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    i'm looking for a program that i can run from the MS DOS box that will connect to a site such as yahoo finance and download some stock quotes then save them to text files, yahoo provides both intra-day quotes (which can be accessed for several stocks simultaneously) and historical data that shows the specified stocks final figures for 'x' many days

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    ...ini file. After that the line breaks so when the ini file is called again, anything after the line break is not inserted back into the text box. I need this program altered to save an unlimited amount of information in a text box and then be able to recall the information when the file is opened. This is a simple project for a programmer who knows what

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    ...problem is when you try to save the map, it doesn't ask to save it to the hard drive. Instead a message window pops up with text in it. I need that replaced with the save function, so the files can be saved in a '.amd' format. I do not have the source code, so I am looking for someone who can decompile this, add the save function where it should be

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    I need a VB6 program that will allow me to browse to a web site and then save the contents (page html, all images, scripts and so on) to the drive with out prompting the user. I would like all content to be saved to a folder called “WebSave??. I am currently using a web browser control to do this now how ever it prompts me each time. Maybe there is

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    We are looking for a professional programmer, that can create this project in a few days with best advanced coding standards. All functions and forms must be stored in a singel DLL (no OCX). All Properties should be able to be set up by his public class in the DLL, one for MSNBox and one for Balloons. Each Property must be set up singularly using the class name (i.e.: [login to view URL]). Build n...

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    6 bids for easy extraction of website content (all flavours of website, there is not a specific website for which I need this. It must work for all.). As you know, if you save a site in IE, then everything is saved, including navi-buttons, logos, banners etc. But mostly you just want an article which is on a website. For this I want a Wizard which

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    I need VB6 code to create a 32-bit bitmap structure in memory, of a supplied X and Y size, then allow me to set the RGB values of each pixel, then save it to disk as a BMP file. No displaying of the image is needed. The PictureBox control is no use here because the graphic files I need are large (10,000 X 10,000 X 32bit), so direct memory manipulation

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    Vocalize yahoo messenger instant messages. A small program in C/C++ or Visual basic and making use of msagent technology. I want two agents used in the application. use agent1 if the received message contains the word agent1 and agent2 if the received message contains the word agent2. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    4 bids the appropriate buttons to load text files (such as a template), take a list of user-input words, and then perform a fast find and replace on the text. The app will then save the resulting text files to the users hard drive. The user will need to be able to enter FTP information (host name, username, password, and a directory to upload to) and upload

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    ...the parameter would be the path of the file. Then it will return the entire contents, even if its binary like .gif, .jpg, etc. Then I need another function which is the file save function. For this one, the 2 parameters would be path and file contents. For this example, I want it where a person chooses a file. Then after going through the functions,

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    Hello, I need Visual Basic 6 code or some kind of control that I can use with Visual Basic 6 that when executed will save what is on the computer screen to a JPG file. The code should work in all versions of Windows starting at Windows 95. The code should include a sub rutine that I can call as follows: Call SaveScreen("c:[login to view URL]") I should not

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    57 bids E-mail Template, I can install on my hard drive. You can view an example of what I need here: ([login to view URL]) refer to “Customized email messages??, I need the functionality that is there. I do not want the other aspects of this program, I want only the E-mail message function. It is imperative that I have the ability

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    ...developing a subliminal messaging application that displays subliminal messages to the user as they work. We currently have 34 subliminal message files from a third party software application, each containing approximately 20 messages (one per line). We need this list of messages redeveloping! We basically need somebody to rewrite the lists from scratch

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    ...back. I would like to automatically unsubscribe those failed email messages. My newsletter is started by cron and uses PHP's mail() command to send out the messages. Email addresses are stored in a MySQL db. My biggest concern here is that email addresses such as "Warning" messages cannot be unsubscribed! Sometimes a mail server will send a message

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    ...this can do a search on that string and see the section that needs to be corrected." I have attached a little of the code where the problem is. This error occurs when I try to save the results into the access database. It did not do this before, It has just started doing this. THere is a relationship between the products and categories table. The way the

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    I had a coder create me a program that went to my supplier and recoreded all there products into my database and also there images etc. It was working fine until now, I get a error when im saving saying "STOP STATMENT" occred or something. It just started doing this to me. If you can fix this asap within a day or so I would apprechiate it. It use to work fine until now... ## Deliverabl...

