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    Hello Ajai, Creating project as discussed. Thanks.

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    IT Technician 4 days left

    ...diagnose faults on machines, re-configure and re-image (load any software necessary for user to start working) as well as decommissioning of old machines, fixing those machines where possible and redeploying to clients. The incumbent must have excellent knowledge of technology equipment as well as: * extensive understanding of generic company systems and processes * excellent knowledge of LAN/ WAN networks * expert on internet services * expert on email services * security management specialist * exceptional with laptops and desktop equipment * installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers, and scanners * diagnostic and troubleshooting for hardware and software faults * root cause analysis and identify common trends with issues * excellent ...

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    I have done fresh installs of windows 11 and see files form previous installs. I suspect they are getting loaded by a storage drive. I tried all methods to remove this partition, but cant. Diskpart will not allow. I wan to make sure this hard drive is 100% clean.

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    ...offer Note - I would also like to show the 10 other slides that are available You can grab the additional pictures from the Dynamic 3D tab that is available here; Here are some more videos that can be used: I need to cover or hide the text in the begging that says Here's a link to the video *For this video, I need to cover up the top left that reads: Custom

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    Task 1: I need to get an email indicting the IP address of every visitor, indicating Date/Time/Region Task 2: When I a visitor visits my sight, I wan to have my picture popup after 30 secs, with a video message, where I say welcome, and a few words.

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    There are 10 Sample Documents which need to be retyped with certain hello or Hello) words should be written in Cursive Writing; 2) All uppercase words should be copied as it is(no formatting needed); 3)Need Attention on "Special Characters- @ ^ & etc."- as special characters have mixed case words and they also need to be copied as it is; 4) The words inside brackets ()- need to be cursive regardless of Upper or Lower Case words.... for example (SD) or (sd) both will be written in a Cursive manner; Deadline: 18 Hours from now as it is an urgent project and this will hardly take 1.5-2 hours of time to complete- but needs complete attention and focus. Payment criteria: After submission of this document we will verify the same and freela...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a problem I am experiencing with the LilyGO-T-SIM7000G device when trying to POST JSON. Specific Problem: JSON data is not being sent correctly. Issue: The data is not sent Steps taken to debug or resolve the issue: I have tried different JSON formatting. I can use the get method and work ok when try to POST data in JSON from my SD card dont work. I think only need to fix the POST format Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working with the LilyGO-T-SIM7000G device - Strong understanding of JSON formatting and data transmission - Experience in troubleshooting and resolving issues with data transmission - Familiarity with updating device firmware (optional) Anydesk Support to fix this problem.

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    Project Title: UDM-Pro Hardware Repair I am experiencing a hardware failure with my UDM-Pro and I have identified some parts that I suspect are causing the issue. I would prefer to have the faulty parts replaced to resolve the problem. The Port #9 (RJ-45) WAN port is non-functional. Requirements: - Experience in diagnosing and repairing hardware issues with UDM-Pro - Knowledge of UDM-Pro components and their functions - Ability to identify and replace faulty parts - Familiarity with the repair process for UDM-Pro Skills: - Hardware troubleshooting and repair - Knowledge of networking equipment - Attention to detail and accuracy in identifying faulty parts If you have the necessary skills and experience, please bid on this project.

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    I am looking for a data entry spec...specialist to assist me with entering data from digital documents into Google Sheets. Requirements: - Previous experience in data entry - Proficiency in using Google Sheets - Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry Please have a look into the following Google Sheet: In "Topic" sheet, I have 54 articles listed and i have already copied 4 articles. The 4 columns must be filled, all images and tables in the page to be copied in separate google sheets. The Anchor text column must have the wordings and the destination. If you see the Benefits of drinking water and other 3 sheets, you will know what i am expecting.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in Arduino programming to assist me with a project involving control mechanisms. Purpose: - The purpose of this Arduino programming project is to develop control mechanisms for my setup. Hardware Setup: - I already have a predefined setup that needs to be used for this project. Cont...purpose of this Arduino programming project is to develop control mechanisms for my setup. Hardware Setup: - I already have a predefined setup that needs to be used for this project. Control Mechanisms Complexity: - I require basic to middle complex movements for the control mechanisms. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming is a must. - Experience with servo motors, GPS, SD cards, pitot tubes, Alpha vanes, and gyroscopes...

