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    Customized PoW/PoS with masternodes blockchain . PoW untill some block.. Algorithm should be used ASCII resistant and new algorithm with new tech Custom PoS - Leasing Proof of Stake, Waves have implemented this. We are not creating a wheel here, I`m looking for someone who can take tech and merge it, customize. Lets chat about features, details

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    Input : image containing alpha channel and data. Output : image in specified path. 1. given data is converted to 8-binary using ascii values of each character. 2. those binary values are embedded in alpha pixels in an order. 3. output the image Note: 1. only core Java. 2. Terminal based output.

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    ...and i > 31. Keep an ASCII table handy. See the following examples: Provide an input of less than 40 characters: 4A2#+96$(XY%"TV&&p$ d The decompressed string is: 4A2AAAAAAAAAAA96CCCCCCCCXYGGTVTTTTTTp$d Explanation: "#" is followed by "+", which is ASCII 43, so it was replaced by 11 A's. "$" is followed by "(", w...

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    6 bids 1) Firmware of the device (no firmware development is required, device can be easily simulated by PC) 2) PHP server running on the internet server 3) App (for iPhone and Android) I have source code for PHP, iPhone and Android. Current PHP server runs on [url removed, login to view] and should not be disturbed. In the scope of the project it is required to creat...

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    1. Identify data to be transferred in the legacy system. 2. Extract relevant data and write it to an ASCII file. 3. Convert the data from ASCII format to the object-specific data format required by SAP. 4. Process the converted data file based on BAPI. 5. Run your own check programs (if available) to further examine the results of the data transfer

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    ...The number of training essays does vary. For example, the lowest amount of training data is 1,190 essays, randomly selected from a total of 1,982. The data should contain ASCII formatted text for each essay followed by one or more human scores, and (where necessary) a final resolved human score. Where it is relevant, you are provided with more than

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    .../admin/adminpanel/abonebilgileri/3/change/ 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xd6' in position 6: ordinal not in range(128) Request Method: GET Request URL: http://x.x.x.x:8880/admin/xxxpanel/xxx/3/change/ Django Version: 1.11.4 Exception Type: UnicodeEncodeError Exception Value: 'ascii' codec can't encode character...

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    ...les messages. Certains nouveaux serveurs sont apparus, comme Postfix, Qmail de Daniel J. Bernstein, Exim et Exchange de Microsoft. Comme le protocole utilisait du texte en ASCII (7 bits), il ne fonctionnait pas pour l'envoi de n'importe quels octets dans des fichiers binaires. Pour pallier ce problème, des standards comme MIME ont été développ&eacut...

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    2 bids /admin/adminpanel/abonebilgileri/3/change/ 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'xd6' in position 6: ordinal not in range(128) Request Method: GET Request URL: http://x.x.x.x:8880/admin/xxxpanel/xxx/3/change/ Django Version: 1.11.4 Exception Type: UnicodeEncodeError Exception Value: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'x...

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    ...ten minutes, the app shall read a one character file from a website from the file code.dat. (I don't know anything about "push notifications".) The file contains a single ASCII character, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Based on that, the app shall load and display an image file, named appropriately 1, 2, 3, 4., or 5. If the number is LOWER than the previous number

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    ...simple Qtspim program that that does the following: -Total number of characters that make up a text; -Total number of lowercase letters (no accents, pure ASCII); -Total number of non-representable ASCII characters. I would also like a report explaining how the program works with the flowcharts. Please message me for further details. (Portuguese language

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    13 bids create client-specific customization providing the required application for individual construction projects. Approach-- 1) The Contractor will prepare a Google App Script that can be used to create, read, update, or delete individual rows in an a single Google Sheet with one Tab, a single Google Sheet with multiple Tabs, or multiple Google Sheets

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    17 bids the token and sign any type of document. It should work as follows: 1. Javascript in the web site that communicates with the extension and sends a string of a file (ASCII (XML) or Base64 (PDF)) of the document to some local authenticator software; 2. The authenticator software receives the string and communicates with the smartcard reader to

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    Hi Guys, I have .PCB file i need to convert into Altium ASCII v5.0 and Gerber Simple task, 100% milestone will be released upon files verification on my send with no problem & gerber

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    ...Description and Due date. No in depth Trello or Excel knowledge is needed. The data is in German, but no special German language skills are needed. Instead of Excel, tab separated ASCII is also possible, but German Umlaut characters (like Ä, Ö, Ü) must be transferred correctly. The project is urgent and has to be finished in about one day after assignment

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    Modifications to an existing software regarding handling some variables in hex needed to be converted to ascii and the opposite. Some simple functionality operations too.

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    I downloaded a file with extension .445829. I think it is an ASCII file but I'm unsure. When I try to open it I don't have an application to open with. Do you know what I can use to do this?

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    ...location. Sometimes this isn't being found, even when it's present (checked with their demo site). And sometimes it's throwing an error (see attached image - looks like non Ascii characters are being returned) Hopefully a simple fix. 3. If a user tries to log in to the site with Facebook but then clicks the "not now" link, there's a database error.

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    I am working on MVC website connected to SQL database...characters. For the duplicates I need to add a number next to the name (Sequently). For the special characters (NON-ASCII) I need to replace them with ASCII characters. For the spaces I need to replace them with (-). And lastly I need to convert the business name column (varchar) to (INT)

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