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    ...have over 100 projects coming up. We rate all vendors. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% The DLL must raise messages to the VB app with the appropriate window handle? The event raised must specify: - Window Handle - Exact Message, one of the following: WM_KEYDOWN WM_KEYUP WM_MOUSEMOVE WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK

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    ...image. The cropped image should be returned back to a new picturebox in VB6. i.e. [login to view URL] = cropimage(picture1, 10, 10, 10, 10) The second function should allow me to save the following formats BMP, PNG, JPG, and GIF from a VB6 picture box. I would like a function call for each format and I would like to control the width, height and any quality

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    I am looking for a VB6 program that will allow me to Speak into a mic and save my voice to a wav file. I would like a UV meter as well. 1. Create a VB6 program that will allow me to speak into a mic and save my voice as a wav file. 2. Add a UV meter 3. Add a few controls to allow a user to play back, pause, record and so on ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    Need a PERL cgi script created that will run on Red Hat Linux 7.3. The script need to be able to: 1 - Open a pop3 e-mail account 2 - Retrieve all of the messages in the account 3 - Save the message body from each message in a separate, unique file. Ie: First message body would be saved as [login to view URL], second as [login to view URL], etc. This part should ONLY contain the

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    ...attachments to a predetermined location (local or network) when an email arrives in my Inbox, after it has been read. I need the attachment to be removed from my Inbox in order to save space on our Exchange Server (or local PST file). I would like the program to automatically startup when Outlook is opened and I need it to work behind the scenes so as not

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    I need step by step instructions on how to modify my XBOX in order to be able to save games to the hard drive and play them without the disk. I'll need info on what mod chip to buy, where to buy it from (I need a mod chip pre-flashed with the proper BIOS) also what size,make and model of new hard drive to purchase. I've seen a couple XBOX's modified

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    Take the picture from a WinTV window at a rate of 0.1 secs to 1 secs (variable as required). The picture will involve a white dot ( or brightest point) on a black background. The circle moves around and the progam needs to out put co-ordinated of the dot(given from the centre of the screen) into simulink in real time. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in execut...

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
    0 bids on my Mac computer such an image and want to save it, then in the download-dialog there is the name "[login to view URL]", not the number of the picture (for example [login to view URL]). On Win it works well, but not on Macintosh. So, what I want is that also on Mac there appears the correct filename in the save as-dialog, not the name of the php-file (testimage

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    ...on the form at the specified coordinates. Then at run time by pressing a combination of keys the object will become moveable, on closing the form the user will be prompted to save the new format. Al the data will have to be saved on a mysql database, using MysqlDac (I have the license) only with Tqueries no Table objects should be used. This is my first

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    I need to have a way to post messages to a page on my site. To post these messages I need to have a password protected page with a simple web form to enter the title of the message, the body of the message and the submit button, a spell check would be awesome but not necessary. Then the headline of the message posted to a page and when clicked it

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    I need a delphi program that can get a url i give, download all images, flash, etc. inside the page. It should save all the files into one folder only, changing the html code path of the images accordingly so it can show without problem in offline mode. Next it should get all the links (other page,zip, etc) the pages should again be saved with all graphics

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    Hi all, I need Sourcecode and DLL program written in C that tracks MouseDown and KeyDown events. This program will be used as a dependency by our VB application. The DLL must track MouseDown and KeyDown events in multiple OUT-OF-PROCESS applications, specified by the VB app using handles or threads. Most of the code has already been written in VB, however due to VB limitations, it does not handle ...

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    Generate a Digital Signature for binary streams of data varying from 800 bytes to 3.5K in size. I am told that a digital signature of about 50 bytes in length can be generated with a key size of 1024 bytes. I would prefer a signature that follows the US federal DSA standard, but am open to suggestions. Diffie-Helman, RSA or others will be considered by me. 1. The component will have to genera...

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    5 bids url and then save the entire website to the local system. I then would like the name of the url added to a listbox so a user can have multiple listings. If a user clicks on the list box entry I need the website to be displayed from the local system. I am just looking for the same type of files and information that using the Save As feature on IE6

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    ...environment. b)A Perl script that will read a specifically formatted text file containing categories, then using CGI, allow a user to add/delete categories via browser then save it to the server. I'd rather not put the structure of the file here, but it has two "tables". One for categories that contain sub-categories, like place holders, the other table

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    I have a website where people can freely upload and download .lvl files. I am it. The files are just ASCII text. I didnt have this problem on win2000 server? I dont know how to fix it.. so who ever can make something work.. .. to bad target="save-as" didnt work LOL... its prob a simple java line i can print from my PHPUpDown i think¿?

