes with 'number_of_reviews'. Visualize with Seaborn's heatmap for corr_matrix and pandas' scatter_matrix for 'number_of_reviews', 'reviews_per_month', 'availability_365'. Part B: PCA with MNIST Dataset Discuss motivations and drawbacks of reducing dimensionality, including the curse of dimensionality. Explain if and how you can reverse PCA. Apply PCA on MNIST with a 95% explained ...

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    I am in need of a skilled Python developer who is also knowledgeable in statistics to t...should be capable of performing complex statistical and probability calculations, such as: - Descriptive statistics - Hypothesis testing - Regression analysis - Probability distributions - Conditional probability - Bayesian inference Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Python programming - Strong background in statistics - Experience with statistical libraries in Python (e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Pandas) - Attention to detail and ability to debug code effectively - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot Please provide examples of previous work, particularly any projects that involve statistical or probability calculations. This will help me evaluate your suitability for ...

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    Hello! I have a Python application which is partially developed and in need of deployment on the IIS server. My project has so far incorporated: - Data processing - API integration These functionalities have been structured and manipulated using Django, Flask, Pandas, and Fast API. I am on the search for a Python professional who is equipped with a strong understanding of these languages and frameworks, and can also execute the deployment aspect. It would be ideal if you already have an experience in deploying Python applications on IIS server. Only qualified and proficient freelancers are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in Python app deployment on IIS server would be a significant advantage. I am excited to hear from you soon, and start this engaging project.

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    I'm in need of a professional who can assist me in setting up my Pycharm environment on Windows to en...professional who can assist me in setting up my Pycharm environment on Windows to ensure I can efficiently run some data science codes. Key Tasks: - Setting up Pycharm: Help with configuring Pycharm IDE on my Windows system for optimal performance when running data science codes. - Installing Specific Packages: I require assistance with the installation of data science specific packages like Pandas and NumPy, which are essential for my project. This project is crucial to my work, so I need someone who has experience in setting up Pycharm and installing data science packages on Windows systems. Good communication skills would be a plus, as I might require further assistance...

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    I'm in need of a skilled trainer who can guide potential data analysts with intermediate level knowledge. Mastery in software such as Excel, Python, SQL, Pandas is expected along with competence in working with data frames and Basic Data Structures. Clear understanding of basic syntax is a must along with experience in Tableau/Power BI. The chosen professional would be conducting group training sessions, hence prior experience in the same would be a plus. Ability to simplify complex concepts for easier understanding is a valuable trait we are looking for in our trainer.

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    ...series data that contains missing values. I need an experienced data scientist or machine learning engineer to help me fill the missing values using machine learning techniques. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in working with time series data - Strong understanding of machine learning algorithms and techniques - Experience with Python and relevant libraries such as pandas, scikit-learn, and numpy - Familiarity with handling and imputing missing values in datasets - Ability to work with 15-minute time intervals for data processing The successful candidate will be able to ensure that the filled values are accurate and representative of the original dataset to the best extent possible. The goal is to have a complete dataset that is ready for furthe...

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    I'm seeking someone that can help on the coding phase of the project. We will be working with hierarchical forecasting for a retail company, using their dataset. All coding to be made in phyton, using pandas and other modules for machine learning. The deliverables should include not only the anotated code using a notebook, but also step by step explanations regarding the methods tested. Finally all should be documented. All to be ready to deploy on AWS, including detailed step by step explanation on how to do it. Furthermore, pipeline and deployment to be assured by the contractor on my own Aws account. Brief dfescription of the project: Project endeavors to use hierarchical forecasting methodologies in business by leveraging the capabilities of deep learning models. Aims to ...

