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    Records must be filtered according settings from a form; a report from the filtered data can be called. Three criteria choices are required (if 4 or 5 is possible without hassle would be appreciated). AND OR choices should be possible. The idea is to have a simple filter form. A first drop down shows all parent items from the table keywords. After a item is selected, the second drop down should be...

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    I need a function for printing checks. The checks are from the intuit website that I have ordered. There are three checks per page. The parameters should be amount in numbers, amount in words, pay to the order to, and date. If there are better places to order the checks for this purpose, then let me know that as well. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...(in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. *I ONLY NEED THE FILE PRINTING -INDEXED FILE IN COBOL* An order tracking system with three data files: 1.) A CUSTOMER data file that contains CustomerName, CustomerAddress, CustomerSince, and Discount.

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    ...address will be line [login to view URL], [login to view URL] so on. Customer wants to pick data for each line put qty of labels and when they press the print button the labels will start printing on that particular printer. Each print will be a peel on - demand, which will push one label at a time. What the system will do is send the label with the qty to the printer

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    what im trying to do, but cant figure out how to do... is to take a preexisting car credit application, throw it in the printer, and have the program fill in all the blanks on the application. What i originally did was scan the application, and apply it as a background then fill in all the blanks with labels. The scanned picture is 8.5x11 but for some reason,i cant get it to print as 8.5x11. I am ...

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    21 bids where users can lookup technical documents, display them and print them out. Documents are located in a database table as html in a text field. Script needs to do batch printing of these documents which are in html format and need to be parsed. The browser usually parses and formats the documents based on the html encoded around it in the text field

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    ...on the server and then is supposed to print them out. I used ShellExecute and that worked fine unless you processed more than about 15 emails. Acrobat got flaky and started printing out garbage. So, ShellExecute won't work. I need someone to guide me or code up the [login to view URL] PrintPageSilent method to print out the first page of the document. Another

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    I am using an Auction Software to manage advertisement on the largest auction site in the world, and need an automated solution to make printing address labels easier. I am currently using the Dymo Label Printer 330 to print address labels and their software only allows you to print one-offs and the auction software I used does not interface with

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    ...The content along with an XML file is zipped up and placed on an FTP site for the user to download when they are ready. The content is brought down to the client PC for printing when a user accesses a web page that contains an ActiveX control. The ActiveX control downloads the generated content an automates Word and Excel to print the content.

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    ...print them all, starting a new page when one is ended. So we have row and column variables enclosed within a for-next loop. If row >7, e.hasmorepages=true Now, keep printing from this point within the for-next loop. If you have another way to loop through from 1 to x (varies) I'll consider it. I have a list of filenames in a listbox

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    I have a poetry contest web site and I need to have all the poems by date sent to a form so I can print it and send a copy of the poem to the poet. I also have a number of sites I need work on. One site is an adult web search engine and I need to be able to post sites on my web pages. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sour...

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    ...clients, we print invoices from MS Access database using Visual Basic 5.0. For one type of billing, we would like to print directly from a command button on an Access subform, printing just records for that particular form. But when we tried to add this to VBA within Access, we get a "printer not available on subforms or subreports" error. I will send the

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    ...print does. I would like for the user to select this program as the printer and have printer then pop up with a basic little wizard box, walking him/her through the opens then printing the work as they have specified. Basically there should only be a few options like: 1 *how many sheets to one page 2 *paper orientation (portrait/landscape) 3 *margins (top/bottom

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    ...Outlook. I and a few coworkers have tried in to do this in Outlook without success. This should be a simple project for someone who knows what they're doing. I will pay all printing costs. I'll send the file via email either as is or zipped. The file is large and may be damaged. Outlook says to use the Inbox Repair Tool. I believe the OS was Windows95

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    I need a program that will intercept print jobs to any windows printer, pop up a box in which the user must enter a password. Only after the user enters the correct password will the print job be passed to the print spooler (or released from the print spooler - which ever is more practical to arrange). ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well a...

