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    This software will work with a custom-built usb joystick and will display avi files based on the movement of the joystick. The joystick controls are three rotating knobs and two (two position) buttons. The software will detect changes in the controls and display predefined avi files in a single screen. I need to be able to change what avi files are

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    Our company has an existing USB driver, for use under Windows 9x, 2000 and XP, written and well commented in C++ . We would like these converted to a Windows CE 3.0+ compatable driver. The USB device is a Multle-Channel-Analyser and data logger. Source code is attached. For the coder than can produce a solid solution, quickly, we have a good deal of

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    By polling the timer, implement a stop light using your LEDs. The green LED should light for 5 seconds, the yellow LED should light for 2 seconds, and the red LED should light for 5 seconds. You will need to obtain a new HC11 library file [login to view URL] that contains the timer subroutine delay(). ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    I need a component (for Delphi) for transfering files over standard USB cables. Let me know if this is possible and if you already worked with this. Thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software

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    I have a custom app created in VB.NET that does some file manipulation with a USB storage device. I need someone to provide code or a call for this VB.NET app that safely ejects/unplugs this USB storage device once all other processing in the custom app is complete. I have recommendations from Microsoft Development support services on how to accomplish

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    ...the addresses in the "To" field. This insures that your mailing list isn't divulged to anyone. Each e-mail is sent as if sent individually * Periodically (every 2 weeks, programmable) confirm User Id & Password via Web Service to allow program execution * Saves your customized preferences to file * Must have an ergonomic interface that is easy to set

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    I don't know swish but it should take a good coder hour to do this. I need a nice swish or flash presentation for a delta sigma theta website. [login to view URL]~deltasig/[login to view URL] I really just want the pictures to flash in front the viewer. I've gather the pictures so most of the work is done! Preference will be given to the bidder if he or she is a delta. Please send demos ...

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    I have an existing "very basic" web template design & content page. I need about 10 small buttons (gif/psd) renamed, & color change via PhotoShop etc. Need very basic logo created for concept of website. Add a simple HTML form, & password protect one directory. The design will be a health/nutrition site. Show me some logo design ideas, I will select one, when it's done...

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    I need a circle on my web site, divided into 8 pieslices that can be of adjustable sizes by my clients. Then each slice can be rated from zero (center) to 10 (outer edge of circle). See [login to view URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software...

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    Program should interface with a custom-made USB joystick(which has two knobs, 3 buttons and one other sensor) and display an playing AVI based on the controls' [login to view URL] AVI files will need to be easily interchangeable by my company, not the end user. A device driver for the joystick will probably need to be created ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    I wish to have a pc onhand (this is a wrist worn computer programmable in C) perform the following functions. I want to keystroke the computer a number of times and have it automatically log the time of each keystroke. The computer will need to keep these entries in a data file. Then I will wish to enter another series of time marked keystrokes which

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    Hello, I need the assistance of a coder experienced in Visual Basic .NET and Delphi. I have purchased a USB device called the “CD Library Manager (DC-101).?? More information on the device can be found at: [login to view URL] Software for controlling the device, written in Delphi, was also included and can be download

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    ...control that uses a webcam and we want a way of exclusively locking it so that it can only use our control in Internet Cafes. We thought of a couple of ways 1. Disabling the USB port on startup then before the control, enable do the program then disable again 2. Messing around with the drivers for the webcam then replacing them with working ones before

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    ...i was wondering if any hardcore gamer/ programmers would mind hlping me witha lil project i got going. i am trying to make a game that is like the game from the film tron, light cycles. its from the top down view and its sort of like the snake game, however you leave a trail behind you that is a wall and that if any other players crash into it then

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    ...Text Message Send HTML Message Manually Contact Email List Basic Personalization Advanced Personalization Import Email Lists Export Email Lists Programmable Opt-In Email Message Advertising in Admin. Menu System System Advertising in Emails Tool to generate customer sign-up forms Basic Reports Test Message

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    The project is to write a function that given a drive letter (like D: or E:), will detect if the drive is a USB device and return the device description string. So for examaple, the function would take a drive letter like E:, and if E: is a USB storage device, will return a description like "Sony Memory Stick". ## Deliverables Important notes: - The

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    Here's the problem: I was creating a program based off of source on PSC (Search under Webcams in Visual Basic). I created a program, after some laborious work, that would host webcams (yes, more than ONE) on a local network, FTP or whatever. I lost my source during an electrical storm that ruined a lot of my electronics. What I need: Basically I want someone to continue where I left off, usin...

