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    We sell made-to-measure countertops in natural stone and quartz. When a client orders from us - we receive approximate measurements from the client to base an offer on. These measurements are then confirmed / corrected when we send out a draftsman to the client's home to do a "real measurement". The result is a PDF drawing (also dwg). We then need to be able to send this to our API, which will then output a new updated offer to the client. Your task is to interpret and extrapolate data in a PDF file that can be graphics and text, label these properties and then prepare a feed to send to our API.

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    ...logging: check log books of users, list down comments with filters as replied comments, pending comments etc, payment details, reply to comments by users on each videos, select certain comments as testimonials, Authority to waive off charges to certain login users fully OR for specific video products. (4) Secured Payment system within login id a. UPI/ Google Pay b. Online banking (5) Referral program within login id: a. Users provides references of new unique customers with Name, Mob, email (check if input is valid/unique/ not existing user or existing reference by mobile/ email number key). b. Provide (specified/editable) discount for max 3 references at a time for buying to view a video, the balanced discount to be carried forward for next video purchase. c. If referred ...

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    Existing small .net program which is only 1 form which , no db connection. already publish as Application Files folder, and .application files and run as service by but after running become pause and show error message. want to change it as actual window service file without nssm If you can do, please contact, Need urgent.

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    Im looking for someone to build be a self hosted voip system We need to build a new website for providing our own VOIP services to customers. We require a proffessional to set up the initial system and provide on-going support and development. Previous experience with asterisk servers, setting up Architecture, virtual pbx, sip trunks, etc' customer billing, my account, etc'

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    RP2040 Microcontroller Program A Wav Loop Without Delay and Popping Noise After Repeat I can get the loop to play but the sound skips a little and pops during repeat. I believe its a library or software glitch with the dac and pwm pins.

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    Action: In this step, you will implement your own encryption code. You may use a programming language of your choice. Then, you will need to choose a cryptographic library. Then, you will choose an appropriate encryption algorithm. Alternatively, you may a cryptographic utility, and write a shell code. : In this step, you need to implement a method for infecting a victim. Example: A victim may open a phishing email which contains a malicious executable/script as an attachment. 3. Monitoring: To be able to detect a ransomware, we need to be able to monitor your environment. Example: OSSEC Host IDS has a file integrity monitoring functionality. Provide your own detection component 4. Detection: In this stage, you will analyze the data collected by the monitoring component. You n...

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    Hello, I would like someone to write a python program to extract data from snowflake table and send emails to the email ID selected from the table based on certain conditions.

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    We have teamed 3 network cards and bonding on synolgy server. we connect the isci to the file server. we use a software with data path to open our file and it says not reponing. when we open the path we can see the data but from program is not openning and is very very slow

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    Expert in Julia Program 6 days left

    I am looking for an Expert in Julia Program

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    Look, I have my own shopping website. I want to start affiliate service for my own business website. I need to know How much I have to pay for this website or software.

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    SwiftUI Skeleton View files consist of service file to fetch data from api service, view model file to manage parsing the data and view logic, and the view file to display records one by one. The view will consists of a button to initiate the exercise (which will load the data upon clicking from api service provider) and run into a loop to display data one by one whenever the user clicks on a choice from the provided choices. at the end, the user will be presented with the results automatically

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    I need a cuda program to generate valid mnemonics for crypto based on my wordlists

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    I am working for making fresh new application from zero until running well, my program usually is human resources department application, accounting system application, and expedition for tracking system application, basically my program is ASP .NET and with database SQL server, or Access DB. My program running on desktop or mobile application. I hope I can joint for making program on your Project ID: 35346722 in few days, please send me the flow proses your program, or database description, or report to building this Project. In attachment is sample screen my application data

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    Requirements: - Patient information is being manually entered by the examination equipment. I would like to increase work efficiency by entering it using a bar code.

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    I want to find the 3dB bandwidth of the figure. I hv files in .csv when the wavelength in Y axis and has scale in db...X axis has a scale in nm. one way is to find the maximum value at centre value and subtract with 3db. & find cross-sections of the spectrum corresponding x1 and x2 coordinates. result bandwidth (X2-X1 nm). Spectrum example as in attachment.

