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    The end result should be an all VB6 code class. If possible should be coded with the SocketWrench visual controls at These controls are free to download and test with so you will not be required to purchase them to complete this project. If this is a problem, standard winsock controls can be used instead, but the above components are

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    you are supplied with a hotel management system partially developed using bluej ([url removed, login to view])compiler. i will email these to prospective coder. the method skeletons are coded, they have no body and their header signatures need amending. you have to amend the system to develop an upgraded system that has all menu options implemented and a GUI front end for menu selection and any re...

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    ...It is to used to perform extremely accurate, video-based counts of highway traffic and other transportation-related phenomena. I want to hire someone to develop an MFC-based class that can be used by CYCLOPS to create and output diagrams of traffic volume according to a specific format. The attached document contains a detailed description of the work

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    Create a program implementing a class Complex having floating point data members for the real and the imaginary part of a complex number. The class must have the following member functions: • a default constructor that sets both the real and imaginary parts to zero • an initialization constructor • a function for setting the value of a Complex object

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    ...its stilla vailable as its not in the 9 sdk however it will still work with the 9 sdk. i need the active x control to be written in visual c++ 6 and have a visual basic 6 example. i would like the control to be able to populate a combo box with devices conected. and show what files are on the device. be able to delete selected files, as well as rename

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    We are a U.S. company with major software partners seeking a contractor for work in the development of the next Kazaa. A peer to peer network for file sharing and messenging. The software should act as a gateway for users?"?. This package will be a one of a kind and should perform better then all others such as Kazaa?"?. Our team has developed a solution for this software however we now ...

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    Create a VB 6.0 Class that reads data via ODBC from 1 or more tables and writes out ANSI Standard SQL Insert statements for that data. Class has 4 methods: 1) Connect to database 2) Disconnect from database 3) Specify 1 or more tables that will be queried 4) Create the SQL insert text file, from the tables specified - with an argument that determines

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    ...understand any of this... [url removed, login to view] ......I also need an example application in VB6 to demonstrate the use of a/your wrapper class for all this security stuff. 1) App must be able to accept a password/username and encrypt using some method. This is for login purposes, and

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    DataFormat class. This project consist of developing a class for formatting data. See attached text for full details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s)

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    I need a SerialUDPClient and SerialUDPListener class that functions exactly like the TCPClient / TCPListener classes, with the following exceptions: (1) Data is transmitted via UDP channels and not TCP channels. (2) Received data will automatically be reordered into proper sequence, with ACK messages and auto-retry for failed messages (just like TCP

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    Create a program implementing a class Date having integer data members for month, day and year. Your class must have the following member functions: • a default constructor • an initialization constructor • a function for setting the value of a Date object • a function for getting a Date value from console input (in the format mm/dd/yyyy) • a function

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    Hi, I need a string array class which is similar to MFC CStringArray class but which is very performance effiecient. I am not using CStringArray because, if you try to add, say 150000 strings (even a one characeter string like "t") to a CStringArray object, the performance is HORRIBLE. I want a string array class developed which run very fast especially

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    MS Project 2002 Class for .Net I'm looking for someone to write a .Net class (or classes) that will import to and export from MS Project 2002. Extra credit if you can also write a class that would automate MS Project to import the file and process it. I would prefer the code be VB.Net, because that's the language I write in, but if you can make a good

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    This class is meant for a email client that we are building. We need to embed images in the HTML file, it is something that you would have seen in Outlook Express. I want a HTML Parser class in Delphi based on the DIHTMLParser ([url removed, login to view]). It should take the HTML file passed to it as a TStringList and perform the following

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    Good evening, I have the [url removed, login to view] and I want to delete all the "enters" which are before the word: NoAtt. The enter which is after the word NoAtt is the only enter I want. So the result is in result.csv. I have made it but I want another working-out like to read the file char by char. In a zip file I sent to you the vb. I need it in a few hours. Thank you Regards ##...

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    I am a delphi developer but I need a component, a tform like component, this component must have a Dataset property, and must be able to load on the form at run time the objects that will be stored on it. Beside the dataset, we need to have the following poperties. Table_name: string table containing data for teh form Field_ojbect_name: string name of the filed containing the object name Field_obj...

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    I need a windows formd control writing in C# to perform the same (or very similar) functionality as the [url removed, login to view] Serial Comm control. Im porting a VB 6.0 application to C# and need a serial control as its missing from C#/.NET. **Please note: I do not want a wrapper for this control. I want pure C# code** ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working prog...

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    ...Basic Example to Delphi 6 I need an sample program converted from VB to Delphi6. You can find the demo at (for VB) at [url removed, login to view] However, I do have the registered version, and can easily port the activex to Delphi6. However, converting the sample program is more than I know about Delphi. The only example I need

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    I need a new .NET class that inherits from [url removed, login to view] that adds the following functionality: (1) Allows users to reorganize ListItems by way of drag-n-drop. During dragging, the control should show a horizontal line indicating the point at which the item will be moved to, and automatically scroll if neccessary. (See Windows Media Player

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    If you dont know RPG and as400 dont go on reading this! We have build a telnet 5250 emulator. Our customer now told us, that some functions they have programmed in rpg on our emulator are not looking the same way they do in client access. He sent us a sheet of code on which our emulator failed. But as we are not very familiar with coding on RPG we look for someone who can do this for us. The issue...

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