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    Looking for a USB driver for a typical gamepad device to hook up to a PocketPC device, like an iPaq. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows CE device

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    In order to connect a USB speakerset to the Pocket PC platform we need a driver for that. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Microsoft Pocket PC 2002

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    Two part project for 1) Add image upload (via ASPupload) and thumbnail image creation (via ASPImage) to two asp pages (forms) that populate two tables. The base pages already exist and simply need to be modified. This has already been done for one page... so you will probably simply have to follow the same format as I origionally used. Also an edit (update) option needs to be added,...

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    i want to add a usb mouse to my pc that mouse should create a new mouse cursor that can move without any connection to my ps/2 mouse if you think you can provide me with a vb program that can do it please contact me good luck ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all

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    ...Windows CE3.0 USB device driver for a commercially available USB-to-RS232 dongle (e.g. Belkin F5U103, Keyspan USA-19W). This driver should make a USB port function as a serial comm port for an installed application. Note that this driver is for a Windows CE3.0 operating system. ## Deliverables Deliverables: Identification of selected USB-to-RS232 dongle

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    I'm looking for a custom presentation ocx. This custom control will contain a programmable number of pages (page navigation by code only) which contain a programmable number of fields which will be represented to the user as labels, or edit boxes, or picture boxes (the picture box control will need to support at least jpg images, and maybe other formats)

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    I have a VB/MSGraph application that was written by someone who ran out of gas just before the finish line. It reads data from an Excel Workbook and creates an MS Graph. The only thing that doesn't work is that it doesn't print the chart correctly. The program runs on a network and will be used by several people. It needs to be cleaned up so that it will print correctly (from CTL-P), bot...

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    The following bid request is being modified to use the Symbol PPT2700 device instead of the Symbol SPT1700. The PPT2700 is a Windows CE device programmable in C requiring Embedded Visual Tools (available from Microsoft page) and CE and Symbol SDKs (available from their respective web pages. Both will be required eventually, but the PPT2700 will be the

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    I need software to capture a high resolution video snapshot from a USB camera. It must be written in VB6.0. When the software is launched it should be only a window with live video with a capture button and hide button at the bottom. Tab at top of screen (labeled "History"). this is where you see time and date of picture, if double clicked the picture

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    What I need to be able to do: Extract JPEG images from our device via the USB Be able to write to the device to change channels Be able to write to the device to control camera features such as brightness and contrast. What I have: Winbond w9968cf JPEG encoder with built in USB hosting capabable of delivering JPEG images Phillips SA111AH analog to digital

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    we need dedicated stick burners.

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    $200 - $300
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    Driver for a USB storage device that has multiple LUNs for Linux. The driver can be derived from the USB storage driver sources from Also need a utility that monitors for the arrival of device and automatically mounts the device to KDE desktop. Both above needs to be installed using RPM. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    I need a test program under DOS or Win98 or Win2k,or WinXP that can verify my device(USB-to-Parallel36 pins) OK or [login to view URL] main function can transfer data through Tx,[login to view URL] I will plug Parallel loopbak terminate or [login to view URL] can use VB,VC or any language and choose either of WinOS or DOS Mode. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working

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    ...## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. What I want is a completed version programmable in C ONLY I can get to run most importantly. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Needs to run on Linux ## Deadline information MUST BE COMPLETED

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    I am looking for a Unix guru preferrably in NY/NJ metro area, who can provide me the following assistance on an ongoing basis: 1. Answer routine questions by email (Sample question: How can you display year in the ls -l listing? How do I set up X-Windows sessions to my unix box?) 2. Write small K shell scripts on demand. I am not expecting an immediate delivery or anything. The idea is that with y...

