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    ...characteristics. 6- Give students the chance to perform some data analytics steps. 1- You will be given a file named hobbies.txt. a. This file contains a group of fictitious Facebook users and their hobbies. b. Each line in the file contains a user/username and a list of hobbies of that user. c. The data in each line is delimited by commas. d. For instance in the

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    write a program that reads the text from files and determines information about the longest word and longest line in each [url removed, login to view] the purpose of this assignment, a “line” is defined to be all characters up to a newline; in other words, what is fetched by the getline() function. A “word” is defined to be a sequence of one or more non-white spac...

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    I have a program (with source) that will read a sample .spc file into an array of 1900 array of floats. It then reads in a database of 5000 sets of 1900 "golden measurements". It does a comparison by doing a dot product of the sample against the database. It orders the result, and then displays 2 things: on the left, a list of the 5000 names (in order)

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    ...Hashtag: This program searches for a specific hashtag and store information about the most recent posts that have that hashtag. 1. When the program runs open a user interface and get the following information 1. Username 2. Password 3. Hashtag 4. Post No From 5. Post No To 6. CSV file name - The file for storing data

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    ...use a PDF word list for studying Cantonese, but first I need the word list to be changed into text format so I can import it to my studying program. I need someone who can read/type Traditional Chinese at a native level, in order to spot mistakes during the copying process. Objectives: 1. Copy English-Traditional Chinese word list from original

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    ...checks a database file, find UserID's credentials, check if it is valid and if it is, sends a message on Whatsapp to numbers found on his credentials. The APP must add the client's numbers to the phone contacts if needed. The message will look like: "misc slot1" - "UserName" - "misc slot2" - "current date and time" Database file...

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    ...Standalone software must be able to run without Office being open and without access to Internet The program will allow the user to select any pst file from which it will read all appointments in the calendar and display those appointments in a list format with all fields visible. The user may then select a filter to restrict the results based on a

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    ...two cities. Before you start: Download and unpack the file [url removed, login to view], which contains the GUI, a graph implementation, and data files representing a map. The file [url removed, login to view] contains a list of cities and their (X,Y) coordinates on the map. These are the vertices in the graph. The file [url removed, login to view] lists direct, co...

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    ...cities. Before you start: Download and unpack the file [url removed, login to view] in a new window, which contains the GUI, a graph implementation, and data files representing a map. The file [url removed, login to view] contains a list of cities and their (X,Y) coordinates on the map. These are the vertices in the graph. The file [url removed, login to view] lists ...

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    -----------------------------------------------------------NEW ---- Read Me ------------------------------------------------------------ ---- There is no main table yet. I only draw it on forms and I know there must be table so ı marked all areas that ı want them in main fields of table. I marked text box,list box etc that ı want them in main fields of table. As

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    I need a [url removed, login to view] application written that scrapes the page (see notes below) and inserts each map selection into a list array of an entity object representing each block on the map and each block contains another list array of an entity object of all resources. Page: [url removed, login to view] On the page (maps), is a block with various resources

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    Hi, I'm MBA programs/global business schools. I've got a list of the FT MBA rankings and prepared a short-list. I've added additional fields to the spreadsheet such as the city of the school, the fees, the average GMAT required and most IMPORTANT the program dates and APPLICATION DEADLINES. I'm looking for someone who is able to go to the websites

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    Hello, This project is to create a program which can run on any windows system starting with windows 7+ This includes: • Windows 7 • Windows 8 • Windows 8.1 • Windows 10 • Windows Server 2003/R2 • Windows Server 2008/R2 • Windows Server 2012/R2 • Windows Server 2016 There are two parts to this program: (gui mockup attached) 1) The...

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    ...navigate to different pages. • Icons present will  Manage Thermostat  Update Thermostat Data  Regenerate Ecobee Pin Manage Thermostat • Manage Thermostat will contain list of all thermostat. • 2- what would be happened if I add on a new thermostat? Can I see that on the app? If you add a new thermostat on [url removed, login to view] panel then our cron will

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    13 bids API Program started once a week with TaskSceduler. Will call a Stored procedure in a SQL database. Get a Email subscriber list in return. Name, company, customer number, e-mail and so. Converting this to either XML or JSON and send this to the Digital platform via REST API (API requests are made via URLs over HTTP.). Please read the following

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    I need help with a program Im implementing, in the one I need to scrap data from a XML file and turn it into and output. I have already started development, but I'm stuck and need help. The program should search for specific [url removed, login to view] in the XML and if found, get the data for that product, and export it to an output file. This for each Item

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    ...developed: 1) user interface where I can record changes on product with user/PWD in ASPX internal web page 2) different level of "view/edit" details always in ASPX 3) PIM should read Windows Folder for load pictures in a sort of "image database" with different details (a product should have a page with "Images from Catalog", "image from users", &q...

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    Submit a pdf file with the answers to all questions listed at the end of Chapter 5 (ARPACI-DUSSEAU). Format the report as follows. For each question, list the question followed by the source code of the program you implemented to answer the question. In addition to the code, also add a screenshot of the output produced by the program or experiment.

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    ...the input data. Your task in this project is to implement a specific graph layout algorithm (described below) which will display the fraud graph. The input data is simply a list of edges, in the form x -> y, where x and y are integers in [0, |V|-1]. Each edge appears on a separate line. For example, 0 -> 1 1 -> 2 2 -> 3 3 -> 4 7 -> 1 1 -> 5 3

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    10 bids well. You will design and write a program to process a list of Internet addresses from file “CS222_Inet.txt. Your program should read a list of up to 100 addresses and nicknames terminated by a sentinel address of all zeros and the sentinel nickname, “none”. Sample [url removed, login to view]: Your program will ...

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