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    I am in Rapid City, SD and own an old 3 story hospital that was converted to offices. The building is designed for a 4th floor. I had a local architect do some planning but they seem to busy to finish, and really expensive. the project has been dragging on for a couple years - both with city permission, parking variances, contractor quotes, etc. I would like to put 2 or 3 apartments on the new 4th floor. the existing staircase and elevator shaft will be used. I will need to have construction ready plans that are stamped in south dakota. see attached as a guide. But the general contractor suggested some ways to make it faster and const effective to build while still having a quality and nicely designed finished product. Thank you! See attached Project Title: Office Sp...

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    1. Add features to an existing project. Requirements are explained here in this video Here's the Excel sheet 2. Source code is hosted in GitLab so the changes need to be merged to the master branch via merge request after code review 3. After completing the development, demonstrate the changes locally and then publish them to the application hosted in GoDaddy 4. Fix a few existing bugs in the application

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    ...configure a Site-to-Site VPN from my Fortigate firewall to Azure. We currently have Site-to-Site setup over our primary internet link. We want to leverage our secondary internet link and have another Site-to-Site VPN setup over it. We would want to implement and use BGP to always prefer our primary link (in both directions), so that we do not have asynchronous routing. We do NOT want to leverage SD-WAN in this projectc. Requirements: - Expertise in configuring Site-to-Site VPNs using Fortigate firewalls - Familiarity with Azure networking and VPN configurations - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise during the configuration process The project involves: - Configuring a secondary Site-to-Site VPN between my Fortigate firewall (other model) and ...

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    Web AI Scraper RFI 3 days left

    Note: This project is primarily a request for information to better understand available solutions and expertise before finalizing project details. Your insights and expertise are highly valued. Thank you The objective of this project is to build an MVP for the web scraper based on AI. The tool would be able to scrape data from websites and documents, focusing on relevance and accuracy...proposals. Please start your proposal with "I studied your diagram and here is what I propose: " so that I know you read this Also please metnion your chatgpt experience and whether you have any experience of making custom GPTs that ChatGPT 4 Turbo recently came out with Spec:

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    Hello Ajai, creating a project as discussed.

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    I am looking for an experienced Full Stack Developer to work on a web app project. The ideal candidate should have expertise in Django, REST, Python, Git and Linux. Timeline: The project is expected to take more than 6 months to complete. Features: Please check Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Django, REST, Python, and Linux - Experience with custom API integration

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    I am seeking assistance with setting up an intrusion detection system for my Wide Area Network (WAN) to enhance network security and protect against trojans. Specific requirements for the project include: - Configuration of the intrusion detection system - Testing and fine-tuning of the system - Implementation of necessary security measures to detect and prevent trojan attacks Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong knowledge of network security and trojan protection - Experience in setting up and configuring intrusion detection systems - Familiarity with WAN networks Preferred method of communication during the project is via email.

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    I am looking for a Cisco networking expert who can configure my Cisco 800 Router to function as a dual WAN failover system. The primary use of the router is for Internet with VPN connectivity. Details: - Currently the router is being used in production with 1 WAN configured and a VPN Client configured which connects to an off-premise external VPN Server. - When WAN1 is down, i need it to switch to WAN2 and make sure the VPN Client is connected too. Requirements: - Configure the router to have the 2nd WAN, when WAN1 is down, it will automatically switch to WAN2 and reconnect the VPN Client. - Ensure that the failover process has minimum/reasonable downtime. - Provide advice and recommendations on the best configuration for optimal performance. - Please keep in-min...

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    hello, i have a mikrotik rb4011 router where i have a wan from isp on ether1 and a sip connect (without internet) on ether2. i need a config and correct routing on ether3 for pbx and config on ether4 for intern network and internet. you also can choose which router. maybe ccr2004 is the better one.