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    ...are currently looking for Companies/Individuals who could send us Job Requirements. In return, we will pay them. You will be required to do the following: -Send Us Job requirements(Offline/Online). -Review the Job Applications. -Money will be paid on monthly basis. -Our requirement is not limited to 1 or 2 bidder/companies. You will be however under

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    Hello we are a small and brand new printing brokerage firm. we currently have a website it is very basic we need it to be updated and upgraded so it has functionality and that it is more visually appealing. we would like to keep the same template for most of the pages but you can make whatever changes to it to make it better. we would

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    This project involves the clean up of Visual Basic 6.0 code related to printing a single page report of a chart with horizontal and vertical text. The code works perfectly well when printing to a picture object on a form but the scaling is wrong on the Printer object. The code is fairly well documented and reasonably well structured. I will entertain

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    e-print Ended

    General Overview A printing company wants to develop a Web site to both promote their range of products and services and gradually develop an E-Print facility where customers obtain quotations and place orders and even submit their work on-line. As one of the key activities of the company is the design of various types of publications ranging from

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    Business to business email data required, or marketing data. If you can get hold of IT companies, within the UK, we would be interested in purchasing these from you. I look forward to your response.

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    Diagram of financial relations between companies We need a routine to represent graphically financial relations between companies Attached is a typical sample of such relations and a database with the tables and fields to use to represent the relations between the companies The interface can be inspired of MSAccess relationships form Desired features:

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    The due date for this project is 4/28/02... This is a Win32 application.... Write an Object Oriented Program to read a text file. The program must work with different text files of different size. You should test your program with a file consisting of several lines and include punctuation marks. The user shall be able to specify the input file by a key-in. If the file cannot be opened, the program...

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    ...information the user enters. The application should show where there will be a page break on the screen so items can be moved around on a page to group them together. When printing, if it goes over 1 page, copy all the heading information and label page 1 of 2, etc. Also, need to be able to export form in rtf format. Am willing to consider other supporting

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    The application prints polygon fill between data line sets on the screen accurately within picture boxes inside a window, no problems. I have problems scaling the polygon fill when writing to the printer object. The printer output is generated using code, but without the picture boxes whilst "replicating" the dimensions. The window is scaled to the printer using Stephen's "VB G...

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    $30 - $5000
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    I need a experienced coder to add a few things to my scripts. 1)Add a printing function to [login to view URL] 2)Add a button on [login to view URL] that will pass the current values to a new form [login to view URL] 3)Create a new page [login to view URL] that will collect name,exspense type(billable,non billable),amount of exspense and date.. When the user is finished add

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    I need to intercept print jobs from any program in in Windows. When a job is intersepted I need to be able to pass focus to my program running in the background, so that a user can input job specific details. Need to pass printer name and number of pages to my program. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work...

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    I have a VB.NET application that does some number crunching on two network devices. I need to chart these numbers and the results of the analysis. While I have already created the charts using MS-CHART controls, I do not know how to code the program so that they can be output to a printer. I am currently using a dataset to store the results of the analysis and then binding them to the chart-contro...

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    I am running IIS with XP I am creating an ASP page to integrate with the PayPal instant payment notification service. Whenever my account gets a payment the paypal server connects to mine sending information. I have already taken care of everything except I want the ASP page to print out the information posted to it on my default printer whether I am here or not. ## Deliverables Complete and fu...

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    I have a little project for personal use...Am Using VB6 and Crystal Report 7...please guide how it is possible to have printing like dos on dotmatrix printer as well as laser without changing the format design in Crystal ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    We have a Property Management system that is based on Clipper and using the DBF and DBT database files. When a hotel guest checks out from his/her room all their bills are stores daily in to [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] file, at the end of the day process the system will rename these file in to [login to view URL] and [login to view URL] and ZIP it to [login to view URL] and move it...

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    HI I need some help with the below code I am trying to send the typed information straight to the print for it to print of in any type of word format that the user has it been done in visual basic 6 and I keep getting access denied I hope some one can help Private Sub lblnext_Click(Index As Integer) Dim I As Integer, retval As Long, csp As Integer, cep As Integer Dim fs 'todo can only load th...

