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    I need help to improve our total quality management

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    Sound system repair 6 days left

    Our headset mic for our fitness instructors has gone on the blink and we may need a new one. The setup for two lav mics also has stopped working, so we would like it all looked at.

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    Data Collection 6 days left

    Looking for a person that can collect data from Linkedin and Google for 500 Human Resources directors. If your job is efficient and satisfactory I will hire you for more.

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    ...references and 3-4 lines on each paper required. Can be taken from any usual papers) - One base paper finalised. Second base paper(ieee) also required commensurate to novel technique - Vetting of existing codes, modifications if required, culling out results in form of graphs, charts, intermediate results, hyperparameter optimization techniques, comparision etc of all techniques reqd. - Critical analysis of own(novel) technique vs base papers and projection of own method reqd - Written work 80% completed, stuck at novel technique. All the analytics charts, graphs automatically retrieved from codes and some theory needs to be written in draft report. - Anyone having worked on similar subject and is confident on Image retrieval or Computer Vision from academic point of vi...

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    Data Analysis 6 days left

    It's a python project to design a data analysis program using tkinter. The program is using multiple files.

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    Dear All we are kindly asking to create a company logo Company Name : '' Yas facilities management ''

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    TI CC2652 assistance 6 days left

    To help us get Bluetooth working with large packets, and to pipe BLE error codes back to a connecting Andriod device so the developer has insight into how their design is working. It is a MANDATORY requirement to have development expertise with the BLE stack of TI 26x2 SimpleLink devices. Otherwise please do not apply.

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    ...respectively. The platforms are similar but getting little bit more and more complex as the level increases that suits the IQ level of the player of different age groups . 3) The first level is free version but the Second and Third levels including their sub-levels are not free versions 4) Make provision such that the game can be made offline as well as online without any complications as per the requirement of the players in the near future. 5) Make provision such that the paid version of the game (i.e., Second and Third Levels) strictly can be installed online through Google PlayStore and Apple ios only. It also means that it can not be copied and installed offline from one computer or mobile to another computer or mobile. 6) The game consists only 7 tasks to be defined in the...

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    We are a Recruitment organization and looking for a company OR Team to develop ATS (Applicant Tracking System) web based software. Person should have previously worked with similar project. Once we will receive the interest we will share standard Requirements document to make sure both are on same page before going on Live call and further discussion about it.

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    Social media marketing 6 days left
    VERIFIED media. Our requirements: You must have good knowledge of Campaigns management & execution. Good in media planning. Must be good at creative writing. Excellent communication skills. Come up with new ideas. Knowledge of SEO is a plus point but not necessary. Must provide data analysis reports on time. . You will be working with a team or individually. You will have to design ad posters in the required format and aspect ratio. Experience & Skill: Must have a good portfolio(experience of at least 6 months or no experience). Must know the power of different tools and have a good working knowledge of them. Polished skills will be prioritized over degree. As mentioned above, Good media planning is the requirement. So, you must have a good working k...

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    ...provide any help . The alarm system is to be applied on 3 windows and a door. Each window and the door has a sensor (switch) such that when it is opened, it will give logic level 1. There is an on/off switch for the alarm which will be represented by the variable Y . If we want to turn on the alarm, the switch will give logic level 1. Otherwise, it will give logic level 0. The alarm system will be using a 7 segment display. When the system is active, the display will show character A. When it is closed , the display will show character 0. The switches below will be connected to each sensor output. • sw[0] – window 0 • sw[1] – window 1 • sw[2] – window 2 • sw[3] – door sw[4] (Variable Y) will be the on/off switch and it...

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    I need an animated video to represent a product. The type of video I’m thinking of is something like this: It could also be a White Board animated video, I’m open to suggestions. Our product is an Agency Management System as a service which is used by Insurance Agencies. This is a B2B product and, these kinds of platforms are well known but some Insurance Agents out there while not all. I would say there is a high percentage of agents that doesn’t know the importance of using one so it’s important for us to, not only show what our product does but also teach them in between lines of your creative work, why is that they need a product like this. I'm attaching a document with all the details and the most important topics/areas that I would like

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    I acquired a human skull from an antique dealer in England. I was told that it was basically overstock from a museum collection. It was sort of an impulse buy and I did not think about the moral implications, nor did I understand the sourcing of human remains can be deeply unscrupulous. Here's a quote from an article that made me reconsider my actions and tried to figure out a way to make them right. "Much, but not all, of the human remains trade, both now and in the past, is the powerful collecting the powerless. This has often meant trafficking in the bodies of Brown, Black, and Indigenous people. Sometimes these remains were stolen from graves or sacred places — the bones of the indigent, the racialized, the people treated as less-than-human....

