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    We have a point of sale application, run in windows platform, and MS SQL server locally installed for database. I want to access this SQL server from WAN Network without accessing NAT or port forwarding. Because we have a php web application as a back and for reporting.

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    ENG: I'm looking for a web designer to make a Shopify eCommerce site PORT: Gostaria de um web designer para criação de um site shopify ecommerce

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    I have changed my default port for sql server 1433. To I get a connection error

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    Develop Game in Unity 6 days left

    We currently are developing a 2D ARPG. Reasonable progress had been made in another engine, before running into a technical limitation that required a migration to a new engine/platform. (twice!) After thorough research, we have concluded that Unity should be able to do everything we are looking for. We are looking for a developer to port over progress into Unity, and hopefully continue development past that. The game is similar to Diablo 2, technically speaking. 2D renders are performed of 3D models in order to create characters and assets. The target platform is Windows/Mac/Linux. The ideal candidate is a Unity wiz, and is well versed in handling sprite sheets and massive amount of images. An understanding of isometric projection and 3D-to-2D conversion is also needed. Experien...

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    I'm looking to have a program made that will receive ASCIi commands through the RaspberryPi 4 USB port to display either an image or video on command, and also have an optional menu that will be on demand by ASCIi command as well.

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    We have one PCB which has bp,ecg, spo2 and temperature device. it is working with Desktop through usb. We need to write codes for transfer this data in android through usb. (4 pin connection).

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    Require software Software installer Function - Convert XML to DICOM format with populated demographics headers . -Creates service that runs to monitor folders. Options for software: Select Folder to monitor Output Options: -OutPut File Name - - Select from Available fields from XML to create title of file. -Dicom output IP address | Port | TAG to store on PAX -Output to Folder + Add Actions ( Multiple actions can be added) If XML containts ( Field) Action | Email to | ( Enter email field ) Then if condition is met the software will send the email .

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    Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems systems, using the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system. I'm looking for a teacher that via SkyPe or Zoom or... can help me to Identify and exploit vulnerabilities and to learn: - Infrastructural Penetration Testing - Penetration Testing Web - Bash and PowerShell scripting - Port tunneling and proxy chains - Target enumeration, vulnerability discovery and exploitation. - Buffer Overflow - Active Directory enumeration and attacks - Authentication by-pass attacks - Windows and Linux privilege escalation - Cust...

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    The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority is looking to modernize its logo to increase brand visibility. A successfully redesigned logo would specifically elevate Detroit & Wayne County's prominence in the logo design.

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    ... 2 Settings Screen - Option to set Time Interval to check new attendance data from device and sync with server - Option to Delete Attendance Data from Devices - Option to Delete Invalid Records from local database, which failed to sync due to any reason - Reset Data option, to reload the Users data from APIs 3- Devices Management Option to Add/Edit/Delete Device in the System using IP Address, Port & Other settings 4- Users Management Fetch the Users List from API, save it in local Database, fetch the users from devices, link with API users based on Attendance ID, and also show the users which are not linked with any record Users biometric data will be synced with server using APIs, so that user registered on one device can automatically be registered on 2nd device 5 Atte...

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    devices 2821 ISR, C3750 (48 port PoE, GI), C2906 S (24 port PoE GI), 2960 (24 port PoE fe), 4x Aironet 3700 APs. We need a config for management Vlan and 5 additional vlans, static external IP, 5 SSIDs, VPN for 2-3 users,

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    We are part of a worldwide network providing drug testing services. We have a presence in multiple countries. Our client wants us to conduct drug testing in Shizuoka Prefecture Omaezaki City Port 662015. We require you to travel and we will reimburse the travel fees. We will train you on how to do it and provide the necessary supplies and tools. You will have to either go to the client's residence or office to collect the provided urine sample or rent a meeting room to host the session. Meeting room rental costs will be borne by us. Thereafter I will guide you on how to perform the testing hygienically and you will send us the result. We will compensate you for every test done. This is a long-term project and we will hire you for the long term.

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    I have a unique project in country South Australia and I’m looking for someone who can think out of the box and help me obtain a building approval. My unique dilemma is that I have purchased a block of land from a development that went broke and it has an existing concrete footing on the land. I have the original floor plan design but cannot use the previous builders design for obvious reasons. I am looking for someone who can design something else to fit on the footprint of the existing slab. The slab was poured for brick veneer construction, (Concrete raft footing ) but I would like to build light weight, as an owner builder. I am prepared to use unusual and different types of building materials and will sub contract each trade as an owner builder. The engineering is...

