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    I need a form that will save results to a database (MYSQL). The basics would be: Form must be customizable Inputs ARE NOT emailed Auto-responded message sent to the person who filled out the form Simple message sent to admin Admin area will be needed to get the form results, which would require a login to access. Admin area: View partial results of

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    ...separate admin table an exact type of modification any of those 5 tbls/any column, and save not only the fact of these changes, but also a SQL statemens for those changes (so that it could possibly be run on another database at a later time). There should also be an email notification sent from SQL server if certain type of change is applied (will describe

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    ...standard formatting and then save the data as an RTF file at a predefined location. There is no database involved here the simple form will the textboxes Name Title Extension Fax Mobile Email Once entered it will displayed the Name in bold, title in italics etc etc. and save the output as an rtf file called [login to view URL] and save it in "c:documents...

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    ...server generate the information for a word mailmerge document from a database (already done creates a .txt file), use this information to populate a word document mailmerge fields, save the file and then email the word file from the web server to an email address taken from the database. This is all to be done auctomatically from opening a web page on

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    Web Table Query /Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel file. You need to

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    I need a program to take 2d cross sections of a 3d object, and save the output as picture files. I am a university student constructing my own 3d printer. I have tried, but I lack expertise in manipulating 3d object files, and was unable to complete this project. The program should: Be able to accept 3d input from a popular 3d file format. The format

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    I need a trustworthy database and SSL programmer to create a password protection system with usernames and passwords that I may assign to certain groups/individuals. I will have parts of my page open to the public, but for certain pages, there will be limited access--only those who enter the username and password may view the page. I would like for

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    ...Delete User Account. -Resume Posting -Resume Builder (Contact Info, Experience Qualifications, etc.) -AutoNotify function to email seekers if jobs get posted that include keywords they are looking for. -An icon on each posting to save a job to a "shopping cart" for later viewing. -Seeker should be able to apply online if employer wants it. -Apply online

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    ...can define unlimited-classes(up to 32K), and define properties for each class(up to 256). Clases can derive properties from another class. Program must build and organize database for each operation. 2. Admin can define trees (up to 256) and define class relations for any tree. 3. Admin can define logical links classes (unlimited) between classes and

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    14 bids existing recordset in a file and when the file with those key fields is loaded, a new recordset will be created with all coulmns of rows including those key values in a database. Please see the diagram attached ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete

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    ...horizontal menu instead of vertical), and have it well commented that I would be able to add features to it at a later time. I would also want everything based off of a SQL Server database. A site that I would like to mimic a bit (would like it a bit nicer than this) is: [login to view URL] The site is not laid out that nicely, but has a lot of functionality

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    I need a trustworthy database and SSL programmer to create a password protection system with usernames and passwords that I may assign to certain groups/individuals. I will have parts of my page open to the public, but for certain pages, there will be limited access--only those who enter the username and password may view the page. I would like for

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    I have been writing an access database program to do cctv surveys down sewer drains. It will record projects and there details to database tables and video to cd. There will in fact be two separate programs. The main one a recorder and viewer and the other a viewer only which can be given to clients on a cd with their drain survey project. I have most

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    ...server" is a MySQL database that is accessed by our client software across a network to allow system administrators to set who can perform specific functions such as saving files or printing using our software. Our client software queries the database through a web based form telling the database which user is asking. The database returns a text file

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    Here are 3 websites where you can "spy" on searches being conducted right now on these various search engines: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Usually, they automatically refresh every n seconds or you have to click an "update" button. Please look at them before bidding, so you know what I'm talking about. I would like a desktop (probably VB?) a...

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    ...will run via cron to check all the domains in the database and enter the expiration date. It also needs to email the contact in the billing system and all domain contacts found in the whois record on defined days before the domain expires. For example 90days send this email then 60 days send this email etc. 3. If it's a domain tld that we register put

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    ...and I have to save a variable to MySQL using JavaScript. I know how to do it with PHP but don't know with JavaScript. I need all lines like: select database, open database, update table set var=x, close, etc. Using PHP would be: $connection = mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass) or die ("Couldn't connect to server. Contact your database administrator

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    I need a VB Treeview that will save all added roots and childs to a file using the WritePrivateProfileString. I also need to be able to load and populate the treeview using the GetProfileString.. The roots and childs can be added anyway the programmer sees fit.. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    ...LOGIN LOOK: LOGIN SCRIPT >>>Free Email Address: i.e. login(a)[login to view URL] >>>Free Non-Profit Organization Profile Page >>>Free Church Profile Page >>>PAYPAL GATEWAY ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡[login to view URL] Banner Ad ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡[login to view URL] Coupon Ad ¡K¡K¡K¡K¡[lo...

