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    Our company sells services to other companies (b2b)The web site is used for membership registration. Customers are billed monthly using a recurring billing module provided to you with an [url removed, login to view] this billing module accepts one customer = one account= one user, and whereas we will have one costmoer=one billing account with multiple users, we need to do

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    ...with a few new pages, and reconstruct the existing graphic layout.I will also need to put one of our programs in the website. The program is a excel based mortgage defeasance calculator but it does not work with our website because of the system conflict. We'll provide all the text for the new pages and will discuss the new layout for the web pages. To

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    IM Messanger client (C++) and Text Telephone (C++) are two existing programs to be integrated and expanded in functionality using the ISDN device and Alike-Netmeeting capabilities such as Voice, Conference, File Sharing, Desktop Sharing, Answer Machine, Video, Telephone call, Send instant message, answering machine, fax, etc. some of which are already

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    ...script. It shoul say, These programs must be written in with Flash MX with the use of PHP or Perl with a MySql backend database. ## Deliverables Script 1 must be able to do and have the following 1 - Have all 21 NFL weeks that are played in the NFL (I can provide a Mysql table with NFL schedule) 2 - Member login and new user registration. 3 - Administration

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    Hi, I need a small program for Outlook, Outlook Express and maybe Eudora (not sure). Its more lke a plugin or mod. Basically it places a button on the toolbar, so when I select an email or bunch of emails and click that button the email is automatically forwarded (intact) to a predefined email addy and another one is sent back to the email sender, like an autoresponder. The email addy its forwarde...

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    I would like to have an application that will add a new program to the Email Programs options in Internet Explorer. If you go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs Tab you will see the Email programs that can be set. Once set this program will launch when the user clicks on a link to send an Email. By default IE adds HotMail, Outlook, and Outlook

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    15 bids of the above web sites including the graphics, scripts and installation on the server. I have attached the FAQ so you can see what programs my host supports. Such as: PHP4, Java, Perl, Frontpage, Real audio/video, MacroMedia, WAP, Python and more. The programmer will have to tell me what will work best. I'm looking to create a web site for users

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    both in C++ 1)read txt file ,'[url removed, login to view] (at least contain 300 charachters,you may use your program as input file)then give report for example i a - z:67 A -Z :28 0 - 9:31 Empty space :50 total of chat :176 ii write pseudocode 2)write a program and pseudocode to draw DOUBLES PASCAL TRIANGLE Enter a number:4 or any number 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 ## Deliverables 1)r...

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    ...2: This software must have some good and easy function to change/shift the banner/advertising space on top in the software, after I change/shift the banner all users see the new banners in the software. This function is only for myself and I want to use it anytime. 3: Compatible with ANY Internet connection (dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, T1 etc.) and assures

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    Affiliate Finder is a simply program that helps managers of affiliate programs find new affiliates. Basically, the programs uses search engines to locate web sites that compete to the user's web site and in a second step finds sites that link to the competitors' sites. All search results are stored in an MS Access database, furthermore, the user can

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    In this program I need to write a C program that keeps track of a list of Names and ID numbers of students. The entire assignment is on the following website. [url removed, login to view]~musser/engr197/Problems/[url removed, login to view] All of the files needed are on the webpage. I have started the program but cannot figure it out for the life of me. The only problems I need done are the first...

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    This is the first program: Write an application that will accept a series of product costs along with the quantity purchased. The program should then display a subtotal of the purchases, the amount of sales tax based on a 6.75% rate, and the total of the purchase in a single dialog message. You should direct the user how to indicate the end of input. For example, if the input consisted of: Cost of...

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    I have purchased a web based e-mail product ([url removed, login to view]) similiar to hotmail. I need to have 3 modifications made. 1. The program was designed to have an initial screen where other of their custom programs could be run before access the mail portion. They have an option to skip this screen and login dirrectly to the e-mail

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    **Update** Yes this is for 1 year as implied and includes all the site and developing web pages, graphics, and programs however our team creates almost everything accept databases and programs. Please clearly list your terms when bidding. I am looking for someone who will work cheap. (may have limited experience but must grow with or company and have

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    I need someone to do my homework for me :) Seriously, I'm an RPG programmer with a large family and I'm trying to finish up a few more classes to get my BS, but have no time to figure out the particulars of Microsoft Visual C++ (which apparently was a prereq of this algorithm class that I didn't know about!) Here are the requirements of each program: Project 1: A letter means push t...

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    ...script. It shoul say, These programs must be written in with Flash MX with the use of PHP or Perl with a MySql backend database. ## Deliverables Script 1 must be able to do and have the following 1 - Have all 21 NFL weeks that are played in the NFL (I can provide a Mysql table with NFL schedule) 2 - Member login and new user registration. 3 - Administration

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    ...not respond anymore. So, I need a new site for it. It should be database driven, have the ability to accept submissions from developers, editor's pick section, top downloads, and search capabilities. The search is an important element and should be well-designed. It needs an administration section in which programs submitted can be approved, which will

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    ...storing the area numbers and corresponding location in parallel arrays. here's what the array's will look like: int [ ] areaNumbers = {3 , 7, 9 ,....}; string [ ] location = { "New Hampshire " , "Maine" , "Vermont",...}; use a loop to search areaNumbers for the first element that's greater than or equal to the area number entered by the user. ...

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    MORTGAGE SITE SPECIFICATIONS AND INFORMATION Need a professional looking, interactive web site that provides the following: NO FRAMES NO FLASH Online Application Form that delivers information to my email and auto responds to the applicants email upon delivery Mortgage Treasury and rate tickers Online calculators Will have paypal option and two other

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    the program should run from MSDOS 95,98,melenuim I use Jdk 1.3.1 _02 javac nameoforogram .java java nameoforogram 1)make the following changes to the VIN program see attachment Add a loop so that after displaying information about the vin entered by the user the program will ask the user for another [url removed, login to view] process will repeat indefinetely until the user enters an empty string...

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