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    i have purchased a betting website script from: and need to implement the api from: should be complete in 1 or 2 days. If you did this work earlier

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    ...features we're looking for include: - **File Sharing:** Ability to share documents, images, and videos across all channels. - **Chat History:** Seamless access to previous conversations for context and continuity in customer support. - **Chatbot Integration:** Capability to integrate AI chatbots for automated responses and assistance. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with API integration for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and PBX systems. - Proficient in developing chat platforms with functionalities such as file sharing, maintaining chat history, and integrating AI chatbots. - Strong understanding of omnichannel communication strategies and how they benefit customer service. - Ability to design intuitive and user-friendly interfaces f...

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    In this project, we're aiming to categorize video transcripts, identify key topics, and enhance the searchability of video content. The main goal is to differentiate between questions and sentences contained within a video...models to evaluate the performance using an ROC curve. - The differentiation of the content type should be indicated in the 'label' column. The value can be 'question' for sentences that are actually questions, and 'sentence' for regular statements. - Development of a RESTful API with Flask. - Dockerization of the API. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficiency in python and libraries used for Natural Language Processing. - Experience in utilizing machine learning models. - Understanding of RESTful ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help me integrate a reporting pie chart API into my existing React JS project. The pie chart is meant to display our monthly sales data, and it should support hover details for more in-depth information. Key requirements: - Display our sales data in a clear and visually appealing pie chart - Update the pie chart on a monthly basis automatically - Enable hover details on the pie segments, allowing users to easily access specific information Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in React JS - Experience with data visualization and charting libraries - Ability to connect with external APIs and automate data updates - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles for interactivity

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help us advance the functionality of our software. Our project demands a professi...automatic cursor placement on the search bar upon page load. This is essential for user convenience. - **User-Friendly Interface & Third-Party API Integration:** Besides the search bar, we also need your expertise to improve our software's user interface design and integrate it with third-party APIs. Your main goal in this project will be to enhance the software's usability and make it more efficient. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Extensive experience in developing CRUD operations and real-time data updates with Vue.js and Laravel. - Proven track record in user-friendly web interface design. - Strong knowledge in...

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    As a business, I am seeking a talented and experienced developer who can integrate WhatsApp notification functionality to the "Booking Calendar" plugin I am currently using. The task specifically requires the setup of an automatic WhatsApp notification that is triggered to the client only, upon making a booking. Requirements: - Experienced in plugin modification and WhatsApp API. - Must have previous experience with the Booking Calendar plugin. - The notification should only be triggered when a booking is made. The ideal freelancer should be efficient, with good attention to detail. This project should be undertaken with minimal disruption to existing operations. I can guide for files where they need to make changes, just simple when submit form same info will go to c...

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    Objective: We are seeking an individual or company skilled in neural networks and Keras to develop a predictive model. This model will forecast the occurrence of a phenomenon based on historical data. Requirements: Data Acquisition: Historical data required for training the model will be fetched via an API from our comprehensive database, which is updated multiple times weekly. Data Processing: All retrieved data will be processed to facilitate effective model training. This includes Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) to identify impactful data, outlier detection for data quality, and feature engineering to determine the final model inputs. Model Development: Train two types of models using Deep Neural Network (DNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) architectures: A classification mo...

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    ...visualization system. This tool will be integrated into the website's interface to educate consumers about fluctuations in electricity prices, helping them make informed decisions. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a real-time electricity price visualization system using APIs from utility companies. - Create a user-friendly interface for web platform integration. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in API integration, particularly with utility companies. - Strong background in web platform development. - Experience with data visualization and user interface design. - Understanding of electricity price fluctuations and the ability to present this information in a clear and engaging manner. This project requires a developer who is not only technically proficient but a...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Rust developer capable of working with AWS Lambda to assist with an API integration. We currently have REST API build on top of AWS Lambda written in Javascript (Nodejs). Due to performance and compatibility issues we plan to rewrite few functions. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing API integration using AWS Lambda - Ensuring data exchange and server-side processes are seamless and efficient Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Rust programming language - Experienced in AWS Lambda and serverless architecture - Strong understanding of API integration and data flow - Familiar with best practices for secure and efficient data processing in a serverless environment

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    In need of a custom application to perform real-time synchronization between BigCommerce and Square POS. The application will keep track of: • Inventory and stock levels • Customer information • Sales and order history Th...real-time synchronization between BigCommerce and Square POS. The application will keep track of: • Inventory and stock levels • Customer information • Sales and order history The direction of data syncing (whether it's bi-directional or one-directional) will be determined later. This is a highly urgent project that requires immediate action. The ideal candidate should: • Have experience in API development, specifically with BigCommerce and Square POS • Be able to work under a tight schedule • Have strong k...

