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    ...[login to view URL] and [login to view URL] ) - User registration -- The only thing non-standard about this will be that part of the registration process will be to have the user perform a self-conducted test of browser compability. At the successful completion of the browser compatibility

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    ...calculators Will have paypal option and two other affiliate sponsor icons and links to post on homepage. Frontpage should have an interactive real time date and clock (Eastern Standard USA) A section for news that can either be downloaded by MoreOver newsreader or some other data pulling device off the internet for specific industry news. Site needs to be

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    An addin dll for Visual C++ 6.0 which adjusts C++ source to a certain coding standard. The program should have a settings window for mapping purposes. For instance float MyVariable -> float f_MyVariable. All ANSI C++ types should be supported. The program must have a toolbar button and a menu entry from which the program starts converting the C++ source

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    ...(cells rather than actual screen or client area coordinates) 2) Get position of Caret/Cursor in Row/Column as above In this application, the mouse cursor is ingnored for the most part. The caret is posited by up an down keys. Data entry occurs at the location of the caret. I have attempted to position using the windows console routine, "setconsolecursoposition"

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    2 bids a ready made or development: This system is going to be a part of the general accounting systems that comes with GL, AR and AP with Reporting these modules can be suggested by the developer or we can use the standard QuickBooks type of packages. The uniqueness of VSAS from the standard invoicing/POS system is here we are maintaining inventory item

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    ...without the use of SQL server or other standard means. Basically, I want this driver to emulate the Microsoft Access driver, only rather than working with access databases; it would work with SQL databases instead. What I need is simple, nothing fancy. The only thing I want it to do is retrieve and store data in standard SQL database formats (MS,MYSQL, or

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    C++ Ended

    ...two different lines. Your program reads in this file via the standard input, sorts the chars into ascending order, and then prints out all possible subsets, one subset per line, to standard output. Hints The inequality operators are defined for chars, and you can use them for the sorting part of the project. You may use any sorting technique you like

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    ...location coordinates. Next, interface sends coordinates to Map Server, request Map image, plot user location to the Map image and forward it to user web interface. Important part is how interface would communicate with Vehicle GPS unit and which GPS units to use. Good idea would be to use GPS unit that has build in memory. This way GPS unit would record

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    ...script to create the databases as needed. All information is tied to a CoupleID that is stored in the Session variable so for couple specific data it must be linked this way. Part 1 RSVP - This app allows the Bride and Groom (Couple) to request notification whether someone will be at the wedding and or the reception. This should have two parts an admin

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    proj Ended

    ...probably take about as long to code this as it would to read it. Anyway,here goes. I am a small developer/programmer. This job will be New VB6 code. This is a 2 part project. It will become a part of an app which I am in the process of porting. I will beta test your work on a timely basis. I will pass All data and images to you, everything you need. You

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    ...the application, but the first on e would be just a outlook looking [login to view URL] me know what you think about this, if it works out good then we can have you code the next part, so a component that can be placed on the right side. As for the component itself, we need the panel bar to have the icons on the right like in outlook and the bar that will

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    ...the sample run). Hint: Use a conditional construct to display the permissions of the user/group/world or to echo "NO" if the user/group/world has no permissions. The second part of the assignment requires you to make a backup copy of a user specified file, along with its contents, and store it in a directory tailored for that file. If the directory

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    see fully requirment and description at this link [login to view URL] (Note: helpful ML link - [login to view URL] ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    ...our finances allow it or sooner if the price is more affordable than I'm thinking it will be. This bid is in three parts. Bids will only be accepted on last "ISP Billing Part 3". All code will be copy right by us. No offering code for free or for pay to another party or to include it another program writen by you. I hope I have explained

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    ...Service Providers listed in our database: PART I - A pop-up html form that prompts users to complete a "SURVEY" upon entering Company's Web Site. The system uses HTML/ASP forms (Surveys) to collect feedback from users. The Surveys includes standard cross-industry, industry-specific, and customer service questions. PART II - Machine learning algorithm - Predic...

