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    ...information is extracted from SQL server, the queries are contained in the .asp file given to you. This job is to add a button “Save to Word File?? to the top or the bottom of the report. When this button is pressed, it should save the report to a Microsoft Word 2000 file on the PC where the browser is running with the emphasis that the format must be preserved

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    ...with a SQL Server 2000 backend database.? The application sends rich-HTML content emails to an opt-in mailing list.? EMail campaigns are sent to groups of users using the application ([login to view URL]).? We would like to add Click-through management and tracking to the application.? We want to know which links in the email were clicked on. ## Deliverables

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    ...REQUIREMENTS AND DETAILS 1) USER sign up, PAY PAL, 2CHECKOUT, multiple USER levels, basic, advanced and pro. (I will give the details of each later) 2) System must maintain a database for each User such as their favourite IP address ranges and favourite IP addresses, keep a log of successful messages delivered and failed, running total of number of messages

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    1 bids not know how to save the data which is sent via the serial cable, to a file in a directory nominated by us. The document provided by the data supplier describing how the data is sent and the file format is attached. We require a program preferably written in VB to automatically poll the serialcable and when data is received save the data stream recived

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    ...they have looked at, and /or applied for, a way to fill out all required paperwork and save what they have completed, leave the site come back at a later time and pick up where they left off. Web site must be written in and save all data in a MS SQL database and allow all forms to be printed with completed fields and look identical to the provided

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    I need an perl module to parse a few pages on ebay and store the results in a mysql database. All bidders must be experienced perl developers. These are the the sample urls that must be parsed and stored From this page please data base all information _<[login to view URL]> _ From this page please

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    ...browser. The CT Verification Report as displayed in the browser has some and , and HTML tags**,** This job is to add a button “Save to Word File?? to the top or the bottom of the report. When this button is pressed, it should save the report to a Microsoft Word 2000 file on the PC where the browser is running with the emphasis that the format must be preserved

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    ...available at <[login to view URL]> Now heres the thing, i wish to let users sign up for my email service. Process listed below. 1) Sign up, save username and pass to MySQL database 2) Create a POP3 account for the username 3) Default the email space to 3MB per user 4) Sign up form will take in name, age, country & hobbies including the

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    Hi all, I just want to know how to put together a small script that will be triggered by an ms outlook rule that will save the contents of an incoming message as text ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the

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    ...Analyzer" software. I want it made in VB6, Delphi 7 or PHP 4.3x... This software must be **easy to instal** and with **greate GUI** (nice skin). If we need to use database... I think I whant use MySQL... In your BID let me know when you can start and when you expect to have it done. Let me also know your idea's to make this to a greate

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    ...stored in a database so people that visit my website can retrieve the info. I need for them to be able see pics, floorplans, amenities etc. I also need for my clients register using their email address and a password so they can access database of homes. While viewing homes, individual comminities, and builders I need for my clients to be able save favorities

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    ...PHP, to send and receive email both in text and html formats, attachments not required but if you can do it why not. Fixed POP, SMTP account, does not give the user a choice to enter his own POP, SMTP. There must be an admin tool for me to save the fixed POP, SMTP along with the username and password. Text or MySQL database is up to you as long its

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    ...this file and enter it as a single record in a MySQL database? The first 6 lines of text are not needed. Everything from “SUBJECT?? to the last “LOCATION COMMENT?? are needed as fields in the database. What is on the left of the “::?? can be eliminated I want different field names in the MySQL database. From “DISTRIBUTED TO?? to the end of the docume...

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    We need a activex component that runs on a web page. The activex component should 1) download a file from a server (eks a word document) 2) lanuch the correct application for editing on the client machine 3) upload the changed document to the server again (post) ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of al...

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    ...write text, save that text on the server where the word processor resides, call that same document up later to edit and then save again. The code must contain everything needed to accomplish those tasks. The file manager or ftp should be in the browser when it is called up and saving should be simple one button saving after the first save (and naming)

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    ...create a database of users. It should continue to parse through the various pages based on certain search criteria, and should never log the same person twice. I should later be able to see this data, select the profiles I want by checking a box of some kind, and then the program will log back into the site and use their online email script to

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    ...should be able to search through the XML via scroll bar or to enter a search string and display results. **Background: ** The database is currently in XML (used MS Excel --> save as XML). The database is 5 rows of data: Muscle Name, Innervation, Blood Supply, Attachments and Action There are about 20 muscles in the table so far