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    Required : Make a program without an emulator by code only, or a program for an Android game that works on a computer It performs the following tasks in the game : 1/ Run a large number of accounts in the game up to 1000 2/ Control the work of daily tasks within the game 3/ Controlling the play of events within the game, such as the Call of the Armies event 4/ Collect the daily in-game registration award 5/ Collecting the box of Fund Award 6/ Collecting the VIP funds prize 7/ Control playing daily tasks and opening complete chests 8/ Control the attack of the rebels with the possibility of determining the level of the rebel 9/ Control of attacking the camps with the possibility of determining the level of the camps 10/ Control the collection of resources (wheat, wo...

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    Java function will be provided

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    22 bids an online game on a PC application and I am always playing 4 games at once. I want to build a program that can read the players' screen names who I am playing against (the positions of where the players' names are displayed are always in the exact same positions on the screen, but the players are always different players as the player pool is in the 100s) and be able to create & save notes as well as view previously saved notes on specific players. Ideally, I would click on a player's name, a box would pop up (that is empty if there are no previous note), where i can read previous notes as well as create & save a note at that moment that can be viewed in a future game. Pretty much the program will be designed to read the name, look up that name ...

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    We are a cross-border e-commerce company selling hair extensions. We want to find the right beauty for our products and shoot promotional videos. We can provide free hair extensions. The photographer should be beautiful. She has beautiful hair. The video should show our boxes, brands and products, and should have obvious before and after effects. The video should spend more time to show the effect of wearing the product. The main character of the video is our product. The atmosphere is cheerful and active and the video content should be creative and positive. The video must be high-definition without any filter. Video shall be shot horizontally. The video is about 1 minute long.

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    Hi, I Have 100 CSV files with a header and the same row/column for each CSV. However, I need to combine all the CSV files in one Excel. Kindly need expertise in Matlab Programming.

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    Hi, I have a python program that request VirusTotal over REST API. The issue is that the program looking for certain values in REST API response but sometimes VirusTotal doesn't include the values the program looking for and given an error () including the code in ( line 86) and for full application password will be share after the agreement. Requirements to resolve the issue: The fields in program should be Zero until if the values the program is looking for not included in API response python used=3.7 other requirements included in file

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    i need someone thats expert on .sh (bash) or python to create an automated program that will run some commands on the linux terminal and get an output

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    Hello, I would like someone to create a C# .Net program to connect to Snowflake database. The program should be able to: 1. Connect to a database 2. Query tables and views in the snowflake database 3. Write to tables in snowflake 4. close database connection

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    It is about calculating average waiting time and turnaround time for a specific process

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    We need to modify just one function in open-source software that is connected to our Asterisk (FreePBX) server. We know where exactly this change should be applied. So it would be very straightforward for a java experienced developer. Asterisk, AGI, AMI, Java-asterisk lib, Java, J2EE, PHP, Python

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    Hello, Usually people at social media sites post their Snapchat Usernames in their profiles Bio. Sometime snapchat-username is after text sc sc: snap sites post their Snapchat Usernames in their profiles Bio. Sometime snapchat-username is after text sc sc: snap Snap: Snapchat: or just after ghost emoji. I want a program (that works in windows 10) to check each profile and extract the Snapchat username from the Bio. and save the Snapchat usernames in a textfile / csv - or both. I need the program to be Multi threaded. (Super fast), (I will be needing millions of snap users scraped daily) There were already similar threads like this and people were saying that they already have or have made similar program like this. I want it, or also you can make a new...

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    voip system 3 days left

    Hello We need to build a new website for providing our own VOIP services to customers. We require a proffessional to set up the initial system and provide on-going support and development. Previous experience with asterisk servers, setting up Architecture, virtual pbx, sip trunks, etc' customer billing, my account, etc' The end goal is to be able to start selling voip services. We prefer a person who did something like that before. I will be happy to answer questions.

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    Hi - we have an asterisk box V16 running on Centos 7. We're having ongoing issues with CPU spiking with as little as 3-4 calls, reboot of the server temporarily resolves the issue but we need to resolve the root cause.

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    I need someone to extract firmware from an microcontroler and write to another. More details available for those interested in chatting

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    One of my favorite poems is John Masefield’s Sea-Fever, the first stanza of which begins: "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky. And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking," Write a program consisting of two functions. The first function writes out the above lines to a file using the writelines function. Make sure to add a newline to the end of each line so that, when you open the file in a text editor, you see 3 lines. Close the file. Open it again and add the following line: “And a grey mist on the sea’s face and a grey dawn breaking.” You will need to change the mode string to do this. The second uses a fo...