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    I have an Excel sheet that contains text data and I need it to be parsed. I am looking for a Python expert who can use pandas to extract the text data and present it neatly in a new Excel sheet. Key requirements: - Extracting text data from an Excel sheet using Python pandas - Presenting the extracted text data in a new Excel sheet - Sorting and filtering the extracted text data as per business requirements Ideal Skills: - Excellent knowledge of Python, especially pandas - Proficiency in working with Excel sheets - Experience in sorting and filtering text data - Strong attention to detail and commitment to quality

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    ...capabilities of Metabase and SQLite to achieve a functional yet appealing aesthetic. Experience in designing and developing with these technologies will be highly valued. The code will include a module to process the .CSV files sent to the server via email. Every hour a .CSV file will be sent via email to the server. The .CSV data then needs to be processed into the SQL database using something like Pandas. We will use specific columns of the .CSV to generate data that we will then display in graphs and charts on the screen. The GUI will be quite simplistic showing mainly "Order Number", "Project Title", "Timesheet Total Hours as a percentage of Hours estimate" and "due date" (needs to be added to CSV). I have attached the dummy CSV. Her...

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    ...product page - How many you need to order if you want custom packaging Easy to Review and Use: You can download the info as a CSV file, making it super easy to look over and make decisions. Building It: The Tech Behind It: We're thinking Python because it’s great for this kind of job, using tools like Selenium for browsing Alibaba, BeautifulSoup for looking through the webpage content, and pandas for organizing and saving the info. How You’ll Use It: We’re keeping it simple. You can type your search right into the command line, or if you’d prefer something a bit more visual, we’ll make a basic graphical interface. Keeping Things Organized: All the info we find will be neatly saved in a CSV file, but we can also set it up to save to a datab...

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    I urgently need an experienced Python developer with MySQL skill. Key tasks: create a listener and writing the real-time tcp data to mysql by using Python • have to get tcmdump result by using Python • send...urgently need an experienced Python developer with MySQL skill. Key tasks: create a listener and writing the real-time tcp data to mysql by using Python • have to get tcmdump result by using Python • send real-time tcmdump result to the MySQL server by using Python Ideal Skills: • Proficient in Python programming language and libraries associated with data analysis and visualization, such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, etc. • Ability to deliver results to MySQL server. Looking forward to working with a skilled and adaptable Python develop...

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    ...from serial ports - Strong skills in analyzing data With thorough knowledge in these areas, the ideal freelancer can look forward to consistent engagement. They would be dealing with an exciting project that pushes bounds in interfacing hardware and software. code: import serial from serial import Serial import as plt import numpy as np from datetime import datetime import pandas as pd import time import re import as animation from matplotlib import style x = [] y = [] z = [] w = [] i = 0 n = 15 PollingRate = 1 byte = 32 ser = ('COM9',9600) Time0 = () TimeInitial = *3600+*60+ for i in range(n): z = (byte).decode('ASCII') z = ('r', '') z = ('n'

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    I'm looking to solve a classification problem with my tabular data using Python. Skills and Experience Needed: - Capability in Python programming is crucial, familiarity with libraries such as pandas, sklearn, and keras is necessary - You should be proficient in machine learning algorithms, specifically focusing on data classification - Experience in handling and manipulating tabular data for machine learning applications - Understanding of data cleaning, preprocessing and feature engineering Project Requirements: - Development of a Python-based data classification model - Utilizing machine learning techniques to process tabular data - Rigorous testing of the model's accuracy and improving it if required - Documenting the steps and coding process for future reference ...

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    ...validation, error handling, and user feedback for structured Excel files uploaded to SharePoint 2019, for subsequent transfer to a database. The solution could be also implemented via Azure Functions and Sharepoint online if deemed possible. Existing Setup: A basic ETL process developed with the Luigi library, lacking advanced validation and user feedback mechanisms. Solution uses parsing code (Pandas) for Excel files data parsing that can be utilized for the upgrade also. There are 4 different excel files, so 4 different parsers will be provided. The system should manage four unique Excel file types, each in its own SharePoint folder, requiring separate parsers for their distinct structures. An initial selection feature will enable users to choose the file type they're ...