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    ...Set up a payment gateway that accepts USD but settles to the merchant in USDT. Please also confirm if Moonpay or Simplex allows this. - Utilize Moonpay or Simplex (or any other gateway) for this integration, as it's the preferred payment gateway provider. - The integration should be done using an API, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. You should be familiar with: - Payment gateway integration, especially with Moonpay. - PHP and MySQL, as our system is built upon these technologies. - API integration best practices. Your expertise in these areas will be crucial in delivering a seamless and efficient payment experience for both our customers and us. Experience with similar projects will be highly regarded. The expectation is to build a POC form to confirm the...

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    I am in need of an experienced web developer to help me create a small website similar to using NEXT JS. You can copy code from anywhere. Details: - Video Submission: Users can either submit a YouTube video link or upload their own video directly to the platform. - Automated Summarization: Utilizing the ChatGPT API, the website will analyze the video content and generate a concise summary accompanied by relevant timestamps. - Timestamp Navigation: Clickable timestamps will be provided, allowing users to jump directly to specific moments in the YouTube video or their uploaded content. - Interactive Engagement: Users will have the capability to interact with the video by posing questions or comments, to which the system will respond, enhancing the viewing experience.

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    ...determining whether the input is a company name or a domain and processing accordingly. Search Service Enhancements Expand Search Methods: Rename and refactor searchCompany to a more generic method like performSearch that handles both domains and company names. Implement Domain-Based Search Logic: Add new capabilities in apolloMixedSearchService to handle searches based on domains. This includes API adjustments and new mock responses for domain-based searches. Matching Service Enhancements Refactor Matching Logic: Update SearchMatcherService to accommodate domain names as a valid criterion. This includes modifying the matchPeople function to switch between matching based on company names and domains. Update Matchers: Adapt matchPeopleByField to be generic, allowing matches ba...

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    ... ensuring the data structures are well-designed and functional. - Backend API Development: We have several third-party services which need to be integrated into our application through backend API Development. Along with the above responsibilities, we also need you to integrate certain features into our web application: - Payment Gateway Integration: This is crucial for enabling smooth transactions. Experience with such integrations will be beneficial. - API Integration: Our web application heavily relies on third-party services, and therefore, the ability to seamlessly integrate APIs is a must. Ideal candidates should have solid experience in Laravel web development, SQL database management, and backend API development. We're seeking someone who c...

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    WhatsApp SMS API Integration 6 days left

    I'm seeking an experienced and innovative developer to help me integrate WhatsApp for SMS functionality. Key Responsibilities: - Understand and integrate WhatsApp API into our existing platform for SMS functionality. - Ensure integration is seamless, efficient, and adheres to WhatsApp's policies and guidelines. - Implement features to enhance customer support capabilities through WhatsApp messaging. Prior experience in working with WhatsApp API is a must for this project. You should also have a good understanding of: - Customer support systems - SMS functionality - Communication APIs Please include your experience with similar projects in your application.

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    I'm looking for a full-time PHP developer with expertise in Laravel and Symfony. The job will involve: - Backend Development: You will be responsible for building the backend of the project. - Database Management: Proficiency in database management is a must to handle project data effectively. - API Integration: You will be integrating various APIs into the project. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Laravel and Symfony. You should also be able to work full-time on the project. There is no strict deadline for this project.

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    I'm seeking a developer to set up a finance API on my WordPress checkout page. I have the authentication info, 2 GET and 2 POST codes for you to copy and implement This is aimed at providing real-time financial information to my customers from a companies API. I have the API Documentation provided by them for you to work from. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Extensive experience in WordPress development - A deep understanding and practical knowledge of finance APIs - A keen eye for detail to ensure accurate information display - Excellent problem-solving skills to troubleshoot any potential issues This project's key objective is for my customers to view and see the option for paying by finance on the Cart & checkout page.