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    Please provide a true bid to be completed in 3-5 days Create a list of 1500 contacts on Excel similar to this list The list of contacts includes; A list of 500 Family Law /Divorce Lawyers in the Toronto and Hamilton Canada area ( must be family law lawyers not other type of lawyer) A list of 500 Immigration Lawyers in the Toronto and Hamilton area ( must be specifically immigration lawyer) A list of 500 Licensed Immigration Consultants taken from a directory or websites such as these

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    I am looking for a skilled artist to re-create a custom oil painting for me. The painting should ...painting for me. The painting should be large, measuring over 36x48 inches. The painting should replicate Ross Bleckner's painting that was featured in Sex and the City, season 1, episode 1. I have attached a picture of the painting with a woman standing in front of it. This is the only picture I can find of it online. I ahve aslo attached a similar painting by Bleckner for a reference. But I reall wan the painting to look like the one the woman is looking at. Skills and experience required for this job: - Proficiency in oil painting techniques - Experience in creating large-scale artworks - Strong understanding of abstract art principles - Ability to work with vibrant and bold...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to create HTML-designed emails and send them to 406 contacts that I already have for a marketing campaign. The emails must be sent from my server - my web designer will collaborate to set up This is the list of contacts There are two groups with slightly different wording in the emails that I have created that I will provide- one group sent to Canada one group sent to contacts to Vietnam ( provide your E Male so I can send you the two different versions) Please send examples of your previous work This is a low-budget task that needs to be completed in 3 days need to know if this is a true bid because my budget is 50 dollars for

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    Hello, We would like to create in Node. js Crawlee Library, a feature that will go and fetch some itineraries per day during a date range. You can see the specifications bellow: + We want to use our proxy plan. Kindly note that we want to use as less bandwidth as we can. Once you finish this project on your server and provide the demo url for testing, you will have to provide us with instructions on how we can host this bot in our server. Otherwise you can work directly from the beginning on our Server using Gitlab

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    We are working on a hardware automation project, we need to record all mouse and keyboard movements and replicate them, without using any script or software. In practice, the board (Raspberry or similar) will have to record the mouse and keyboard, and the pins of the board will have to physically interact wit...without using any script or software. In practice, the board (Raspberry or similar) will have to record the mouse and keyboard, and the pins of the board will have to physically interact with the keyboard keys and the mouse in order to replicate the movements as if they came directly from the keyboard and the mouse WITHOUT Emulation/Virtualization. We need to record these movements and save them to an SD card or similar to be able to edit them before we can replay them in t...

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    We have two sites on the same Windows domain connected via SD-WAN. We cannot get the devices at Site B to authenticate on the local domain controller; they keep authenticating on the remote DC. There are clearly some AD replication issues. I will share the DCDIAG results and remote access with the winning bidder. We need these DNS, and group policy issues fixed as soon as possible.

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    We are looking for a contractor with 6 - 9 years of experience in S4 HANA and SAP SD area including ECC versions, for Pune location, with hybrid work model. Title - SAP SD Quality Analyst Contract - 06 Months (Extendable) Location : Shivajinagar, Pune Hybrid Mode Client: Medline Industries India Pvt Ltd Requirements: • 6 - 9 years of experience in S4 HANA and SAP SD area including ECC versions. • Proven ability to analyze and assess the TESTING needs. • Ability to build the Regression / Functional Test Cases for various SD areas with appropriate input data. • Well coordination with Testing Automation Engineer to better walk-though on test cases to automate. • Knowledge on Zephyr tool is an added advantage. • ...

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    ...restart the stream on a given schedule. This is not an ideal solution, but it might help out for now. We will provide the following: 1. We will give you a link to a RTSP stream from an IP camera. You do not need to have your own IP camera. However, you will need to create a YouTube account to test out the live stream. 2. We will give you a binary image of the EZ Streamer software to provision a SD card for the Raspberry Pi. This will give you a functioning EZ Streamer unit to test and modify code. 3. We will provide you with access to the GitHub repository for the EZ Streamer Raspberry Pi code....

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    Right now im encoding videos using ffmpeg, encoding is a heavy process and take a long time, what im looking for to instantly create a hls playlist from a mp4 videos without any hard encode, video qualities depend on source file means if source is HD then output should be in SD and HD without any re encoding process someone can help me with this i only need a basic ffmpeg script that do this job Good Luck

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    I am looking for someone who can complete my networking project on Cisco Packet Tracer. The project involves configuring a network using the OSPF routing protocol. Requirements: - Strong knowledge and experience in Cisco Packet Tracer - Familiarity with OSPF routing protocol - Ability to implement a basic network topology The ideal candidate should have experience in configuring LAN and WAN networks, and be able to work with both. They should also have a good understanding of network topologies and be able to create a specific network topology based on my requirements.