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    I have a small dataset (less than 1,000 records) that needs analyzing with...000 records) that needs analyzing with specific focus on data visualization and statistical analysis. Key Tasks: - Data Visualization: Generating insightful charts and graphs to interpret data. - Statistical Analysis: Apply mathematical computations to deduce meaningful trends and patterns. Required Expertise: - Proficiency in Python-based data analytics is essential. - Familiarity with the Pandas library for data manipulation is compulsory. - Experience in handling small datasets is preferred. - The ability to articulate the findings in a clear and concise fashion is vital. Please note, while not mandatory, having knowledge of other Python libraries may also be beneficial. Only apply if you meet this...

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    I'm in immediate need of a stellar python developer who can hit the ground running. Your niche? Cryptocurrency trading systems. Specifically, you should have: - 5 years or more experience with Python - A strong background in Bitcoin trading projects - Proficiency in backtesting, with a focus on statistical significance testing It's a bonus if you're familiar with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, ccxt, although this isn't a deal-breaker. This is an urgent requirement and I'm ready to hire the right person today! Let's talk details and determine if we're a match.

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    I am seeking a skilled data analyst who can utilize Python tools, specifically, pandas and Jupyter, to conduct a comprehensive business analysis.

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    Seeking an experienced data scientist to assist in optimizing my synthetic data generator, specifically by dividing larger datasets into smaller subsets. Expectations are as follows: - Integrate the capability o...Expectations are as follows: - Integrate the capability of dividing data into subsets: you will need to specify both the number and size of these subsets. - Implement parallel processing using multi-threading to process these subsets concurrently. - Store the resulting data in a pandas dataframe for further analysis. The dataset involved is rather extensive, containing around 1M records, hence efficiency and good understanding of high-volume data processing is key. Skills in working with Genrocket, Python, Pandas, and multi-threading are highly desirable for succ...

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    I'm on the lookout for a skill...experience in Python and be able to produce sample works or demonstrate your expertise in some other compelling way. - I'm a beginner who's interested in Python, but I didn't specify the particular areas I want to focus on. Because of this, the tutor should ideally be versatile and knowledgeable about various Python-related topics such as basic syntax, web development with Flask, data analysis with Pandas, and more. - Tutoring sessions will be via online video tutorials. I expect high-quality video materials and clear explanations. - Being a proactive communicator would be a strong advantage since I might need your help to clarify certain points. If you can meet these requirements, I would love to hear from you. Let's make P...

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    Hello, I need a Python or other programming language expert that can import my Excel file using libraries like pandas and openpyxl and then manipulate data as per my requirements below. - The data is Food recipes of around 30 columns x 50,000 rows (in 3 different files) - Consider 3 main parts of recipe 1. Ingredients, 2. Steps, 3. Other info I need modification in 1st part (ingredients only) - I need you to give me a new cleaned Excel/database file of the list of ingredients in all total 3 files - Add a primary key to identify all ingredients and write this key in the recipe database instead of the name ONLY EXPERTS WHO HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE SHOULD APPLY, its not something a new person can do

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    ...Python developer with a solid background in scientific computing, data analysis, and the development and deployment of Python-based microservices, particularly in an AWS environment. Our project focuses on enhancing a curve-fitting system used in fluid dynamics to model and predict properties of various fluids under differing conditions. The initial codebase is utilizing libraries like NumPy, pandas, and SciPy for numerical computations and optimizations. The selected developer will not only integrate new fluid properties into our model but also ensure the system efficiently processes the increased dataset complexity while maintaining precise prediction capabilities. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct a thorough review of the current Python codebase, focusing on its numerical op...

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    Takes only a few hours!! I'm seeking a Python developer with experience in data analysis and visualization to accomplish a beginner-level project. The primary feature will be the utilization of business data for analysis and processing. Key attributes of this project include: - **Skillsets Required** - Python programming, specifically for data analysis. - Experience with libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib and Seaborn. - Comprehension of business and financial data. - **Project Outcomes** - Ingestion and processing of hotel data. - Generation of interactive visual graphs from processed data. Please note, the ultimate expectation is to deliver a Python solution that can analyze, process, and transform data into interactive visual graphs. Base your bid o...