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    I need some graphic design/printing done. I am looking for someone who can develop professional looking stationary and brochures. I need a graphics on both of them and they need to look really spiffy. I just had a logo designed for my site at [login to view URL] . It is the image on the top left. If you can somehow incorporate that type of creativity

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    ...ASP/VBScript or VFP 6 application to design and print labels from an existing database. Display all available address records and allow selection of the records to be printed. The user may select a single record to print one or more pages or print the entire list, one label each, using as many pages as required. Design mode should allow user to layout lables

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    I need some code for my visual basic project were when a user click on a command button it will print a Adobe PDF application or a word document. I dont want the user to open it when then click on it. It must send the application direct to the print then it must print of. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all w...

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    I need a solution to an ASP printing problem as follows. I need to be able to modify the spacing between various items in a recordSet, to allow for the complete printing of all items. Right now, as various [login to view URL] are of various length, I will need for a coder to write the ASP page to allow them to WRAP when needed. And also to use a to put in a background

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    I need the IE Cache ListView in the advanced section to print. I need all the coulms to print with the titles. Check out the code before you bid at [login to view URL] ## Deliverables I need it no sooner than noon central time 09-26-01. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done.

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    Label printing from vb via zebra printer. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    I need someone to convert or rewrite ([login to view URL] compatible) an applet I wrote myself on 1.3.1 to print forms lines and true type text, 0.25 inch margins. Printer other than default is required. applet is embedded in html with parameters containing the required text. The applet simply prints in the required format and orientation. ActiveX content will not be aceptable. ## Deliverables ...

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    Quadra Technologies is a software corporation situated in Lahore, Pakistan and owned by Eximp Group of Companies, Pakistan. Since its inception in March 1999, Quadra Technologies has shown steady growth of around 40% a year. In addition to the Lahore headquarters, a sales office exists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and project sites exist in various

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    $200 - $300
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    This is being reposted due to the last coder being unable to fulfill his responsibilities. I need a screen that will allow user to add/delete/edit or print forms whos filename and description is stored in a mdb file, (A MDB that you will create). When user selects a form to print, the program will open the file (a mdb file), un-encrpt it, (very simple encryption routine required here, nothing too ...

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    A program that can print standard Avery mailing labels and return address labels. ## Deliverables Ability to print: -Mailing Labels -Returen Address Labels ## Deadline information **Must include source code**

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    - Print Standard Avery mailing labels, shipping labels, and return address labels. (Using Visual Basic) ## Deliverables Ability to correctly print: -Return Address Lables -Mailing Labels -Shipping Labels *Must include source code! ## Deadline information **Must include source code***

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    7 bids a graphics file, and print this file to set coordinates on a page, reducing the picture in size where necessary whilst retaining resolution. Picture included would need printing on the right of a landscape A4 (i.e as per greeting card) **picture couldn't be sent - will send a picture later (or use your own?) ***To clarify all this -All the images

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    I need a screen that will allow user to add/delete/edit or print forms whos filename and description is stored in a mdb file, (A MDB that you will create). When user selects a form to print, the program will open the file (a mdb file), un-encrpt it, (very simple encryption routine required here, nothing too fancy) read each records information, which will contain the variable name to print the row...

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    I need a customized app for printing booklets, similar to FinePrint or Click-a-Book. Both commercial apps create a printer object that replaces a true printer; this "printer" then stores the file(s) sent to it, distributes the pages in a booklet format, shows a preview of the pages to be printed, and then prints the booklet in the specific true printer

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    I'm looking for a permanent part time graphic designer to do design for my companies. That include all kinds of design work, such as photo touch-up, banner, leaflet & flyer, brochure, signboard and etc... The workload is not heavy, i consider it as moderate. I like to pay a fixed rate every month.

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    i need 2500 UK oil Companies email contact list. my budget is fixed and i need quality leads.

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    Ayant ouvert une entreprise récemment dans le monde de l'offshore, je recherche actuellement un expert comptable avec une expérience significative dans le monde de l'offshore (Paradis fiscaux et pays à faible fiscalité notamment comme bulgarie ou LuxeMBOURG°. J'ai l'idée de facturer un forfait à chaque entreprise pour la bonne tenue...

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    Need to build a program that runs on Windows to print over an Epson TM-U295 using ESP/P protocol.

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    I would need someone to create printing templates of stores stickers based on a predefined model. I would send a list of 100+ stickers to be designed as our model and some guidelines from a print shop to create the right file format in order to be able to print it. Inputs : - Shop image in PNG - URL - Colors Delivery for each sticker: - PDF, PNG

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