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    I am in need of a skilled professional who can Budget: $120 1. Install the script on live server, reskin the app and ensure all features are working very well like in demo, including all API live keys 2. Virtual Dollar Card Feature (e.g ) 3. (Airtime, data, giftcards, utility API). This will include adding more screens for all new features. I will provide the screens. 4. Withdrawal through Admin approval (Flutterwave) 5. Add more deposit API (Flutterwave, Prospa, Paystack, Moniepoint (naira, via issuing virtual bank accounts and API and also BVN verification)) 6. Add multi-level 2FA security in Admin and User, transaction PIN. 7. Add one more add-on script I'll buy later

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    I'm in need of an experienced Flutterflow developer to create a com...Flutterflow developer to create a comprehensive template. Key Requirements: - The template should include a range of components like radio buttons, input fields, and a Datatable with sorting and multi-select capabilities. - Your expertise in implementing user-friendly UI features is essential. This will involve creating popup modals, and ensuring the template is responsive across different devices. - API calls, form validations, components, and alerts should be seamlessly integrated. - A firm grasp on data types and actions within Flutterflow is highly desirable. The ideal candidate for this project will have a strong background in Flutterflow development, with a proven track record in building and customi...

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    I'm in need of a full-time Python Django Developer whose expertise primarily lies in web development. Your main task will be to: - Implement user authentication - Integrate a payment gateway - Set up a robust RESTful API The design of the web application should be clean, professional, and user-friendly while ensuring a seamless experience for the users. The ideal applicant should have: - A deep understanding of Python and Django - Experience in user authentication systems - Previous experience with payment gateway integration - Proficient skills in creating RESTful APIs - An eye for clean and professional design aesthetic Your ultimate goal will be to create a high-quality, secure, and functional web application. If you live and breathe Python Django and have a knack for ...

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    Fix API - Laravel 6 days left

    Change the parameter to optional. Check and fix if needed API make sure it is working (estimated 2-3 api only)

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    I'm in need of a mobile recharge and bill payment system to be dev...variety of payment methods. The system is also meant to be a multivendor platform where multiple vendors can participate. Key Requirements: - Development of an Android-based mobile recharge and bill payment system - Support for credit/debit card payments and mobile wallets - A user-friendly, intuitive interface - Multivendor support User Roles - Super Admin - Admin - Distributer - Agent - Retailer - API User Web based and Android Timeframe: I don't have a strict deadline, so you can take your time and ensure that the system is developed efficiently and effectively. Please let me know if you have any relevant experience or ideas for this project. Do you have Like this type Project that is best oppor...

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    website upgrade 6 days left

    ...terms of functionality and user experience. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Improving website functionality to enhance user experience - Implementing features and functionalities according to our specific requirements - Ensuring seamless navigation and smooth user interactions I would like to add a user login and a forum to I want to interface with betfair or betdaq api to fetch prices add ability to vote for which horse is going to win add ability to add notes to horses and jockeys generate heatmaps from speed ratings Website is currently generated by a python script daily. Would have to be able to handle the data generated each day. If you are able to, can rework data generation. based off elommr from github currently. Ideas welcomed. Price negotiab...

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    I'm seeking a skilled MERN stack developer to create a user-friendly e-commerce website catered to working professionals aged 30-50. The project's specifics include: - Implementing User Authentication: Ensuring secure login and signup functionality. - Data Storage and Retrieval: Setting up a database for storing user and transaction details, with fluid retrie...user experience, integrate with external services to enable various features. Potential freelancers should have a robust knowledge of MongoDB, , React, and Node.js, and a demonstrated record of completed MERN stack projects, particularly in e-commerce. Understanding UX/UI principles for the target age group—working professionals—will be a bonus. Familiarity with successful third-party API integrations ...

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    ...Software. Your responsibilities will include: - Designing and developing a full-featured web application for managing a laundry business - Integrating key features such as Customer Management, Order Tracking, Inventory Management, Barcode Generation, Order Management, Multiple Store Management, Multiple Pricing, Employee Management, Payment Management, Price List Management, SMS Gateway, WhatsApp API Integration, Payment Gateway, Coupons Management, and Customer Wallet Management. I'm looking for someone who can: - Develop a user-friendly and visually appealing web application - Ensure the software is scalable and secure - Implement a responsive design - Create a seamless user experience This is a time-sensitive project, so I need the work to be completed ASAP. Please o...