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    I'm looking for a Python developer specialized in data analysis and automation. The specs are: 1. Review our billing system API; 2. Write a cron job in Python using the PyCharm IDE to access our billing system's API; 3. Use the Pandas Python library to convert the data into CSV format; 4. Store the CSV on a cloud server; and 5. Push certain fields of the CSV to our CRM and business intelligence dashboard. We have some Python code that has already been developed for a similar project involving the same API that can be reviewed for context.

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    I'm searching for a developer with experience in Python and C#, ideally with a focus in data analytics and manipulation using Pandas. The primary task will involve converting a large-scale Python code (more than 500 lines) into C#. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python and C# - Solid understanding of Pandas for data analytics and manipulation - 1-2 years of coding experience Job Task: - Convert large-scale Python code (more than 500 lines) to C# - The converted C# code should make use of .NET Core and Entity Framework features or libraries. The successful implementation of the project will require a thorough understanding of both Python and C#, as well as the capability to accurately convert the functionality of the Python script into a C# environment.

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    I'm an ambitious novice looking to learn pandas from scratch. My goal is to become proficient in data manipulation, data analysis, and visualizing data. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Profound knowledge and understanding of pandas. - Proven experience teaching beginners. - Capability to provide reading materials, video tutorials and hands-on coding exercises. The pedagogic approach should be comprehensive, starting from foundational theory to its application in manipulating, analyzing and visualizing data. Every learning method is welcomed since I prefer reading and following tutorials, watching video tutorials, and performing hands-on coding exercises. Your support and guidance would be appreciated.

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    ...developer who is open to a full-time offer at a later stage. We are willing to increase substantially the salary later on with a potential bonus/equity that could multiply the base salary if the person and the strategies performs well. This means we could aim to multiply what you would be earning at the beginning. 3. What are we looking for? A Python developer who has experience working with Pandas and Numpy ideally. You will be assisting across different back-end tasks, as well as interacting with APIs from different exchanges. You will also manage a significant amount of data. I need a skilled Python developer who can help me in two main areas: Data analysis and automation scripting. Both of these tasks will be executed using APIs as the primary data source. Here's how...

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    I need an adept Python developer, proficient in using Jupiter notebook and familiar with the Pandas library. The main task will be focused on: - Data analysis and visualization of numerical data. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in data analysis, specifically with numerical datasets. Proficiency in other tools and libraries in Python is welcome, but the main focus will be on Pandas. Please showcase your skills and experience in Python, Jupiter notebook, and Pandas to help me make an informed selection. The job is urgent, so prompt responses will be highly appreciated.

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    I require an expert in Python, specifically with experience in using pandas, I am trying to convert a csv file to excel but am experiencing issues with new line characters. Key Responsibilities: - Amend my current Python script to properly process new line characters when converting from csv to excel - Ensure the success of the conversion without any data corruption or loss Ideal Candidate: - Solid Python coding skills - Deep understanding of pandas library - Prior experience dealing with file conversion challenges This task has a sense of urgency, as I need it completed ASAP. Please bid with consideration to these requirements and the time frame.

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    ...integrity. - Capable of conducting advanced statistical analysis to detect patterns and trends within the data. - Experience with data visualization is a plus, though the main focus will be on data cleaning and statistical analysis. ** Ideal Skills and Experience: ** - In-depth knowledge of Python programming for handling and analyzing data. - Familiarity with data analysis libraries in Python (e.g., pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib). - Strong analytical skills, with a knack for identifying significant patterns and trends. - Previous experience in projects where pattern identification was key to success. With the goal of identifying patterns and trends, the selected freelancer will play a critical role in providing insights that help inform strategic decisions. If you have a st...

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    ...vehicle_type = 19 vehicles in the vehicle table - The sex of driver, sex of casualty, speed limit, and age of vehicle for accidents in all the lower layer super output area (LSOA) regions of Kingston Upon Hull. You will need to do a JOIN on the lsoa table and some of the other tables. In the LSOA table, the codes are in the column lsoa01cd and the place names are in column lsoa01nm. Put the results in a pandas data frame. You should show the SQL commands you ran and the results. For part ‘c’ just show a sample of the results and the total number of rows. You should also give some explanation for the more complex parts of the SQL commands you present. We have a ready-made SQLite database containing the required tables. This presentation should demonstrate your knowle...