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    ...questions that are provided. I will provide 4-5 versions of the test. The test should be random each time someone takes the test. As in Question 1 would come from Test 4, Question 2 comes from test 3, Question 3 from Test 1, etc. This is to prevent cheating. Backend to test (back office requirements): Admin Backend portal should be very very simple, Company Logo at the top left, Marketing Management Backoffice, little to no design needed. Columns for the following data (which can be sorted and filtered) i.e. filter to show only certain positions, date range, countries of test takers, etc. Also can be shown ascending and descending for any of the different columns. Ability to download the database as a CSV whatever is filtered or raw, the CV uploaded would be a hyperlink to ...

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    Docker Management on Ubuntu 6 days left

    Hello, can somebody mount a volume into a docker container on an Ubuntu Host? dev/vda1 is almost full - everything is running there (docker container + Oracle Database) dev/sda is a new volume mounted on host - should be mounted on docker container and Oracle Database data should be stored there. (see pictures below) Kind regards Anne

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    We have a lot of tables from a database with unique identifiers. We want some of them linked into a total table with all of the information. Basically a simple join between the tables and export

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    We are a new nonprofit organization that is seeking to raise $60,000 by March 1, 2023, to pay for the technology infrastructure, including the admissions system, learning management system, and other items, that we are purchasing for a hybrid private school we are starting focused on holistic education in entrepreneurship for students (Grade 7-12) where they will take academic classes online and apply the knowledge to in-person immersions, receive behavioral health counseling, access to food programs, and more.

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    We have a list of steel sections with profile. excel of which is attached in this project. We have various lengths of steel sections. We need to find optimum source (st...length. As we have the option to produce custom source (stock) steel section length. I need the optimum solutions for the same to find the cost effective solution and optimization. As we need to order the steel materials in optimal length as soon as possible. There are 6 types of steel sections: RHS 100x60x2.5mm RHS 100x60x3mm RHS 120x60x3mm RHS 120x80x4mm RHS 120x80x6mm RHS 80x40x2.5mm The requirement of each are given in the excel attached, we need the optimal length of the given sections with respect to the excel quantity requirements for procuring the materials. Please get back to me for any further clar...

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    As the title suggests, the work is very simple, the average time is 30 minutes a day and it is a continuous work. I need the clippings of photographs that are shared daily on shared folders in dropbox, subsequently they must be uploaded together with a simple data entry on a management system For each edited and uploaded photo it takes 1 minute and 10 seconds The work is explained in Italian and English through videos uploaded to dropbox. Come da titolo, il lavoro è molto semplice, il tempo medio è di 30 minuti giornalieri ed è un lavoro continuativo. Necessito dei ritagli di fotografie che vengono condivise giornalmente su cartelle condivise in dropbox successivamente devono essere caricate insieme a una semplice digitazione di dati su un gestionale...

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    For the spring assemblage shown below, derive an analytic expression for the global stiffness matrix using the potential energy method approach. a) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (rightwards direction), b) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (leftwards direction), c) a horizontal force 1 kN is applied at point 3 (rightwards direction) with the restriction at point 3 being removed, and d) a horizontal force 5 kN is applied at point 1 (leftwards direction) with the restriction at point 1 being removed. Use the following values: k(1)=10 N/cm, k(2)=20 N/cm, k(3)=30 N/cm, k(4)=40 N/cm and k(5)=50 N/cm

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    For the spring assemblage shown below, derive an analytic expression for the global stiffness matrix using the potential energy method approach. a) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (rightwards direction), b) a horizontal force 2 kN is applied at point 4 (leftwards direction), c) a horizontal force 1 kN is applied at point 3 (rightwards direction) with the restriction at point 3 being removed, and d) a horizontal force 5 kN is applied at point 1 (leftwards direction) with the restriction at point 1 being removed. Use the following values: k(1)=10 N/cm, k(2)=20 N/cm, k(3)=30 N/cm, k(4)=40 N/cm and k(5)=50 N/cm