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    A small compatible camera that uses an sd card and takes retro film style pictures.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to configure Azure virtual WAN to improve network performance. The main purpose of this configuration is communication between different sites, and the need for complete virtual WAN configuration including site-to-site connection. Now, the hub is created and the 4 sites are connected. Only the routing is not working . Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in configuring Azure virtual WAN - Strong understanding of network performance optimization - Familiarity with Azure features and services related to improving network performance The project should be completed within a day. Although I have a rough idea of the specific features and services I want included in the configuration, I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. Du...

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    I am looking for a developer to create a SAP ECC2 MSSQL APBAP API for Product definition Bulk read, Customer Bulk Read Item Stock Nulk read and Invoice read when created. The API Generator will consumed by POS systems you are not to work on that. You have to work only on SAP side.

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    We require a competent, professional developer with expertise in Laravel PHP, to complete some site fixes. The estimated worktime for this project is 24 hours with an allowance for 5 hours in bug fixes. To bid, you must ensure you read this entire document, and provide the Project Code Word within your bid response. https:/...developer with expertise in Laravel PHP, to complete some site fixes. The estimated worktime for this project is 24 hours with an allowance for 5 hours in bug fixes. To bid, you must ensure you read this entire document, and provide the Project Code Word within your bid response. DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT DELIVER THIS PROJECT IN 5 DAYS

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    Hello Everyone we are looking for a trainer who can deliver training on SAP SD Mode - Onsite (Bangalore/hyderabad/Pune/Mumbai) Total Duration - 40 Days Toc - Available

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    ...A budget of £1,500 is earmarked to emulate the success story of our competitors, who escalated to a staggering $30k (increased ad-spend + fast scaling) in revenue within their inaugural month. Inspire your strategy with a glance at their approach: Initial Strategy Document: We're primed for an ad blitz and looking for the right strategist to navigate this journey. Ponder these queries as you consider joining our mission: With speed to market as our watchword, which strategies would you implement for swift and solid growth? Could you recount experiences where you've mastered the art of fast-track ad scaling within a defined budget? How do you stay abreast of the

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    Project Title: esp32 sound board Description: I am looking for a freelancer to develop an esp32 sound board for playing music. The main purpose of the sound board is to play music using button controls or software control. I would prefer the sound board to have a headphone jack, and terminals for audio output. the board should also have a SD card module on board Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing sound boards or similar audio devices - Proficiency in programming with esp32 platform - Knowledge of audio processing and playback - Ability to design a user-friendly interface with button controls - Familiarity with headphone jack integration and audio output options

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    Hello, I am looking for a logo / tshirt design. I have attached a reference for the overall design I am looking for. I am open to suggestions. I want an illistration for two beer bottles cheering. I want the bottles to replicate the look of a Pabs Blue ribbon bottle and a Dos Equis bottle. I wan to tweak the beer logos to include the number 40 and the birthday people's names. ( Matt and Jesse). The goal is for the bottles to look very close to the original beer bottle designs with the upbove tweaks. Under the design I want the copy of "Kiawah Island, 2023"

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    I am looking for a Java Android developer who can create a project that receives data from a Bluetooth device and saves it as a log file on an SD card. The project should be compatible with Android 7.0 and below. Requirements: - Connect to a Sensor/Device via Bluetooth - Receive and log the Device ID and connection status - Save the data as a log file on an SD card Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Java and Android Studio - Experience working with Bluetooth connectivity in Android - Familiarity with saving data to an SD card - Attention to detail and ability to create a well-structured log file

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    ...knowing if you offer both sdxl and sd.5 models for the training. The primary goal for this project is to develop an inpainting model. If you have experience and expertise in this area, we would like to discuss the project's details and potentially collaborate. Please provide your relevant experience, portfolio, and pricing information. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further clarification. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced knowledge and experience in Lora technology - Expertise in the specific areas of Lora technology that the training will focus on - Ability to create and provide visual learning materials such as images, diagrams, and videos -It is mandatory the knowledge with Stable Diffusion, Inpainting, sdxl, sd.5 and Ip-Ada...