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    GPS Device Tracking 3 days left

    Gps Device Tracking Project 1. First setup a project on aws 2. Post data by device on specific ip port which given by developer,and handel device data and save into database like latitude longitude speed etc. 3. Reports of vehicle like trip summary, stoppage summary 3. Maintain load balancing if 50000 and more hits on one time 4. Real time vehicle tracking on google map because every 10 sec device post data on ip

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    ... Throughout the handout, we will refer to the following configuration parameters. How these parameters are obtained will be described in Section 3.1. • bp is the port number for client-server communication (positive integer), see Section 1; • sp is the port number for inter-server communication (positive integer), see Section 2; • bbfile is the name of the bulletin board file that will be manipulated throughout this project (string), see Section 1; • Tmax is the number of preallocated threads (positive integer), see Section 1.4; • peers the list of peers participating in synchronization (possibly empty list of pairs hostname–port number), see Section 2; • d is a Boolean flag controlling the startup of the server, see Section 1.5; ...

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    Views PDF for dupal 9 2 days left

    I have a drupal 9 site that needs the feature of populate the data from views into a pdf template. There is a module already in drupal 7 () that works perfect for this but was not ported yet to drupal 9. The idea of this project is to port views pdf module to drupal 9 (php 8.1).

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    The work is about to port a small open source javascript library to a Dart package. it's an http router library written in javascript and that used highly performant Radix Tree.

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    Read/write 24 Modbus register(40001 to 40004) in quectel m66 uart port 3 and send that data to thethings io with source code

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    1. The application uses a modem connected to the USB port of the computer 2. The application sends all received SMS and MMS messages to the provided e-mail address using SMTP 3. The application saves all received SMS and MMS messages to its own database 4. The application sends replies from the e-mail address in the form of an SMS to the number provided in the subject of the message 5. The application should run as "Run as service" all the time 6. The interface should make it possible to change the e-mail address and access data to the SMTP server

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    I need a consultant 1 day left

    ...multigig) Netgear Nighthawk EAX80 "Mesh" Extender Netgear Nighthawk R6080 Router (setup in Access Point mode) My configuration is using the Multigig port out of the CAX80 using a Cat6 cable into the Multigig input of the SX10 switch. The switch out then outputs to my major media devices. (gaming PC, Nvidia Shield, as well as some smarthome devices like Hue Bridge, and now recently added the access point. Currently the EAX80 extender is unplugged because it was acting buggy. I know I am doing some things not quite right because the access point is only receiving d/l speeds of 60Mbps and u/l speeds of 20Mbps. I have the switch managed on the port for maximum throughput and still nothing. Are there any suggestions to help optimize my system to help maximum...

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    $38 / hr Avg Bid
    19 bids (I use Android, I think the app is available for iphone too) I would like to develop an app that does exactly the same thing - receive video data via Wi-Fi, but from what I searched, the maker does not provide any documentation about how camera does that. What I need is the following: - How commands should be sent to the camera (e.g. cgi / http, port number, websocket) - Some basic commands, like Start / Stop stream - The port used by camera to stream the video data - The type of video data - it seems it's not standard mjpeg. If it's raw, what are the specifications? - Related documentation (if available) You can easily install the app from Google Play, however I am not sure if it's useful if you don't have a Sony camera. Any option is...

    $50 - $200
    $50 - $200
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    ...Well, what I need in the picture? Just ask yourself, if you are a tourist, what iconic picture that can represent Negeri Sembilan? As Example: Masjid Negeri Muzium Negeri/ Muzium Diraja Taman Tasik Seremban Hutan Simpan/ Hutan Rekreasi Teratak Za'ba Popular Hill Popular Lata or Jeram Popular Landmark its culture, iconic landmark or tugu or rumah api iconic view beach view, port dickson etc Just don't take any shopping mall picture or kedai makan, cause it don't represent cultural value. if you dont have any idea what to take, try check google image/ shutterstock/ i stock website. So you have some idea what other photographer usually take aerial view or drone is much better, but optional. Be CREATIVE and give us your best shots. ...

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    MeshCentral configuration 2 hours left

    I have a meshcentral configuration that is running on Ubuntu 20.04 and is not accepting connections and listening on port 444. The budget is $50 as the system is already installed but I just need a second pair of eyes. If you are familiar with this application and can assist, please contact me. Thanks! Irwin

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    $87 Avg Bid
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    ERP system needed which is quick in response, connect to our website, and have port for both customers and suppliers

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    Require experienced developers in ReactJS (front-end), NodeJS (back-end), and MySQL programmer to develop a commercial Attendance Web Application System. Kindly refer to bootstrap Web Application System. Kindly refer to bootstrap for the theme to be use. Please find the attached MySQL source attendance and door access records. Please refer to the attached files and HIKVision API:- The sample device port forwarding is set as This web application needs to abstract data from this device or several devices instantly once someone clockin.