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    ...following toolsets: Experience in UI/UX design. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) = Windows Presentation Foundation is a UI framework that creates desktop client applications. The WPF development platform supports a broad set of application development features, including an application model, resources, controls, graphics, layout, data binding, documents, and security. WPF is part of .NET, so if you have previously built applications with .NET using ASP.NET or Windows Forms, the programming experience should be familiar. WPF uses the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to provide a declarative model for application programming. .NET Framework ASP.NET Core Blazor : https://docs

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    Los Tony’s 6 days left

    It is an application where lovers of horse riding can subscribe to receive the latest analyses of the races of the Camarero racecourse. Every day there are races, the analysis of Tony Guzmán and Tony Guzmán Jr. will be launched. This content will be private and will be protected by screenshots. Users must pay for membership.

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    We are running adverstising company with 50 employees. We do have our internal Digital Marketer. Right now we are searching 30 more freelance digital marketer to help us for our project. We will provide all the resources needed.

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    Pre and post-survey results of a health awareness session, online and face to face. 5 Scale questions and free text answers

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    Working as Salesforce Developer. Property Management where client find property for rent the property there are many mechanism working like integration with ( To check payment statement), Visualforce, trigger, apex and so many thing from salesforce platform like security, object, field etc

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    rewriting my linkedln profile and resume to better reflect what I do. I currently work for a startup company where I do everything from bookeeping, human resources, employee management, social media marketing, graphic design, video shorts for marketing products, web development, SEO, DOT compliance.

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    Content Writer 6 days left

    ...that appeal to our audiences, attract customers and boost brand awareness. Responsibilities: - Research industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews, and studies) - Demonstrate capabilities to generate business plans, product plans, product pitches, and sales decks. - Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services Prepare well-structured drafts using Content Management Systems - Proofread and edit blog posts before publication - Submit work to editors for input and approval - Coordinate with marketing and design teams to illustrate articles - Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic - Identify customers’ needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics - Ensure all-around consistency (style, fon...

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    To build a website, Run ad campaigns, Social media management

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    developer bubble 6 days left

    We need a bubble developer, for creating micro saas, requirement: -Knowledge in Google maps and integration with checkout platform.

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    Hi I would like help with anyone that can build a plugin or code something ex in elementor if its better so we can list events that we create on discord. more information about the api is here Uploaded picture about how we want the events to be presented ( this is how we present news ) our homepage is Guild Scheduled Event Object Guild Scheduled Event Structure FIELD TYPE DESCRIPTION id snowflake the id of the scheduled event guild_id snowflake the guild id which the scheduled event belongs to channel_id ** ?snowflake the channel id in which the scheduled event will be hosted, or null if scheduled entity type is EXTERNAL creator_id?

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    I need a Developer who can start right away to set up a Laravel project and make edits on them. It is a results Aggregator system that is used for data collection, data management and and data analysis. Most of the modules are almost ready but needs to be completed and published ASAP. PROJECT Budget is $200 Please do not bid if you cannot work on Saturdays. And also do not bid if you cannot start right away. Thank you

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    Mobile app redesign 6 days left

    We are looking for a mobile app designer for our field service management mobile app written in Xamarin. We want to select a designer based on their previous works.

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    I am working on thermoacoustic engine model. The main part of the engine is called the stack which is a type of a heat exchanger. The spiral solid works file is attached. The stack is heated experimentally by inserting a nichrome wire through the grooves that are present in the 3D model heating that surface of the stack while the other surface remains cold. A numerical model is needed for this product and a constant temperature should be assigned to the grooves while room temperature is assigned to the opposite surface. Temperature distribution on the heat surface is needed and temperature gradient from hot to cold is also needed. More details can be discussed later.

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    Hi, I would like to organize my accounting. So far I have been doing it manually but it's taking me a lot of time. I run a non profit organization. We have two types of donors: fixed and random. Among those, we have two currencies. Among those there are 5 ways of donating (paypal, bank transfer, cash). I need to have a field for the date when they deposit the donation. I need a field for the receipt number, which follows the date chronologically. I don't mind using an online platform if you help me set it up. i would like to be able to easily create a pdf with a receipt, where the client information is automatically stick inside. i want to be able to visualize the amount of donations per client to see how much they donated per year. this is about it, we are talking about a...

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    Hi I would like to hire someone to build a billing software with POS Saas Model and offline. The requirement are in portuguese we can discuss for the translation.