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    I need a Raspberry Pi module with a GSM module on with a web server. Module will control ...generated link [Gate|door1|door2] 6) We will copy-paste / send links to guest by our message system, if guest want to open a gate/door1/door2 should click on particular link - server will check if link is valid and will make a call to registered number to open a gate/door1/door2 7) History of guests and history of guests clicks should be kept by 90 days. Please provide me ready to install image of sd card to plug and run for raspberry pi. If system will work nicely there is a chance to improve this system later and have a more work. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Due to bad experience DEFINITELY I WON'T ACCEPT OFFERS FROM INDIAN/PAKISTAN/BANGLADESH freelancers. PLEAS...

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    French Bilingual SAP SD Consultant - Looking for an expert level SAP SD Consultant - Project duration is expected to be more than 3 months - Remote work is acceptable for this project Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert level knowledge and experience in SAP SD - Fluent in French and English - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Excellent communication and collaboration skills - Ability to work independently and remotely

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    Project Description: I am looking for a network expert to configure my network setup with the following requirements: Network 1 preferred, otherwise network 2. I have built networks 2, 3 and 4. Network 1: 0 ethernet 2 bridges no internet if the kvm router is off. Network 2: 1 ethernet 2 bridges internet if the kvm router is off. LAN/WAN reversed. Network 3: 3 ethernet 2 bridges no internet if the kvm router is off. Network 4: 2 ethernet 3 bridges internet if the kvm router is off. I'm currently using Network 3: This would be network 2:

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    I have an upcoming upcoming project that I want help with. I need to establish a site to site vpn from my home office to a remote location. My home office has a dynamic ip from ISP however I have purchased a vpn static IP. The main location has a tplink er605 vpn router connected to to my home network router via lan(main router) wan(er605). The remote location uses starlink so it is CGNAT, behind the starlink I have a TPlink er605 vpn router and several switches. I want to establish reliable vpn connection where I can access the remote sites network(starlink) from my home office. I want to ensure that this vpn connection seperate from my home network and does not compromise any security on my home network

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    ...passed to an applica&on (EXE) which will be able to process the document and use the selected print proper&es selected by the user at print &me. The method to pass this informa&on including data to the EXE will be efficient and will not rely on wri&ng and reading files. Examples: As an example, please see reference to the virtual print driver so]ware created by TwoPilots. This example is what I am wan&ng to create, with a closer integra&on with my EXE. This example will demonstrate the ability to export the print job to PDF as well as capturing all print job proper&es selected by the user. heps:// heps:// heps:// Other Notes: Standard Paper Size Support:

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    I would like help to install android on an android terminal I have a epos (computer) which came with android operating system I think it has android 6/8 but I don’t mind latest version it’s an 15inch all in one screen I tried resting back to factory operating system I think it has android 6/8 but I don’t mind latest version it’s an 15inch all in one screen I tried resting back to factory settings but it loads all the previous settings and it has restrictions you can’t install anything there’s no play store etc. I want to flash it or format it and install if possible latest version of android. Device has usb ports, type c port and mini sd card reader. If you know how to do it then get in touch with I would need a guide with pdf ...

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    I want a simple application coded in PHP, laravel. It's a appoint tracker - Telemarketer - Add client / Appointments - Send email to specific clients (Email template) Admin - - View Appointments/ Edit Appointments If you have something let me view and we work on that i wan this simple its a project

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    I have an esp32 Development board with an mpu6050, micro sd card via I2c, an OLED via spi that is 128x64. I need you to develop an Arduino sketch for this project. I have already created the base code for the example. Everything is documented and attached below. Please read the documents attached below.

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    We are seeking an experienced professional to provide job support for a SAP SD position at a multinational company. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in SAP SD and be able to assist with the transition from a non-technical background to the SAP SD domain. The main responsibilities include providing guidance and resolving any issues related to SAP SD. Key skills required for this role include: - SAP SD - Job support - Problem-solving skills - Communication skills - Attention to detail

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    ...ability to playback pulse patterns recorded/stored. - IR wavelength is 904nm (photodiode SFH203FA is required) - Project should be able to record the pulses detected to an SD card and display the following on an attached OLED/LCD screen: 1. Pulses per second (PPS) (measured over an adjustable sample time of between 2s and 60s; adjustable using a rotary dial) 2. Time interval in microseconds between the rise/start of each pulse, displaying a list of both pulse sequence number and time interval together (e.g. pulse 230 : interval 0.230us) 3. Have a button operated start and an automatic capture mode 4. Store a text file to SD card of each recording and be able to playback said file through an IR 904nm emitter - The recorded data should be easily accessible and expor...

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