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    I'm in urgent need of a proficient Python developer with expertise in utilizing popular libraries such as Pandas, NumPy and Scikit-learn to accomplish key data analysis and automation tasks. Here are some details about requirements: - Handle data analysis using Python, specifically with Pandas, NumPy and Scikit-learn. - Data to be processed is in .txt format and less than 1GB (small size). - Take on automation tasks using Python, requiring your understanding of respective libraries. - Strong experience with data handling and manipulation is necessary for this job. Ideal candidate is detail-oriented, accurate and can deliver results on schedule. Demonstrated experience in Python-based data analysis and automation is an advantage.

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    I'm seeking skilled Python and data science experts for my project. The project involves: - Developing an API that can fetch live stock market data. - Specifically, I need to capture real-time price data. - The targeted focus of this stock market data is on the crude oil market. Data Science and st...stock market data. - Specifically, I need to capture real-time price data. - The targeted focus of this stock market data is on the crude oil market. Data Science and strong Python skills are key for this task. Experience in financial markets, especially stock and/or oil markets, would be highly beneficial. Clear understanding of stock market data, along with Python libraries for Data Science (pandas, NumPy), are important. Knowledge of API design and interaction is also cruci...

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    ...integrity. - Capable of conducting advanced statistical analysis to detect patterns and trends within the data. - Experience with data visualization is a plus, though the main focus will be on data cleaning and statistical analysis. ** Ideal Skills and Experience: ** - In-depth knowledge of Python programming for handling and analyzing data. - Familiarity with data analysis libraries in Python (e.g., pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib). - Strong analytical skills, with a knack for identifying significant patterns and trends. - Previous experience in projects where pattern identification was key to success. With the goal of identifying patterns and trends, the selected freelancer will play a critical role in providing insights that help inform strategic decisions. If you have a st...

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    21 bids data analysis and data visualization, mainly concerning numerical data. Tasks include but not limited to: - Collecting and manipulating enormous datasets - Apply suitable data analytic methodologies - Generate informative visual representations of complex data. Required skills and experience: - Proficiency in Python, especially libraries related to data analysis and visualization such as pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and seaborn - Experience handling and analyzing numerical data - Excellent problem-solving skills, quick turnaround time, tenacity and perseverance in facing complex data-related challenges Immediate commencement is critical as the project needs to be completed ASAP. If you meet the criteria and confident in your ability to deliver in a short amount of time, I&...

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    ...structured data, particularly svc files. Experience with this file type is crucial, as you will need to interpret, analyse, and draw insights from the acquired data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Python: Strong knowledge and experience in Python programming is a must. You will need to be proficient in programming concepts and best practices, as well as libraries relevant to data analysis, such as pandas and NumPy. - Data Analysis: Proven track record in data analysis. I need someone who can make sense of large datasets, identify trends, and translate the findings into actionable insights. - Handling Structured Data: As stated, the data you will be working with comes in the form of svc files. Familiarity with this file type and the common problems encountered when analysing s...

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    ...Goals: Develop a system that utilizes Deep Learning to analyze the text content of both bug reports and user reviews. Identify and match bug reports with relevant user reviews describing similar issues encountered by users. Evaluate the effectiveness of the system in accurately identifying relevant matches. Technical Skills Required: Proficiency in Python programming Experience with libraries like pandas, NumPy, and scikit-learn (or similar data science libraries) Knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, including text preprocessing, text embedding, and similarity analysis Familiarity with Deep Learning concepts and models (especially DistilBERT or similar) Project Deliverables: A well-documented Python codebase implementing the matching system A comprehensiv...