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    Hi, I have three docker containers set up in docker-compose. I can successfuly run and connect from container to container when I run it on my mac and windows machine. However, when I push it onto the ubuntu server the nodejs container always refuses the connection. The port mapping is correct and address resolving is correct too. Can't understand what is causing the connection refused. Nodejs container running on port: 3423 React container running on port: 80M Mongo running on port: 27017 Please contact me if you're available to solve the problem immediately. Thanks.

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    I need a survey paper based on 3 articles at your choose from with publication date more recent then 2010. The articles has to be based on one topic from the following. Theme variants: A. Digital signal processor architectures (e.g .: DSP, VLIW, etc.) B. Micro-architectures optimized for digital signal processing (e.g., multi-port memory, SIMD register banks, multi-core, multi-threading, etc.) C. Accelerators for digital signal processing (rapid deployments / energy efficient with FPGA, GPU, etc.) The paper must be written in latex format. 4 pages, 3-4 figures (explained) and also some references from other articles.

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    Hello, I would like to configure Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) as a reverse web proxy to access http resource via https. It is on Windows Server 2012 R2. I am running on the same server some shiny apps as a web services, available via http (but not via https) each on different http port. They are started with the software R, independed from IIS. I have a little experience and I configured the bindings, installed the ‘URL Rewrite’ and configured inbound rule, so it works, but after loading in web browser the page immediately gray out. Maybe there are also outbound rules need to adapt the links in the page (a href, src, etc.) but I am not sure. It is needed much bigger experience than mine and knowledge with regular expressions as well. I could show it...

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    Hi there. I need help to build a set of heat maps (data layers, to overlap) using data from public sources. At the minimum, the data layers shall include: - Demographic information (density, age groups, gender, and others) - hazards (exposure to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions) - Infrastructure availability (port, airport) - historical disasters (from EM-DAT database) REGION: ASEAN (10 countries) DELIVERABLES: - Heat Maps - Raw Data - Dashboard In your bid, please specify timeline with milestones, software, and budget.

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    I have currently installed the following devices with the following addresses: Pfsense On Proxmox virtual machine Vmbr0 Public IP Vmbr1 WAN Vmbr2 LAN Openvpn site to site accessible on port 1195 Openvpn for single user accessible on port 1195 1 .Mikrotik SXT LTE6 configured with openvpn site to site LAN 2 .Mikrotik SXT LTE6 configured with openvpn site to site LAN 3 .Mikrotik SXT LTE6 configured with openvpn site to site LAN 4 .Mikrotik SXT LTE6 configured with openvpn site to site LAN SXT LTE6 configured with openvpn site to site LAN I need to reach all 5 mikrotiks from the lan network , any user connects as a single user, and

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    ...Starter + LSCache for WHM+Cpanel and configure for all magento sites 6. Create subdomains for 3 sites server is within the 5 domain limit. I'll tell you which sites. 7.  Move all sites to new server and setup correct cron jobs, delete duplicates cron jobs 8.  New server url must be :: login page to whm url => 9. For security, change port from 22 10. Setup 3 days of automatic backups for all sites on a google drive 11. Remove any back doors old programmers may have created 12. Gtmetrix and Pagespeed reports for each site should much better than they are, closer to A (between 90 - 100) DO NOT COPY THE ISSUES/PROBLEMS FROM OLD SERVER TO NEW :: if you copy the junk from old server, the errors that currently show will replicate in new

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I have a C# project which is a demo on how to connect to an ethernet network set of scales via UDP and obtain live weight data as a stream of numbers. The provided code is taken from a Visual Studio project in C# that runs in the console. I need the library, and the short demo, to be ported to JavaScript, using node.js modules to achieve the UDP communication (presumably, using dgram or similar). You should aim to use the minimum number of node modules as possible, so I would prefer builtin modules such as dgram. I only need the minimum functionality of the entire library porting to achieve the functionality of the demo code in , so if there is extra code in the library that isn't used in the demo, that does not need porting (for example, it also supports RS232 communication, but ...

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    Looking to take a DB of about 50 tables created in Libre Office Base and port it to a Mysql sever on line. The ERD is attached. The DB is currently not populated with data.

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    I need to build a proof of concept Java multithreaded standalone application that will connect to one or multiple Asterisk servers using AMI protocol (preferably using a library) and trigger a callback function when receiving events. At the same time, one or multiple clients can connect to this Java application using a predefined port (like 5039) and using the AMI protocol receive the events from the asterisk servers and send commands to one or multiple clients. When an event is received from the asterisk server, the application will send the same event to all or some of the clients connected. When a command is received from any of the clients connected, the same command will be sent to the asterisk server. In other words, I need a "wrapper". This is just a proof of concep...