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    ...return the resulting rational number(b)Rational subtract(Rational);(c)Rational multiply(Rational);(d)Rational divide(Rational);(e)void display(); purpose:to insert on the standard output stream the current rational number in the form a/b. Your client program must include statements to: (1)accept two integers from the user,then create a rational object

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    ...screen, the button controls and the lblData Control should be fixed at the bottom of the screen and not part of the scrolled frame. 5. Do not use any controls that are not standard with a typical PocketPC device. 6. Do not use any fonts that are not standard with a typical PocketPC device. 7. Final product must include all eMbedded VB project files ## Deliverables

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    ...handle are -c -l -w. If no option is given in the command line, default it to -lwc. One or more file names can be specified on the command line. If no file is specified, the standard input will be used. Use Unix redirection from a file to test this ($mywc < filename). The file names can use wildcards, such as *, ? and [a-z] etc. The output of your program

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    ...enhanced numeric class. Part 1: Select a simple numeric calculation such as factorial (product of the first n integers), sum of squares of the first n integers, that exhibits range problems for the standard numeric types. Code the calculation using a standard numeric type such as long and demonstrate the range problem. Part 2: Design a numeric class

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    ...system that reads HTML web-pages and checks if the page conforms to the BOBBY standard for web-page accessibility. The system will return a report detailing all major errors and all possible errors. The system should also be able to check if each link on the page is valid and part of the report will list any broken links. For web-pages with no major errors

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    ...will need to support multiple threads as more than one client may connect to the server. FTP programs must interact with default FTP server installed in Windows 2000 that is part of IIS ver 5.0 - do NOT program FTP server modules. Server Methods Initialize Server - chk for minimum acceptable bandwidth availability & memory Listen On detection of client

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    Need template form input. Source code included. ## Deliverables VB interface, Access and SQL database interface, single form input, master-detail form input, professional user interface, object oriented programming, using SSOLeDbGrid from Sheridan or vsFlexGrid from Videosoft, every form include new, edit, delete, flexible search function, data validation ## Deadline information Please send...

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    I need some code to do the following:- Display a picture on a form - standard size Allow selection of another picture from Windows explorer, and display this picture onto a separate image on the same form. The selected picture can be of variable size. On clicking Merge, the selected picture should move into a predefined area on the first picture. An

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    ...Illustrator and other standard design packages to work on client sites in preparing concept ideas then following through in preparing sites ready to be passed to our programming team. Flash experience a distinct advantage. In the first instance please email with URLs of sample web work. Position is flexible for either full or part time. Office location

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    need this done pretty cheaply this is for my personal hobby. i already have somebody to 3d print the part for me. to get started i am looking to design a universal HDMI flush mount bracket. it will need to be able to fit a standard hole. i have provided the cable i will be using and what i need it to do in photos. if there are any other questions feel

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    Looking to completely translate our product catalogue website [login to view URL] into Spanish. We require the translation to be of high standards and the meanings of the words do not change. Degree in any Spanish and/or English language writings will be a big plus. The Website you'll be focusing on is an automotive website so a general knowledge about automotive will be needed. Work wi...

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    ...keen eye for details, have a working knowledge with internet devices and are passionate about the world of sports, then send your application and we will be glad to have you as part of our ever growing team. Get paid for attending matches of football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, handball, soccer and more! Must be at least

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    ...Wikipedia useful for determing the formulae needed for area and volume calculations You may download this sample program for a demonstration of program behaviour The challenging part of this program is in creating a proper hierarchy: It is recommended that you work on one class at a time You must create an actual hierarchy that does not simply involve having

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    ...ENGLISH Our vision is to build a global industry standard in travel technology. We develop for international acting travel companies and network travel partners around the world. We are looking for a Java Software Developer (M / F) for our Portfolio Management Team. In this position, and as part of our agile software development team, you are responsible

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    Hemos ajustado algunos objetos de Salesforce para ajustarlo y necesitamos anularlos y borrar los datos existentes. No se necesita conservar nada.