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    ...Google Colab and Jupyter notebooks. * Application of data processing and visualization tools such as Pandas, Matplotlib, and SciKit-Learn. These elements form the core of my learning goals. Having a hands-on understanding of these areas is important for the task at hand. Experience in imparting knowledge or tutoring is much appreciated, as your role would be significantly educational. Deliverables: Google Colab and Jupyter Notebooks: Familiarity with signing up for, accessing, and using Google Colab to open and work with Jupyter notebooks. Python Programming: Proficiency in Python (version 3.6 or above) for data manipulation and analysis. Pandas for Data Analysis: Skills in using the Pandas library to load, manipulate, and analyze datasets, particularly for handl...

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    ...involve dealing effectively with diverse data sets and potentially large volumes of data. - Strong background in PostgreSQL and PostGIS, with proven experience in writing advanced spatial queries. - Experience in web map development, with a portfolio of previous projects involving visual data exploration and user interaction. - Fluency in Python programming, and familiarity with libraries such as pandas, geopandas, and GDAL for data manipulation and analysis. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Demonstrated ability to handle global spatial datasets and produce meaningful insights through web maps. - Prior experience in designing interactive maps for a global audience, incorporating features that enhance user understanding and engagement. - A portfolio showcasing previou...

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    ...databases using SQL, Postgres, and MongoDB, ensuring data integrity and efficiency. - Work with JSON for data interchange and leverage Pandas for data analysis and manipulation. - Conduct web scraping using Scrapy, Requests, Httpx, and implement automation with Selenium for browser tasks. - Utilize Redis and Celery for background task processing and message queueing to enhance application performance. Qualifications: - Proven experience as a Python Developer, with a strong portfolio of projects. - Proficient in Django, Flask, JavaScript, React JS, Axios, Docker, and cloud deployment (Digital Ocean preferred). - Experience with SQL, Postgres, MongoDB, JSON, Pandas, and web scraping tools (Scrapy, Requests, Httpx). - Knowledge of Redis, Celery, and Selenium for automation a...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data analyst to help with tasks including data cleaning and preprocessing, data visualization and reporting, and statistical analysis. The data they will be working with is of medium size, ranging between 1GB to 10GB. Prior experience with Python, SQL, and Excel is crucial for this project. Specifically, proficiency with the Python libraries Pandas and Matplotlib is required for the analytics components of the work. This project requires both strong technical skills and a thorough understanding of data analysis methodologies.

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    I need someone who can spend at least 20 hrs during the weekend. The task is simple where you will load the data file and answer few questions using Python/pandas. Some tasks may require visualization. Non-negotiable requirements 1. Be able to handle the task mentioned above. 2. Remote login to the machine we provide and complete the tasks. 3. Work at least 20 hrs over the course of two days: Saturday and Sunday Payment Terms: $8 per hours $2 bonus per hour if you work at least 20 hrs Payment will be released after 7 business days We verify all work submitted. Please make your bid with short comment. No need to add fluff. Only looking for individuals. Companies, please do not bid on this project. Thank you.

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    Context: We are running two regular Python courses where we need assistance. We are looking for a long-term agreement. The last time we filled this job position for over 2 years. 1) Data Analytics with Python Course: Content (introduction to python, data wrangling with pandas, descriptive statistics with python, data visualization with seaborn, t-test/anova /chi-square tests with python, correlation, regression with statsmodel) 2) Machine Learning with Python Course: Content classification(dcision trees, knn, naive bayes, logReg, classifier evaluation) regression (linear regression with normal equation, stochastic gradient descent, polynomial regression, ridge regression, lasso regression, elastic net, early stopping, regression trees) advanced supervised learning concepts (feat...

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    I require an experienced Python developer to apply multiprocessing to one of my existing functions. The attached files are: a) the picked data frame (refer to file: daily_reliance) b) the code to be used (refer to file: ) In the '' file, you will find a function called 'generate_cmin_cmax_pmin_pmax'. You will need to speed up this function' file, you will find a function called 'generate_cmin_cmax_pmin_pmax'. You will need to speed up this function using multiprocessing. Your code should also include written instructions. Please note that the code has been tested to work in Pycharm. Please use Pycharm. Ideal freelancers should have: - Strong Python programming skills - Experience in multiprocessing / parallel computing using pandas

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