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    ...sockscap Must have webgui Must be able to retest pool of socks proxies found Maybe this script can be modified to save time. [login to view URL] http/https/socks45 based proxies that can be used to send email. This application MUST be coded in PERL or C. (Must scan from behind Socks Proxies) [login to view URL]

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    Create a program that will allow me to update a vacation journal while still on vacation. I will send the photos via email and want the site to refresh itself every 6 hours. I need this quick too as I only have a week to get it done. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    ...of the process. **You will provide:** Custom coding as follows: 1. Welcome page links: Register new account, login. Optional: forgot password function (email pw to user's email). Prefer dropping a cookie to user's system so that they will automatically be logged in whenever they visit (redirected straight to their user page) 2. Administration

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    I need a delphi program that can get a url i give, download all images, flash, etc. inside the page. It should save all the files into one folder only, changing the html code path of the images accordingly so it can show without problem in offline mode. Next it should get all the links (1 level) (other page,zip, etc) the pages should again be saved

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    ...already generated by the key program and to add to the key generator program the ability to save (also modify and delete as well) the customers info (Company name, Contact Name, Address, Email, Reseller ID etc. Should use ADO and an MS Access backend database. Need to have the ability of removing and blacklisting keys. Add a search feature so I can search

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    ...application for Windows that checks a POP/IMAP mail account. If there is any mail a confirmation mail should be sent and the context of the mail should be stored into a MySQL database (to become tickets in dotProject). Need the application really quick and cheap. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    ...main admin(all features) .agent admin 3. User registration and admin section. Where users can register and utilise a form that will email them property listings when they become available. And the ability to save listings from the search form and access them through this user admin interface for printing etc. This is by no means an exhaustive

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    ...need a control for mobile that will allow users on a pocket pc or a palm to sign in a box and it will save the signature into a sql database as a jpg. This needs to be server side as we don't want to install anything on the pdas. Email with any questions. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    A small, simple program. An application that searches eBay's database and finds available User ID's for you. A windows application that will allow the user to search ebay's database and will find _similiar available user id's_ based upon your search. Application needs to be easy to understand, pleasant to look at with nice colors and graphics

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    I am working on a project in VB6 that uses a webBrowser object to bring a web site (say [login to view URL]) After the page is finished downloading, I need to save one of the images to the hard drive. The page has to be downloaded to a webBrowser control because it has to be displayed to a user. The image is a .bmp, but the src property (i.e. the URL) doesn't

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    i'm looking for a program that i can run from the MS DOS box that will connect to a site such as yahoo finance and download some stock quotes then save them to text files, yahoo provides both intra-day quotes (which can be accessed for several stocks simultaneously) and historical data that shows the specified stocks final figures for 'x' many days

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    ...ini file. After that the line breaks so when the ini file is called again, anything after the line break is not inserted back into the text box. I need this program altered to save an unlimited amount of information in a text box and then be able to recall the information when the file is opened. This is a simple project for a programmer who knows what

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    ...problem is when you try to save the map, it doesn't ask to save it to the hard drive. Instead a message window pops up with text in it. I need that replaced with the save function, so the files can be saved in a '.amd' format. I do not have the source code, so I am looking for someone who can decompile this, add the save function where it should be

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    I need a VB6 program that will allow me to browse to a web site and then save the contents (page html, all images, scripts and so on) to the drive with out prompting the user. I would like all content to be saved to a folder called “WebSave??. I am currently using a web browser control to do this now how ever it prompts me each time. Maybe there is

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    Small website for a South African ISP We require a website built, using ASP.NET, C# or VB.NET using a microsoft Access Database. Site will be hosted on windows 2003 server, run CLR 1.1, with ASPUpload, and JMail components installed. We will commission an artist to "brand" the website after it is delivered and working. A neat professional layout

    $700 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bids for easy extraction of website content (all flavours of website, there is not a specific website for which I need this. It must work for all.). As you know, if you save a site in IE, then everything is saved, including navi-buttons, logos, banners etc. But mostly you just want an article which is on a website. For this I want a Wizard which

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    ...finds a book he wants, then he can send an email to the seller. The seller's email is private UNTIL the seller opts to reply to the buyer outside of the site and via his email. Email--I need a database which collects user information for advertisement possibilities. Also, needed for a newsletter. THe email must also remind sellers to visit the site