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    8 bids[login to view URL] should be able to be stored as [login to view URL]{AFFILATE}/[login to view URL] with fred having a dummyaddress affilate id of fred in his details. 4) Have a programmable data flow to decide which emails get past the logging stage and to my real email address. e.g. any for an affiliate program I am already a member of to be trashed immediately

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    ...status bar of another application. My application that I am interested in reading the status bar, is called PL7 and is a application that used to communicate with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controls). (See file status [login to view URL]) You probably won't have access to this application, but a similiar situation would be for PowerPoint 97 where the status bar shows

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    ...resolution graphics. This box will be Ethernet connected to a network. The product being inspected will be placed into a movable fixture that will be controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) device that will move the product into pre-defined positions in the cameras view. The PLC and the computer program will talk to each other via the Ethernet

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    We are using a USB Hub for connecting 4 Barcode Scanners (which has USB port). When a data is read using a scanner it is shown in the monitor. My problem is identifying from which port the data has come. I can manually see and tell that the data has come from 3rd port or 4th port. But how to programmatically get information that the data has arrived

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    I need to develope a small application what can receive and send data to the USB.

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    My usb-to-serial device driver just can use serial mouse under Win2k,so I need someone to help modified usb-to-serial device driver to let me use serial mouse under Win98se Hint:Try to arrange COM1 IRQ4,Base address:3F8H resource to usb-to-serial device ## Deliverables [login to view URL] source code of all programming work done. [login to view URL] *.sys *.inf file after

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    ...create a Alcatel Speed Touch USB driver for OSX. I don't think Alcatel will ever do it and I would like it for personal use. A linux source version exists on the Alcatel site as well as a SDK dev kit for USB for OSX from Apple. ## Deliverables A fully working driver or solution which will allow OSX to interact with the USB modem and connect using OSX's

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    Intercambiar datos entre una PC y un PIC 18F4550

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    hallo ich will messgeräte (ph-meter, leitfähigkeitsmessgeräte, titratoren) so programmiert haben, dass ich die daten die sie liefern im internet abrufen kann oder mir automatisch irgendwo speichert, sodass ich diese von unterwegs einsehen kann.

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    ...eventuell später einen bestehenden Treiber ([login to view URL], astroberry-diy server / github), der einen Schrittmotor über Raspberry Pi GPIO steuert, zu modifizieren, um stattdessen die USB Schnittstelle zu nutzen. [login to view URL]

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    I need someone to alter some images.

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    I have firmware in C for a MikroElectronika "PIC Clicker" development board using a PIC18F47J53. It includes MikroE's USB library for CDC (USB RS232 emulation). Works fine on Windows, but on a Mac (e.g. OS-X 10.9.5) it registers a /dev/[login to view URL] port but doesn't communicate (hangs on host write to board). On Linux, it creates a /dev/ttyACMXX port

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    I need someone to alter some images.

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    ...allow to connect serial devices to systems using a USB interface. Connecting the converter to a PC, you get one extra high-speed RS-232/422/485 ports. It must have the auto-tune baud rate and data format to the RS-485 network (totally compatible with Modbus). The power converter derives from the USB port and doesn’t need any power adapter. It also

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    Got a project where I need to extend a USB Type C via a circuit board. Require someone to route the schematic and PCB. There are only 2 components, the socket and plug. I have been advised that there is no need for any other components to extend the USB Type C. Using Wurth components 632723300021 and 632712000021. Will require doing it in CircuitMaker

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    preciso de um desenvolvedor em ccs compiler para utilizar a biblioteca 16FUSB para criar um teclado USB HID com o pic 16F628A

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    ...von 100 bis 1000 Hz Hardware wäre hierfür (bis zum Step-Motor-Treiber) auch vorzuschlagen bzw. zu entwickeln. Die Ansteuerung der Motorsteuerung/Lichtssteuerung sollte über USB 2.0 erfolgen. LICHTSTEUERUNG Unter Umständen ist auch geplant die Lichtsteuerung (LED-Leuchte) über die Software zu steuern. Dabei kommt ein PWM-Controller zum Einsatz. Die

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    ...machine settings 2. Setting up DHCP in Virtual box 3. Configuring shared folder for machine 4. Allowing remote access for USB I am still not able to transfer the data between host and get machines, neither directly, nor through USB. Note: 1. You will be paid for only 1 hour. 2. Work through teamviewer / Anydesk only. 3. Bid only if you can start the work

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