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    ...variety of projects as part of the team with a deadline to meet. You must be willing to work within the hours from 9AM until 7PM (UK TIME) This position is NOT a permanent position but a 3 months contract instead. Your hours will be tracked through Kronos. and Activetrack will be installed in your computer to monitor you as a standard protocol. You

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    ...variety of projects as part of the team with a deadline to meet. You must be willing to work within the hours from 9AM until 7PM (UK TIME) This position is NOT a permanent position but a 3 months contract instead. Your hours will be tracked through Kronos. and Activetrack will be installed in your computer to monitor you as a standard protocol. You

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    ...english interview, just small chat to make sure we can understand each other, your english doesn’t need to be perfect. 3) one month longer trial $250 4) full time hire as part of our team (160 hours a month, 40 hours a week) The Salary Rate: Salary range is $500 per month depending on experience and performance. Please only respond if this

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    ...CY8C4XXX embedded smart card protocol and the bluetooth module, all in one chip. We need standard functions and some additional, like logging and sendind via Bluetooth, etc. Will be given a full list of functions and commands of communication and a necessary part of the Protocol ISO7816. Unit is intended primarily for debugging embedded hardware in hotels

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    AUMENTAR VELOCIDAD SITIO WORDPRESS Corrección de errores y advertencias de Google PageSpeed Insights para web standard realizada en wordpress. Adjuntamos pdf con resultado en test. SOLICITO precio cerrado ----SOLO FREELANCERS QUE HABLEN PERFECTO ESPAÑOL----

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    Das Design soll in einem grün/grau Ton Style sein und ähnlich wie . Es soll eine Web Applikation / APP (iPhone) usw. zu sehen sein. wo man

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    Un biologiste doit vérifier et completer les descriptions des tests, les unités et les valeurs normales maximum et minimum par age et sexe. Environ 286 tests à vérifier en BACTERIO ET REPRODUCTION ENDOCRINOLOGIE HEMATOLOGIE SEROLOGIE - HORMONOLOGIE BIOCHIMIE PARASITOLOGIE.

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    Un biologiste doit vérifier et completer les descriptions des tests, les unités et les valeurs normales maximum et minimum par age et sexe. Environ 286 tests à vérifier en BACTERIO ET REPRODUCTION ENDOCRINOLOGIE HEMATOLOGIE SEROLOGIE - HORMONOLOGIE BIOCHIMIE PARASITOLOGIE.

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    répondre au téléphone de 7-20h et entrer les données dans un logiciel de dispatch.

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    ...d'informations (exemples : événements à venir, membres,..) L'écran d’accueil permettra à l'utilisateur de s'enregistrer de deux manières : - Inscription via Facebook. - Inscription standard (Nom, Prénom, Identifiant, Mot de passe). Prévoir un système de validation par e-mail pour confirmation des ...

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    You will be given a mockup of the detailed design for each part, the freelancer will develop the layout respecting the required regulatory standard. Verrà fornito il mockup del progetto dettagliato in ogni parte, il freelancer dovrà sviluppare il layout rispettando gli standard normativi richiesti.

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    ...records. The information consists of standard personal data, address, and mail. Typing the postcode, the city name is found in an underlying base. Furthermore, there is the creation date / correction date 3 text fields and 2 dropdown field - and a note field. One drop down box shows the default login person (which is part of the drop down option) Searching

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    ...en ASP Clasico de servidor web windows 2008 a 2012 pero me encontre que mis programas no pueden abrir la base de datos MS-Access en el nuevo servidor (windows server 2012 Standard), el error que muestra es: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver

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    Hallo, ich brauche jemanden der meine Webseite in ein Standard (Responsive) Bootstrap Theme bringt. Fixed-Top-Navbar Alle Inhalte, Tabellen, Formulare, Button, Login und Register. Für Kenner sollte das keine große Aufgabe sein.

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    COSW 100 Assertions using standard Drupal Simpletest library. Very small project ($250-750 USD)

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Create/install a Joomla Template. We look for a new responsive template (joomla3.8) for [login to view URL], completed with standard images and images we supply.. Simple project ($30-250 USD)

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    ...scheda tecnica standard per i prodotti che vende la mia azienda. La scheda tecnica dovrebbe essere: -Standard, quindi adattabile a tutti i prodotti che vendo -Modificabile da me con facilità tramite strumenti tradizionali (microsoft word?) -Accattivante, ma di facile intuizione per il cliente medio di internet -Il modello standard deve prevedere

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    Учебный центр РДТЕХ приглашает к сотрудничеству на постоянной основе экспертов-разработчиков Java. Обязанности: чтение курсов по тематике Java Standard Edition, Java Enterprise Edition (по готовым программам), экспертное консультирование, ответы на вопросы обучающихся. Курсы очные, территориально - м. Нагатинская. Количество часов в неделю и дни чтения

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