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    Main function User upload image for order fine art Artist upload image for send portfolios Social group, talk Artist port, level, How it works? Guarantee / Return Policy Testimonials FAQ ABOUT CONTACT BLOG. SEO PAGE MOBILE RESPONSIVE. WordPress/ JavaScript Multilanguage. MOBILE APPS (The second project following this project) reference WordPress website ) JavaScript Frameworks

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    I'm looking for a Sage 100 developer to port my exiting Sage 100 add-on to the current Sage 100 build. This will be an ongoing relationship for each future build as released by Sage. I have an exiting Sage 100 add-on product "Freight+ Shipping Manifest Systems". Our developer is no longer supporting Sage 100. I have the source code for our last Sage 100 build from 2019. We are looking for a Sage 100 development team that already knows Sage 100 and has is a current Sage 100 development partner. We will provide our Sage100 2019 source and you will need to port it to the current Sage 100 build. ONLY SAGE 100 DEVELOPERS SHOULD APPLY FOR THIS PROJECT.

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    We installed webcard on 6 kva tripplite ups. Everything seems okay but snmp port not responding.

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    ...the UI - Electron as a framework for multi-platform delivery - A series of libraries to be implemented Specifically for the Electron structure it was decided to use web workers in the form of hidden windows to make them do all the heavy work of the software so as not to weigh on the main process. The communication between the webworker and the renderer process UI will instead be managed by a two-port channel without the performance overhead of relaying via the main process. In addition, the webworker must be able to access the various libraries both through require () and with the import syntax. A structure of this type is required that works with all the libraries used and this step is not immediate given the complexity of various small problems that could arise with the use of ...

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    $640 Avg Bid
    27 bids I was scared to death so I got in her bed. I could not touch her because she would made the loaders noises and I was trying to act like I was asleep. To this day someone was in our house or someone was sleep walking. She was always better at me in everything —she always got strait A’s, she was more athletic and was selected captain of her cheerleading team out of 300 girls. She was Miss New Port Richey at age 17 yes! A beauty queen she was. I always said how in the heck did you do that? She had the talent and she was brave. She would jump off the diving board backwards where I would try and hit my head on the side of the pool. She wasn’t afraid of spiders or snakes but she use to tease and laugh when I was confronted with them. But She was always always ...

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    $18 / hr Avg Bid
    36 bids

    We have a fully functional Program which calculates some times using location coordinates and timezone and shows the same on 7Segment Displays. The program currently works on ESP32 without any errors or bugs. For our existing ESP32 program we have used Arduino IDE, We are looking for someone who can port the same to ESP12F. all the work will happen via Anydesk on our computer, Review of our existing code will be possible only after we award the project.

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    Build a graphics interce made in visual basic (old or new) with serial port connection, the interface may be build in visual basic, it has no special funtions, just take data from serial port, graphicate that data in real time, the option to select some interval and the funtion to save the graphic and save the data in txt format.

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    $112 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    We have the cad file, We need to add on. 3 car attached garage, where the car port is. that is in the same direction The basement will not include the garage area, and will be open and unfinished, to be the outline of the main level and will raise up 4 feet above ground..there will be stairs up, to the main entrance, the garage will be at ground level and there will be stairs up to the main level that will be 4 foot plus up. The deck at the back of the house will be the entire length of the house and be 20 foot in length. the deck at the front will be to match the front entrance width and be 20 foot with stairs up from the ground. and 3 car garage that is where the carport and is accessible from the front. And Render in Ens-cape, or auto desk cloud with geo coordinates. To s...

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    would like this demo ported to windows its for opensource <-- this has some windows code already

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    $125 Avg Bid
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    Hello im searching for a clearpass expert which can help me to debug Radius CoA - Port Bounce issues. Also i do need some extra lessons about clearpass (MAC-Auth). If you are interessted please let me know. Thanke -Dennis

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    Hello im searching for a clearpass expert which can help me to debug Radius CoA - Port Bounce issues. Also i do need some extra lessons about clearpass (MAC-Auth). If you are interessted please let me know. Thanke -Dennis

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    Hi, Please bid if you are expert in this. I dont...Please bid if you are expert in this. I dont want to do trail and learning. I have Dedicated server with running Ubuntu OS. In that server i am running 2 services in 2 different ports. Both service will run on the local below http://localhost:3001 http://localhost:8080 when user access my sub domain route to the local port URL : http://localhost:3001 route to the local port URL : http://localhost:8080 Both sub domain we need to config letencrypt Domain already confirm with Route 53. We can add the TXT their. Please bid if you are real expert it will not take more 30 mins but i will pay you 1 hour or fixed amount. Need to config via anyDesk. NEED TO BE DONE TODAY Cheers

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Avg Bid
    11 bids

    block and unblock usb ports in computers/laptops operating system based win 7 , win 8, win 8.1 , win 10, win 11. (both win 32 or 64 bit and all version of win like pro, ultimate run with code c#.usb mouse and keyboard are working either usb block and unblock.

    $337 (Avg Bid)
    $337 Avg Bid
    11 bids