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    Skills Required Python Aws services-S3, glue, athena, sagemaker, feature store Sql UI/ API/SWAGGER PAGE Good in ML 5 days in a week Remote support role You will have to help developer for completing the task Timings - 9 to 11 am IST (or evening IST) Payment - You will be paid for those hours while you will be working, You will be informed in advance if there is no work and for those hours you will not be paid. Budget = 400 INR /h

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    I'm looking for a seasoned PHP developer with in-depth knowledge of TikTok API integration to create real-time updates for my product prices and stocks in my TikTok Shop account. Required Skills and Experience: - Expertise in PHP and TikTok API integration - Proven experience with e-commerce systems and real-time updates - Efficient in automating e-commerce operations Key Responsibilities: - Establish a system for real-time price and stock updates on TikTok Shop - Ensure seamless integration between my e-commerce system and TikTok Shop - Anticipate and troubleshoot any integration issues that may arise The ideal freelancer for this project has extensive experience with TikTok API and real-time e-commerce operations.

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    Building a Shopify App. 6 days left

    I'm looking for someone to build a basic Shopify app that will eventually be integrated with an API that we're developing (may need hep on this, but it's a separate project). We'll need the freelancers to ultimately sign an NDA and IP agreement. There are several important elements we need built, though we are not yet fixed on a development stack. Basically we need functionality such as shopping cart management, order modifications, returns and exchanges, product information, FAQs, store policies, discounts, and upselling/cross-selling capabilities. Probably most or all is in some github repository, which we are fine with using as well as GPT-4, which, if you don't have an account, we'll get you one. It is important to only use MIT or similarly license...

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    Next.js Project Development 6 days left

    The client is looking for a Next JS dashboard that can interact with their API for product inventory and sales. Key requirements include supporting CRUD operations, real-time data updates from the API, and implementing a specific UI design provided by the client or suggesting enhancements. Ideal skills include proficiency in Next JS and Next UI framework, experience in CRUD operations and API consumption, and optionally UI/UX design expertise. Overall, the client seeks a functional dashboard aligned with their design preferences and capable of managing product inventory and sales data effectively.

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    I'm on the hunt for an experienced website developer to create a dynamic e-commerce plat...experience for our customers. This is for a musical artist in Spain, selling to a global audience. There needs to be an events page which an easily be updated on the fly. There will be approximately 5 other pages of general content - Payment Gateway: The developer should have expertise in integrating Paypal as our chosen payment gateway. Ideal applicants should have proven experience in e-commerce website development, particularly those dealing with digital and physical products. Proficiency with Paypal payment gateway integration is a must. Experience creating sites for musicians or artiststs. Look forward to having a dedicated developer join us in building an efficien...

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    I need a skilled AI builder to enhance my voice recognition system that processes recorded political speeches. We ...censorship principles. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring clean, safe, and unbiased voice recognition in our AI tool. We're seeking a skilled freelancer to assist with our project, particularly in addressing limitations with the server providing our APIs. Unfortunately, the current API does not support the required language for text-to-audio conversion. Hence, the only viable option is audio-to-audio conversion. Additionally, we need to implement censorship for specific words. If you're experienced in API integration and have the expertise to navigate these challenges, we'd like to collaborate with you. Share your approach and relevant exp...

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    ...Application to communicate to the BLE to send On or OFF Command 3. The Mobile Application will be required to connect to a Cloud based Database to validate permissions for users account before the mobile device can send the request to the module to turn on/off function. 4. Integration to existing software systems to send update to database for account permissions to be assigned. This can be done via API to 2 platforms. Your main task will involve: - Developing and implementing an Arduino-based automation control system suitable for an industrial environment. Skills and Experience Required: - Robust experience with Arduino platforms; - Extensive knowledge and demonstrable experience in IoT development; - Expertise in implementing automation control, preferably in an industri...

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    I'm seeking a proficient programmer to help create a healthcare kiosk. Key elements for this project involve: Key functionalities: - Patient check-in and registration - Appointment scheduling - Prescription refill capabilities Integration: The kiosk should seamle...seamlessly integrate with: - Electronic Health Record (EHR) system - Pharmacy system - Insurance verification system Assessments: The kiosk should be equipped to perform the following assessments: - Blood pressure measurement - BMI calculation - Vision screening Ideal skills for this project would include experience in medical software development, knowledge in healthcare systems as well as API integrations. Familiarity with health kiosk features and strong understanding in user interface design will be high...