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    ...get some VB6 code that automatically creates an access database if it doesn't exists. Very clean, well formatted and well documented source is important. I need this done very fast, within a few days or so, if possible. So, this is what I need it to do: 1) Automatically create an .mdb database, four tables and indexes/relations if it's not there at

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    We need to save orders we get via ClickBank in an online MySQL database and we need a web interface with all common functions for db management. It should be able to manage unlimited products/software titles. We already have a script (flatfile db) running, that we will provide to the selected coder. It has many of the functions we need, and you can

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    ...application for tracking Supplier Request For Quotations (RFQ's). The database must be for multiple users and a user must have the ability to automatically create Microsoft Word or Excel Spreadsheets (I will provide the templates) from the information he or she inputs into the database. A user must be able to do the following once he or she logs in: I

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    I need a script that sends out a info email (newsletter) to people who request it by SMS (mobile phone). The incomming email adresses are stored in a database by my SMS provider and he gives me a XML feed from the database. This is what I need: - The script must fetch the xml feed every 30 minutes (i dont have cron on my server, but I have heard

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    ...Access Web SSH Access Telnet Access Ftp Access Email Sending * Anonimity * The script should then save all Live proxies in a ascii database with the following format: "Proxy-Name-or-IP","Port-Number","Web-Access YES or NO","Web-SSL-Access YES or NO","Telnet-Access YES or NO","FTP-Access YES or NO","Email<...

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    ...[login to view URL] to take the quiz. It wouldn't be more than a day before my customers figured out they could use this website to grade them and not pay $1.00 to me. I will save my customers money since they will have to pay $2. 00 in shipping. THE WEB PAGE WILL BE HOSTED BY AN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER NOT ON A SERVER OF MINE ## Deliverables I need

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    ...some simple code to put in my bigger app that will allow me to point to a file, then save it to an Access2000 database. The files to be saved may be jpg, gif, tiff, doc, or other binary item, so has to be pretty flexible and contain some error handling. The database table will have a field (?OLE) for the data noted above, along with, a unique ID field

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    ...apply to clients, support tech and owner. When client logs in, contact information will be automatically filled out on form, but will be editable so the user can change and save changes as needed. Contact fields: Name, Company, Address, Department, Phone, and Alternate Contact Person with Phone Number, etc. Several fields will be available to the client

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    I want to save *.mov files (quicktime) but the feature has been disabled by the server.(i.e. I cannot see it at temporary internet files) I don't want to keep downloading the same *.mov file to view it everytime I close/turn off my browser/computer. I know quicktime is not "streaming" so that means it's being downloaded to my computer's memory while

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    ...vendor pricing -Database driven price-match request system that utilizes coupon codes that have expiration dates -Database driven events calendar with email notification -Electronic gift certificates that have expiration dates -Real-time product availability with availability date -Suggestive selling of related item(s) -Ability to email notify a customer

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    I need someone to create a simple VB project that will demonstrate for me a generic routine that can be used to save any kind of file into an SQL Server 7.0 database table(by key values). I believe appendchunk and getchunk will do this. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    ...advertisers). More information at the bottom of this project. 2) Members opt-in to receive special offers from advertisers and get bonus points for doing so. I need it to save email addresses so that I can submit a newsletter or advertisement to the emails on file. 3) Members can pay money for more points ($10/1000) through Clickbank if they choose

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    Help is needed to code the File:Save and File:Open functions of a standalone VB application. I've built a VB application which uses many slider objects as a data input device. There are about 170 variables to capture in the File:Save & Open functions, most of which will have to be read from objects. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as ...

