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    ...New Customer will create a new customer and add them to the customer arraylist. Add New Course will let the customer select a course to add to his/her courselist. Read Customers will read the initial customer list from text file [url removed, login to view] and add them to the customer list. Read Courses will read the initial cou...

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    This program will run on Android OS in a small device with 10 inch screen. 1. Read USB and open photo files 2. Show selected photos 3. Edit photos (various photo effects) by users Cut, blur, sharp, pretty shape synthesis [url removed, login to view] photos after bill is inserted in a bill dispenser(necessary libraries to check that bill is properly inserted

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    Find Friends: Objectives: 1- Give students the chance to practice a programming language that will be needed in the course 2- Handle and understand semi-structured data. 3- Extract the required information while it is not possible to use SQL queries, or database techniques. 4- Find patterns of data. 5- Find significant entities that have special characteristics

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    ...“main.c” file if you have generated that file automatically when you were creating your new CCS project. • Copy the source code file “Lab2_1_main.c” into your project folder. • Build, load, and run your project on the LaunchPad. • Observe the LED blinking pattern on LaunchPad. Explain the code line-by-line. The references that you ...

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    4 bids[url removed, login to view] I have added an example file of what needs to be downloaded. I have also uploaded some images of the website with notations so the project is clear. Please download all the files now. I would like to just double click a program you build and have it download my data. Once the program opens it will need to have a couple...

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    ...smaller, customizible 'verision 12' of the Shift Scheduler program. Background: The program works well. The only changes I need are: a. 10 Employees max instead of 30 b. The Font and the line spacing between the rows and columns should be much larger (larger font), so that it is easier to read c. The first day of the scheduler should be Sunday 17 Sep

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    Hi! Here is the project I need. I think it's pretty simple, I need an command line program that can read a CSV file then I can pass in parameter the column I want to use and it will create one file (UTF-8) per item data found in the columns. Exemple: File: [url removed, login to view] col1,col2,col3 David,Canada,Home Martin,Canada,Home Joey,USA,...

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    I need a simple program that will do the following: 1 – User will input a CSV file and the program will read all the IP addresses in column A 2 – The program will then replace the 4th octet of each IP address with a randomly generated number between 1 and 255 (and make sure the randomly generated number is not the sa...

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    ...Content, if you don't have a problem with this please read on. This is a full time job so we are looking for a serious worker for long term. This means you will have to dedicate yourself to this job. We require somebody that is familiar with video editing, preferably with knowledge of the program Adobe Premiere but this is not a must. After receiving

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    A compiler converts a source language program into a target language program. There are some basic stages in compilation process, including scanning, parsing, semantic analysis, and code generation. For this assignment, you will implement a scanner and parser for a small language with its grammar given in BNF notation. The language literals are enclosed

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    ...drives from the platforms on a periodical basis and physically return them to our office. There we can plug them into a rack and read and uncompress the contents. Further separate processing - not part of this scope - will chop up the footage and make it available as required and relevant for user queries. The job that I want you to do is to focus

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    C++ Automata --2 Ended

    ...consists in the elaboration of a program in language C or C ++, which it will read the definition of a nondeterministic finite automaton with epsilon transitions, and starting from this, the AFN conversion algorithm will be applied to AFD. With the AFD generated, it should be possible to validate strings which will be entered from the keyboard, producing

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    I have a program (with source) that will read a sample .spc file into an array of 1900 array of floats. It then reads in a database of 5000 sets of 1900 "golden measurements". It does a comparison by doing a dot product of the sample against the database. It orders the result, and then displays 2 things: on the left, a list of the 5000 names (in order)

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    Need a Java program that can be ran as a cron job and update MySQL table with data from two JSON files (https, publicly available): 1) Loop through my table (4 rows only for now) 2) Read JSON URL from json_url field for each item 3) Access JSON and find corresponding tag ("tag":"BTC") 4) Collect 6 values from JSON for each item and update my table

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    PLEASE READ ALL Looking for a "very" experienced website programmer to create an Online Service Providers Marketplace PHP / Laravel script (Fully Customized). I have already finished all the UI features (I described what pages I need and what features in every page with all the details) ((IT IS FULLY CUSTOMIZED PROJECT)). General Points: - I CARE

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    Hi I am looking for someone to model some trees for me using the program Speedtree. I am making a video game and I need files that are spm that I can open in speed tree and export as srt. files. Job requirements: 1. Speedtree and knowledge of speedtree 2. Sign an NDA 3. Skype, Discord or easy way to communicate 4. Dropbox Job specifications:

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    ...assistant with artificial intelligence, she can recognise images, faces and object. She can describe what she sees in a picture or duplicate a vector or a design and make photoshop file with all the layers of the design. She also, can make a black&white photo to a coloured one with the use of artificial intelligence. - Unit 3 - Voice: Tru has her own voice

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    I would like a program that will read all text files in a directory one by one and hash each line until it finds an equivalent string. Also please add a feature to assign number of cores/threads to use. Please comment each line so I can use this as a learning too. PSEUDO: Ask for String Read input and assign to variable. Print Your hash is

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    ...project. I need a program that will do the following: Select file(s) to edit. These will be simple text files. Read the file one line at a time. If the line begins with "checksum" delete the line Look for the last word of a line to be "begin" delete all lines after that until the word "end" is present. Save the f...

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