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    A budget is requested for the project of a simple management program for a discotheque (program – online site): - Expenses Section: • Add the categories of expenses that the disco has (this information that is available for the user to add in the program), such as: Rental, License, Employees, drinks, electricity, water, Dj, sound, security, among others; - Revenue section: • For example: VIP Zone, Cards, bottles, tobacco, hanger, among others; - Entry number of people: Male and Female These are the inputs we want to have data to analyze: • Per night; • A month; • Per annum; You want graphical analysis of this data: • Profit per night; • Profit over time; • Revenues as a function of time; • Expenses as a function of ti...

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    Program writing 2 days left

    I need a program writter and typing of data

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    I have a program written in VB.NET that scrapes data from a public site. The program submits a case number to the site, the site looks up the case, and then my program stores the html returned by the site into an Access database. My problem is that after looking up a few hundred cases, the site realizes my program is a bot, and it stops serving the pages to me. My proposed solution is to use a proxy server () to use different IP addresses when scraping the site. Also, I think I should randomize the order of cases that I process. For example instead of scraping the data for ID 101V, then 102V, then 103V, 104V, 105V,106V, 107V, 108V, 109V, 110V, I think I should scrape the data in a random order like: 108V, 102V, 105V,110V, 101V, 107V, 109Vv, 104V, 103V, 106...

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    Need to program a controller chip used in inverter ac. I can provide you an original programmed chip from the original circuit board. need to extract a program from there and burn the same program in a new same chip available in the market. Must have expertise in firmware programming

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    We want to see what options are available for transferring our coffee loyalty program currently used at our cafe using physical cards, to a blockchain system. We understand that this may not be the typical use of the blockchain but we intend to start small and build upon it later.

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    We want to see what options are available for transferring our coffee loyalty program currently used at our cafe using physical cards, to a blockchain system. We understand that this may not be the typical use of the blockchain but we intend to start small and build upon it later.

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    Please review attached file as it explains in great detail exactly what i need the program to do. Everything in my proposal is negotiable to the right programmer. review and feel free to ask questions. Thanks

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    Asterisk Server Script not working I will send details in chat

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    hi i am looking to create periodized training excel spread sheet to track a players performance days split into 2 hour intervals - Week Month Overview It needs to have a section for reflection per month it needs to have the ability to colour code for certain task the section need On course Technical long game short game putting finesse Family Rest Travel Strength Training

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    I need to develop referral program MLM on polygon matic crypto currenty with 1. referreal bonus 20 level 2 community bonus 20 level and autopool and award all based on polygon matic crypto currency

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    i need a programmer to who can edit a cuda program i need three more functions added to my cuda source knowledge of cuda c c++ is mandatory

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    retail for new porn and kids to 12 years old, clothes, car seat stroller, and accessories

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    web-based application for managing a motorcycle shop requirements • accessible through internet explorer/chrome... • can be accessed by mobile phone and pc • data backup every day the application should * be accessible by staff and customers * manage sales * manage maintenance * manage finances note : the freelancer should asset in setup and uploading to the Cloud server. please follow the link to view the design and flow on Framer link: link: l

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    homepage bulit with indexhibit need to upgrade PHP from 7.4 to 8.0 Needs to be done now before 28 nov it is a web page built with indexhibit so that indexhibit program has to be upgraded as well as the php

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    Training program 5 hours left

    I want to put in a right professional way this folder please my program. I can’t upload it in your website to show you

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    We are a mixed martial arts and fitness center. We provide classes for kids in Boxing, Olympic Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Self Defense. We are in a community with lower income households and would like to a grant to provide these services to the kids in lower/challenged neighborhoods. We need someone who understands these programs and how to ensure we qualify for the grant. This is our first time looking for a grant and have no previous experience

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    I'm trying to turn of a microphone for people with autism to communicate with other gamers it's a program for the language Microsoft visual c++ main source of power wifi radiowave

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    I have a fully working QT application compiled for windows 2 Questions a) can this be ported easily to a webapp and run completely on a website? b) i want to expand the QT application with the ability to call and send text trough twilio. Converting to a web app is great, but I can accept a solution to talke with twilio trough the windows application or is there a better setup for this? i'm a c++ software engeneer and would like to be able to test the functions in QT IDE and compile for web, that would be ideal. Freelancers which have experience with this, can make an offer for a simple hello world text application + phonenumber calling in QT.

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    There will be two parts to the work: the first simulation working with an instruction cache and the second simulation working with a data cache. Each simulation will calculate the miss rate and display the contents of the cache when the simulation ends. Start with one and use it as a template for the second

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