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    ...least 3 medium/large implementations on ThingWorx  Experience in writing ThingWorx services in JavaScript  Industry standard UI creation using ThingWorx Mashups  Experience with PTC Kepware  Experience with DevOps is a plus  Experience on working in scrum framework  DBMS Skills: RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MSSQL and others) and NoSQL  Basic understanding of SQL and API connections  Functional understanding of JSON, REST APIs and read API documentation  Understand business requirements and translate them into well engineered and integrated technical solutions  Certification in Cloud Technologies is a big plus  Client focused to understand and appropriately respond to our client’s business needs  Guide and mentor team members  Versatility, flexibility, and proactiv...

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    The actual documentation for this project is attached as a download file. Also this project only pays $200 and extra $$"milestone for API. If your serious enough to do a big project on low budget with high quality. >>>> READ ON... I'm in need of a talented developer who can construct a web-based popup radio player using HTML5 and React / Next.js. Ideally, the end product should resemble the aesthetics of The core features required include: - Play/Pause button - Volume control - Song title display This player will be specifically designed to stream live radio, so experience with audio streaming is essential. The design should be modern and minimalistic, echoing the style of An ideal candidate for this project will have: -...

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    ...Registration: The plugin should enable custom user registration, allowing users to have personalized experiences on the platform. - External API Integration: The primary purpose of the plugin is to integrate external APIs for content engagement metrics. It will require a developer who is proficient in API integration to ensure smooth data flow and analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress Plugin Development: I'm looking for someone with a strong background in WordPress plugin development. Previous experience in developing custom plugins is highly desired. - API Integration Expertise: Given that the plugin's main purpose revolves around external API integration, a strong background in integrating APIs is a must. It'...

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    We have backend developer. We need only a professional Android developer who have knowledge on Android admin level api with remotely lock Android devices, unlock Android devices etc

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a plugin that can integrate with a social media management (SMM) API. As of now, I'm unsure whether this should be developed on Laravel or as a WordPress plugin, but I'm open to suggestions based on the best fit for this particular project. Key Requirements: - Development of a plugin that can integrate with a Social Media Management (SMM) API. - The plugin should provide seamless and efficient interaction with the chosen API. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Laravel or WordPress plugin development - Experience with API integration, preferably with SMM APIs. - Strong understanding of best practices in plugin development.

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    ...the Manheim API. This data will then be transferred to another website, Carvana, for comparison. Key Requirements: - Your main task will be to create a website that fetches vehicle information and condition from Website A. - The website should be able to handle a large volume of data and keep it organized for comparison. - The data should be accurately and neatly transferred to Carvana's website. Qualifications: - Proficient in Manheim API - Extensive experience in full-stack development with the ability to handle complex data retrieval and management. - Familiarity with Carvana's website and API would be an added advantage, although not mandatory. - Previous experience in creating data comparison tools would be highly regarded. Please note: - I do not ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a niche-specific project for me. Main Features: * Job Posting: This tool should focus on functionality for posting full-time positions on LinkedIn. Specialization: * The tool should be specialized in targeting and attracting candidates within the technology industry. Ideal Skills & Experience: * Experience with LinkedIn API * Solid understanding of Job Posting platforms * Experience in developing HR tools * Knowledge of tech-industry hiring trends Looking for a developer to provide a solution that facilitates effective job posting on LinkedIn, focusing on full-time positions within the tech industry.

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    ...I need a proficient React developer who can code and deploy a simple website. This website will be functioning as a demo in Docker container. Key functionalities include: - User login and registration - Product listing and search - API integration for data retrieval and payment (Paypal) All data will be sourced from a specific API, details of which will be shared later. The freelancer should be able to complete this task within a maximum period of 2 weeks. Applicants are requested to share their past work showcasing their skills, specifically in React and API integration. Experience in setting up a Docker container is a plus....

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    ...a Next JS dashboard that can consume my API for product inventory and sales. The dashboard should be designed based on the template I provide. Key requirements include: - CRUD Operations: The dashboard should support Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations for product inventory and sales data. - API Consumption: The dashboard must be able to fetch, display, and interact with data from the API. It's crucial that data is updated in real-time. - UI Design: I have a specific design in mind for this dashboard, based on the Next UI. You'll need to implement the design I provide, or suggest ways to enhance it. Ideal skills and experiences for the job include: - Proficiency in Next JS and Next UI framework - Strong experience in CRUD operations and API...