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    Seeking exceptionally talented, experienced, creative, knowledgable mathematicians/programmers with a demonstrated track record in the construction of proven predictive algos for use in the trading of equities markets. If you do not fit the afore defined profile, please do not reply. Compensation is commensurate with demonstrable abilities, knowledge and experience. Demonstration of work on previous projects is a very big plus.

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    we are struggling to refresh our data in PowerBi and need a expert to assist with Azure cost management

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    ...hyperspace to enable Master and Worker nodes be accessible in RAY (if you can manage it through libp2p then this task can be skipped). 3) Resource management: each node/peer must be able to manage its resources (i.e. RAM, CPU, and storage). 4) Deploy RAY over this P2P network: RAY must be deployed, run, and tested in this platform when steps 1-2 are accomplished. It means that the platform must support an external application like RAY. 5) An API must be written to interconnect the P2P network and RAY. 6) The project must be delivered as a single executive file too. 7) Design and create a GUI (interface) for the platform to allow users to manage resources via the GUI, see other peers, etc. More detail will be given in the chat. Important notes: The P2P network must p...

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    Hello Freelancers, I have 3-4 projects of architectural Layout from which we have to create architectural Working plan layout. I will provide Reference Working Plan layout alogwith sheet requirement. You much Arrange the required data in Desired size on layout & submit.

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    Ongoing desing tasks of screens for Windows and Web applications. We are looking for a long time relationship with a designer.

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    Hi Masud R., i'm looking for an affiliate marketing manager. I need management i need sales and landing page etc.

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    Sale input= Customer base to spreadsheet to monthly product sales forecast per customer (20 products - 2022 through to 2024). Input of sales forecast into management spreadsheet = forecast of overall sales by region/ area= sales and financial performance dashboard / financial modeling, exception reporting, etc (live?).

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    Hey dear community, we are looking for a part-time freelancer to help us with our existing iOS and Android apps, adding new features and fixing bugs (aka catching up with the Jira backlog ^^). Collaboration would be in a very nice project team with people from Germany, India and Australia. Skills would be iOS (Xcode; Swift) and Android (Android Studio; Java) and project management and communication skills. No 100% Senior Developer skill experience is needed, Junior Developers, Trainees, and Students are also welcome. Designed for long term collaboration. Workload approximately 0-15 hours per week, depending on current job situation. Greetings from Germany - we look forward to getting to know you and working together!

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    react native app 6 days left

    I need a mobile app build in and the sample user can only see the ads that are mean every company should share its ads with some images and share the location of the shop and some details they want, and we need you to filter the city that is mean every user should select the city he wants and the ads should appear depends on his location I’ll mention the Each company uploads images from the phone to the app full requirement below and ask me any question that is not clear to you - register page for the company - account screen for the company and user rating - Massage and chat screen between the company and the user (if possible) - Filter the ads by type, price, etc … - Showing the location of the company - Connect the app with firebase - Split the ads...

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    Human Resources 6 days left

    Strong communication skills including writing, proofreading, speaking and listening Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail Demonstrate efficiency, speed and accuracy Ability to coordinate and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously Tolerance for changing priorities and deadlines, and willingness to take on additional responsibilities as needed Proactive and resourceful Ability to handle confidential information good interpersonal skills

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    Restaurant booking system 6 days left

    A Restaurant booking System External user’s goal: The user would like to book one or more guests for a meal in a restaurant and a particular time and date. Site owner's goal: The site owner would like the ability to take online bookings for their eatery. features to include: Date/Time-based bookings Avoid double bookings Multiple table occupancies Cancellations Menu

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    As a customer advocate, coordinate and influence with internal project development teams and decision makers at all levels of leadership throughout the sales, development, and implementation phases to ensure business sales that meet customer expectations and requirements, continue customer management to Maintain relationships with existing customers and drive new business Ability to work independently, regularly and reliably

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    I want to build a software allowing apartment management to run their food ordering platform between nearby merchants and their residents. I want the backend to be written in Java while the frontend to be written in PHP. I have drawn a wireframe and listed all tasks on an excel sheet. Job scope I want the candidate to understand the wireframe and to 1. List down all input and output criteria according to the wireframe screen number in the given excel file. This way I know if the candidate has critical thinking skills. 2. Estimate time needed if the candidate is being assigned as the backend developer for all these tasks. The developer can suggest how to simplify the backend programming. Suggest framework to use. Ignore PHP frontend because this will be done by anoth...

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