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    In new an app that will iterate a runtime form and save all control properties for all controls on the form regardless of type of control. The info will be saved to disk any any suggested form txt,XML etc... The user will then be able to open a saved form and the application will, in runtime rebuild the saved form, place the controls in their locations

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    Purpose: Create a music CD with subliminal messages. Take all tracks from a music CD and combine (mix) those tracks with a separate wav file to reproduce the original music CD with the added subliminal messages. Automate as much as possible. Final working scenario: 1) Program starts & asks the user to place the music CD in the drive. 2) The program

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    I'm working with data in a MSHflexgrid. I need to save the "display" of the grid to the database. I want to save the order/layout/color/format/fields selected to a Access database. I should also be able to change the data in the grid and save it back to the Access Database. The data will only be from 1 table in the DB. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    I need a C++ activex compatible application to send large number of sms messaging via smpp, cimd,.. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and d...

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    I am looking to develope a program used to send a message to online yahoo! and msn messenger in bulk , it should allow to limit sending to specific areas or ready nick names or email list on yahoo or msn , any suggestion for improving the product are welcome ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2...

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    I need a script which will allow users to save listings (homes for sale) to a database so they can come back and view them later. I already have the log-in by username script in place and working and the database display. All I need is for someone to place a checkbox where when checked will pass a field into the database, check to make sure

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    4 bids a save button which will save the file. However - There are three different type of files I wish to have available for editing: "[login to view URL]" "[login to view URL]" "[login to view URL]" I would like three buttons above the textarea and one save button below. Before the file is saved over I would also like a copy of the old file

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    This is a very small portion of a advanced keylogger program. We are currently developing it using Delphi. I need a code or a logic on how to accomplish this particular task, which will be able to grab both side MSN Messenger Chat session. About MSN Messenger DLL, I would like to get a window-text in a memory, not in the file. I would like something like: (C - notation) size=ChatS...

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    Customized File Save Dialog The project is to provide a C++ function that invokes the Windows common dialog for File Save As, while extending it to support additional controls and functionality. The additional functionality to be added is as follows: a) A new “Options?? button is added that calls a provided callback function when pressed. b) A static

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    I want to have to have a component (used in ASP) which allowes users to convert an uploaded data-file in a MS Access database. To be clear. The file upload is already fixed. This request has to do with a conversion after file upload. Import files supported should be MS Access, FoxPro, dBase III (IV etc), Excel, Delimited Text Files, Fixed Text Files. The component should determine which import fil...

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    Need VB code to retrieve Hotmail messages using Outlook 2002. I have 5 Hotmail accounts. I want the following to happen in a loop, once for each Hotmail account. - Send Hotmail username and password - Retrieve all messages in Hotmail Inbox - For each message, if subject contains 'XXX', delete it. (should delete it on Hotmail too) - Close Repeat for

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    Need a perl/php script that will save form results to a text file on a Linux server. The server runs both these cgi's. The form has about 10 entries, 1 is a comment field, 2 are checkboxes, and the rest are text fields. The form should save fields separated by commas, 1 submission per line. The script needs to convert the any form submitted commas to

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    ...PST FILE TO PRINT OFF THE MESSAGES WITHIN IT. IMPORTING THE PST FILE INTO OUTLOOK SEEMS TO MIX UP WITH THE EXISTING MESSAGES WITHIN OUTLOOK. IS WHAT I'M ASKING FOR POSSIBLE? I'M OPENED TO "WORKING" SUGGESTIONS. THANKS. The user must be able to select the pst file. A process should then begin extracting all the email messages within the outlook (pst file)

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    I require a class module which can load and save icons, preferably supporting multiple image sizes and color depths per icon. In addition to be able to load and save images, methods are required to add a new image or remove an existing image from an icon. It must also be easy to access or update an image, including mask information. The class must be

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    ...sends a command to a server. I want to also save the parameters of the form in a specified format (a little differently) so the queries are displayed as named nodes in a tree. A button will be used to launch the function. It must capture the query or command parameters from the form(s) (that are not fixed) and save them in a files that will be fed to a javascirpt

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    Hi Everyone... I have a 3rd party application that under certain circumstances, makes a small "bing" noise to alert the user (me) of a pending task. The audio data is compiled into the .EXE and can not be changed in, I was hoping... I could intercept the system message that triggers the "bing" and with my own software (what you write)... to set off a louder alarm (...

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    Web Table Query /Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel file. You need to

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    I need a program to take 2d cross sections of a 3d object, and save the output as picture files. I am a university student constructing my own 3d printer. I have tried, but I lack expertise in manipulating 3d object files, and was unable to complete this project. The program should: Be able to accept 3d input from a popular 3d file format. The format

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    23 bids