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    ...back as described at [login to view URL], in other words between the values 24601D0102 . And finally, if possible, save the information to a mysql database on my end to include: date, business name, address, email, and of course the key. I don't really know how easy or hard this will be, as I do more in VB and php, but in those languages

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    ...user will submit the required information and their unique LINK will immediately be created. Their login information will automatically be sent to them via email. (c) Web pages, member login, database entry, and matrix placement will all be handled automatically without the need for manager intervention. (d) In the administration panel, I should be able

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    ...application at [login to view URL] and add email support. Please demo this application online before bidding. The application is very easy and simple. ## Deliverables Need an application that will integrate with the help desk so that users can open a trouble ticket and and correspond to using Email. ALso to save any attachments on a server so that a rep

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    ...listbox which is reading from my database. Here is what I need: 1. When you select the fireplace from the menu, you can select various options such as type of fireplace, options, accessories, etc.. When you select these things, I would like to have a printout of what was selected with the customer name. Also to save the information for future reference

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    ...fancy interface, I just need the code to do this and the working example. Your example can just be a timer on the form set to every 10 seconds do a screen capture and save the screen and save as a jpg only. After 5 times have the program end for me. This is sufficient. DO NOT bother bidding if you have not used this Intel JPG library or if you plan to send

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    ...MaxSponder that I am going to buy to setup an autoresponder service. MaxSponder system allows webmasters to signup for autoresponder accounts like [login to view URL] does. The database is Mysql and the scripts are perl. SCRIPT URL [login to view URL] To see CUSTOMER/WEBMASTER interface [login to view URL] username: tester55 password:

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    I need a routine written in VB code to capture the screen or the top active window and save as a jpg. I need the complete routine written in VB without using any DLL files or controls. I have attempted to use some third party controls for saving as jpg before but ran into some problems with some people using it. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

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    ...create a database of domain registration contact information from Internic, or another whois, that would be organized by keywords that related to the domain. I currently have two scripts that could serve as the basis for this. The first one is a spider script that will start with a URL and search any links to find unique domain names and save them to

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    ...written website which allows users login, edit and save their address book in mySQL database. Users will be able to download their address book in .pdb format, then upload to thier PalmOS handheld. The .pdb file must be 100% PalmOS version 3.5+ compliant. Please refer to [login to view URL] for detail .pdb database format specification. ## Deliverables 1. User

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    ...features : -Simple user registration (name,lastname, country ,url, email, password) Create a single ID for each user. Save this to a flat databse , the ID maybe be 7 numbers and checked in the database to avoid duplicates Database may look like : ID|name lastname|country|url|email|password|15 . . . check that i put a number as last part, check below

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    read text from a file, dump it in the window, sort for hyper words, and store them into the linked list so that they can be displayed later. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Deadline information must be done by next Thursday.

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    I have a fully functional email client that does pop3/smtp based on [login to view URL] address book. I need some body to add merge mail function, odbc connection for other address databaes The GUI need to look a little nicer with adding the new XP Icons. And also a function for reporting on emails that did not reach the recipient by scanning the replies from

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    Mr Ended

    I need somebody to write me an address book/contacts database system. The script must read if a certain cookie contains auth=1; if it does then it does [login to view URL] The user must also be able to save addresses, phone numbers and email contacts. ## Deliverables I need a complete set of scripts which will do what

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    I have a VB6.0 app that accesses an Access database and returns results of search queries in a table. Users have requested a Print, Save and Save As file menu be added to the results pages. I need help designing this file menu from start to finish but only for one result page and I will do the rest. ## Deliverables While I don't need every result

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    I need to save an image in a VB picture box to a GIF file. I need full VB source code. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    the problem is i can add data in to the listbox but after you close it and open it again the data is gone so can anybody tell me how to save the data in a listbox ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done and it wil have to work!!!

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    document managemet program in asp or save wor excel and other data to an sql database with admin and group and user login save several version of a doc according to creation date and user must have a short descrp. field .. ideas are wellcome.. something like safe source from microsoft ## Deliverables a functionl prog.

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    I will give you a set of images (around 300 pages scanned ) which has many questions around 3500. I want each question image to be cropped and save it individually in PNG...

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