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    ...-Data will be: username, password, firstname, lastname, address, address2, city, state, phone, cell, email, social security number, total_sales, percentage, commission, account-length -Data will be saved to table 'salesreps' -Email confirmation sent to sales reps when added to system. (full customization) 4. Admin will allow admin

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    I need VB6 code to create a 32-bit bitmap structure in memory, of a supplied X and Y size, then allow me to set the RGB values of each pixel, then save it to disk as a BMP file. No displaying of the image is needed. The PictureBox control is no use here because the graphic files I need are large (10,000 X 10,000 X 32bit), so direct memory manipulation

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    **Part 1:** I would like to have a Delphi 7 or VB6 application using an Access database that works similar to my website catalog and price quote script located at [login to view URL] Application must be entirely user configurable ??" categories, subcats, print locations (sleeve, front, back, etc.), max number of colors

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    ...this will work: 1. Client will go to evaluation page and answer all questions in form 2. Form will save to database - client gets "thank you page" 3. Email will be sent to our company notifying us of a new evaluation request 4. Client will receive email that we have their evaluation 5. Company will log in to get data 6. Each employee at our company is

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    ...the customers see a demo script without the opportunity to save the pages. 13. The script will be hosting the code on Apache (1.3.27 (Unix)) server and can use mysql database. 14. The admin must have the opportunity to list all account, edit, cancel, approve, suspend an account, and send an email to all accounts. 15. Customer can have and a text counter

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    ...outside of POP3's range to check hotmail, yahoo and aol (I have vb6 codes for hotmail if needed). Emails must be stored in Access database (easily upgradable to SQL Server 2000 would be a great bonus) ***AND*** have the option to save them to files (either txt or eml or whatever, either remotely and/or locally). Attachments must be made available as well and

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    ...(simple) reports and provide a process for them to reply to and track requests submitted by sales agents (see below). When product/promotion info changes, app will send an email to all users to notify them. Product/promotion info will be versioned so that the details are available for any point in time. Need to log all changes made by admin so they're

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    I need CGI/Perl script(s) ...replicate template pages (5 or 6) populated from a user input form (first name, last name, street, city, state zip, user name, password, email,affiliate links,etc). The script should save the users' input to some kind of database (flat file, CSV,etc.) so that the user can later log in and edit only his/her data as needed.

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    ...outside of POP3's range to check hotmail, yahoo and aol (I have vb6 codes for hotmail if needed). Emails must be stored in Access database (easily upgradable to SQL Server 2000 would be a great bonus) ***AND*** have the option to save them to files (either txt or eml or whatever, either remotely and/or locally). Attachments must be made available as well and

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    3 bids the appropriate buttons to load text files (such as a template), take a list of user-input words, and then perform a fast find and replace on the text. The app will then save the resulting text files to the users hard drive. The user will need to be able to enter FTP information (host name, username, password, and a directory to upload to) and upload

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    ...the parameter would be the path of the file. Then it will return the entire contents, even if its binary like .gif, .jpg, etc. Then I need another function which is the file save function. For this one, the 2 parameters would be path and file contents. For this example, I want it where a person chooses a file. Then after going through the functions,

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    I have a client with a website that we design that has a mysql database holding information on equipment that they wish to sell and pictures of that equipment (multiple pictures sometimes). What we need to accomplish is: -Creat 4 templates for what our final pdf will look like -give the client's personnel the ability to select a template, select a piece

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    We need a total recruiting software ASP solution that includes candidate and company data, resume parsing, document storage, job distribution, email and faxing, full-text searching, plus much more. Needs to be a full-featured client/server recruiting software package that works over the internet. Program must include features like: 1. ASP recruiting

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    Hello, I need Visual Basic 6 code or some kind of control that I can use with Visual Basic 6 that when executed will save what is on the computer screen to a JPG file. The code should work in all versions of Windows starting at Windows 95. The code should include a sub rutine that I can call as follows: Call SaveScreen("c:[login to view URL]") I should not

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    ...publicity above and below) -send image to friend (sender name, sender email, friend name, friend email, select from a drop down box the friend's country and save all that info in a database and send the joke to the firend) -Image from the day (specify which images in a database to show each day) -Webmasters be able to include the image of the day

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    ...VB/VBS/.NET application that will read a listing on a Web site and retrieve company and contact data from linked pages and sites. Application should save all retrieved information into a Microsoft Access database. Application should begin with list of firms generated from 'List All Firms in the USA' at [login to view URL] From the

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