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    Looking for full stack Expert 6 days left

    Hello I need simple web application with 3 screens (login, user input, result ) with integrating chatgpt api. Frontend: react Backend: node & python Database: postgre db it will be complete in 2 days, If you are good fit for this task, please bid with 'webapp' word. Thanks

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    Next JS Dashboard with CRUD 6 days left

    ...a Next JS dashboard that can consume my API for product inventory and sales. The dashboard should be designed based on the template I provide. Key requirements include: - CRUD Operations: The dashboard should support Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations for product inventory and sales data. - API Consumption: The dashboard must be able to fetch, display, and interact with data from the API. It's crucial that data is updated in real-time. - UI Design: I have a specific design in mind for this dashboard, based on the Next UI. You'll need to implement the design I provide, or suggest ways to enhance it. Ideal skills and experiences for the job include: - Proficiency in Next JS and Next UI framework - Strong experience in CRUD operations and API...

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    I'm on the lookout for seasoned Laravel developers who can build an intricate web application for me. This isn't your run-of-the-mill project; it's a complex one with numerous features. Key Functio...modules that can produce interactive reports and perform dynamic data visualization. • Integration with APIs - The application must have the flexibility to integrate with multiple APIs for additional functionalities. Ideal Skills and Experience: • Extensive experience building complex Laravel-based web applications • Strong understanding of data visualization techniques and software • Proficiency in API integration. Your in-depth understanding and extensive experience are what I need to bring this advanced Laravel web application to life. Let'...

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    I'm looking for an experienced C# developer to build a comprehensive web API capable of handling user authentication, data retrieval, and storage. The API will handle two main types of data: user information and product data. X509Certificate: - Implement user authentication: The API should include X509Certificate Certificate user authentication capabilities to ensure secure access Key requirements: - Implement user authentication: The API should include robust user authentication capabilities to ensure secure access. - Data retrieval and storage: The API is expected to effectively retrieve and store user information and product data. - High-quality code: The project requires clean and well-commented code to ensure ease of maintenance and future sca...

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    I'm looking to purcha...purchase two top-quality frontend projects to help me showcase my skills. I specifically need them to be related to the E-commerce industry, and they should be highly engaging and interactive. Key Project Requirements: - Two frontend projects with a focus on anything - Quality design and responsiveness - Preferably built using and Tailwind CSS - High interactivity with dynamic content and API integrations to display my frontend skills Your expertise in frontend development, particularly with , Tailwind CSS, and integrating dynamic content and APIs, will be critical in delivering these projects. I'm open to reviewing your proposals and negotiating a fair price for the work. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing potential collabor...

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    I'm looking for a Laravel expert to work on a significant project. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proven experience working with Laravel - Strong understanding and experience in web development - Familiarity with API and Payment Integration - Ability to handle User Authentication proficiently - Strong understanding of database systems Please share your relevant experience when applying.

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    Hello, In your proposal, start by writing ''I am a cybersecurity researcher'' to show that you have read the complete information. I am a cybersecurity researcher and I want to conduct a proof of concept test for vulnerability CVE-2023-2996. This is the report available on WPSCAN. Jetpack < 12.1.1 - Author+ Arbitrary File Manipulation via API CVE-2023-2996 Description The plugin does not validate uploaded files, allowing users with author roles or above to manipulate existing files on the site, deleting arbitrary files, and in rare cases achieve Remote Code Execution via phar deserialization. Proof of Concept curl --json '{ "media": {"tmp_name": "/WP_CONTENT_PATH/", "name": ""} }' Where BLOG_I...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with experience in OpenAI's embedding models and GPT4, PHP, and the Github openai-php client. I have pre-existing PHP and code base, our prompts and functions we use, this all works perfectly, we're not needing you to integrate this into our existing system, simply modifying our functions to use this to tag the content, and upload the content against the client's ID. - Once uploaded, the embedding ID needs to be saved against that client. - We then need to know how to use those embeddings for our prompts and which embeddings to use. That's it, this is the library we are currently using: You will need to have your own OpenAI API key, I will not be providing an API key, I will happily pay you for the credits used t...

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