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    ...simple html form on mywebsite that calulates prices in real time with javascript. I need the inputs in the form (including prices as calculated by our java script custom code) to be autamtically posted into MachForm when a website user fills up the form. This should happen using POST php functionality. The goal is to have data coming from an <...

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    ...problem in a jsp. I need to call a method java from a button insert into a jsp page. I can't use the submit button but i need to use "button" type. i have use this code and i have success access into a java method but the java method don't response nothing! i dont know why i see from log that i can access to java class but in case of success the a...

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    ...mongoDB. I need a developer to build the second phase to the website, which is a live 1-on-1 chat feature. This chat feature of the web application should be delivered in the form of a client and server. The server should facilitate subscription to a chat via WebSockets, making use of Redis to persist chats in progress whilst storing finished conversations

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    Should be able to teach these topics Introduction, Java Buzzwords OOP Principles, Lexical issues Data types and Variables, Operators Control Statements Introducing classes & objects, Constructors & methods Command line arguments, Arrays, String manipulations Inheritance, Polymorphism, Access modifiers, Abstract classes Type casting & Wrapper

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    ...login + post to the amazon seller-buyer messaging system. Must be able to execute from the command line. Can be written in any language that can run on Linux, such as PHP, perl, node, C, java, or python. We will install the code on our own server. Given these three data: 1 email, 2 password, and 3 sellerID, your code should successfully POST a message

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    Write a calculator in PHP that can post data to a txt file, and a MySql Database, and post /call data from an XML file. Explain the properly written code segments and make it easy to copy and paste for visitors who want to learn OOP. For example beifly and simply explain what a Class is and why it's used, same with Functions, explain what a child

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    When an NCR is to be used, the current form is very cumbersome and often does not get the full attention it deserves because people are busy and forget. Eventually we end up with more NCRs being left open and unaddressed than we should. In order to ensure that all NCRs are properly handled a software solution is needed which will manage the workflow

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    ...their backend and create a form and they can use the HTML/JS code of the form to post it on their website which contains , date , number of people , time , name , email , phone number and other contact details , like discount and offers information . When a customer fills this information and clicks on reserve , all the data should be stored in the

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    ...a simple web form that has some java script in it for form validation and to show a message to the user that the form was submitted. The original developer is not available and there is something wrong with the code. This should be a 2-3 min fix for someone that knows Javascript. Upon being chosen, You will be given a URL of the form and you can view

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    ...Frameworks: C#, Visual Basic, C++, Pascal, Java, Java Script, Python, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra.  .NET Framework: 2.0/3.5/4.0/4.5, WCF, [url removed, login to view] Web API, MS Enterprise Libraries (Blocks), [url removed, login to view] MVC 5, Web Forms, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, NHibernate, Entity framework, Linq-to-SQL.  Client Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script,...

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    ...between our Java applet and the calling PHP page in Java 8. The Java code receives data from the PHP form with calling a JavaScript function (form_info()) using the LiveConnect Specification ([url removed, login to view]) We have 3 variations of the same PHP page: 2 of them acquire data interactively

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    ...between our Java applet and the calling PHP page in Java 8. The Java code receives data from the PHP form with calling a JavaScript function (form_info()) using the LiveConnect Specification ([url removed, login to view]) We have 3 variations of the same PHP page: 2 of them acquire data interactively

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    The project is to effectively remotely submit a set of form details to a server using cfhttp. This is simple stuff and I can do it myself when it is just a single form to submit EXCEPT when it is hidden behind a user login form which requires you first to login and then submit the form information i.e. maintain a session across multiple cfhttp posts

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    I'm trying to gather data in an optin form (basic info: name/email), plus the info from an online survey (6 or so "custom fields" with answers from the survey tool) and was told by the CRM provider that could do this with an http post. The recommended steps are: 1) Build your form in the CRM form builder and ignore the design, only capture the

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    ... B. Features in JAVA Needed (More in the specs document) 1. A few pages about the company 2. A page that displays tabular data by doing HTTP Request and get JSON from my webserver 3. A login page to only allow correct license key to view the protected page in 2 4. A form to send data to my email list (I can provide HTML code for this) C

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    I have some java servlets. One does a file upload. The other monitors progress. I have two frames on the HTML page. (RHS and MON2) I want to invoke one in the MON2 and the other in RHS. The file upload must be invoked as: <form name=myForm action=upload method=post enctype=multipart/form-data target=mon2> The other can be invoked

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    You will write a JSP page with an HTML form where I can post an XML file into text area. After I click the submit button a Java Restful Web Service will be called. It will parse the XML that was posted on the JSP page and insert metadata from XML into MySQL tables via Hibernate framework. Once data is inserted a second JSP is served which retrieves

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    ...just wanted to know like an estimated amout for this project! it has to be like a java web appliacion using JSP and may be servlets connected to a data base like SQL server. I have the project in [url removed, login to view] but I wanted to transfer the logic and code from [url removed, login to view] to java web application I have the diagram not the final but at least you...

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    This is a very small piece of work for someone experienced in html, java and php I have recently installed a new website template into my website. However, there are a small number of bugs that I cannot resolve. 1) There is a bug in the site-search in the top banner of all pages. After having done a site-search, the content on the results page

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    ...file: Brief Summary: Create a Java servlet derived from the HttpServlet class which calculates the costs associated with purchasing and caring for a pet for the first year. When the doGet() method is invoked the servlet will return an HTML form with the following fields: (pet size, pet type) The form will also have a submit button with the

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