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    795 php script create href subdirectories jobs found, pricing in USD to a new domain name e.g. from [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view], create a new row, add it to a the column b for that new row, and copy down the company name. -> After you grabbed all the domains or you checked and the international presences are off of subdomains or subdirectories, count up all the presences, whether they're dedicated dom...

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    Looking for a way to automate file transfers. Source/Destination is FTP. Source has subdirectories for daily files. Source directories are in YYYYMMDD format. Each directory has typically a single file in [url removed, login to view] format, but it is possible to have duplicate files in different directories. there may be 2 [url removed, login to view] in 20170822 and 20170823

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    Create a C++ Windows console application that lists file usage, when you parse your hard drive directories. A non-recursive scan will occur on the current directory. A recursive scan will occur on the current drive and all its subdirectories. File usage includes: • Files will be counted and their sizes totaled • Files will be grouped by file

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    ...a new sub directory is added it should trigger a subroutine. This subroutine should wait until all files have been written and then zip up this sub directory (and its subdirectories). The zip file should then be automatically uploaded to a website using https / ssl. The web page needs to receive the uploaded zip file and save it to local storage

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    I want a script that will process an attached USB drive (which is simply a directory from the point of view of the script) that has the files in different subdirectories (could be any number of subdirectories, so would need to recursively examine all the directories starting from the top level of the usb) and extract all relevant evidence as follows:

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    ...configure my hosting on Amazon, I need the following: 1) Enable reading and running PHP files in subdirectories 2) Enable the ports to work webpay (online purchase modules) when executing a transaction, it leaves error 42 that means that it does not arrive from the CGI to php can be your firewall or the sellinux that are blocking it. Thank you. __

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    We will provide a directory listing with numerous subdirectories that contain approximately 750 ripped movies. We wish to have returned a file renaming scheme that will result in a successful library scan per the following specification so that they can be automatically mapped with cinematic metadata for internet databases: [url removed, login to view]

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    Platf...HostIDs. These are the starting strings to be deleted. Example e.g. if a hostid exists of “-21234455” then all files beginning with “-21234455-“ must be deleted in all subdirectories. Attachments: • [url removed, login to view]: 2 directories from the 400.000 directories in total • [url removed, login to view]: current list of strings to se...

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    Delete files fast Platform: Windows Programming Language: C# to be used as library in a console application Goal: Loop through directories async ...ImagePath. Delete any files starting with any of the HostIds +”-“ e.g. if a hostid exists of “-21234455” then all files beginning with “-21234455-“ must be deleted in all subdirectories.

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    I have a wordpress multisite set up to subdirectories on Bluehost. The SSL certificate works of the main site, but when I map other URLS to the multisite subdirectories the SSL certificate shows mismatch errors. I need help to share this SSL certificate to that all multisites are HTTPs [url removed, login to view] (wordpress multisite install) [url removed, login to view]

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    ...however, interfere with php files, e.g. /directory/[url removed, login to view] stays "as is." It has to be good at the top directory and all levels of subdirectories, using the single top .htaccess file. Apache 2. Asking any questions that I’ve answered above, such as “Are you using Wordpress?" and "Why don't you do it in php?&quo...

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    Hi, I need a simple (simple, clean code) script to list all files in all subdirectories from a given directory. I want to exclude specific file endings like .jpg or .png. Who can do this? Greetings, D.

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    I need someone to code a redirection code for my website and its subdirectories like if someone visits [url removed, login to view] he will be redirected to his country like lets say if he is from jordan it will be [url removed, login to view] if he is from france it will be [url removed, login to view]

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    I need a script to move files from one directory to the right subdirectory under another directory. There are files in directory Alpha. Under directory Beta, there are many subdirectories with names. I need a script, either python or bash, to evaluate each file from directory Alpha and find the subdirectory in Beta that contains a match of one

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    The installprogram must created with the newest version of NSIS 3.01 Create an installscript which does the following: provider site: - choose directory where all files for distribution are located. directory contains subdirectories customer site: - install all directory/files in a (from distributor) predefined directory i.e. c:test - edit

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    ...Other R packages I looked at had executable files in their inst folders too, so I am sure that having executable files per se is not the problem. Instead, perhaps I need to create another file with additional code to "declare" the executable files. To try to solve this myself, I looked at various online threads such as [url removed, login to view]

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    ...i.e.,datablockallocation)iscontiguousallocation. Forsimplicity, our file system uses a flat directory structure to manage files. In other words, the directory contains no subdirectories. With the assumption of contiguous allocations, the content of the directory of our file system can be organized as a table as follows: file name start block number file size

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    ...points). Displays the names of the non-hidden files and directories in the current directory, or another directory, along with creation time, and size of file. In case of subdirectories, it displays the word <DIR> instead of file size. At the end, the command should display the total number of files in the directory, the total file size, and the number

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    [url removed, login to view], I have a bunch of directories in maindirectory (a) with subdirectories and in each of them are image sequences, let's say xyz_01, xyz_02, xy_03 and so on! On the other hand I have another maindiretory ( b) with subdirectories as well. And I have a list, spreadsheet or whatever with two columns that explains how each image should be renamed

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    I need to install Multisite on WP as subdirectories and not subdomains to be able to create new sites under my domain.

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